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Why Is It So Easy For Guys To Move On?

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As a guy, we are quite well-versed in hiding our feelings. ‘Vulnerable’, is not how you would describe a typical man yet ‘men’ do have feelings. 

These hidden, hurt feelings are often masked by a casual attitude. Making you wonder, ‘Why is it so easy for guys to move on?’ 

It is easy for guys to move on if they were in a casual relationship with you. It is also possible for him to be hiding his feelings to not appear vulnerable. His true feelings can only be determined by the nature of the relationship. 

Now I can safely tell you this, if a guy did not love you, he will not regret leaving you. But guys are for sure to grieve over losing someone they loved. 

Most do not show, the hurt they feel, hiding it carefully. To know for sure if your guy is moving on too fast or just hiding his feelings well, we need to look at the reasons for him moving on.

The Reasons For Moving On Fast

The reasons for moving on too fast may be varied but they are necessary to understand his intention of moving on too fast.

This helps you better understand your next moves for the situation you are in. 

He Was Not In Love

If he was not in love with you, if the relationship was more casual for him then it will be very easy for the guy to move on.

The attraction should not only be physical, A guy will look at other aspects like support, mentality, and character if he is in love. 

If he believes that the relationship was casual, he will move on much faster than you would expect. The point to note here is to have a good grasp of where you stood in the relationship. 

If you then find that the relationship was casual, him moving on so fast should not come as a surprise!

He Was Bored Of It

Not all relationships get to be happily ever after. You might have found your partner amazing but in time the spark was lost and it felt more like a routine than a journey. 

Well to find a person who you will never be bored of is impossible, but if boring has turned out to be the norm instead of the exception the guy will move on faster than you would expect. 

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So, if you broke up because your relationship was getting stale and had a lack of positivity, chances are that your partner felt so as well and thus he moved on faster than you would think. 

He Loved And Lost 

Guys show their hurt differently. They may show that everything is fine but that is at a superficial level, if a guy truly loved you, he can not move on fast. 

He may still go on with his life, meet and party with his friends, maybe create an online profile to meet someone new. The hurt however never really goes. 

He may even text you back after a while, hoping to get back together, but if he does not and moves on, it will surely not be fast.

Sometimes you may not see the hurt, but people close to him would notice the change if he has loved and lost you.

He Had Differing Life Goals

If the reason for the breakup was that both the partners could not see eye to eye and had very different life goals, then there is a high chance that the guy will move on faster than you would think.

If your ex believes that the relationship was not supportive enough or not aligned to his life goals and thus the break-up, he will move on very fast with someone he believes understands and appreciates his goal.

He Could Not Relate

If the reason for your breakup was due to not being on the same page or your views in life differ greatly about most topics then what ruins a relationship, is when there is judgment and prejudice.

And if the reason for your breakup is judgment and prejudice then a guy will easily move on fast with someone else he finds more tuned with his views in life.  

Not all couples can be on the same wavelength needed to stay together in a relationship and that is why a guy will move on fast if he finds that the prior relationship was way out of his comfort zone. 

He Felt Used

If the reason for the breakup is that he felt emotionally used, the guy will move on fast. 

A relationship is a two-way street and if any of the partners feel they are the only ones putting in the effort then there is bound to be no future for the relationship.

The guy will also have a perfectly good reason to move on to someone, who respects and understands. 

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So if the reason for the breakup stands to be a one-sided effort, the guy will move on very fast.

He Wants To Cut His Losses 

Some guys are very practical in their viewpoint. They break up due to two reasons, one, she wants to break up, and second, he wants to break up. 

Sounds simple yet what you need to understand is the mindset to not waste time dealing with feelings that provide no productivity or comfort. 

Such guys tend to move on very fast, they cut their losses as soon as the breakup following logic over emotion. 

These are a few reasons why a guy moves on fast and so should you. If it seems that your ex has moved on easily from you, chances are that he truly has.

The only exception is if the guy truly loved you and is hiding his feelings to not feel vulnerable. You are the best person to judge which is which. 

In case you do find yourself in a situation where your ex has moved on, you should do the same. Here are a few steps to follow in case you want to move on from him as well. 

The Steps To Help You Move On Also

The steps help you understand the do’s and don’ts to move on, so if you find yourself confused feel free to go over the things you need to do to move on.

Move On From Denial

The breakup happened and yes it happened to you but some of us live in denial that everything will get back to normal as some time passes by. 

If you are in denial you may be asking yourself if your ex moved on too fast.Therefore, do not live in denial, learn to accept the facts and move on. 

Whether the relationship has a second chance is a question for the future, you need to live and live well in the present.

Find Yourself Again

The fastest way to move on is to find back the personality you lost while being in the relationship. 

When you get into any relationship a part of you is lost or undermined to make room for those shared activities you had with your partner. 

After the break up you need to find yourself again. Get back to the person you were and improve from there, this journey of finding self and improving is a sure-fire way to move on. 

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Search For Love

If you find your ex to have moved on, nothing is stopping you from doing the same.

There should not be a concept of too early or late, the very decision of moving on is meant to ‘end’ and begin something new. 

A few months prior or late should not make a difference. So begin your search for a companion if that is what you want, it helps you move on.  

Resist Getting In Touch

Once you see him move on fast, the urge to ask for an explanation is evident. The way you control the urge to be involved will determine how easily you will be able to move on.

Ask yourself if you want to be emotionally invested in a relationship that no longer exists. 

Resisting the urge to get in touch helps you accept the end of your relationship enabling you to move on to better opportunities.

To The One Reading This

If you find yourself agitated by the fact that your ex has moved on way too fast, there are two possibilities

He was in love but fell out of it, although he is hurt, he hides it well and is either rebounding or trying something new.

This should not agitate you but reaffirm your decision to be correct and move on as well.

Secondly, he was not in love with you, although brutal it's how you should see it, strong women are those who do not bend to circumstances but carry on to a better future ahead. 

This should be your number one priority, to move on, be better, and find love in someone who appreciates you. 

To conclude you are mostly hurting now for the loved ones lost and the betrayal felt when they moved on too soon. Them moving on is not a reflection of your self-worth. 

If you have put in the effort of creating a happy relationship, the fallout is not yours to bear, nor them moving on too fast is a reflection of how good or bad you were in the relationship. 

Your ex moving on fast is his choice and it has no relation to you. The notion if he truly loved me he will stick around forever is not practical, us judging our self-worth by it is even more unrealistic.

So accept that things have ended, and be glad to find yourself the opportunity of enjoying and celebrating 'You'. 


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