Sailik Banerjee

My Ex Hasn't Given Me My Stuff Back: Here's What You Need To Do!

The end of a relationship is always an emotional rollercoaster of grief and confusion, the question, is he still interested?...
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Nishtha Tutlani

Is It Weird To Tell A Girl She’s Cute? No, Here's How!

You appreciate her and would like to express your feelings to her. So, would it be Ok to tell a...
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Ahiri Chakraborty

[Bad Sign?] Why Is He On Social Media But Not Texting Back?

We are all living in the age of notification. Practically, our world revolves around social media - likes, comments, shares,...
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Adhideb Ghosh

How Do Guys Feel When Other Guys Look At Their Girlfriend?

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that nobody will check you out. No matter whether you’re a girl or a...
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Adhideb Ghosh

[Solution] What Does It Mean If I Can't Stop Thinking About A Girl?

The human mind is a complex element to understand. Sometimes it acts exactly in the opposite direction that we want...
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Medha Sureka

When A Guy Stops Talking To You Out Of The Blue? (18 Possible Reasons)

A guy stops talking to you out of the blue mostly because he is no more interested in you. It...
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Adhideb Ghosh

Why Can't I Get Over My Ex Even Though I Have A New Boyfriend?

The reason is maybe you haven't spent enough time yet with your present boyfriend compared to your previous one. Or...
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Adhideb Ghosh

Should I Hang Out With A Girl Who Has A Boyfriend?

Yes, there's no wrong with hanging out with a girl who has a boyfriend. If the girl is one of...
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Medha Sureka

Why Don't I Want My Ex To Be Happy?

You don't want your ex to be happy because they brought you unhappiness. Your ex made you empty promises and...
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Adhideb Ghosh

What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Your Boyfriend Kissing Another Girl?

Dreaming of your boyfriend kissing another girl primarily means that you feel quite unworthy and insecure with your boyfriend. Besides,...
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Adhideb Ghosh

What Does It Mean When A Guy Grabs Your Bum While Hugging?

If a guy grabs your bum while hugging, it can mean several things like the guy is acting out of...
a man and woman hugging each other
Adhideb Ghosh

Should I Ask My Ex If She's Seeing Someone (& Best Ways To Ask)?

Yes, there's nothing wrong with asking your ex if she's seeing someone. You can ask her directly, engage her in...
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Megha Chanda

Men vs Women: Who Hurts More After A Breakup? [Decoded]

Women suffered more heartache and emotional pain in the aftermath of a breakup than men did, but their hearts also...
a drawing of broken heart on a cloth
Megha Chanda

How Do You Deal With Your EX Moving on FAST?

Don't try to replace them as a way of coping with the loss of the relationship. It's tempting to try...
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Ahiri Chakraborty

He Watches All My Instagram Stories: Here's What It Means

It depends on the person who is watching your story. When it’s your crush, it can mean that he too...
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Megha Chanda

If A Girl Compliments You Does She Like You? (Discussed In-Depth)

If she's complimenting you, it doesn't always mean she likes you or is attracted to you. Maybe she's complimenting you...
a girl and a boy talking to each other
Nishtha Tutlani

How To Lie To Your Parents About Going Out With A Boy? 

Just make a foolproof plan, have a backup friend to cover for you, and be mindful while making such plans....
a girl and a boy hugging each other
Ahiri Chakraborty

How To Ask A Girl If She Is Single Through Text?

First of all, you must have a friendly relationship with the girl. Asking her out all of a sudden is...
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