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Why Does My Ex Keep Unblocking and Blocking Me On Facebook / Instagram / Whatsapp?

Why Does My Ex Keep Unblocking and Blocking Me On Social Media

Social media is an important part of our lives and it is the best way to show off your skills, talents, or even your Bae. We are all aware of the PDA or public display affections that couples love to do on social media. But what happens when you guys breakup? 

It is easy to delete the photos from Instagram and Facebook. But is it really easy to delete memories of your loved one? Sometimes it is just too hard to erase a person from your memories forever and that’s when social media makes a comeback in your life once again.

One day you blocked your partner out of anger and now you once again go back and unlock them.

So what does it mean when your Ex keeps blocking and unblocking you on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp?

Well, when your Ex keeps blocking and unblocking you it can mean maybe he or she has not moved on yet fully, or they are willing to give you another chance. Or they are just curious about your life- whether you are dating someone new or partying with other friends? They just need a life update. 

Why Did They Block You At All?

The answer is simple. You guys have broken up and both of you want to cut off any kind of communication. So the easiest way is to press that block button on each of the social media platforms you two have been a part of. Many relationships do not end on a sweet note and in such cases, nobody is interested to keep any connection in the future, not even as friends. So they prefer blocking each other. 

Obviously nowadays Whatsapp is the primary way of chatting with each other. So when it comes to blocking then WhatsApp becomes the first one from which you get blocked. 

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Then come Instagram and Facebook. On these two social media platforms, you keep posting about different stuff about your life, so definitely your ex does not want to get annoyed by all this and they straightaway block you. 

But Why Is She/He Unblocking Me?

There can be many reasons for that. Let’s find out why even after your breakup, they are unblocking you. 

Sometimes when one partner can’t move on at all in their life, they keep trying their best to hold on to their partner by any means. If they find themselves blocked everywhere, they start texting or sometimes people take it too far and send emails as well. It just annoys the person too much. So they finally unblock to listen to the other part of the story. 

Remember, this kind of unblocking only arises from frustration. They really have no intention to go back to the relationship. They want you to listen to them and then call it a day. Unblocking a person, for this reason, brings no good result ultimately. Here only the ex gets hurt as he/she was trying to get back to their partner but now even that door is closed. 

Unblock To Find Out-  Is There A New One In Their Life?

Has my ex moved on? Has she found a new partner? One keeps wondering about that after their breakup too. The best way to find the answer is to unblock your ex. You can see the new posts on their Instagram feed or follow their stories to know if they have anyone new in their life.

This is a common reason for your ex to unblock new. If they are unable to move on, they can see by unblocking you whether you have moved on in your life or not. Then they can console their heart that it is okay to breakup and life goes on even after the end of a relationship. 

So this chain of blocking and unblocking finally comes to an end when she/he has got a concrete answer. 

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Unblocking To Patch Up Again

Your heart skips a little bit faster when you see your ex has unblocked you. You start thinking that “Maybe she wants to patch up with me”. Sometimes couples breakup for silly reasons and later they realize that they have made a mistake. So they unblock you to start a conversation once again. To give your relationship one more chance. To see whether they can overcome their differences and reconcile with each other once again. 

It can be actually a great sign when your ex has unblocked you. You can start talking on a lighter note and ask- “what’s up? What are you doing? Do you still miss me?”

See what kind of response you are getting. If it’s positive you can continue to chat and even plan to meet with each other. Go to your favorite cafe together to relish all the good memories and chances are that you might get back together this time for the better.

Confused About Feelings

Many couples spend many years together. A long time means more memories, more good times. Although they have blocked you they feel a little bit bad for blocking you. After all, you guys were a couple for so long. So maybe blocking that person forever is a bit too harsh. 

Out of guilt and regret, they unblock you. They want to keep in touch with you, occasionally text and talk to you just as a friend. They feel, maybe my ex was not that bad at all. It is unfair to keep him blocked. It is quite humiliating for them too.

So they unblock you to feel good about themselves. They probably do not want to go back to you as a partner but definitely not shut you off from their world completely. 

Another probable reason for them to keep blocking and unblocking you can be-

To Check Your Response

Sometimes a person unblocks you just to see your reaction. They want to know whether you are keeping track of their life. They are really curious to see if you respond to their Instagram story or Whatsapp status. Chances are that they will keep you unblocked for only a few days.

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This happens especially when they are a bit free or feeling a bit low in their life. They think that let’s see “Is he still following me? Will he send me a friend request once I unblock him?”

If they do not find any kind of reaction from you, they will block you once again. But this kind of person will unblock you again after some time waiting to see any kind of reaction. 

What Should You Do When Your Ex Keeps Blocking And Unblocking You?

  • If your ex right away says after unblocking you- “I miss you a lot” and you too have been eagerly waiting for a message like this, then patch up as soon as possible. Clearly, you two still want each other and were just waiting for the other one to break the ice. 
  • When your ex keeps you blocked for a while and again unblocks you, you need to understand that they do want to rekindle the relationship. They are just satisfying their own curiosity by keeping updated about your life's happenings. 
  • Sometimes you may receive a friend request on Facebook from your ex after being blocked for many months. Most people do so when they feel they have been very rude or insulting to their previous partner. They just try to find a way to say “Sorry” or try to be friends again. If you do not hold any grudges against your ex and are totally fine being friends with them once again, go ahead and accept the request But keep things really short and simple. 

The reasons for blocking and unblocking your ex on Whatsapp, Instagram, or Facebook can be various. You need to find out your calling- How do you want to respond to it. If you are clear in your head and mind, making a decision will be a piece of cake for you!


Start a conversation. post with kindness.

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