She Goes Offline When I Come Online: Here's Why!

If a girl goes offline whenever you come online, there are high chances that she is hurt and awaiting your apology. It doesn't matter at this instant if you feel that you are not guilty; just send a sorry note and clear things out eventually.
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Miscommunication and misunderstanding can happen in any relationship, but efforts must come from both sides to abridge any such gaps. You must not take time to make amends if you notice some rough structures ahead. Just start the dialogue; sometimes, that is all it takes.

You have been talking all day and night. You know everything about each other. You share all about your daily chores. You send each other pictures of food you eat or places you go.

But all of a sudden, without any warning or signal, you just stop receiving any texts from her. Besides, it comes to your notice that whenever you open her chat window, at that very moment, she goes offline. What caused this sudden change of behavior? Let's find out.

If She Is Your Girlfriend

If the girl ignoring you is your girlfriend, she must have good reasons to do so. It may be something that escaped your notice, and now she is mad at you and wants you to take the initiative to make amends and bring her back to her usual self. Let's try to figure out the reason or reasons why she is staying so aloof lately.

Why Is She Going Offline Every Time You Are Online?

It cannot be a mere coincidence that whenever you come online, your girlfriend goes offline. Something is definitely bugging her that she has come to such behavior.

#1 You Have Hurt Her

Read your past conversations or try to recollect the dialogues that took place between the two of you. Had you been harsh to her in any way? Did you make any comment that was too personal and could have brought about some emotional damage to her?

If there is anything that occurs to you, then give her a call and apologize.

#2 She Has Discovered A Lie About You

Have you been keeping any secrets from her or told her a lie? If yes, rather than figuring out how she could have found it out, just tell her the truth. Once you speak out the truth, she will tell you how good she is at catching your lies.

#3 She Wants A Break From You

Has the relationship been a bit tedious lately? Do you spot places where you could have handled the situation better? Do you see a lack of mutual understanding?

If you affirmed either of the above cases, it might just be that your girlfriend is looking for some time away from you.

#4 She Wants To Talk To You In Person

She wants you to come and take her away for the weekend. She is yearning for some romance and is bored of staying connected virtually. She wants to feel and love you.

#5 She Is Planning A Surprise For You

Try to remember if a special occasion is around the corner, either your birthday or anniversary. It might just be that she is too excited about it and planning a surprise for you while keeping you entangled in such worrisome thoughts.

#6 She Is Just Being Naughty

It can be that her period is around, keep a note, or she is horny, and this is her style to have fun with you. If such is the case, immediately pick up the phone and call her. Titillate her being with your words and calm her down.

#7 You Are Missing Her

Everything gets too simple here. You are an adorable boyfriend, and it is not occurring to you that it's not her ignoring you but you yearning for her at noon. Wait no more and send her a couplet to express how crazy she drives you, even when at a distance.

#8 You Are Too Demanding

Your girlfriend has her chores to do. She must be busy at work or occupied with some urgent business. It is you being a bit demanding on your part to think that she has kept your chat window open and is ignoring you with the utmost deliberation. Perhaps, it is just your mind playing games.

#9 She Is Guilty About What Happened Recently

Did something unexpected, unanticipated, or out of the blue occur between the two of you? If yes, then she is still busy processing that. Give her the due time or reach out to her, hold her hands and assure her that everything will be alright. Tell her that she has you by her side, and you are in this together.

#10 She Is Cheating On You

Alas! It is a possibility with a very low probability. Do not lose your calm if you feel she might be cheating on you. Rather than confronting her with sharp-edged words, remind her that your love is more prominent and before lovers, you are friends. 

How To Make Amends?

Even as couples, there are times when we desire some space away from each other. If you allow that space to your partner, you only strengthen your bond. It shows them you have faith in them, and this relationship is meaningful to you.

#1 Give Her Some Me-Time

Gift her a Spa session coupon or something that she enjoys doing herself. It can be an art and craft class or a ticket to someplace she had wanted to go. 

#2 Gift Her A Hard-Bound Book Of Her Favorite Author

Show her that you know all about her likes and dislikes. If you plan to gift her a book, then put in some extra effort, give it a read and highlight some favorite passages.

#3 Take Her On An Ice Cream Date

A scoop of favorite ice cream in the evening fixes everything. Either take her out to her favorite ice cream parlor or fix her the most delicious Sundae.

#4 Recreate Memories

Choose to recreate one of the moments that you two cherish the most. That shall make her feel special and loved all over again.

#5 Give Her A Surprise Visit At An Odd Hour

Show up at her doorsteps with her favorite flowers at an unexpected hour and be ready to catch her when she jumps on you like a cat.

#6 If A Special Event Is Round The Corner, Then Make It Big For Her

Plan for a grand celebration if it's either your birthday or your monthly anniversary. If not, celebrate your relationship by taking her out on a romantic date. Show her your efforts.

#7 Make Love With Her

All you need to give her is to remind her how hot you two make one another as a couple. Get steamy with her, and she won't think of ignoring you for a very long time.

If She Is Your Best Friend

If the girl ignoring you is your best friend, then the highest probability is that it is a mere coincidence. If not, something very upsetting might have happened with her, and she might feel too low to communicate.

Why Is She Going Offline Every Time You Are Online?

No one knows or understands you better than your best friend. She probably knows you better than you know yourself. If she is going offline deliberately, it is either very serious or trivial.

#1 She Is Mad At You

She is just angry with you. It can be for a very silly reason too. She is your best friend, and it is her right to get stupid with you. In such a case, do what you always do to put a smile on her face.

#2 She Is Busy

She must be very busy with something, and it must be completely unintentional on her part to annoy you like that. Just drop a text to ask her what keeps her occupied, and you will know the reason in no time.

#3 She Doesn't Think of You As Her Best Friend

It can be tricky if the two of you are not certified besties. If you give her that importance and hold her high, but she does not, just step down the ladder a bit and see if she can pull you up again.

#4 Her Boyfriend Doesn't Like You

Oh, oh! That puts both of you in a difficult situation. Her boyfriend might not understand your bond and dislike the proximity you share. If such is the case, then offer a hand of friendship to her boyfriend first, and everything shall fall in place shortly.

#5 She Holds You Accountable Of Some Recent Mishappening

Pray to God that you did not put her in some trouble unknowingly, or she did not go astray because she wanted to help you. However, if she did, help her to fix it. Even if it scares the wit out of you, stay calm and composed in front of her.

#6 She Loves You

Well, this might be good news if you are single and feel likewise for her, and if not, oh boy, you are in real trouble! But either way, you must try to get her talking and better be there while she tells you the secret of her heart. If you don't love her like a lover, comfort her in a friendly way and convince her that you hold her close to your heart and nobody can take that place.

How To Make Amends?

Your best friend is too precious to be lost on petty issues. Indeed, if she is your best friend, she will find her way back to you. Meanwhile, let it come naturally to her that you are as exceptional in her life as she is in yours.

#1 Remind Her That You Are Her Best Friend!

If your best friend is throwing tantrums, do what you do best. Mimic her and send a video, get her favorite dessert, give her a surprise, or whatever it takes to lighten up her mood and bring back the smile on her face. 

#2 Help Her In Sorting Out Whatever Is Keeping Her Busy

If she is busy, give her some time to complete her work and be patient. If not, just go and help her out with whatever she is working on.

#3 Show Her That You Care

If she doesn't take you to be her best friend, then give her reasons to reconsider her choice. Show her that you are protective of her and genuinely care for her feelings.

#4 Befriend Her Boyfriend

If her boyfriend doesn't like you, then first befriend him. Invite him over for some sport or take him out for a drink. Once he is comfortable with you, he will better understand your bond with his girlfriend.

#5 Ask Her If Something Is Bothering Her

If you can sense that she is in some trouble, besides the fact that you are the one to put her in that spot, go and find it out and help her fix it.

#6 Assure Her That She Is Special

If she is in love with you, treat her with much love and kindness. Be extremely polite and show her that you understand. 

If She Is Your Crush

If the girl ignoring you is your crush, she has discovered that you like her, and she is not yet ready to talk to you on that term.

Why Is She Going Offline Every Time You Are Online?

She is taking some time to understand the whole situation. It might be that she has confusing emotions for you, and she doesn't know what her heart wants.

#1 She Is Ignoring You

She chooses to ignore you till she gets a better grasp of the situation. It might also be that she is getting mixed signals from you and is trying to understand what it all means or where it can lead both of you.

#2 She Doesn't Trust You

It might be that either she doesn't trust people easily or just doesn't know you much. This might lead her to ignore you or stay aloof till she is confident about your nature.

#3 She Doesn't Feel The Same Way About You

It can simply be an indication on her part that she is not interested in you. Try to understand the signals and detach yourself before hurting yourself if it is one. Show her that you respect the boundaries and wait till the right time when she might start sharing the same emotions.

#4 She Wants You To Chase Her

Girls sometimes enjoy it when they are chased. She might be looking for a romantic adventure or must be having deeply romantic notions about life. Stand up to her ideas and be her prince charming. Woo her with sweet gestures.

#5 She Likes You Too

It might be that she feels the same way for you and is taking some time to figure out how to express her emotions.

#6 She Is Coy

Girls are primarily shy, and your crush might be the same. She might be blushing when she sees you online. She might be dreamy and is way ahead of you in the love chase. 

#7 She Is Not Ready To Face You Yet

She doesn't share your feelings and does not know how to tell them politely without breaking your heart. It might be her way of acknowledging that she knows that you have a crush on her, but she would prefer not to mention it before her or anybody else, for that matter.

#8 She Feels You Are Getting Obsessed With Her

She feels that it is an unhealthy relationship as she takes you to be not a person with a calm disposition. Even if she wanted to be with you, from her side, it would be just for fun, but she is scared that you might get severe, and she might end up breaking your heart in the long run.

How To Make Amends?

Try to keep your impulsive behavior checked when it has to with your crush. How you react can either take you two to an entirely new phase or spoil it all within moments.

#1 Keep Your Distance

If she ignores you, you might not want to bother her a lot. However, just tell her that it is all easy and relaxed if you get a chance.

#2 Prove That Your Are Trustworthy

Give her reasons to trust you. Show her that you are a genuine person. Don't try too hard. Keep it natural and prove yourself whenever you get a chance.

#3 Keep It Limited To Friendship

Just be friends with her and make her comfortable. If she does not reciprocate your feeling, then acknowledge and appreciate it. Maintain your boundaries and never push too hard.

#4 Try To Read The Signals

If you feel she gives you a green signal, keeps the game on. Ask her out on a date when you get the chance and make it memorable.

#5 Be Patient

If she reciprocates your feeling, then be patient with her and take her time before initiating this new stage. Do whatever lies in your capacity to bring her into your comfort zone without making her feel that you are putting in a lot of effort.

#6 Be At Your Best Behavior

If she is coy, then admire her coyness. Tell her that it's priceless. Write poetry for her, sing her some song or play an instrument for her. A shy person is always hopelessly romantic. Express your desire in a sweet manner.

If She Is Your Friend

If she is not someone special, then do not invest yourself emotionally with her until and unless you hope to take it somewhere special.

Why Is She Going Offline Every Time You Are Online?

If she is your friend and is ignoring you, she is probably unaware that you are taking notice or bothering you. It must be a pure coincidence that such an out-of-place synchronization occurs.

#1 She Is Not In The Mood To Talk To You

She might not hold you close to her heart and doesn't pay much heed to your emotions and feelings. It might be upsetting at first, but the sooner you step back from her, the happier you both shall be in the long run.

#2 She Is Not Fond Of You

She doesn't like you and ignores you to keep away from you. Approve the hints and maintain the distance. If she is interested in you, she will find a way to return.

#3 She Finds You Annoying

It may be that you often find a way to get on her nerves quickly. If you hold some particular interest for her, worry not as most love stories begin at a note of inversely proportional; behaviors but then the opposites, by its very rule, end up attracting one another.

#4 You Talk A Lot

You might be a chatterbox, and she likes to be solitary. Worry not; with time, she will become a good listener and might better understand the language of silence.

#5 There Is Nothing More Left To Talk About

It can be that she feels you guys have run out of topics, and if you talk about anything now, then it might be more on a personal note. She is keeping away because she is not ready to have conversations on that line yet.

#6 You Are Overthinking

It is nothing. That's what it is. Nothing. It is your mind playing its game and confusing you. Take a break and watch a movie or do something recreational by putting your phone on offline mode.

How To Make Amends?

If she is just a friend, do not be overfriendly with her. Keep checking your pace, and things will fall in place in time.

#1 Make Her Comfortable And Win Her Trust

Don't try too hard. Be your natural self. That's the easiest way to win someone's trust and draw them into your comfort zone.

#2 Don't Make Her Feel That You Are Stalking Her

Never confront her with whatever might be going on your mind. Just take it easy and keep the ball rolling. You will get your answers eventually.

#3 Talk About Things That Interest Her

To make her feel comfortable and initiate the conversation, try to learn more about her likings and preference rather than talking about yours. Lend her your ears. Try to understand her.

To Sum Up

Do not lose your calm, and do not overreact, as it will only worsen. Rather than being instinctive or emotional, this is the time to use your brain to handle the situation wisely and fix the problem tenderly.

The most significant possibility is that she is just caught up in things, and it is but a mere coincidence that the timing synchronization is happening in this way. Overthinking is never the right choice. You can always drop a text and wait before concluding.


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