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What To Reply When A Girl Says I Have A Boyfriend?

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It has been days or weeks since you guys are chatting. The girl keeps herself free-flowing as you try to hit it off with her. But, something just doesn't feel right when you try to move to the next level of this bonding.

Maybe you presented your next move and she says straight that she has a boyfriend! No doubt the moment is quite awkward but you need to say something in response to that statement.

So, what to reply to in such a situation? It totally depends on the situation and the girl you’re dealing with. Basically, the reply to this statement lies behind the reasons why the girl is saying so. In that case, you need to instantly analyze her mind and respond with a proper reply that fits the situation. In some cases, you may say, “Well that’s unfortunate but good to hear that”, or if you’re desperate and want to take another chance you may say, “That doesn’t matter to me. Can’t we still hang out?”

But those are not the least at all. In this write-up, we are gonna discuss some of the amazing and smart replies a man can say when a woman replies “I have a boyfriend!”. 

Why Does She Say That She Has A Boyfriend?

Well, not all of us love to wear our relationship status on our sleeves. Some girls are indeed in a relationship and just trying to connect with you as friends. This especially comes from women who dislike saying a straight NO sometimes. 

So, before we proceed further to learn what to reply when a girl says ”I have a boyfriend”, let us understand women a little better. 

To all the men reading this, I have a question for you. Have you ever engaged your mind in thinking about the possible reasons behind a woman making her “ I have a boyfriend” statement? If not, it is time to think, read and understand the situation first. 

Here are some reasons when she can bring up her ‘boyfriend’ statement upfront.  

She Is Simply Speaking Her Truth

Before you proceed to her with a romantic offer, it is always better to know her first. What kind of person is she? Does she enjoy your company? Or is she simply being your true friend? 

Even though you are quite a friendly person with this woman, she can make the “boyfriend” statement. If she is in a healthy relationship with her man, she will say it straight and without any hesitation. In such cases, it is always better to respect her relationship and simply apologize, if you would still like to keep things healthy with her. 

She Is Friend-Zoning You

You are a good man, she enjoys your company, she loves spending time with you but she has not yet looked at you with her “love” glasses on. A woman doesn’t need to be engaged in a relationship to make an “I have a boyfriend” statement. She simply is not into you yet. It is difficult for her to say NO as you are a person she honestly looks forward to. Maybe she needs more time to make her decision, or she is already crushing over some other guy. The reason behind her friend-zoning you is completely personal and will vary from person to person.

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She Is Uncomfortable Saying NO

Now, this is a genuine problem with many people irrespective of gender. Many among us have grown up pleasing people, putting ourselves or our needs back. However, we can not do the same when it comes to relationships. But, it is still difficult for her to say NO to you! The “I have a boyfriend” statement comes to her rescue and WALLAH! you have thought you are rejected straight.

She Is In An Open Relationship

Modern-day relationships have their own set of rules. If you are not aware of how open relationships work, let me clear up the fog for you. 

One of my closest friends has been in an open relationship. She was with her boyfriend, but she also met and dated ‘guys’ at the same time. Her boyfriend did the same too! At times this friend of mine used to chill out with those ‘guys’ and her boyfriend together. It was a very open situation with emotional and mental intimacy. 

Now of course this concept of dating is not for everyone, irrespective of how modern they are! So, if the girl is in an open relationship, she will come up with this statement. 

She Is Not Yet Ready For A Relationship With you

If she is friendly, chatting with you, being all cool and comfortable yet says that she has a boyfriend, maybe she has not yet moved on from her past. You’re a great friend, but she has not completely healed from her past breakup and hence is not ready to jump into a new relationship with you. As I mentioned that you make a great friend, she is not gonna say NO directly. Thus, she uses her “boyfriend” code to escape from the conversation.

How Can You Reply To Her Statement?

The situation when a friendly woman says that she has a boyfriend is certainly confusing and stressful to guys. However, knowing exactly what to reply smartly and carry forward the conversation in a comfortable way is a skill set that most men lack.

As you know all the possible reasons behind her saying “I have a boyfriend”, it is time to learn how to respond. The most common mistake men make at this stage is by reacting to a woman. Understand that she might not be rejecting you right away. 

Instead, men should take this situation as an opportunity to bring up their funnybones personality. Being playful, flirtatious, fun, and confident can set the mood of the conversation to your advantage. 

Here are some replies that men may reply to when a girl says, “I have a boyfriend.”

#1 “Whaaat! That can’t be true.”

Be fun as you reply. You can also be Mr. cute while saying this and show your disappointment in response to her statement. This may make her go “Awwww!” and make her smile as well. That’s how healthy flirting works, right?

#2 “What! I thought you were single!”

You just got your heartbroken right? Express that feeling to her but in a rather cute, funny, and friendly way. The idea is not to make her your girlfriend at once. You simply need to start a conversation and win her interest for further future meetups and chats. This response adds just the right tone for expressing your condition. 

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#4 “Good lord! You just crushed my dream!”

Sounds pretty melodramatic right? Huh! Of course, this statement is melodramatic. Guys, a little bit of drama is important if you want her to sparkle up with a smile. The more you give her reasons to smile at your words, the more is her chances of engaging in healthy, friendly, or maybe flirtatious conversations with you. 

#5 “Well, that’s great news, cause I have a girlfriend too.”

If you are someone who is approaching her with platonic offers or has no intentions other than friendship, you can use this line statement to make her feel comfortable. This reply will also let her know that you have no interest in her relationship status anymore and you are here for genuine reasons only.

#6 Okay, so let’s all catch up one fine day!”

Again, this response can come from a guy who is approaching a woman with pure friendly intentions. Do not let any misunderstandings cloud the connection between you two. When she makes her boyfriend’s statement, tell her frankly about your opinion and let her smile and smirk at the way you respond.

#7 “Ohhh really? But I still do not feel that we met by accident!”

If she is testing your wits and indirectly asking you to make more efforts to win her attention, try this reply. This is a fun way to make it clear that you are not approaching with a “playboy” mindset. You are indeed interested in her and would like to know her better over coffee.

#8 “Ohh okay, fine! But you can remember me when you get single again!”

If you are ready to take a risk to outsmart your girl, here is exactly how you can reply to herSpeak from your confidence and watch her smile at just what you said! You know that smirk and smile expression on the face, leave her with that and watch the ball may fall into your court.

#9 “Boyfriend! Oh my God, that can’t be true, God said that HE sent you only for me!”

Again, this one is a Joey kinda reply and a melodramatic expression coming from a cute Mr. Funnybones. We all know that ladies love funny men and enjoy all their funny lines. Add some drama like Joey used to do to express your feelings and create a light mood for her to flirt back if she wants to. Tell her that she is beautiful when she smiles and keep more of these genuine yet funny lines coming.

#10 “Well, we can still go on a coffee date, if you would like to.”

If you know that she is already into you and is simply making excuses to test your efforts, you can come up with this response to her “I have a boyfriend” statement. Ask her frankly for a coffee date in a clever way to win her heart and she will follow your friendship.

#11 “Well, we can still be friends, if your boyfriend does not mind me.”

What better way to make her comfortable and feel safe around you? This response will surely make her understand that you are not here to flirt and hit it off for a one-night stand. You are here for friendship (at least for now) and speaking from genuine intentions. 

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See guys, As creative as you can be with your replies when she says that she has a boyfriend, that much effective it will be! Though here I mentioned and talked about only ten simple yet witty and creative replies, you can create as many as you want. 

A man simply needs to learn about the type of girl he is approaching and use his creativity to continue a fun and light conversation.

Every woman is not genuinely engaged when she speaks about her relationship status. But whatever is her reason to use this statement, be a confident yet respecting man to keep things healthy between yourselves. 

Special Tips For The Situation When She Says “I Have A Boyfriend"

Well, now you are done with all your fun, witty, confident, and creative replies. However, she is still sticking to her statement and is not yet ready to flow free with you. This is where I have some special suggestions for the men reading this. 

  • Rejection is not the end of the world: Rejection is not easy to accept but everyone has to accept it no matter how hard it is. If a girl is rejecting you with an “I have a boyfriend” statement, understand the fact that she is not interested in you and that is completely okay. Accept the situation as it is and move on with your life.
  • Know your worth and do not accept insults: Well, I have told this to women and I will tell it to men as well. You do not owe anything to anyone. You are simply speaking your true feelings to them. They may have a boyfriend, but a girl has no right to insult you for presenting her with a romantic offer. So men, you better know your worth and never accept any insult for speaking the truth. 
  • Know when to walk away: If the woman you desire rejects the way you approached her, read her signs and know when to walk away. I am not telling you to give up on your girl easily. But men should know when she is disliking even talking to you. Do not force anyone to get into a relationship ever.
  • Respect their decision: Be a man enough to respect whatever her decision is. If I like a girl and she doesn’t like me back, that is completely her personal choice. It simply means that things are not meant to be with her. Respect her decision and move on with life.
  • You can still build healthy friendships for the future: You tried your best to impress her and express your honest feelings, be it romantic or platonic. But, when she says she has a boyfriend, it is her perspective and maybe has nothing to do with you. Always try to keep the situation light-hearted and friendly with her. Learn to build purposeful healthy relationships for long-term connections. Friendships always act as a solid base for any other relationships. 

I hope by now, you understand how to reply when a girl says that she has a boyfriend. Your fun and confident attitude can be used to your advantage if you know the right way to communicate. 

Focusing on communication along with respect can make wonders in a relationship. Use these tips, suggestions, and responses and I hope things will turn better for you. 


Start a conversation. post with kindness.

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