What Does It Mean When A Girl Touches Your Leg With Her Legs?

If a lady brushes your leg with hers, it suggests she's lusting for you and wants to get crazy with you then and there. She wants you to seize her, rip her clothes off, and entice her with your seductive touch and hidden maneuvers. She wants you to get nasty with her.
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Our body language conveys that which the words fail to express. When a girl touches you with her legs, she indicates something sensual. Skin is the largest sense organ in our body. When it comes in touch with the other, it initiates a form of body communication which, when deducted from our deducting skills, shall interact on its own till one is submerged into the other. It often causes a dripping effect that shows the urge to make the surface and in-depth interactions.

You are hanging out with this girl you have known for some time now. She takes you by surprise by rubbing her leg onto yours under the table. Or, the girl sitting next to you in the movie hall suddenly begins to stroke your legs with hers. What would you do?

She is trying to send you a signal through her body language. How would you decode it and send back the same to her in a manner that she appreciates? Let's find out!

What Is She Trying To Convey?

While it can convey multiple things when a girl rubs her legs onto yours, the most popular one is that she is in some immediate need of a delightful touch from someone she likes. However, she might mean a few other things as well. Let's scan it all from the least possible to the most probable.

#1 It Was A Mistake

It can be a genuine mistake on her part. It might be that she was not in her right mind, or she was too dreamy when she did it. Wait for her to apologize for a second, and if she doesn't, then look at her face. If you see a guilty look, it was a genuine mistake; however, if you see eyes blinking at you, then there's a scope of making mistakes that you both shall enjoy.

TIP: Wrap her legs with yours to keep her warm and play with her toes in such a way that it makes her shiver.

#2 She Wants To Arouse You

She is toying with you and would love to see you desperate for her and in want of some action. It is possible that quiet and decent boys turn her on, and she likes to get into naughty with them. It might also mean that she wants to see how your body reacts to her touch.

#3 She Is Horny

Her hormones pushed her hard to have some fun at that particular moment. She is horny for you. Ask her out and make her ride on you till she experiences multiple orgasms.

#4 She Wants You

She indicates that it's high time for you two to make love. It can also mean that it has either been too long since you got lusty for one another or you made love very recently, and she hasn't overcome it yet and wants more of you.

#5 She Is Trying To Distract You

If she caresses your leg with hers, it might be that she is trying to distract you from some unpleasant object. It might also be a gesture of consolation and belonging. Something sad has happened, and it's a gesture that she is by your side.

#6 She Is Needy

She is trying to show that she is needy for you and your love. It might be that you have been neglecting her, and it's her way to get you back. If you were indeed failing her, drop all your work and get cozy with her in time so that she doesn't lose her interest in you.

#7 She Wants To Get Your Attention

It might be that she wants to show or tell you something without drawing others' attention. Don't let your thoughts run wild, and don't get annoyed before hearing her out. Pay attention to what or who she might be pointing at. You will get your answer if you see it right.

#8 She Wants To Dominate You

She wants to get bossy with you and dominate you with her moves. If you have a fantasy for female domination, then this is your time to make the right call.

TIP: Get down on your knees and obey the call.

How Does She Expect You To React?

She is looking for a surprise from you. She wants to see if you can turn her on with your move and lead her to your bedroom.

Accept the challenge and show her that you have waited for it too long. Take one step at a time. Make sure that she is comfortable first. At any moment, if she changes her mind, don't come hard on her. If the attraction is real, she will come back to you.

#1 If She Is Horny

She is looking for gratification. Give her something to keep her going. A gaze, a wink, stroke her hand, hold her feet between your legs, tuck her hair, make her feel that you desire her all the same. Sometimes a reciprocal gesture helps in creating a lasting and strong vibe together.

#2 If It Was A Mistake

If she apologizes and it was a mistake, then do not behave desperately and keep the situation under control by giving her a nod. However, if she repeats it, she wants to commit the mistake. If it's a mistake worth saving, don't wait for long before moving in the right direction and oozing the red inkling.

#3 If She Was Trying To Distract You

If she was trying to distract you from something unpleasant, then she must be a good acquaintance. It also suggests that she cares for you. You must allow her the due attention.

#4 If She Wants You

If she wants you and you want her all the same, then excuse yourself from the current setting and get yourself a cozy place. Start from the basics and level up with every makeout. 

#5 If You Had Made Out Recently

The fire is still on if you two made out recently. She hasn't got enough of you; hence she is hunting at that. If you want the same and don't want to be limited to one time think one night stand but truly want, you may lead her on.

#6 If You Haven't Had Sex Yet

If she has been on your mind and you didn't get the turn yet, then defer no more! She wants you to lift her, take her to the master room and make love in every corner.

#7 If It's Been Long Since Your Last Session Together

If you two have had sex together and it has been a long time, then she is checking on you. She has been longing to relive the moment again. Surprise her with your next move. 

How Should You React?

Your reaction must synchronize with your feelings for her. You must not try very hard, and you must not fake it. If you feel it and want it, then do something to suggest that you accept the invitation, and if not, then rather than spoiling her mood and turning her off, give a blink and avoid any other touches.

#1 If You Are Single

If you are single and ready to mingle, keep the game on. Bring your lips close to her ears and whisper something sexy under your breath. If your word creates a pleasing effect, level up your game.

#2 If You Are Seeing Someone

If you are already seeing someone and a loyal person, you might just choose to ignore her touch. However, if the touch is persistent, you might try telling her that you are not interested.

#3 If You Are Married

If you are married and love your wife, you might want to change your seat to drop a hint that you are not interested. Spelling out that you are a married man might just miss making the mark. If you are not interested, you must drop a hint to show that the gesture is not approved.

#4 If You Are A Divorcee

If you are a divorcee, then you might want to entertain the idea of having someone in your life, even if for a brief time. Ask her out and take her on a romantic date.

#5 If You Want To Get Laid

Well, if you want to get laid, then it wishes fulfillment. If you play it right then, you are getting lucky tonight. However, do not make haste. Take your time and move with a matching pace.

#6 If She Is Your Crush

If your crush touches your leg, then boy, oh boy, she happens to have a crush on you too! She is taking the first move then it's your turn to take the master step. Don't keep your girl waiting for long.

#7 If She Is Your Ex

If your ex caresses your leg with hers, you must be too good in bed. She is missing you and perhaps wants you back. If the feeling is mutual, the ball is in your court; play it the way you like.

#8 If She Is Your Boss

You might not have much choice if your boss tries to get involved with you. Don't be over-smart; let her take the lead and follow her commands.

#9 If She Is Your Friend

If she is your friend, she is looking for some fun. There's nothing wrong with engaging her if you are confident it won't bring an undesirable effect on the status of your friendship in the long run. 

#10 If She Is Your Best Friend

If she is your best friend, then you might know her well enough. It might be that it is nothing sensual. She wants to fool around, and she likes to fool around with you. 

#11 If She Is Married

If she is a married woman, then the situation gets tricky and simple at the same time. It is clear that she wants something out of marriage. It all depends upon your relationship status and your comfort level.

#12 If She Is Your Friend's Girlfriend

Do not make that mistake that many have already made. It's not worth it. Never get involved with your friend's girlfriend even if your liking for her is genuine. No love is worth the cost of friendship.

How To Reciprocate The Gesture?

There are many ways to make a woman feel wanted and loved. If you have a signature move, then use that. If not, then here are a few recommendations on how you can reciprocate the gesture if you are interested in getting intimate with her.

#1 Keep The Fire On

Do not take any such step, which might be a turn-off. You must act promptly because if you take too long to decide your course of action, then it automatically becomes a turn-off.

#2 Take Her To Your Place

If the woman wants it, invite her to your place. It will make her feel special, and she will find the idea of trusting you appealing. In your abode, she will get to know you better, and you shall feel more confident and comfortable.

#3 Tease Her With Your Eyes

Engage her with your eyes. Give her naughty looks. Look deep and look around. Look intensely and do not blink. If you do it right, she might kiss you that instant.

#4 Touch Her Thigh

Touching a girl's thigh when you have her consent is the sexiest way to reciprocate her gesture. Thereby, if she holds and keeps your hand there for long, then you better be ready to take the next step.

#5 Kiss Her

A girl's touch is more than often inviting and confidential. She must have already done a background check on you. She is looking forward to having something on at least a sexual term with you if she is dropping hints. Kiss her all over. If you get the chance and have a foot fetish, begin down, making your way up. Kiss her tenderly at first and wildly after that.

#6 Look Her In The Eye

When you don't know what to do, just follow the other person's eye, and it will guide you. You would not even realize how effortless it shall all come to you.

#7 Whisper Her Something Naughty

Try not to use one of the cliches; feed her something original. She would know you're genuinely interested, which will arouse her more.

#8 Give Her A Compliment

Compliment her body and her symmetry. Say something about her chin or her nose. It always sounds cute. Be cute. She finds you hot already. If she is convinced that you're a delightful combination of both, it might last for longer than you could imagine.

Summing Up

A girl stroking her leg onto yours conveys a plethora of things at once. It's on you which one you want to focus on. Would you judge her on that, or would you understand the urge and react accordingly. Would you kill the spell by being indifferent to her desires, or would you keep her warm by taking her in your arms? The choice is yours to make!


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