What Are The Odds Or Chances Of Marrying Your Middle School Sweetheart / Girlfriend / Crush?

Ahiri Chakraborty
What Are The Odds Chances Of Marrying Your Middle School Sweetheart
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Imagine a romantic journey with your beloved who has been a part of your life since childhood. He or she has been your partner in school, you guys went into college, changed jobs or careers, been through ups and downs and now you are having a happily-ever-after with them. Sounds awesome right?

It is often believed that your partner must be your best friend and if that friend is your middle school crush, nothing can be more beautiful than that. It is just the perfect love story for every couple out there. So let's find out the actual chances of marrying your middle school crush.

The chances of marrying your middle school crush are really low according to statistics. In reality, only 2 out of 10 couples are marrying their middle school sweetheart or crush. Earlier the percentage was relatively high. However, with changing times this number is seeing a drastic change. Most middle school couples who married each other are ending up in divorces. So having that charming fairy tale of your own is quite a distant dream now. 

The Sweet Tale Of Two

Middle school relationships are special. You start off as friends and slowly start developing feelings for each other. You are experiencing this kind of feeling for the first time. So when your crush turns into your actual partner, it sounds fascinating.

In your mind, you have already imagined the grand wedding of yourselves, the pretty lakeside house you two will be residing in is just an ideal scenario. You both grow with each other so as your sweet, innocent love for each other. 

The Romantic Journey

If you two end up marrying each other, then you are one lucky couple. This journey from being friends to lovers to husband-wife is full of adventures. You two have seen a lot of things in life together. Experienced and felt together. From helping each other with school assignments to now helping each other in setting up the house, this journey is precious.

That is why many people dream of marrying their middle school sweetheart as their bond is inseparable. When you guys sit down to reminisce about your old days you think of those awkward glances at first, that first kiss, then planning your wedding, and more.

The wedding album brings a happy tear to your face as you two only know how you have managed to stick together through thick and thin. 

Can Middle School Couples Last? 

Well, there are a lot of factors working in favor of a middle school relationship. Many people keep in touch with their school friends for a long period. You guys share the same circle of friends, so it becomes quite easier for you to hang out together. You never think that your boyfriend or girlfriend is having a party without you because you always party together. 

You are aware of each other’s family very well. You guys have literally grown up together. So you have been visiting your families since forever. You know when it is your partner’s sister’s birthday or you send a surprise gift for her parents on their anniversary.

These gestures are really appreciated by the partners and you can easily do all these things because you are very comfortable with each other’s families. This is a really special bond that is not often shared by those couples who begin their relationship quite late. 

You guys talk to each other without any kind of inhibition. An ideal relationship should never have any kind of hesitation whatsoever. Since you guys have been friends for more than ten to twelve years and now you two live under the same roof, the comfort level only increases.

You understand each other really well and never conflict over trivial issues. There is no pretense between the two of you and only honesty is there. You are just clear as water with your partner. 

Growing up with your sweetheart did not seem a difficult job. When you have your beloved by your side, you don’t worry about the rest of the world. Every difficult situation was smooth because of their presence. As you grow old together, the urge of holding onto each other grows even stronger. 

Well, we saw that there are some reasons for which a middle school relationship can last. But you need to remember that change is only constant. Feelings change, human beings experience changes and you may fall out of love with your sweetheart. So the chances of marrying your middle school crush only reduce.

Is There Any Possibility Of Marrying Your Middle School Crush?

But the possibilities are less and let’s find out why.

You Are Vulnerable

Most middle school relationships start on an emotional level. You can’t control your emotions at that tender age. So you do not think about the future practically and you just go with the flow. Now when you actually have to step out into the real world, you experience many new different things. 

Love vs Career

The major crisis arises when you have to move to a different high school. It is not always possible to land up in the same school. So just you move to a new high school, you have less time for your partner, you have new friends and the distance between the two of you only shoots up. Even if you are in the same school, you would eventually have to go to different colleges.

There are hardly any chances when you two have the same subject preference and you get admitted to a new college. Nobody at that age likes to take a chance with their career. They move forward to their goals to make the most lucrative career and in this process, you often lose out on your partner. 

The Dreaded Distance

Career often poses a hindrance even in long relationships. The moment you have to change your city for better prospects, the fear of distance blooms up. Since this kind of relationship starts at a very early stage they lack maturity and are unable to handle the depth of a long-distance relationship. 

Qualities Of Your Partner

You don’t actually look for good qualities while you are in a middle school relationship. You only think that having the same favorite food or laughing over the same joke is the only criteria for a successful relationship. You do not dig deep into the real person. You are happy as long as they give you the attention and you share a good time with each other. 


But as you grow old, life becomes complicated as well as your relationships. You need to look for deep qualities in your partner. You need to check whether you share the same kind of values, your ideologies are similar or not.

Do you guys have the same kind of outlook on a sensitive issue? Is your partner ambitious enough or he/she just loves to laze around? Well, if you want to marry your sweetheart you have to think of the future seriously. 

The fun and frolic of the initial childhood days will not sustain you in the future. Often middle school couples find out new qualities in their partner and they discover that they are completely different. Difference brings in conflicts and the consequence is Break Up. 

Due to the lack of emotional maturity and rationality, many couples eventually divorce their partner if they at all get married. 

To Marry Or Not To Marry

Marriage is a huge step for any couple. So do not make any hasty decisions while taking the biggest step of your life. Middle school relationships are indeed sweet and special.

But pause for a moment and think ‘’ I am really sure that I want to spend the rest of my life only with this person? Will he/she be a good husband or wife? A good parent to my children? Will I be able to love him/her madly forever?

If your answer is yes, then go ahead and marry the love of your life. But if you have the slightest doubt, take time and make a decision that will benefit you in the long run. 

How Can You Increase The Chances Of Marrying Your Middle-School Sweetheart?

You can marry your middle-school sweetheart against all odds.

  • You need to believe in your love strongly. Also, be open to discover many new things about each other as you grow up. Brace yourself to welcome all the changes and challenges in your life. 
  • If you fear that long-distance can pose a threat to your relationship while choosing a job, you can settle down with your partner in a mutual city which will be good for both of you. 
  • You can set your own relationship goals and some boundaries as well. That will help you to stick together even in unwanted situations. 
  • Also, have a solid vision for your future life. Make sure to know what’s good for both of you, how can you keep the spark alive always, and keep working on them.

Put your best efforts when it comes to your relationship and you will surely marry the love of your life.


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