How To Know If A Guy Likes You After He Rejected You?

Adhideb Ghosh
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Rejection is something everybody has to deal with at some point in their lives. Be it our jobs or relationships, rejection hurts. In relationships, rejection may come because of many reasons. No matter whether it’s a man or a woman rejection comes to everybody.

Get it straight, that your gender is nothing to do with the rejection you face. But, do rejections mean the end of all hopes? Probably that’s not true. Relationship experts may tell you that you need to immediately start moving on after getting rejected by someone. But as I mentioned previously, rejection may have many reasons. So, you can still stick to your position if you want to.

People typically think that in relationships, only women reject guys. But, yeah, I know from my experience that vice versa happens as well. So, guys also reject women, and sometimes they even reject women whom they even like. This specific type of rejection is an example of the complicated thought process going on within that man. Men have a reputation to have a less complicated mind with simple thought processes. But hey, this reputation doesn’t deal with reality all the time.

So my fellow women, if you are also rejected by some guy and want to know if he still likes you, you’ve come to the right place. So, how to know if a guy likes you even after he has rejected you? This can be identified through his actions, gestures, and behaviors towards you after rejecting. You can closely observe his behaviors like frequently texting you, being over-friendly to you, being possessive, being jealous, or being nervous while being around you, and also monitor his actions like staying single, or being caring about you, etc.  These close observations will thoroughly speak about his hidden feelings for you.

But I would like to tell you that the like and rejection approach and post-rejection behaviors have many different aspects and perspectives which I am gonna thoroughly analyze throughout the whole article. Like what makes him rejecting you even after liking you, what should be your do’s and don’ts while observing his behaviors, and above all what approach you should have throughout the whole time. 

Why Did He Reject You Even After Liking You?

A person likes another. One of them asks out the other and he/she agrees. This is how relationships are meant to be started. But why on earth a person, especially a guy, rejects a woman even after liking her! This is quite a complicated issue because according to both biological and psychological orders men are emotionally vulnerable to women.

Due to this particular phenomenon, women can easily dominate men at least at the beginning of any relationship! Then why do rejections come from guys even after liking! Well, according to eminent relationship counselors and psychologists there can be many reasons behind it. Let’s discuss them one by one. 

He Isn’t Sure About Liking You

Liking a person may have many different phases. Ladies, you know that pretty well that me. The same applies to guys too. So look, if a guy likes you that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s ready to go on a date with you. The guy may have just started liking you and is still not sure about his feelings himself.

Or he may like you just as a person or as a friend. He may not have been thought of you as his date-mate. At this point, if you suddenly ask him out for a date, he may reject you out of confusion. But this rejection won’t have any negative impact on his feelings for you.

He Isn’t Sure About Your Current Relationship Status

Believe me, no matter how liberal your guy behaves, he may be exactly the opposite of that. A survey says, guys are very much possessive and concerned about the women’s companions who they like. So, if a guy really likes you but is confused about your current relationship status, he’ll probably reject you.

Here you may say, why doesn’t he ask you directly whether you’re single or not! Well, I know it’s kinda wired but some guys feel awkward about asking what your relationship status is. You may call it male ego or whatever you want! So, if you really like a guy and want to have a date with him, be clear about your current relationship status at the very beginning of asking him out. Exactly how you can approach him in this case, I’m gonna suggest that afterward in this article.

He Thinks You’re Desperate

You like a guy and he secretly admires you too! You can guess that but he never asks you out! So, you decided to ask him for a date; and boom! He rejected you. Some men hold a typically complicated and weird mentality that they never ask the woman out whom they like and even if that woman asks him out for a date, they think she’s desperate.

Due to this feeling, they may reject you even after liking you. Before getting sunk into the pain of rejection, note this typical behavior of men. He may be shy, or typically conservative, or simply a jerk. Believe me, he doesn’t deserve so much of you. 

You Both Are Friends And He Doesn’t Wanna Ruin The Friendship

If you like one of your close friends and ask him out, this scenario fits your situation perfectly. Remember ‘Rachel’ from Friends; before getting into a relationship with her friend Ross she was confused about what will happen to their friendship if they end up breaking up!

The same can happen to your guy as well. Maybe he likes you so much and cares about you so much as a friend, he’s afraid of break up and the possible ruining of the beautiful friendship. From this thought, he can reject you as his date-mate even after liking you a lot. You’ll learn about handling this situation later in the article.

He’s Shy Or Doesn’t Know How To React

Who said that being shy is the monopoly of only women! Men can be shy too. Being shy has nothing to do with his manliness. A guy who likes you a lot may reject you due to being shy and maybe he’s confused about how to react. Maybe he hasn’t dealt with many such situations.

I can quite relate to this. During my high school days, girls hardly used to notice me. I was shy and used to crack jokes to make girls like me. But after getting graduated from school, when in college and universities girls suddenly started to notice me and even started asking me out, I used to get utterly confused about how to react. A day came, when a girl whom I secretly admired, asked me for a date, I simply freaked out and behave awkwardly. It may sound like beating my own drum, but yes, she’s my girlfriend today. So, it’s quite easy to overcome this situation and what you can do is to support your guy and make him more comfortable with you.

He’s In A Relationship

Yes, this can be a direct and serious reason behind rejecting you. Maybe the guy you’re asking out is already committed to someone but still likes you. In such a situation, he is facing serious emotional clashes inside him and rejected you out of his commitment to someone else. Look, it’s not weird to like two persons at the same time. It happens to many people. So, if you don’t wanna face rejection, make sure that your guy is single before asking him out for a date.

He’s Yet To Overcome His Post-Breakup Trauma

If a person is yet to overcome his post-breakup trauma he may reject you despite liking you a lot. When a person goes within post-breakup trauma, he becomes emotionally vulnerable. At this point, most of the guys don’t wanna engage in another relationship, especially if he got dumped in the previous one. His bad memories may still haunt him and due to this, he fears the same for other relationships as well. 

He Still Likes His Ex

If a guy is yet to get over his past relationship, and still likes his Ex, he may reject you despite liking you. Maybe he just started liking you, but he has not yet forgotten the memories with his Ex. In this situation, if you ask him out, chances are high that he’ll reject you.

He Doesn’t See A Future With You

Some guys are quite future freaks and think about the future before going into any relationship. If your guy is like that too and doesn’t see a future with you, he may step back despite liking you.

He’s A Commitment Freak

Some guys are afraid of commitment so much that they end up rejecting the woman they like the most. It’s one of the most common phenomenons seen among guys that ruin beautiful potential relationships. For example, you can take Chandler’s reference. The situation is quite the same for many guys in real life as well.

What Signs Do Speak About His Soft Corners For You?

If a guy has rejected you and you think that he still likes you, then it’s high time to thoroughly observe and decode his overall behaviors. Guys tend to give various signals consciously and unconsciously through their behaviors, attitudes as well as gestures if they like some woman even after rejecting them.

Psychologists and relationship experts have identified a few such behaviors that can help you understand those attitudes and signals through which you’ll get to know if the guy likes you even after rejecting you. 

He’s Talking Confused While Rejecting You

Whatever the reason is, rejecting someone you really like, isn’t an easy job at all. That’s why the guy who rejected you would definitely have an abnormality in his attitude while rejecting. He may have mumbled, or acted confused, tried to give you an over-explanation of his rejection, or may have rejected you rudely and ran away from the scene. All of these behaviors mean that he is confused about rejecting you and like you, only if supported by the following post-rejection activities. 

He’s Feeling Nervous Being Around You

If the person who has rejected you now feels nervous while being around you, chances are high that the person likes you after rejection. If a guy likes a woman and still rejected her, he’ll feel nervous and awkward while being around her. He may act shy or talk less because now he regrets rejecting you and feel bad about hurting you. So girls, start taking this as an initial sign. 

Being Extra Polite

Guys tend to be extra polite if they like someone. Moreover, if the same guy has rejected you, then he’ll definitely be extra polite while dealing with you. He’ll try to crack jokes, ask for your permission to sit or stand beside you, will compliment you frequently if he is now done being shy or nervous while being around you. Always remember, politeness is a clear sign of having a soft corner. 

Being Over-Friendly To You

Even after rejecting you, he has not only maintained contact but also trying to be over-friendly to you. In this case, he may invite you to some party or in some games, he may have tried to introduce you to his friends or like to be introduced with some of your friends, buy you little gifts or maybe a coffee, find excuses to be around you now and whatever else you find about being over-friendly. These are clear signs of liking you and regretting his past rejection.

He’s Being Over-Caring For You

Maybe your guy isn’t over-friendly, but he will be over-caring if he really likes you. When guys like some women initially, they tend to be over-caring for them. He may even try to hide his caring attitude in front of you, you’ll learn reading the hint from their overall approach.

He’s Texting You Frequently

Here lemme tell you this straight, some guy may never pass the phase of being nervous and shy while being around you and they will hardly ever reach the previous three phases. But here is a catch. You guy will try to connect with you even after rejection if he truly likes you.

In most cases, if they feel shy or nervous while being around the woman or talking to her over the phone, they opt to text her much frequently. If you are receiving frequent texts from the guy who rejected you and he’s trying to engage in a conversation, most probably he likes you.

He’s Being Jealous

This is one of the most typical behaviors of guys if they like someone. They will feel jealous seeing you with any other guys. This is the exact phase where he’ll regret rejecting you the most and you don’t even have to put any kinda effort to understand his soft corner for you as it’ll clearly be visible. Yes, this is a clear sign. 

He Doesn’t Like You To Be Surrounded By Male Friends

In most cases, This happens when two close friends like each other, and an unfortunate rejection comes from one side. Close friends are meant to be together even after rejection. So, if he likes you, you’ll notice that doesn’t like you to be surrounded by other male friends. In this case, some guys express their objection directly and some guys don’t. But it’ll be clearly visible in their overall attitude. 

He Regularly Stalks You 

You two are not close friends or even friends. In this scenario, if the guy likes you even after rejection, he’ll regularly try to stalk you wherever is possible. It may be in social media, maybe at some mutual friends’ parties or at office parties, meetings or gatherings, or suddenly in a cafe. In most cases, guys try to be anonymous about this stalking thing, but eventually, their unconscious desperation reveals everything.

His Social Media Posts Are Targetting You

Nowadays, social media talks a great about people’s attitudes. If a guy likes you even after rejecting you, his unconscious mind will lead him to send signals through his social media posts. Here, guys generally share romantic stories, posts related to both of you in some way, sometimes directly tag you in some similar posts’ comments section. So, keep a watch on his timeline, and if you find similar posts, surely he likes you.

He Stays Single Or Broken Up Even After Rejecting You

You like a guy and asked him out and he rejected despite liking you. Maybe because he’s in a relationship or maybe because of something else. But if your engaged guy got broken up or he’s staying single even after rejecting you, take this as a sign that he likes you. When men in relationships like another woman simultaneously, a toxic fight becomes inevitable. So, keep eye on your guy even after rejecting you no matter he’s single or in a relationship.

What Your Overall Approach Should be?

As I previously told you, your overall approach should depend on the circumstances or the reasons behind getting rejected. So learn to decode the reasons first and then decide about the appropriate approach. 

  • If you think that the guy isn’t sure about liking you, then allow him enough time. Maybe you’ve asked him too early without giving any prior hints and he felt awkward hence rejected you. So, learn to wait and give him time. 
  • You should always clear your relationship status at the very beginning of asking him out. Not necessarily you’ve to speak out that you’re single but give him enough hints to think of you as a single woman. Hope you’re getting my point. 
  • If you like one of your friends and are gonna approach him, then first start maintaining a bit of distance from him and don’t behave that much friendly. When he asks you out about such behaviors, you’ll get the ball on your court. But, convince him that the relationship is not gonna affect the friendship in any means.
  • If your guy is shy and you think that he doesn’t know how to react, then be supportive instead of freaking out and making fun of him. Make him so comfortable that he opens up about all his feelings to you. 
  • If you get to know that he’s already in a relationship, it’s wise to step back. You should never be a reason for someone’s breakup or even any turmoil in their relationship.
  • If your guy has not yet overcome his post-breakup trauma or is still not over his Ex, you should learn to have patience and allow him enough time to move on. Maybe he likes you and wants to be with you. But just as his past haunts him, he’s afraid to do so, hence rejected you. In such a situation, you should never step back. Instead be with him, support him as a true friend. Now, it’s just a matter of time that you both are together. 
  • And finally, if you suspect that the guy you like is a commitment freak or simply a jerk, think twice before dating him or even asking him out. If you can afford to put effort into changing his attitude, then it’s all right; Go for it. Otherwise, I would say, it’s wise not to think about dating him. 

So, that’s all. I hope after going through the entire article all your confusions have been cleared and you have learned to successfully decode guys’ behaviors. Hopefully, now you’ll be able to have an appropriate approach accordingly.


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