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He Unblocked Me Should I Message Him?

He Unblocked Me Should I Message Him

A single notification on your phone can make your heart skip a beat for a moment. We are all living in a digital era. And basically, we are checking our phones every single minute. So while scrolling through your social media you stumble upon your ex’s post, it is going to surprise you indeed. 

You would be wondering- “ How am I supposed to see his post? He has blocked me.” And you come to the realization that you have been unblocked. Although it can really shock you for a moment, as natural impetus you are prone to thinking- “ Should I message him?”

So, If He Has Unblocked Should You Message Him?

No, you are not going to message him. You need to remember that he has only unblocked you not messaged you himself in the first very place. So to keep yourself on the upper hand you should not take the initiative and message him out of impulse.

But it is hard to control emotions sometimes. After all, you two were a couple once and maybe you envisioned a future together as well. Yet things didn’t go as rosy as you wanted to. You had to choose different paths. And the pain is even more if you are blocked by your partner after that awful break-up anyway. 

It is natural to grasp the moment immediately when you see yourself unblocked by him all of a sudden. You would feel an urge to text him, but you should not do that. 

Let’s explore should you message him or not after he has unblocked you?

He Unblocked You After A Year, Should You Message Him?

The time period is a concern in cases like this where you have been unblocked by your ex but not sure if you should message him or not? So if your find yourself unblocked after a year of your breakup, you should totally ignore that activity of your ex. 

One year is quite enough for two people to move on in their life and especially in fast times like this. You should not indulge your thoughts and burn yourself thinking about this only. 

Probably, he felt that unblocking you in the very first place was a sign of immaturity. And after a year, when he has found a footing in his life, he thought of unblocking you without putting too much thinking into it. 

Initially, he was guilty of blocking you, and slowly as days passed his anger subsided, and unblocking was the easiest and safest option for him. If he hasn’t texted you after unblocking you, you should not be the first person to communicate.

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You cannot let that person take the authority once again in your life. If you text, he might not respond at all and would think that you still haven’t been able to move on in life. You were just waiting for him to unblock you so that you get an opportunity to message him. 

At the end of the day, you are being a fool. He is still holding position by clearly not messaging you and the moment you message him, you are showing your weaknesses to him. It would be a foolish thing to do on your part if you just send him a message. 

He Unblocked Me On Instagram And Facebook, But Not On Whatsapp- Should I Message Him? 

So you two cut off all kinds of communication after your break-up. And now you see yourself unblocked on Instagram and Facebook, but just when you check Whatsapp, you are still blocked there. Well, that should be the clear signal for you right away. 

He has unblocked you on social media platforms where he can actually see your life updates. He is curious to know what you put on Instagram stories, on whose FB post you are commenting, etc.

His intention is not to get back to you at all. If that’s what he wanted to do actually, he would have unblocked you on Whatsapp where he could have a conversation with you. Although he can still DM you on Instagram and FB, you have to understand that his motto is not to catch up with you.

He is just too curious to know about you. It happens mostly for teenage couples or couples who date during their college years. These couples usually take dating and relationships casually. So it’s easy for them to move on. 

But when it comes to social media, they can hardly control themselves. He would just unblock to see your FB bio to check where are you studying or where are you working, what’s been up with you in the past days since you two broke up.

It also happens when you two shared the same friend circle. Although you have parted ways, the friends remain the same. So he hears about anything from your friend, he becomes more curious and wants to see your posts on social media. That’s why he unblocks you on places like FB or Instagram but not on Whatsapp.

So you should not message him if you are in a similar scenario like this. You have to make him understand that he has no place in your life anymore and his unblocking has zero impact on your life. 

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When you don’t message him, he too gets a signal that even you do not want any kind of contact with him again. 

If You Message Him, It Means You Have Been Stalking Him

Do you really want to be in a position where you do not have anything to defend yourself? No right? The moment you message him after being unblocked, he immediately assumes that you have been constantly stalking up to his profiles. Otherwise, it is not easy for you to message him as soon as you are unblocked.

He starts to think, you are still thinking of patching things up. Maybe you want to have a final talk before you end everything. Maybe you just want to stay in touch as friends. The possibilities are endless. 

Why give him a chance of thinking that you were stalking him on social media? Even though you have been constantly checking his profile, let that be a little secret between you and yourself. You don’t want him to know your inner thoughts and by messaging him you would actually give him a key to enter your mind. You definitely don’t want to do that. 

So carry on and keep checking up his profile with your heart’s desire, but do not let your fingers type the dreaded message. 

Should I Message Him After Being Unblocked Because We Were Good Friends?

Friends do turn into couples. And it is one of the best feelings in the world when you have both your friend and partner in one person. But not every love story has a happy ending. 

Definitely not yours because you have been blocked by him. Even if you two were good friends before taking the next step, you should not message him first. 

If he really wanted to keep the friendship, after the break-up he would not have blocked you ideally. Even just as a courtesy out of friendship, he would keep you unblocked. But he did not right? 

Then you too should not respond to his unblocking by any means. Keep all your emotions aside. Forget that once he used to be a friend of yours. Try to think rationally- what went wrong between you two, who hurt you, and most importantly who ended all contacts? The answer is right in front of you. It was Him. 

His intention is not to get back the old friendship, he has unblocked you to clear his own guilt. Do not fall for his trap and message him impulsively. 

Keep your emotions and phone both aside. 

But Here Are Few Exceptions When You Can Message Him

Let's find out. 

You Want Closure

Many couples drift apart without giving each other closure. They just suddenly, one fine day decided to break up and that’s it. Then they block you and you are left in a perplexing position. You are still trying to figure out what went so wrong that you two couldn’t make it together.

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So if you are still in doubt, and you see your ex unblocking him, you can reach out to him. But not immediately. Wait for at least a week before messaging him. And do not attack him with your first message. Start slowly and handle the situation in a mature way. 

Modify your responses as per the tone of his messages. If you find that he is willing to talk, start with lighter conversations, and gradually you can ask him for closure. You can tell him that you really want to know his reason behind the breakup.

This way you would be able to hold your position as well as get a solid answer. 

You Want To Apologize For Your Behavior

If you were the one who broke the hurt of your loved one, if you were the one who cheated on your partner, then go ahead and message him.

If he unblocked you because of these reasons, then his blocking is justified. However, he has given you a chance to apologize to him. He unblocked you to see whether you reach out to him to say “Sorry” for all your past behavior. 

And if you are really held accountable for all the mistakes, then do not wait for him to message you. Take your phone and type the message and apologize to him.

Do not give explanations or try to justify your behavior, you just apologize and end-all kind of bad vibes.

He is also not expecting to get back to you. He is waiting for your sorry. Once you say the word, both of you can move on peacefully. 

You Truly Miss Him A Lot

Not everyone can forget their beloveds and move on. So when saw you ARE unblocked, all the good old memories trigger you. You feel like going back to your love and you feel restless.

Honestly, you are in still love with your ex-partner. You can try out your luck just for one last time. You can message him and suggest having a conversation about exploring the possibilities of getting back together.

If you find his responses cold or negative, stop bothering right there. Hold yourself and have the courage to move on. You are sure to find the love of your life soon. 

Apart from the exceptional scenarios, you should not message him, if he unblocks you. If he wants to reach out to you, he will. Otherwise, live your life the way has been.

There’s more to life than pondering on the past. Don’t you agree?

Comment down below your thoughts, we are here to listen to your stories.


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