How Do You Respond To A Guy Who Stopped Texting You?

Megha Chanda
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“Why is he not texting me?” 
“I don’t know what went wrong!”
“What did I do wrong?” 

The entire day was spent consumed with thinking about why you were not hearing from him.

You start to panic. Maybe something happened? You don’t know what went wrong, or how could he have fallen off the face of the earth so quickly. You just want some closure so you can move on and stay away from this particular guy who played with your emotions.

You decide to send him a message or two to check-in. No reply.

Your initial instinct is to chase after your crush, right? You want to know what happened. But it's not always easy to get what you want.

Take a deep breath and relax. You have come to your relationship best friend, who has solutions to all your relationship problems. I’ll tell you why the guy has suddenly stopped texting you and also how to respond in such a scenario so you can take the ball in your court again.

Are you ready to learn and apply? But before that…

Problems are an inevitable part of life. Sometimes you’ll face issues at school/college or workplace and sometimes relationships you loved with your heart and soul will go on a toss. But remember whatever and how difficult the problem is, it can always be resolved. All you need to do is understand the situation in and out before responding to it.

If you are reading this article may be your problem is, to get closure from your crush/boyfriend who has suddenly stopped texting you. So how do you respond to a guy who stopped texting you?

If he stops texting you then the first thing to do is give him some space and don’t contact him for a few days/weeks. So try not to beat yourself up. There are many reasons why a guy suddenly stops texting you.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Suddenly Stops Texting You & How To Respond?

While it’s possible he ghosted you, there are a number of other possible reasons why a guy would suddenly stop responding to your texts.

Situation 1: He Is Busy

Don’t get too down on yourself if a guy you’re texting suddenly cuts off communication with you, especially if it’s a newer thing. Maybe he was just busy and couldn’t get to his phone to text you back. If he hasn’t replied yet, that could mean that he’s been busy or he might have been holding back because he doesn’t want to add more stress by dealing with you (and whatever problem you imagined you had) when he’s probably also worrying about his job or whatever else is going on in his life. Maybe he was sitting in traffic and couldn’t text you then. 

Don’t get angry at me for the reason you are about to read,

Maybe other things like hanging out with his friends or playing video games came up.

Doesn’t matter if your relationship is one month or a decade old, boys will have the highest regard for their friends and sports. So ignoring your text while they are high on games or with their friends comes to them naturally. If you aren’t too lucky you need to bear with this all through your life

How To Respond?

For all you know, he still loves you and cares about you and wants to be with you and everything and there was just something that happened that made him not be able to text.

It's not like he lost interest.  He still wants to see you. He just couldn't squeeze you into his busy schedule. 

Give him time, you shouldn’t be nervous about it. Tell him that you're waiting for his text back. He’ll understand, and in due time, he’ll come up with something to tell you about his trouble in texting you.

Also, I've got this nifty tool you might enjoy -- it's called the Mystery Method Guide.

Allow for him to get back to you on his own time, and it will build up that discomfort, leading him to want to hear your voice even more. Leaving space in between lets him think of the right thing to say, which will make the interaction go better. 

Situation 2: You Have Hurt His Ego

If a guy suddenly stops texting, it could be because you said something that made him feel offended. You said something that hurt his feelings. Maybe you have said something that is not bad at all but it was offensive to him and now he needs time to feel better about it. Men and women might interpret things differently, so please keep that in mind.

Being offended is a common reason why guys suddenly stop texting. When a guy is offended by something you said, he is not going to continue the conversation. Even if he does, it won't be in a cheerful light-hearted tone

How To Respond?

However, at the beginning of a new relationship when you still don't know how to handle it, you might accidentally do something to offend him. In this case, apologize and make peace. 

The first step to solving this problem is admitting that you're responsible. Accept that your actions were wrong. Even if you didn't mean to insult, burn or otherwise offend him, your actions still hurt him. Put yourself in his shoes. If someone you cared about treated you like that, wouldn't it hurt?

After you say “I’m sorry,” stop talking. There is no need to keep going on and on about how bad you feel. If he doesn’t text back within a reasonable amount of time, wait a few more hours. It might take time for him to show forgiveness, but an apology can open the lines of communication if he's willing to listen.

Situation 3: You Are Overwhelming Him With Your Texts

It looks like you’re obsessed with him and that’s not attractive. The lack of challenge might cause him to move on. Maybe he thinks you're desperate and maybe even feels sorry for you because he interprets your behavior as sad. 

Your being too available therefore will lead to this guy being easily overwhelmed or not knowing what to do. To him, you’re very close and he might think that meeting you would be so easy compared to, let’s say, meeting a girl from a different school. So basically he’ll keep you as an option for later so that if things don’t work out with other girls, he can turn right back around and meet you.

Being too available tells him that he can get you at any time which makes him think, “She doesn’t have anyone else. She must be desperate for me.

How To Respond?

Okay, woman. I hear you loud and clear. You like this guy and you want to talk to him non-stop. 

So if you're wondering why a man suddenly stopped texting you, take a step back and analyze if you're texting him too much and overwhelming him.

If you’re going to message a guy over and over, then he’s going to lose interest. You have to play harder to get.

You don’t have to text him 5 times a day just to let him know he is on your mind. If you like him, make him wonder around make him wait for your lovely messages, and let him worry, is she thinking about me?

Wondering how to get a guy to like you? Stop texting him first. Let him linger for a while without hearing from you. He’ll be keener on hearing from you after that.

Situation 4: Your Relationship Goals Are Not Aligned

You let him slip through your fingers because you don’t want to lose the “flavor of the day.” Don’t waste your time, ladies. If he asked for your number, he definitely liked you. There was probably one kind of chemistry between you two. But it doesn’t mean that you are now one hundred percent compatible.

Maybe he was tempted to lose himself in a relationship but he had second thoughts about that. Then, he didn't feel comfortable telling you that he's not into that commitment anymore, so he simply dipped out of your life.

So what does it mean when a guy suddenly starts ignoring you? It means he finally stopped being nice and now realizes you want more from him than friendship. You want to be his girlfriend and he doesn’t want to give you even that much. 

You may have just hit a roadblock in your relationship. Guys don't always spell out why they're not into something or someone. Maybe he stopped texting you because he started feeling too comfortable and getting too attached. Or maybe it's because he's going through a tough time in his life right now and he needs a little space. Either way, there could be a perfectly good reason for him to be out of touch.

How To Respond?

The best way to deal with a guy who suddenly stops texting is to confront him about it rather than keep guessing and pondering.  It shows no one can make someone love you, and you shouldn’t settle for less than you deserve.

You don't have to wait for him to come back. That may not happen. Remember you have control over your own life, your own emotions and you are not powerless. You can always start being happy alone. If he does come back, you will be thankful that you dared to be with yourself and happy.

Situation 4: Sharing Too Much And Too Soon

What does it mean when a guy suddenly stops texting you? This is the question that has been occupying almost every woman today. When it comes to relationships, guys and girls have different communication styles. If a guy suddenly stops responding to your text messages, you might be sharing too much information TOO QUICKLY. 

Men desire for a woman he likes to talk to him but he also needs time to warm up enough to share the personal information about himself. In other words, you over-shared too soon and he thinks that you might want a serious relationship right away.

How To Respond?

You can avoid this by not sharing so much personal information at first. The fact is that men do not like women who are easy to get. Be mysterious! This doesn’t mean that you should play the hard-to-get game, but rather that you should share things about yourself at a comfortable pace.

When you are getting to know each other, keep the conversations light and interesting.

Situation 5: He Realized You Aren’t An Ego Boost For Him

Being spurned by a guy might be very unpleasant and frustrating, especially if you really like him. While it is still possible that he might come back into your life, it might also just be that he has realized that you are not an ego boost for him, and decided to move on in his life by not getting in touch with you again.

How To Respond?

It’s perfectly fine when a guy no longer contacts you. There is absolutely no reason to take it as an insult or as the end of the world. 

Believe it or not, being spurned is a good thing. It means that you have been rejected by a guy who is just trying to use you for an ego boost. Do not feel bad about yourself because of it. It happens to a lot of women. It means that there is no connection between you two and you should probably move on in your life.

In his head, he thinks that texting you is a win because you will text him back. When you don’t respond the way he wants, reality slaps him. 

When someone is using you for an ego boost, that should be the beginning of the end. If someone doesn’t love you as a person but as an object to satisfy their own ego, then I would say you need to take a step back and examine your relationship.

The silver lining in that cloud is that when the door closes with them, it opens for others. If you can give him up without too much difficulty then who knows who else will be waiting for you when he stops texting you.

Situation 6: Shy To Initiate Contact

Keep in mind that each guy’s personality is different, so there are additional reasons for a guy to stop texting you. It’s possible that he could also be too shy to initiate contact. Many guys who don't want to come across as pushy will stop texting you not because they don't like you anymore, but because they're afraid you think of them as creepy. They also do this so they can take their time and text you when they feel more sure of themselves.

How To Respond?

Most guys who stop responding to your texts aren't jerks; they're just kind of shy. They want to make sure you like them before coming on too strong.

This is a guy who is trying to get along with you and follow your lead. 

This is really the best thing you can hope for. If a guy stops texting all of a sudden it often means he’s getting nervous and let’s face it, that’s a good thing! It takes a strong man to recognize a woman is far more valuable than flirty text exchanges and step back from the technology barrier he has been peeking through.

So what are you waiting for? Send him a text with something simple, like “Hey handsome.”  You can use this to your advantage by giving him an excuse to continue the conversation. 

Make sure to play it cool in your response otherwise he may not respond again, leaving you feeling more confused than ever.

When a guy suddenly stops texting you, let me tell you what that means. It means that he hasn’t gone very far in liking you. There are men out there who simply aren’t interested in dating you for whatever reason. They don’t need to explain themselves and you don’t need to understand them. And that's okay. 

Situation 7: He Is Not Attracted To You

It’s part of human nature to be attracted to certain things. You can’t expect everyone to like you back. That doesn’t mean you don’t have other options though. As long as there are good guys out there, you can still find one who will really like you for you.

How To Respond?

Whatever is okay for them is okay for you too. Of course, if your guy has to let go of you for any reason, you should respect that and just move on.

If a guy feels he has to deny his feelings for you, so be it. If the relationship isn’t moving forward as fast as you’d hoped, use this as a chance to spend more time on yourself and doing things that bring you closer to fulfilling your dreams. It’s not worth investing your emotions into a guy who doesn’t feel the same way about you.

You can’t expect him to sacrifice his own happiness just to stay with you. After all, you wouldn’t want him to be unhappy just because he had to choose you.

Situation 7: He Is An Emotional Cheater

An emotional cheater is a man who has established or is in a relationship with a woman but also has a secret social life online.

 A guy who has a relationship will not suddenly stop texting you after a first or second date. If he went from texting daily to not responding at all, he is already attached. His silence means either he had some regrets from the last time you met or he has met another girl and is already on his way to having a new relationship.

What makes online dating sites attractive to married men is that they serve as an outlet to explore. They are the perfect place for cheaters to search for extramarital affairs.

How To Respond?

A guy who stops texting a girl without a good reason is a playboy. Usually, a girl is just a toy for this guy. You can teach him a lesson or two by cutting off all contact with him and showing him that you have better things to do with your life and you’ll win the game for yourself.

To sum it up, just keep in mind that life goes on whether you have a man or not. If you act like you're desperate for a relationship, if you display your feelings to the guy too much, he may think you're looking for simple entertainment or distraction.


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