How Long Do Teenage Relationships Usually Last?

Ahiri Chakraborty
How Long Do Teenage Relationships Usually Last
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Let start with a question. Does a relationship come with an expiry date? You might be wondering. And you definitely do not have a specific answer. Every relationship is different from the other and no one can tell how long one relationship is going to last. Even the couples themselves are not aware of it. 

Obviously, nobody wants to have heartbreak and end a relationship. We are all looking for that one perfect partner right here for us. But truth to be told, it takes years to find that perfect partner for yourself. And the relationship is just the beginning, the real game is maintaining that relationship and holding on to each other no matter what.

Sounds difficult? Yes, it is. Just like any other thing in life a relationship requires effort and commitment and only then it becomes smooth sailing. 

While it is easier for adults to understand the deep meanings of a relationship, teenagers often fail to understand this. They succumb to their whims and take impulsive decisions. This is why the longevity of teenage relationships has always been in a complex situation.

So, How Long Do Teenage Relationships Usually Last?

Teenagers between the age of 16 to 18 will have a relationship for almost 1.5 to 1.8 years. While teenagers who are between 13 to 15 will last for 8 to 12 months.

Due to the short-term nature of teenage relationships, people do not even consider them as relationships. Also, teenagers are very young at this age to commit themselves to a serious relationship. They often make the mistake of making their friendships a romantic relationship.

This age is volatile and they are not fully aware of themselves. 

However, you can’t ignore your feelings. And who knows, you might end up with your soulmate. As it is already said before, every relationship has its own unique charms.

Different Stages Of A Teenage Relationship

let’s explore the stages of a teenage relationship. When it is the time to spend on your books, how some teenagers are finding love and starting a relationship? 

# Stage 1- It All Starts With A Friendship

It might sound like a cliche, but this is a universal truth. You often find your romantic partner is your friend. And it is more so obvious for teenagers. Simply because they are spending a majority of their days together in school. Attending the same periods, going to the library, spending time during recess, doing fun activities together, discussing lessons, and many more.

So, it is not hard to develop feelings for a girl or a guy in your class. You two become good friends and start developing a bond over study. But over time, your conversations do not stay limited to the only study. You discuss your favorite films, favorite places to visit, the books you recently and it just goes on.

You do not feel tired talking to them. You look for every single opportunity during your class to talk to them, to know them more.

#Stage 2- I have A Crush On You

If “I love you” is the three magical words, then “I have a crush on you” has separate magic of its own. After all, it’s your crush who finally turns into your love. Isn’t it?

Most teenagers wait to listen to these words especially when your friendship is a tad bit tighter than the rest of your friends. You start to feel something special about him or her. You miss him/her when they miss school or can’t talk to you for family reasons. These are the clear signs when you are having a crush on that boy or girl from your school.

Someone makes the first move and gathers the courage to confess their feelings. The moment you go and tell your “special friend” that “I have a crush on you”, things turn different.

You start blushing and butterflies dance in your stomach. You just can’t hold the excitement and feel extremely relieved to finally tell the truth. 

#Stage 3- Let’s Meet Outside The School

So now when things are semi-official between you two, you want to spend as much time as possible with each other. With all the lessons during school time, you hardly get time for each other. So, you start making plans for meet-ups.

Both of you want to explore things together. You sneak out of your house or give an excuse for group study to meet your crush. For teenagers, the most common places of hang-outs are cafes, parks, movie halls, etc. Since they are tight on budget, they try to find ways of having fun in doing simpler things together. 

This phase is full of excitement and quite important too. This stage will allow both the teenagers to know each other better apart from their school. Spending real-time with each other and exploring each others’ favorite activities will give them a chance to understand what kind of a person he/she actually is. 

Since teenagers experience haywire of hormones and a thousand different feelings, this period actually gives them an insight into what a relationship can look like. 

#Stage 4- Yes, It’s Official Between Us

So you two became good friends first, then he/she became your crush, you two spend quite a lot of time together and now, you feel to take it one step further. You are in love with your crush finally and you are super excited.

Both of you confess to each other and officially call it a relationship. Suddenly you feel like your world only consists of one person. You can’t stop talking and seeing each other. You start to watch romantic movies, plan romantic day-outs together. Plan what to give him/her for birthdays or just for a sweet surprise. 

This stage is the best as everything seems honky-dory. You are just two love birds happy in each other’s company and making the most of your teenage life.

It starts off quite easily as you two are young at heart and do not take everything very seriously. Also, apart from studies, you don’t have any other headache such as taking care of family or any financial responsibility. So you find time for him/her and have some fun together.

Why Teenage Relationships Do Not Last Long?

So let's explore why this rosy period of teenage relationships does not last very long,

  • Love gets into studies

Well, this is a no-brainer. Your teenage years start from 13 and last till you hit 18. These are the formative years of your studies. You are at school learning new things, gaining knowledge to make a career in the future. So when you get involved in a romantic relationship, it becomes difficult to manage both things. Let’s be real. You are too young to manage time and put equal efforts into both your studies and your love life. One of the others will get hampered. 

  • Strict parents

A teenage relationship is never approved by any parents. But why? Well, they are very much aware of this age. They have gone through it too. At this age, teenagers are impulsive, indecisive, and vulnerable. They only look at the fun parts of their life and ignore the practical side. So whenever the parents get to know about their kids’ romantic venture, they try to put an end to this immediately. They do not want their teenage son or daughter to get hurt. They want to give them a reality check. They will guide you for the better. Love will find your way in the future. But you do not want to miss these years of study. They want you to only focus on your studies and building yourself for the future. 

  • Uncertainty of feelings

 It is very difficult for teenagers to be sure about their feelings. They think having a good friend will mean having a great relationship. But in reality, this is not the scene. As they spend more time with each other, they start understanding the other person. And after the initial days of love, they often get tired of each other. Since teenagers experience a lot of emotions at this time, they are unsure of their feelings. They fail to understand the deep meaning of love. Often they start liking other boys or girls which definitely creates a rift between a couple. 

  • Difference of opinion

Two individuals will have different views and opinions. But it becomes hard for teenagers to understand this just because of their young age. They start fighting with each other over silly things. They can’t accept any other opinion. Also, slowly he/she starts discovering the likes and dislikes of their partner. Maybe he does not like the friends she hangs out with, maybe she does not like that he spends his weekend playing video games. It seems stupid. But teenagers make it a huge deal and slowly become disinterested in each other.

  • Change of schools

This is one of the reasons for teenagers to break up. They change schools and acquire new friends. They start exploring the world at this age. This change is not easily accepted by teenagers. With all the new and exciting things happening in their life, they fail to give full attention to their relationship. And this leads to their break-up. 

  • Too young to handle jealousy and possessiveness

Jealousy and possessiveness are part of every relationship. But adults know how to deal with maturely. However, teenagers miserable fail at this. He makes it a big mess if she starts talking with the “other guy” on Facebook. She gets very jealous if a girl likes his pictures on Instagram. They focus too much on unnecessary things and neglect the bigger picture of a relationship. 

Tips To Make Your Teenage Relationship Last Longer

So, can’t a teenage relationship ever last long? Yes, it can. Here are a few tips to make your teenage relationship last longer.

  • Give each other time and space. You have to understand they have a world beside you as well. So don’t get angry when he or she hangs out with friends. Let them have their own space. With time you two will better understand each other’s needs.
  • Be sure about what you want. Is it just a casual fling? Or do you actually want to take it further? If both of you know about your future plans it will be easy to handle all problems. 
  • Make adjustments. If he can’t meet you one weekend, don’t attack him. It can happen sometimes. Try to understand his problem and vice versa. So you have to make little adjustments to make your relationship last longer.
  • Neglect trivial matters. Trust your partner and don’t let jealousy and possessiveness come into your way. You have to let go of the small problems and only then you can make your relationship longer. 

A relationship cannot be determined by years or months neither for teenagers nor for adults. It is your relationship and if you are willing to put effort, it will surely last forever!


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