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How To Make A Girl Jealous Who Rejected You? [100% Workable]

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Have you ever been rejected by your crush? Bad luck, I know. If you intended to impress the girl and end up friend-zoned, it is natural to feel a sense of rejection. 

No one likes to be rejected. The pain of rejection is something we all have to go through. It can be really hard on us. We feel lonely and unwanted. 

You don’t need to let yourself fall into a pit of despair. There are things you can do to make yourself desirable again.

Learn how to make a girl jealous who rejected you with these simple steps.

Jealousy indeed works. Emotions are the strongest forces in making us see the light of a situation. Jealousy is a feeling that makes people see and feel things more intensely.

How to make a girl jealous who rejected you? One of the best methods for making a girl jealous who rejected you is having fun and creating exciting opportunities for yourself. Also, you can appear to be open and receptive with her female friends, seek out exciting new activities, and maintain this is an interesting point.

However, there is a difference between making her upset and making her jealous. The most important thing to remember is not to make it blatantly obvious that you are trying to get under her skin. Many guys try different tactics to win their exes back but only a few seem to understand how to make her jealous.

Look Good, Feel Good

You may argue that if she said no to you, why would she get jealous if you moved on so easily. Well, this is where your good looks, style, and charisma comes into play. 

You have to dress, look and feel good to make a girl jealous. Wear light clothes, but not too much clothing labeled with logos or brands that promote an image beyond your control. The trick here is to dress well and with confidence.

With these, you’ll be able to sweep a girl off her feet with ease. When they see that you have moved on, they’ll probably regret not giving you a chance.

Remember that your actions are your tools, and you can only make others jealous if you are happy. 

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A Little Juggling, While Giving Attention

Most women like attention and would love to be treated like the princess that they are. So, you do not have to play games for her to get jealous. 

When you try to make a girl jealous, you need to get her attention first. To do this, start by showing an interest in her and pursue her relentlessly. 

Just give her your full attention and then when you see her smile at you, ignore her. She will pay more attention to you and try harder to attract your attention again.

Show That Life Can Be Full Of Sunshine And Roses, Even Without Her

Show a girl you’re happy without her through your attitude and behavior, and you will make her envious; let her know there’s someone who would be willing to have a relationship with you even if she rejects you.

Making her jealous is not about showing off. You don’t have to tell her how cute you are with another girl to make her envy you. It’s not even about challenging her beauty or anything like that. 

Jealousy is about showing her that you have a source of inspiration outside of your relationship, so it’s hard for her to control your decisions.

Use The Art Of Complimenting

Huh, why are staring at me? I didn’t ask to compliment the girl who rejected you.

This is classic game theory. To win, you don't have to beat your rival by a lot, just a tiny bit. Just enough so she gets a little bit jealous.

Compliment women in front of the girl you like all the time, and if she is upset about it, compliment them more. Drive them crazy. When the girl you like sees you either talking to or flirting with other women, she will get jealous.

This works because by teasing your friend and talking about another girl, you make him feel just a little tiny bit jealous. The best part is she'll never know unless you tell!

Use Her Friend In Your Favor

If you find that she's not giving you the time of day, this one is for you. The quickest way to make a girl jealous is to go out with her friends. If you want a girl that already rejected you, then the best thing you can do is to catch her attention back by going out with her friends and having a good time.

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Enjoying your time with her friends will make her nervous. This will force her to decide sooner or later whether she really wants you in her life.

Pro Tip:  If she sees you having a good time with her friends, she will feel jealous and possibly even start to miss you.

Being Busy Can Make A Girl Jealous

Oh, I know girls are crazy and this seems like it is going way overboard, but it works. This will make her jealous.

It is natural for a woman to be upset when her man spends a lot of time with other people, so there is nothing wrong with telling her that you are busy.

If you ignore her calls and texts but do not put any effort into communicating with her she will get mad and try to do something to regain your attention. Don't answer her texts. Don't return her calls. Maybe ignore a few of the messages too. 

Whenever you're not available, you'll notice her calling or texting you more often than usual

Do Things Without Informing Her And Boast About It

To make a girl jealous, try doing something without telling her and then talk about how well it went. This technique is so powerful that, in many cases, the lady will show stronger feelings than you have ever seen from her before.

Whenever a man succeeds in his career or studies, a woman's emotions are easily aroused. Every time her man has a new dream that doesn't include her, her anxiety rises.

Shift Your Focus From Her To You

I know you feel hurt, perhaps insulted, but are you upset? Jealous? Well, if you want to make this person jealous, then you can play with your own emotions. Use them for your benefit.

It is always good to have control over your anger and it’s just the perfect moment to demonstrate that you can be happy in the company of another person. We often tend to show our emotional side when somebody people we love have gone astray, but remember to try and react bravely.

This way, you can prove that you are still very much alive and worth the affection of somebody else. You can show off how happy you are and draw her back to you.

It's only natural to want to make her jealous that you're moving on. It reminds her of the fun times you had, and it makes her feel like he lost you. You'll have better days ahead and a girl who will love you. Show your confidence in the best way possible!

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You are trying this out but don’t know if your tricks are working on her. So, I tried to highlight the signs to observe to know if the girl whom you are trying to feel jealous of is getting jealous or not.

There are many obvious signs that a girl is jealous. These include her attitude towards you, her moods, and other activities.

  • One of the best ways to determine whether your girlfriend is jealous or not is to observe and note her reaction. Jealousy in girls is usually affected by their emotions.
  • You’ll notice a change in the way she acts. For example, this kind of behavior can be exhibited in the form of her trying to flirt with other guys, most especially when you are talking to them.
  • If you are out with your girlfriend and she starts to get flirty with other boys, that’s when you know she is jealous of you.
  • If your girl is acting weird and asking a friend to stalk you, then it means that she’s getting jealous.
  • You may be thinking that there is no way you can tell if she is secretly laughing at you from feeling good to hide her jealousy but there are always signs. The giggling might stop when the girl sees that you are staring at her, or when she reminds herself that she has to fool you. When you stare at her, the laughter will stop for a while and she would suddenly start giggling again.

If a girl rejects you, use these psychology tips to make her jealous and win her back. It doesn't matter if she is your girlfriend or wife. The tactics explained to win her back are guaranteed to work, regardless of the connection you have with her. Try it out and get miraculous results.

If you have don't have passion want your girl to be regard sooner check out this video presentation by Brad Browning, he will show you how exactly you can make the girl start wanting to talk to you and hang out with you.

Being the object of another’s jealousy can be flattering, exciting, and sometimes even tempting. However, if you are to avoid getting your relationship into any trouble, please remember that some jealousy is normal as long as it is not excessive. And you should also remember never to let jealousy make you do something stupid.


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