Do Guys Ever Come Back After Rejecting You?

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Women do not usually ask guys out as frequently as men. But even after asking out a guy if he rejects the woman, it hurts a lot. Most of the time the woman who got rejected expects the guy to come back. Yeah, I often say, the human mind is truly complicated and it tends to want exactly which is difficult to get. After getting rejected by a guy, bunches of thoughts hit women’s minds. The most common and prominent two are ‘why he rejected me’ and ‘If he will come back.’

So, here comes the answer to the million-dollar question. Do guys ever come back after rejecting a woman? In this context the most appropriate answer will be, Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Coming back to a woman whom the guy rejected depends on various factors like the reasons behind rejecting her, his feelings after rejecting her, and most importantly if he faced any situational change in life after rejecting her. Coming back to someone totally depends on how circumstances evolve. In most cases, if the guy likes the woman even after rejecting her, he usually comes back. But if things aren’t like this, chances are low for him to come back.

But, I would like to say that those are only a few little speculations based on the common trends. So, always remember, when matters come to making decisions regarding a date or relationship, people react depending on many internal and external factors. Every human being has their unique mindset and thus they react in their own individual way. Obviously, there’re some ways to decode the guys’ minds and here in this article, I’ll exactly talk about that. 

So, if you also have recently faced such a difficult situation and looking for a concrete answer and a holistic overview for the previously mentioned question, you’ve come to the right place. 

When Do Guys Come Back After Rejecting?

As I told you, there’s no definite answer to the question of guys coming back after rejecting. So, to find an answer to your question, you must first know exactly under which circumstances guys come back after rejecting any woman. Many verbal and non-verbal factors work behind their comeback. Some of those factors are quite serious, some of those may sound a bit weird, but thing areas it is. Experts say that it’s too hard to judge or predict someone when the person is deciding on relationships. 

He Didn’t Mean To Reject You

You like a guy and you think he likes you too. So you asked him out without any prior hit and boom! He rejected you. In such a situation if the guy truly likes you, he may try to come back. Because, as you have asked him out suddenly and he was not ready for it, he rejected you.

Many times guys do reject women but they don’t mean it. That’s why relationship experts say that rejection doesn’t ever mean the end of everything. Maybe he rejected you just because he’s shy or inexperienced but truly likes you, hence wants to come back.

He Regrets Rejecting You

This is one of the most common reasons why guys come back after rejecting a woman. Many persons’ minds have a tendency of responding with spontaneous instinct. Due to this instinct, they tend to react or respond instantly without thinking further. 

Maybe because of this instinct, he rejected you when you asked him out, but now he truly regrets his decision. If you’re a F.R.I.E.N.D.S person, remember Ross! Every time he met new women, he used to create a mess. But that didn’t mean he didn’t like those women. So, if a person rejects you but now regrets it, he may attempt a comeback.

He’s A Changed Person

Human minds are quite a complex element to understand and evolve by every second. So it’s possible that the person who rejected you is now totally changed. Then he used to make decisions from a different mindset and now his mindset has been transformed. Maybe after this transformation, he missed you, he regrets not being with you. These can be some very strong reasons behind their come back. 

He Recently Broke Up

Guys reject women especially when they’re already in some relationship. If now his relationship is over and he’s single again, he decided to come back. But look, most of the time guys make this decision if they have recently broken up and now want to replace their ex with some. Maybe you’re the most easily available option for him. So, always be aware of such scenarios. 

He Feels Jealous Of You

This is another common reason due to what guys come back after rejecting. Relationship counselors say that jealousy works like an ultimate fire and affectively leads someone to come back. So, maybe due to some of your activities he’s feeling jealous of you. Maybe he’s jealous of your male friends or he feels jealous seeing other guys approaching you. Due to these all jealousy factors he may try to come back. 

Your Casual Behavior Bothers Him

It may sound weird but it’s true that if he notices your attitude to be too much casual even after getting rejected, he feels bothered. This phase is quite confusing when guys often misunderstand whether they like the woman or not. Out of this behavior, he may approach you back. Look, rejections meant to hurt you. But if his rejection fails to hurt, his subconscious mind will lead him to suffer from an inferiority complex and he may end up coming back. 

He Just Wants Sex

When you ask a guy out, that sends a clear signal that you like him. At that point, he may have rejected you initially but now coming back just due to physical attraction or to have sex with you. Men usually are high on libido and if some woman approaches, they tend to feel aroused. So, make sure the purpose why he’s coming back. 

He Wants To Make You Feel Good

This happens when you two are really close and he doesn’t what to hurt you. Due to this feeling, men hesitate to reject some women from their close circle. And even if he rejects her but cares for her, he may end up coming back to her. 

So, if he rejected you in the near past, but now wants to come back, maybe he’s regretting his previous response and wants to make you feel good. This may not be a sign of typical attraction but remember this is a pretty strong affectional bond we’re talking about.

How To Make Them Come Back?

After getting rejected by some guy, women tend to think about how to make that guy fall? How to provoke him to come back! As of now, you already know about the factors that work behind guys’ comebacks.

So, now if you learn the art of making them come back to you or making them fall for you, the job is almost done. After years of research, relationship experts have identified a few such weak points, that men can hardly deal with. 

Show Him That His Rejection Doesn’t Matter

No matter how hard it is, if you want him to come back, in the very first place you must show him that his rejection doesn’t matter to you. Spend your normal life, behave very casually with him as nothing happened. When he’ll genuinely start feeling that his rejection doesn’t mean anything to you, he may attempt to come back. 

Portray That He Was Just An Option

If he has rejected you, try to portray that he was not the only one you asked out. Behave casually with him, tell him your new dating stories, talk about other guys, relationships. Thus when he’ll start feeling that he was just used as an option, he’ll become furious to come back. This method is a bit silly, but believe me, it truly works. Guys feel aroused when they’re angry!

Hang Out With Friends And Post On Social Media

Rejection hurts and you need to heal yourself now. So, if the goal of healing yourself and provoking him can be achieved together, that would be a win-win situation.

So, take my advice, start hanging out with friends, make new friends, explore more people, and most importantly post them on your social media timeline. If you can’t post it publically just custom the privacy option that only the targeted person reaches the post. You’ll have your result within a couple of months.

Show How Happy You Are

Showing him how happy you are now is another mode of effective provocation. Men tend to get annoyed by the happiness of those women whom they rejected. If you don’t let the grief of rejection affect you and lead your normal life like going shopping, or on a trip or posting funky photos and show him how happy you are, chances are he’ll come back.

Make Him Jealous

As I mentioned previously, making a guy jealous is the most common and effective way to make him come back. After he rejects you, start looking for new meaning in your life. Be with new people, date some other guy who’s interested in you, show him that you’re not alone and his rejection hasn’t been able to end anything in your life. Let him burn this way. 

Analyze And Rectify Your Flaws

No person is free of flaws. Maybe the guy rejected you due to some specific flaws in your attitude. Learn to analyze yourself, analyze the exact reason why he rejected you. If you can identify any flaws, try to work on them. Maybe your effort to get rid of flaws will let him think about coming back to you.

Be Supportive

If you think that the guy regrets rejecting you, try to be supportive and friendly to him. Besides, always keep reminding that you like him. Maybe due to this approach, he becomes able to have to courage to ask you out. 

Love Yourself More

Rejection doesn’t mean the end of everything in life. But I truly admit that it hurts. So now before everything, it’s time for self-love. Treat yourself to new foods, new people, new trips. Listen to your favorite music, watch movies and let the joy flow through your face. Be happy from inside. Not only that guy, but the world will also fall for you. 

Some Don’ts

You already know what you should do to make a guy fall for you and eventually come back. But there’re also some specific behavioral approaches you must avoid during the entire scenario. 

Those re…

  • Don’t be too friendly with him to get friendzoned.
  • Don’t make him feel too jealous that he feels irritated.
  • Don’t ever behave slutty.
  • Don’t forget to demarcate clear boundaries. 
  • Don’t ever let him hurt your dignity. 
  • Don’t let him use you no matter physically, financially, or emotionally. 
  • Don’t be too much active on social media.
  • Don’t blame yourself for everything. 
  • Don’t be careless in your life to get him back.

How Should You React If They Come Back?

Suppose you have put in all your efforts and finally the guy you desired has come back to you. Now how should you react to his comeback? Should you accept him normally, or should you be very casual with him? 

Dating and relationships are serious events of life to consider carefully. If a guy rejected you and now coming back, there must be some specific way to behave with him. This behavior depends on why, how, and when the guy is coming back. 

Respond To Him Politely

If the guy wants to come back to you, first you must learn to respond to him politely, Most of the time women tend to be rude in such situations that eventually ruin a beautiful potential. So, always think deeply before you react or respond. Politeness is such a beautiful quality of human character that has enormous potential to hold and creating wonderful things. Don’t let your rudeness overshadow that quality. 

Ask For Time

This is another common thing you must ask for when a guy who rejected you is trying to come back. Firstly, this approach makes him realize that you’re not easily available for him and he can’t take you for granted. And secondly, when a person rejected you and now asking to come back, you must take some time to analyze the reasons for his come back and what’s his intention. 

Accept Him But Not Overwhelmingly

After analyzing the reason behind his comeback, if you feel that the reasons are genuine and reasonable you can accept him. But never forget that the person rejected you. So, accept him, but never let the joy overshadow the depth of your personality. Don’t let your overwhelmingness prove that you were waiting for him.

Demarcate Boundaries

When a person wants to come back after rejecting you, you must not start compromising with your life, at least initially. So, if he wants to come back and you decide to accept him, first set clear boundaries. Be straight and loud with your decisions.

Make Sure That Your Life Doesn’t Revolve Around Him

If your desired guy is coming back to you, make sure that your life no longer revolves around him. Don’t ever let him feel that you’re obsessed with him. Starting spending your alone time, family time, hang out with friends, focus on your career and simultaneously spend time with him

Accept Him With Caution

If the guy is coming back after he broke up with his ex, I would request you to think deeply about it. If you still choose to accept him, then make it clear that he can never use you as a replacement of his ex. And if you ever feel that he’s using you to get over his ex, I would suggest you get over this relationship immediately. 

Reject Him

If the guy who’s approaching you back is just coming for sex, you should reject him at once. Using a person just to have physical pleasure is nothing but a commoditization of human beings. Never trade your feelings just to have him for some time. Believe me, this isn’t gonna last.

As of now, you know almost everything regarding this issue from even psychological aspects. Hopefully, after going through this article, you’ll be able to make wise decisions on your own if you face such a complicated situation. But you must know exactly when to stop.

And, always remember that you must take all the responsibilities for everything you decide. So, when you decide, be ready for every potential consequence too, be it the best or worst

Happy dating… 


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