Why Did My Ex Deleted Pictures Of Us/Me From Instagram?

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Deleting pictures of exes is a very contemporary phenomenon. Gone are the days when we would burn letters of our exes after a breakup or return them their pictures and gifts But, these days the first thing we do after a breakup is, go on social media and delete every picture of our exes. 

So, why does an ex have to delete the pictures? What do they gain from deleting the pictures of their exes? Is it because they are angry and they have developed resentment? Or, is it because they do not want to hurt themselves over and over? Or is it that they are over you and now want to start dating again? There could be a thousand reasons that you or I would be so oblivious about. 

So, what does it actually mean when an ex deletes your pictures on Instagram? Your ex deleted pictures of you from their Instagram can mean that they want to move on and want to start a new chapter in their life. They feel having those images on their account indicates they are still in a relationship with you, and he/she don't want to create confusion.

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Few Scenarios Helps You Understand Why Your Ex Deleted Pictures From Instagram

It could mean a lot of things actually. There could be many reasons, some of which can be as follows, maybe he or she is not emotionally stable and want to get over you by not looking at your pictures, maybe he or she is angry, or maybe his or her present partner does not want your pictures anywhere with your ex can also be a possibility.

Whatever be the reason, the best you can do is, respect your ex-partner’s wish, and let them do what they need to do to get over the breakup or start over. And, in the meantime, you need to do whatever it is that you need to do to get over this ordeal as well. 

  • It could mean that they don’t want to go through the pain of seeing your pictures again and again. 

More often than not, a breakup is the most painful emotion that one can ever go through. It rips apart one’s soul from their body. It’s so painful that you don’t find anything good in the world for a while. So, in that case, the best one can do is try their best to move on and not go through that pain again and again.

Looking at an ex's pictures can bring back a thousand memories that they know that they will never make with them again. So, in that scenario, they try their best to not go through that turmoil.

They do not want those flashbacks from the past, so they delete those pictures of you from their Instagram, and might block or unfollow you as well. The hurt is real for both parties and everyone has their own way of going through pain. Understand that this is their way and don’t let it bother you. 

  • Could mean that they want to let others know that they have broken up.

When a relationship gets too public to the point that the couples are comfortable enough sharing their pictures on various social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook etc, once they do that, their friends, family, and acquaintances get an idea about their love life, so, having those pictures still onboard could send a wrong signal that they are still together.

And, if people wrongly believe that you are still in a relationship then they will keep coming back to you asking silly questions about your partner. And, to save yourself from going through the pain of repeating your breakup, again and again, it is better to delete the pictures and clear the air once and for all.

  • It can mean that they want to show others that they are no more taken and that they are available.

People have a lot of secret admirers all around them all the time. But, they do not approach unless and until they are sure that you are available for them. By deleting the pictures it sends a signal to all those secret admirers that this person is now available and approachable. 

Some people are very emotionally dependent on others. It takes a great deal for them to be alone on their own. They constantly seek company to talk to, or a shoulder to cry upon, in that case when they are going through a breakup, it is important for them to be seen and noticed, and most of the time when people think that you’re committed, they hardly approach you.

And, so to get people to approach them, they start by deleting the pictures of their ex which clarifies the fact that they are single. Your ex may feel that they are ready to date again and wanted the world to know that to spice up the love life again. 

  • It could mean that their present partner is insecure and does not want pictures of you together.

Seeing an ex's pictures on our present partner’s social media can make us all a bit jealous and insecure to be honest except for a very few highly emotionally matured ones we are all victims of insecurity and jealousy.

We feel our presence in their life to be insignificant and unimportant at times, we might also feel disrespected, and we try our best to not let our partners get reminded of their ex in any way, and so we do so by starting with telling them to delete everything they have of their ex in their life, that includes pictures of their ex on social media. 

Now, in this case very little can a partner do, right? Should they listen to their present partner or should they choose an ex's memories? We all know the answer. They will definitely go with living happily with the present partner that with an ex's memories. 

And, so, that could have been the reason why they deleted your pictures. 

  • It could mean that they are angry and that they have developed resentment towards you.

Maybe they are upset that you are gone from their life, and that it does not seem to be bothering you. Their anger is their way of fighting the fact that they miss you and want to forget you. If them deleting your pictures is bothering you then that is what they want you to feel.

They want you to feel and understand what you lost, and now it’s too late to go back. If it doesn’t bother you, it’s good for you both that they deleted pictures of you from social media. Anger and resentment are not the healthiest ways for ending a relationship but it is what it is and you should also go ahead with life and try to manage the breakup in a healthy way from your side. 

Why Does It Bother Me? 

Breakups are never pleasant, but now, more than ever, the end of a relationship presents a slew of small questions that you may not know how to address, particularly when it comes to social media. When is it appropriate to update your Facebook relationship status?

Is it better to delete or block your ex? Should you delete your ex’s Instagram photos?  Many of these questions may only be answered by you based on your personal preferences. Then taking the first steps to delete the photographs or changing relationship status can hurt and make the breakup a reality for you. 

  • It bothers you because you are still attached to them and want to be a part of their life. It doesn’t have to mean that you still love them or want them back but you still appreciate the good memories and don’t want to give up the friendship completely. 
  • It can also mean that you are not over them completely and still holding on to the hope of you getting back with them and seeing your pictures deleted from their instagram makes your breakup a reality to you. It is natural to have hope but you should know that the partner has now lost that hope of you two and is looking out for the next opportunities and adventures in life.
  • It can be hard for you to see them try to move on from the relationship you put your time and efforts in and see him taking this step towards distancing you from their life. The hurt is very natural as seeing someone close to us go far is very difficult and you are only human to feel this pain. 

How To React When Your Ex Deletes Your Pictures From Instagram? 

When an ex deletes your pictures from Instagram, it may or may not hurt you, but you need to understand that your ex is hurting and is trying to let go of the past. They are thinking about you at times but they don’t want to anymore. 

  • Support their decision and don’t bother them by asking questions about the step they took of deleting your pictures. Understand that they did it for their mental health and they are also going through a rough time about the breakup. 
  • Do not overthink the situation and make your headache and lose your mental peace. He/she was someone you once loved but now is the time to get out of the dream world and face the reality. It will hurt but they don’t have to know that. 
  • Remember why you broke up and know deleting them from your life is the good thing you did for your mental health and don’t let it be on your mind or bother you more. Breakups are the toughest, letting go of a certain person from life is not an easy task so keep reminding yourself why is it important to let go of this particular person. 
  • You can also take the same step from your side and delete their pictures from your social media to start the move-on process for you and open yourself to new people and friendships. Pictures are the captured memories, the memories stay close with you as long as you keep them. Getting rid of them may help you as well to let go and move on. 
  • Take comfort in a trusted friend and talk your heart out on how you feel about the whole situation as talking to someone will help your thoughts straighten up. Friends are often in the loop of your love life and know the situations you are in. Comforting in them and talking to them knowing their opinions will help you see a clearer picture. 

Your ex is doing what they need to, to get over the relationship, and It might hurt seeing them moving on but understand that it is what they need emotionally, and you do what you got to do to get over a broken relationship. Keep your head high and do not look back and take good care of yourself.

Related Queries:

After 2 months of our breakup, my ex-boyfriend still has not deleted our pictures, what could it mean?

If your ex-boyfriend has not deleted your pictures even after 2 months of your breakup, it could mean that he still hasn’t gotten over you, or he still wants you back in his life, but it could also mean that he is someone who does not go back to his Instagram feed to check his past posts and, so, he is not really bothered by the pictures of you two in his feed.

Should I delete my Instagram pictures with my ex?

To be honest, this completely depends on your ex and you. If you are okay with keeping your ex's pictures but your ex does not want you to keep them, then you must delete them. If your ex does not have a problem, then it is you who has to decide what is comfortable for you.

Why does my ex-girlfriend unfollow me on Instagram?

Exes unfollowing each other is not very uncommon, so if your ex-girlfriend has unfollowed you on Instagram then it could mean she is trying to move on in her life without getting reminded of the past every time she comes across your account, whatever be the reason you should respect it and do the needful to move ahead in your life too.


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