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What Does It Mean When A Girl Is Nervous Around You?

What Does It Mean When A Girl Is Nervous Around You

Everyone knows that butterflies still rise into the stomach in situations such as first dates, eye-to-eye talks with someone you like, or job interviews. Whether one is a boy or a girl, those butterflies won't let us feel completely comfortable.

So going forward to the article let's find out the exact reason why a girl is feeling nervous around you, and how you can make her comfortable.

What Does It Mean When A Girl Is Nervous Around You? 

Nervousness indicates that a girl is interested in you. She's just trying to work out whether you're worth it. Girls are often too nervous to approach men directly, so many women will try to get a man's attention indirectly, by doing something really cool that gets noticed.

Her nervousness and anxiety are not only normal, they're completely understandable. After all, boys and dating can be a very intimidating experience!

I recently overheard one of my friends talking about how she is starting to feel nervous around her boyfriend. I have been thinking about how she is feeling lately and trying to think of ways that she could overcome it.

Fear of the unknown is normal. She’s never met you in person. You could be a serial killer for all she knows! She might as well be in a completely new country, it's that scary! But by the end of the night, if you have found her pulse she'll feel like she has known you for years, and you'll make her wonder why people make such a fuss about first dates.

Why A Girl Gets Nervous Around A Boy?

A closer examination of what’s going on inside the girl’s brain reveals that it’s not a boy she’s nervous about. The real source of her anxiety is her ego or self-concept. Because the boy seems so attractive to her at first, she expects herself to be perfect. She mistakes her unrealistic expectations for reality and develops a case of mistaken identity.

Let’s deep dive to find out more about her nervousness:

She Is Conscious About Her Appearance

A lot of girls stress about how they look, their weight, etc. It’s a natural thing to worry about. Despite that, if you have confidence in yourself and know that you are beautiful regardless of your appearance, boys will be too distracted by that to care about anything else.

She Is Nervous To Get Nervous

Does it make any sense?

Part of being nervous around boys is that she is self-aware. She is paying attention, and when you pay attention to someone you don't trust built up, your body responds with stress response -- your brain tells your adrenal gland to produce stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. You can't control this. It's just how your brain works. The more conscious you are of the boy, the more aware you are of yourself around him, the more stressed-out you will feel.

Fear Of Intimacy

Maybe due to the fear of intimacy/commitment, it can be very hard to relax and trust in relationships. It's so difficult when she wants that closeness so much that she is terrified of losing it. But all the tension makes the relationship feel very fragile, and if you do let your guard down, you might never getaway.

The best way for a girl is to deal with it by facing her fears and learning how to stop feeling nervous around a boy.

Things She Mean When She Appears Nervous Around You

The possibility of reasons can be anything, but let's find out the most appropriate ones.

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Maybe It’s A Green Flag For You

When a girl is nervous and acts awkward around you, it probably means that she might like you as more than a friend

If a girl has been acting weird around you, don't be confused. It could be because she feels a little nervous around you and she is trying to figure out how to act around you the right way.

Maybe She Is Over-thinking A LOT

In the early stages of a relationship, a girl will often make a lot of assumptions about what you think about her or how you feel about her. Whether she feels attraction towards you, whether you will want to see her again or whether the relationship can even progress further.

Maybe She is Nervous Assuming, YOU May Reject Her

Or maybe she doesn’t want to get rejected. Some people have such a fragile mental-emotional state that no matter how much they want something, or how good they are at it, or how hard they try, they simply cannot bring themselves to take the appropriate action. They can’t even try because they just know they will fail.

Maybe She Had Some Bad Experience With Boys

She could also be reliving a bad experience that she had with someone in the past. She’s trying to connect with you. She wants to feel safe and trust you, but she may not know how to do this. If you can get her to open up, you will build a much deeper connection.


She doesn’t need to rub every man’s nose in her gloriousness. One or two is enough, thanks. The super-attractive woman may only have eyes for a guy she has a crush on, which means she doesn’t really like you. She just needs your help to get rid of him. Well, we’ll see about that!

Signs A Girl Is Nervous Around You

Let's find out, the probable reasons for a girl to nervous around you.

Acts Awkward

When a person is around someone they are attracted to but doesn't know if the feeling is mutual, it can lead to a lot of mental energy being used up. The hair flips, toes clench. The heart flutters and palms sweat. For her, looking at you may be an indirect invitation for you to look at her. She may consider touching you in some way in hopes that it will confirm your interest in her.'When a girl is nervous and acts awkward around you, it probably means that she might like you more than a friend.

She Is Rolling Stone

If she's constantly shifting in her seat, playing with her hair, or touching her face, chances are she's nervous talking to you. Every time she hides behind that hair, or tugs on it during awkward silences, chances are she feels self-conscious around you. This is a very common sign of nervousness during first dates or early conversations.

Fidgeting With Their Hands Or Feet

That's especially so if they're fidgeting with their hands or feet. People who are nervous or uncomfortable will often unconsciously move items closer to them, taking the pressure off their long arms and legs. Even if they don't seem particularly anxious in other ways, if you see your date constantly moving a drink back and forth or shifting their foot under the table, odds are they're feeling at least a little on edge.

Smiling At Your Silliest Jokes

When a girl likes you, she often smiles at you when you say something silly. However, there is a difference between a nervous smile and an authentic smile. This is usually apparent because a nervous smile comes more slowly. "She bites her lower lip " If the relaxed playful smiles continue, this will confirm that she finds you attractive and is very interested in getting to know you better.

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Avoiding Eye Contact

If you notice that a woman is avoiding eye contact, then this could mean she finds you attractive or is feeling shy in your presence. However, just because she avoids eye contact doesn’t mean anything on its own if it doesn’t fit with the other signs around her body language.

Agrees With Your Everything

If you notice that your date agrees with everything, it may be because they are trying to avoid confrontation or are not sure how you will react if they disagree.

It's sad that women in the 21 st century still have to deal with guys who aren't considerate of how they feel, but the truth is that not all men are like that. Lots of people of all genders like learning about how to be a better person, especially when it comes to relationships. 

What Should A GUY Do If A Girl Is Feeling Nervous Around Him?

Okay so let's see how you can make her comfortable around you.

Meeting At Public Makes Her Comfortable

So here I’m not exactly sure why meeting somewhere public will make you feel more comfortable with each other, but I have noticed that most of my female friends prefer it that way, and even ask their dates to pick an appropriate place. are some things you can try to make the girl/women you're going on a date with feeling comfortable.

The Compliment Does Wonder If Used Rightly

Compliments are real currency in the dating world. Yes, you can use them as a way to flirt and sweet talk your way into getting your desired outcome. But if you just focus on complimenting her body, it's going to come across as objectifying and disrespectful. When you tell her that her body is amazing, she doesn't know if you mean her body is amazing at handling lightsaber battles or is just the most amazing thing you've seen since you started eating food.

Show Interest In Her Interests

The best way to break the ice is to ask her about her interests. It’s important to understand that girls can be very shy, and they need to feel comfortable around you in order for them to open up.

First of all, ask her about herself. Girls love to feel like a guy is interested in them, so try asking questions about her interests. 

Keep The Conversation Going 

Talk about things you both have in common, so you can get to know one another better. 

Ask her what she does for fun and tell her a little bit about yourself also.

Try starting with something general, like what books she reads or what TV shows she likes, and then move on to more specific questions.

Don’t Go Overboard

Respect her wishes and boundaries are some ways you can be a more attractive man. If she opens up this way, I believe it's a good sign she is feeling more friendly to you. If at this point you still feel nervous around her, go slow during the conversation.

Ask For Permission

If it seems like she is into you, then go for it. If it seems like she's not too sure, then try a hug or a sweet goodnight kiss. If she's still not even saying goodnight at that point, it might mean trouble. Even if she says goodnight to the friend, if she doesn't say goodnight to you - and does the friend have a similar vibe as the girl? - do not allow yourself to be distracted by this and try to continue instead.

Take Your Time

I don't mean you should necessarily wait weeks or months before saying "I love you." I'm not discounting the possibility that you might meet your perfect girl and fall in love on the first date. That could happen. But it's not all that common. And it certainly isn't likeliest on the first date.

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If you are new to dating, I highly recommend going through Obsession Method by Kate Spring, here she will show you how exactly you can make any woman feel an uncontrollable lust for you and only you. Also, don't forget to share your experience with the program in the comment section if you choose to take it. 😉

What A Girl Can Do To Become Less Nervous?

Here are some tips,

Calling All The Ladies In The House!!!

You've just started dating the man of your dreams. He's smart, funny, attractive and he's everything you could want in a guy. There's just one problem – with him around, you're so nervous you can barely think straight. Relax – I'll show you how to calm those nerves so that when you're around your guy, you can focus on having fun instead of worrying about how you might embarrass yourself.

Wear Your CROWN-Confidence

A confident girl walks into a room filled with attractive men without losing focus, nor doubting the power that radiates from her very being. She doesn’t see herself as physically attractive, but she knows that she is worth much more than that. It’s not because she thinks she’s pretty that she carries herself this way, but it comes as a result of the self-confidence and self-worth inside her heart.

Take A Deep Breathe

Breathe! When you feel your heart thudding faster and faster, pay attention to how you are breathing. Just tell yourself that he may also be nervous and so are you. At least this way you are both in the same boat.

Remember, You Are Unique

A terrible mistake that many women make is that they worry about what their date thinks of them. When you are out with a guy, don't have your mind on him. Have your mind on yourself, and focus on having a good time. Boys don`t want girls who are so hung up on themselves that they forget to be friendly when out on a date.

Eyes Are Road To The Heart

When talking to a boy, maintain eye contact. A smile that is friendly yet shows confidence. Then, extend your hand. This creates the right amount of space for you both to have an enjoyable conversation without feeling awkward or crowded.

Lastly, Is Anything Sexier Than A Woman In Charge?

Nobody likes to waste time - so don't waste his. If you see a guy you like, tell him and be clear about why you like him. Let him know exactly what's attractive about him: the way he looks or the way he carries himself, or how he seems to take charge of a situation without being overbearing. 

These are not suggestions for men to win women over. They're suggestions for men and women to be better for one another and thereby better versions of themselves.

Boys and girls are different. Each sex brings vital qualities to a relationship and each sex can be enriched by contact with the other. Yet, boys and girls are also the same. They're all human beings, after all, sharing the same biological needs and emotional responses. The problem is that most adults encourage a stereotype of boy/girl difference that ends up being limiting for both sexes.

Concluding, I will say I'm interested in people making the most of the relationship and lives. I believe people should be served rather than served up. I'm on a mission to help you succeed and provide honest, well-researched solutions in every area of your life.


Start a conversation. post with kindness.

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