Is It Normal Not To Talk Everyday In A Long-Distance Relationship?

Adhideb Ghosh
Is It Normal Not To Talk Everyday In A Long-Distance Relationship
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Long-distance has a lot of elements one has to take care of, is it ok to talk so much? Are there any rules? Is it ok if we did not connect everyday?

It is normal not to talk everyday in a long-distance relationship. You need to take your time and settle into your new life as this busy schedule will not allow you to talk everyday. The goal here is to communicate without inconveniencing each other’s day-to-day lives and maintain a healthy long-distance relationship.

In every long-distance relationship communication is key, so talking about each other and your new lives builds a connection and helps ease the feeling of loneliness of missing your loved one.  

However talking everyday may result in monotonous or boring conversations later on. 

The first time you met your partner, talking to each other must have eased the nervousness or something they said that intrigued you to go for that second date. 

In time you get to know your partner and the talks are not as much as it used to be, this is normal in any relationship and you should not be anxious of losing interest in your partner and vice versa.

You could even say that not talking everyday may keep the magic and intrigue alive for longer. 

Few Reasons Why Not Talking Everyday In A Long-Distance Relationship Is Normal

Here are those,

Overwhelming Environment

Moving into a new place is exciting and troublesome at the same time. There are too many things to do and not much time to do it. So making time for a call everyday may not be possible.

Fickle Timing

Timing is key for you to communicate, and it will depend on how well you adjust to each other's schedule. Most times we fail to find this time in each other's lives that makes talking every single day difficult.


Talking everyday may be too much of a commitment to follow, especially if you are in a new place. 

You may not want to disappoint your partner by committing to something you are unable to fulfill, and so it is better to pace yourself and talk to your partner accordingly.

The Blame Game

Most couples want to avoid being blamed for not being there. Talking everyday can sometimes become a chore and you may be really busy, but no one wants to be blamed for not being available. 

So to avoid blaming each other it is important to communicate when both partners are available instead of everyday.


Internet or any form of networked communication over a distance will have some issues, blame it on poor connectivity or very high networked traffic. 

Such issues over a prolonged time is uncomfortable. Most couples who face such issues should avoid talking everyday in a long-distance relationship.

Courtship Period

You need to know that the amount of talk you have in the initial days of any relationship is going to be much more, as this is the time you get to know your partner.

In a long-distance relationship too, talking may depend on where you are in your relationship so don't follow the courtship period rules if you are out of that phase.

When your relationship has had time to mature. You understand each other, so it is normal to not  talk everyday.

Dull Days

Everyday life will not always be filled with adventure and events you cannot wait to share with your partner. 

There will be dull days, so it may be better not to call everyday out of forced habit and have a boring conversation.

So if you have had a dull day, it is normal to not talk instead of talking just out of habit.

Topic over Time

You should consider the importance of the topic over the importance of daily time spent

It is normal to not talk everyday, instead use interesting conversational topics from your life to engage with your partner.

These topics, you will experience in time. To store and tell them when the moment is right!

Sharing is Caring

You may feel that talking some days just aren't working for you as you are too tired or busy.

If you do not voice this concern then it will lead to resentment or irritation during the talk.

It is better to avoid talking everyday, instead both the partners can share their concerns and decide to plan when to talk accordingly.

Ample Space

Your partner will need their own space to develop personally. We are individual identities after all, and ample space is needed for us to grow especially in a new environment.

You need to be supportive of your partner and find that apt space where neither of you impose on each other and so it is normal not to talk everyday.

Here Are A Few Tips That May Keep The Conversation Flowing

  • Keep it light and funny, try questions like if you meet your favourite celebrity there how would you react?
  • Read the flow, Try to continue the conversation, do not be abrupt or too formal just because there is a distance now.
  • Take charge of the conversation if you find it going slightly dull. Similarly, you can encourage your partner to take charge by pointing out a topic of their interest. 
  • Be natural, long-distance at first feels awkward, so it is important to be yourself during the conversation.

To Summarize

Talking to one another has merits, but not talking everyday is normal as well.

You do not need to talk everyday to convey your feelings across, but talk meaningfully to go forward in your relationship. 

It is absolutely normal to not talk everyday in a long-distance relationship, remember that you are building trust, getting to reacquaint yourselves by talking to your partner. 

This happens over time and should not be rushed. Not talking everyday should not be feared or called unusual. 

I believe talking about your joys and sorrows with your partner can be very healthy, however this should be natural and not imposed on any partner.

So be optimistic and do not feel pressured as not talking every day in a long-distance relationship is absolutely normal.


Start a conversation. Or give us feedback.

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