How To Lie To Your Parents About Going Out With A Boy? 

Just make a foolproof plan, have a backup friend to cover for you, and be mindful while making such plans. Ensure that your parents know about this friend or heard about her. Don't make any silly mistakes and you can enjoy your date with a guy without any worry.
Nishtha Tutlani
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Haven’t we all come across a situation where you wanted to go somewhere, and your parents never agreed. As I love to say, life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes we do get what we want, and other times, we need to fight a little more or look for alternatives to make the thing work out. 

Parents love us, and they want to protect us. But we, too, want to behave like grown-ups and roam around with a boy or a boyfriend. And they don’t understand it. So, when you fail to make them know, what do you do? You lie. Simply because you wanted to be honest, but your parents did not you. Occasionally lying to parents to have a little bit of fun isn’t that bad an idea after all. Just don’t turn this into a habit and never end up hurting your parents. 

 But sometimes, we want to break off all the barriers and live our lives on our terms, and then we have to take the help of lying. Be it a tinder date or a date with your high school sweetheart, when you can't let your parents know about it, your only option is to lie. It is not the most recommended way to get on with any relationship, but we do what we got to do. 

So, ladies, there are several steps to follow and keep in mind when you decide to lie about an outing to your parents. Following them all and keeping them in mind is a must as even one mistake can mess up things between you and your parents.

Do keep in mind the consequences if you get caught before taking this step; if your parents find out, then it will ruin your relationship with them for a long period. It will create trust issues for them, and the next time you want to go out, they won't be able to trust you again, restrictions will follow up, and your freedom will be no more. 

If it all works out and you have a super amazing date or outing, lying is the easiest way to live life on your terms once you learn the skill. However, it is undoubtedly intoxicating, not lying, but the freedom you get out of lying and doing things on your terms will make you smile at the end of the day. Well, we only live once, so why not make it the most happening? So do give it a deep thought before getting into this, as you may get a knack for it.

Now, you need to keep a few steps and points in mind and follow it to the T to make your outing with a guy completely discreet so that your conservative family stays happy the way they are.

Step 1: Tell Them You Are Going Out With A Girl Friend

Whenever planning an outing with a guy, tell your parents that it's a girl you'll be going out with, if possible, a friend they already know and fully trust. In these cases, a childhood friend who has visited your house often or someone your parents are familiar with is the safest thing to do. In this case, it will look like a normal outing with a casual everyday friend and won't raise any questions in your parents' minds.

Step 2: If Possible, Don't Lie About Where You Are Going

It is recommended to tell the truth about the place you will be going to. So even if there's an emergency, you can quickly reach your home without raising any suspicion. But when you tell them you are 5kms away and go 15kms away, it can cause many problems, especially if your parents need you for an emergency.

We may take this lightly as to what kind of an emergency can happen on a beautiful regular day, but we never know, so try to keep this point in mind before making your plans.

Step3: Talk to the Friend and Let Her Know about the Plans Beforehand

This is very important to let your "girlfriend" know that you are going out with a guy and telling your parents about hanging out with her. In this way, the friend will know not to go around your house or call at your home, not to contact anyone from your household, and make sure everything is going smoothly behind the date.

Step 4: Pick Up Their Calls

Keep this in mind to always keep your phone in loud mode and never on silent or even vibration. Only "loud" mode for ringtone or notifications. This is because whenever your parents or anyone else in your family call you, you will be able to pick it up.

 Now, why would you want to pick up a call from your home when chilling with a guy friend or having lunch/dinner with a hot date? Well, so that whatever it is, your parents don't call your "backup" friend.

It will be a problem if your parents call her, and if she doesn't pick up either, they will get a hint of all these mischievous activities, and you don't want that.

Step 5: Tell Your Friend to Not Pick up their Calls

Well, for this, step 4 is very important. Pick up their calls, so they don't call on your friend's cell in the first place! Now, even if for some reason you missed their call, they'll call your friend, and you need to make sure your friend doesn't pick it up either.

Because if your friend picks it up, then it will be a mess for obvious reasons, and no matter how hard she tries, it will definitely cause suspicion in your parent's minds. So make sure your friend doesn't pick it up, and don't forget to mention this point to her to be double sure specifically.

Step 6: Keep your Friend in the Loop about the Plans for the Day

You don't have to share every detail with this friend of yours but let her know the basic information to be sure. Just let her know at what time you'll be leaving and what time you'll be coming back home or if at all you'll be coming home that day. 

Keep her updated about your whereabouts, if possible too, and your mode of transportation. These are little but important details that will make her know whatever's going on and what to do if any unexpected situations occur.

Step 7: Always be Prepared for Any Emergencies from your Parents

Now, why mention emergencies so many times? Because you are lying to your parents, and karma will get you one day or the other (even if we don't believe in that). But it is your responsibility to take care of a few things and make sure no matter what happens, it won't ruin the day for anyone and you be present for your family when they need you. 

So just make yourself available in any case for your family, for any stupid calls, and hope for the best. And don't forget to enjoy the day out.

Tips To Keep In Mind

Apart from following the above steps, keeping a few things at the back of your mind before making a plan is important. If you don't have a friend to rely on, you can take the name of any acquaintance your parents have heard of. Although, having a friend to have your back is the safest option. 

Let's have a look at some of the more useful tips.

Plan Your Day At A Place Far Away From Home

Now when we said not to lie about where you are going, don't. Just go far away from home and let them know that you are going far away from home. This reduces the chances of them visiting you while strolling or during a walk or jog. And you don't want them jogging to the place you are spending quality time with your friend of the opposite gender.

Make Sure No One Goes To That Place Or Have Any Plans Nearby For The Day

It is important to make sure in advance that people from your family don't go to the said place often or nearby that area. And also, have no plans nearby that area for the day. Make sure to know your parent's schedule for the day and make a plan on a regular weekday to avoid any surprises. 

When you know your parents will be at their workplaces, and following their usual routine, going to the office taking the same daily route at that particular time and know the same for coming back home. For no surprises, it's better to plan your day out on a weekday.

If not possible on a weekday, ask everyone casually about their plans for the weekend and ask it not too much in advance as it can raise suspicion. Asking about it a night before is a good way to keep your curiosity unnoticed. Now that you know their plans for the day, align yours accordingly and be smart about it!

Be Casual And Don't Panic

The key is not to panic and not be over-smart. Lying is just how good you can act, so just act casual, as it's any other day out with your girlfriends and no big deal. Don't talk about the outing too much out of nervousness. We know it's running in your mind a lot, about how good it will be or how you will be planning everything.

Still, the key is not to let your family members know by excessively talking about it, which will cause suspicion as to why you were never this much excited about going out with that particular friend; what is new today?

Don't let this thing come to their minds. So be casual like it's any other day and live inside your mind, for the time being, watching beautiful made-up scenarios.

Dress Smartly

Well, if we are being casual about it, if it is just another day out with your girlfriend, why would you put an extra effort into how you look? You want to look good, make an effort, and keep in mind the family situation. So, in this case, you can first carry a bag with you to keep a few items inside.

Now, it's very easy to do in winters; you can wear whatever clothes you want and wear a sweatshirt over it to hide. But if it's summer or spring, it won't be this easy. In this case, one can put the clothes you want to wear in your bag and visit the girlfriend! 

You can go to a friend's house and always get changed and do your makeup whatever is desirable. But don't leave your house looking very different than your usual style.

If your friends aren't available to crash at, then changing rooms in malls or washrooms at a restaurant or at McDonald's are your options left, make it the last option as dressing up at a friend's place while gossiping is much more fun, but this works too!

Plan It A Week Prior

Not exactly a week, but making a plan two to three days prior would be appreciated, both by the guy and your girlfriend. Tell her to know to keep her calendar empty for the time you'll be at her house or to not have any plans where your parents might go regularly. 

The only reason why making a plan early is recommended is to have a solid backup in case of any undesirable instances. So let your girlfriends cover up for you, and you have an amazing time without having any tensions of the world for the time being.

Having a date or just hanging out with the opposite gender might be a challenge for some girls from a conservative family. We understand this, and you are not the only one; all women, in some way or other, face gender inequality or restrictions to their desires in life. 

And when arguing for these petty things sounds too exhausting, lying is the easiest and, honestly, sometimes the best option one could choose to live a life on their terms. 

So you don't have to feel bad about lying to your family; it is what everyone resolves to at some point in their lives to fulfill their emotional needs when your parents, who are from a different generation, cannot understand. Be proud and confident and do whatever as long as it doesn't harm anyone.


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