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How To Make A Girl Chase You By Ignoring Her? [Actionable Tips]

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Love can be tricky. One moment your heart will skip super fast and the next moment it just starts feeling too low. The graph is always moving up and down. 

And everything seems more difficult when you are about to begin a relationship. You know you have feelings for that girl, you are attracted to her and you surely want to take a notch up your friendship. But you don’t know how to convey this to her.

Sometimes even when the girl is attracted to you don’t admit that. You definitely feel disturbed and confused. You don’t know what step to take so that she also confesses her feelings for you.

Sometimes you have to go another way to get things straight and as they say, everything is fair in love and war, you have to own some tricks to get the girl of your dreams.

So, how to make a girl chase you by ignoring her? Girls love attention. so the moment you start ignoring her, it makes her restless. She misses you more. She feels lonely without your presence and attention. Your ignorance makes her anxious. She tries her best to make things better between you two so that she never loses you again.

Don’t be disheartened and lose all your hope in the very first place if she does not confess her feelings. You still can win her heart and this time she will come to you with all her love and feelings. 

Just as efforts never go unnoticed in a relationship, ignorance also gets its due attention and helps you to reach your goal or in this case someone’s heart. Sometimes you have to turn the tables and play it another way round. 

How To Ignore A Girl?

Here are 6 easy steps of how to ignore her.

#1 You Are In My “Friendzone”

Not only boys hate being friend-zoned, but girls also hate it too. When you notice that the girl you like is not giving you the same vibe, the first step is to friendzone her. Start treating her just like any other friend you have. If you are in the same college or school, don’t start talking to her as soon as she enters the classroom. 

Also, don’t be the first person to always help her. Do you do this for every friend of yours? No- right? You need to make sure that she is not given attention more than she required. Talk to her during recess and casually tell her about a plan you have in the evening but with your other friends. She would be surprised to know that her plan doesn’t include you and you did not even tell her beforehand.

During recess or after class, you can buy your favorite chips and not offer them at all. 

If you two are co-workers you can apply the same trick as well. Don’t sit with her for lunch for few days. You can also say you have lunch plans with your other colleagues. Also, if you need feedback for your presentations go to your other co-workers and not to her. 

She will feel left and will understand that she is just like a regular person in your life like others. 

Your ignorance will become slowly intolerable for her. She wants to be the special person in your life and if she misses that special treatment from you, she will pay more attention to you.

She will change her attitude or behavior to grab your attention. And friendzone is the easiest way to make her chase you. 

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#2 Keep Her Waiting

Well, ideally nobody would like this. But when it’s a matter of the heart, you have to listen to it. So what should be your plan of action? Nothing extraordinary. You have to make sure that you are not at her beck and call always.

If she wants to go out with you on a weekend, tell her that you already have plans with your other friends. Do not give in to the situation and change your own plans for her. Even if you do not have any plans, pretend that you have one. Say you have a family function to attend or an old friend is coming to your place. 

She needs to feel that you are really caught up that weekend and you can not change your plans by any means. Also, do not give her a time frame like “ Oh, you can go out next weekend”. Rather keep her in a vague situation.

You can say- “Well, I am totally caught up”. And if she insists to go out later with you, you should say- ‘’I will definitely let you know that”.

This way she will actually not know when you will be free for her. She will be a little bit upset and a little bit angry.

And that is where you have done things right. She certainly does not like to be rejected for a plan. But this will keep her waiting and will make her want you more and more.

She will wait for you to be free and adjust her plans according to your schedule because she genuinely wants to spend some quality time with you. 

#3 Don’t Let All Your Feelings Out At Once

It’s good to confess your feelings but not always and definitely not in the beginning. If you want your girl to chase you, you can not let your feelings out.

It should come gradually and slowly. 

So, what should you do?  You must act normally in front of her in the initial days. Have casual, random talks about hobbies, foods, places you have traveled.

Do not start talking about your family history, your past relationships. She needs to have a sign that you two are hitting off only as friends. And, there are no deep feelings attached to it yet.

Even if you really want to confess about how you feel, hold on for a little longer. It will only help you in the long run.

If you tell her about your feelings in the very beginning, she will not pay you much attention.

Remember, you have to make her ignore you.

So take your sweet little time and slowly move towards confessing your actual feelings. Let her mind wander a little bit. She would think of various possibilities. 

Give her little hints but not complete ones. Talk to her, text her. Send a cute emoji here and there, share your favorite song on Spotify. 

But keep your feelings to yourself. 

She would get a clue that you might like her but she will not be entirely sure. And that’s when your trick will start working. 

When she will not get a clear vibe from you, she will start giving you more time, talk to you more and slowly give you hints about her feelings.

She would actually want you to know how does she feel when she meets you, how much she misses you.

She will surprise you with a heart-felt confession when she will no longer be able to hide her feelings. 

#4 Never Overdo It

Girls do love sweet gestures and honestly sometimes grand gestures too. But it all starts to get on her nerves when a guy overdoes it.

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Some guys just go the extra length. They call her up 17 times a day, send her innumerable texts and cheesy quotes, send her flowers and cards without any occasion. It is just too much.

Girls get too irritated by this. They definitely want your attention but not so much. So never overdo it.

Always keep it simple. And it is especially important to remember in the beginning. 

Keep a check on her. Send her a text once or twice a day. If she loves cute puppy pictures, send them once in a while.

This way, she will know that you are aware of her likes and dislikes and at the same time she will not irritate by your calls and texts.

You will also be playing it cool since you will not give her the vibes that you very much into her. She will keep guessing. She will wait for that one “good night” text from you at the end of the day.

She will wait for that one video call on the weekend. So, this way you are basically in her thoughts always.

You are not totally disregarding her presence yet not giving her too much attention.

You are just striking the perfect balance.

#5 Don’t Listen To Her Demands All The Time

The moment you start listening to all her demands and keep all of them, that’s when you make yourself less valuable. 

She will not think of you as a high-value person if you listen to her all the time. So if she tells you to meet her at midnight knowing that you have a long day tomorrow, don’t give in to her demands.

You have to make yourself worthy. You have to make her understand that your time is precious too and you are not always free for her. You too have your priorities and you know which one to prioritize when.

Don’t listen to her if she says you can’t go out with your friends for a baseball game on a Saturday night.

Be polite yet take your own stand. Say- “I am really looking forward to this match and I had bought the tickets a long ago”.

She will know that she can’t get you whenever she wants or make you do whatever she wants.

If she notices that you fulfill all her demands she will stop giving you attention. If a new guy enters her life she will pay attention to that person more than you. Why? Because she will know that you are there.

I am sure, you don’t want to be her backup plan. And remember most if a guy falls into that zone, there is hardly any chance to become a boyfriend once again. 

So don’t be there to just satisfy all her demands and needs. If she genuinely needs your help, go ahead and help.

But you have to differentiate between a true situation and an ever-increasing demand.

Also, girls love boys who have clarity, who knows what they want, and who have a strong personality.

So ignore her whenever she is being too demanding and she will start chasing you more. 

#6 Make Her Jealous

This is another trick to make the girl of your dreams chase you. Divide your attention. Talk to other girls. 

When she is not the center of attraction, she will feel jealous.

If she sees you be surrounded by other girls or she stumbles upon a photo of you with another girl on Instagram, her heart will beat faster.

She will know that your life does not revolve around only her. You have other female friends too with whom you hang out, chat and take selfies.

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She will try to grab your attention when she will be left ignored. She will text you first, call you. 

She will go to you and start a conversation. She will buy you tickets for your favorite concert. She will be the one to take charge and make plans for you two.

Whenever she will catch you talking to other girls, she will try to join the group or divert your attention in some or the other.

Also, when you talk to her, bring up another girl’s name. You can say- “ You know what, last Monday, Stacey helped me in my Science project and she just explained everything to me so well.”

She will definitely hate the fact you are praising other girls. And that’s when she will start amping up her game.

She would tell you what skills she has. She will make cards for you or plan any special thing, just to let you know that she is talented too. She also possesses some amazing qualities. She will make it a priority that you notice her qualities.

The ball will be in your court completely. Just by making her jealous and not giving her importance, you will be able to make you chase her. 

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Things You Need To Take Care Of

Now you know the simple steps by which you can make a girl chase you. However, there are some points to remember.

  • Do not hurt her feelings. It is okay to ignore her but in a polite way. Never hurt her. If you ignore her too much and let her feel that she is an unimportant person in your life, she will be hurt. And probably she will never like to be with a guy who hurts her in the beginning. 
  • Never let her feel small. Your behavior should not be in such a way that she starts feeling small and insulted. Yes, you might not go out with her in one weekend. But if she consistently makes efforts for you and you still ignore her, she will be insulted. She will not call you up and make plans for the 10th time. Be gentle and respectful always.
  • Do not take too long. Definitely don’t be upfront about your feelings. But you should not take too long to confess your feelings. Keep giving her signals continuously so that she knows what you feel for her. Slowly then confess. But if she gets mixed signals from you she will be confused herself. She might misinterpret your feelings too and that will totally ruin the whole situation. 
  • Respect her choices. You know when a girl likes you right? You get that vibe from her. But if you don’t get such vibes from her even after confessing your feelings, you must step away. You can’t force someone’s love for you. And the end of the day, both of you need to be on the same page about your feelings. So if she is not sure about you or does not want to take it further, don’t force her. Give importance to her choices. 

So what are you waiting for? Go and get the girl of your dreams. And don’t forget to let me know which trick worked for you. 


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