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How To Respond When A Girl Says She's Seeing Someone?

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So you met this beautiful young woman at a club and started seeing her often at your favorite place. A few bubbly conversations, laughter over drinks, and hanging out at the ice cream parlor. It is going well.

However, by the time you convey that you like her, she says, “I am seeing someone!” Do not get heartbroken already! No matter what the situation is, you still have a chance to be with this girl you like.

Guys often tend to be heartbroken and feel rejected when they get these “I am seeing someone!” kinda statements from the women they like. And from this very feeling of rejection guys often behave awkwardly in front of women in ways that they shouldn’t. Because, initially, I want to mention that girls do not always mean rejecting guys with this kinda statement. You must understand that words can have many different purposes in different situations. Moreover, if the woman even meant to reject you with that statement, you should never lose the grip on your personality.

Do things seem to be confusing? So how exactly should you respond when a girl says she’s seeing someone? Long story short, Flirty and playful responses are the trick here. Bring your cheerful and confident vibe up and hit her with an energy that makes her smile. 

This may be a start to that fulfilling relationship you have always wanted. But here I would like to mention that there’s a long way ahead. Because if you’re looking for a solution to such a situation and came to this blog, then you’re already mature enough and hence preparing yourself for a proper response. This is the time you should start analyzing yourself before responding and moreover, you must check on your behavior while responding to the girl’s “I am seeing someone!” kinda statements.

Jealousy Or Juicy: The Choice Is Yours

Dear men, before I hop into discussing everything about “ how to respond to a girl who says she’s seeing someone?” I have an important situation to address.

Admiring someone you like is one thing. Jealousy, sweet and sour romantic feelings are very natural human emotions and are a part of this loving journey. However, you must remember that Chasing someone to the extent of expecting them to break up with their current partner, is a toxic trait that can be potentially harmful.

No one is ever worth the mental stress, depression, and doubts around being enough or worthy for the person they desire. Love is a beautiful emotion and should be experienced from a place of self-love and respect for the other. 

So before we move on, I want my readers to question their own intentions behind reading this article and desiring this woman of their dreams. The feelings that you may consider juicy and all romantic shall never sprout from any self-doubt and low self-esteem.

As I mentioned previously, self-evaluation can be your best friend in this journey of responding to anything in a relationship. Always remember the answer to everything you’re looking for, lies inside yourself. A 3rd person can just work as a catalyst to help you find the answer. So, in this context, first, you must ask yourself exactly how you feel about her. Keep your intentions clear about the situation and be sure of the significance of the person in front of you before you respond.

How To Respond To This Girl You Like?

The reason behind her saying that she is seeing someone could be various. A few light-hearted and chatty times are just not enough to know someone completely. This girl you admire is no different in this case. 

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This statement may signal that she wants you to put more effort before agreeing to go out on a date with you, or maybe she is not romantically interested in you, or she is probably speaking her truth and really seeing someone, yet leaves a hint of attraction towards you. 

The guessing list of the “why” behind her “ I am seeing someone” statement will go on countless times. However, we are here to focus on some interesting, witty, and fun responses to turn the awkwardness around in our favor. Here are some very interesting replies you can look forward to.

“Well, you can ditch that plan for me!” 

Again this is a confident and smart response to her dating statement. However, here I want men to know and prepare themselves to put this response right! No matter how smart this response may sound, it can be equally risky and daunting, if she is unable to take this reply from a fun and playful point of view. 

Let me thus repeat it again, know her well and read her mood and body language well, before you pursue her with your repetitive dating statement. Only if you think that she will simply be ‘okay’ with your flattery statement, hit her with it. Otherwise, Stop there! This statement can both break the ice of awkwardness and create a barrier between you two, depending on the situation. 

“Oops! So do you want me to leave?”

When in doubt, ask! If she has hinted you are all sorts of flirty and naughty, fun and romantic signals till now, yet making her statement of “ I am seeing someone”, this could be your best possible response. A confusing air is never appreciated, and if you are doubtful about her intentions around this connection with you, ask through your response and accept the reply that arrives. With this statement, you’ll be putting the ball entirely on her court. Then the job of being awkward is for you anymore, it’s her. 

Make this statement and closely monitor her behavior. However, make sure to not be rude or arrogant, but be respectful and accepting as you say this. 

“Umm, but I am not asking you out on a date!”

This is again a desperate statement. Believe me, though it’s desperate, it works. Only If you know that she is being playful and lying already, counter her with this response. Say that, you are not asking her out on a date, it is just an amped-up way of spending some more fun time getting to know each other better! Well, if I am not making sense, then get your creative ideas to work and figure something out! 😉

But before any kinda response, always remember that you should never fail to be the person you genuinely are. Hold your uniqueness in light and see how beautiful relationships you can attract into your lives. 

“But, why don't you choose someone who makes you happy instead?”

How playful and fun and smart can you actually be, with your responses? Well, here is a statement that requires an up-level confidence game to put it right. She has already spent a good time with you and both of you know that well. So, when she comes up with her, “ I am seeing someone!” statement, try responding with this reply. A subtle statement with a strong hint about making the right choice for her perfect date, which is definitely you! 

“Well, you can still meet me at the cafe, I will be waiting!”

If you want to convey a sense of seriousness about your emotions towards her, you can try responding with this reply. Be subtle yet confident and serious that you will be waiting for her over the coffee at the mentioned place. Watch her reaction and it will speak volumes about how she actually feels about this connection with you. 

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She may show up at the date to have a good time with you if she has mutual emotions or attraction for you. Or if she’s really seeing someone and serious about that guy, she may gently ask you not to wait for her. However, do not be disheartened, if she does not show up. Accept the situation and simply move on with your life. 

You see, responses are more about how you reply and put your intentions forward with words. It is not always what you say. Rather, if you are confident in your skin and know how to treat a woman right, her femininity may trail towards you. But I would always like to mention that in these situations, you should never stick to some hardcore intentions about her within yourself. Because rigid mentality about something tends to lead people to make mistakes. And, mistakes are not at all expected in such situations. 

Match Your Actions With Your Words

You have done your part in responding to her “I am seeing someone” statement. I have already mentioned that you can not force anyone to feel for you romantically, and you never should. 

People need to respect, accept and understand what the other person genuinely feels. Your sulking attitude and constant persuading will push you far away from her. No one likes being forced to feel. So, if you force her or push her to feel something about you or bother her constantly with your feelings, she may even end the little friendship you developed with her. So, learn to be a man, learn where to stop. 

The reason behind her mentioning that she is seeing someone could be flirty, fake, or genuine. But, if she hints or speaks about maintaining a distance, men should respect and maintain it, no questions asked. That's where chivalry comes into its purpose! Let your personality and attitude speak the rest. 

However, besides responding with all those unique, funny, flirty answers, your actions are the next step to convey your intentions. Have a read on the points below to understand the steps in detail.

Continue Being Friends

Friendship is the foundation of all meaningful relationships in our life. You entered into her life as a friend first, got to spend time and know her better. Your feelings came next! So, in case she is speaking her truth and seeing someone, you should respect her decision. 

Her dating is not the end of your bonding with her. Try shifting your perspective in this situation and continue being genuine friends. No matter how tough it is, try responding from a place of respect and accept exactly how the situation is. This approach will make her trust you more. Friendships always win. After all, not every girl you meet is a potential romantic partner. 

Be There For Her

Your verbal responses made it clear that she can count on you, whenever in need. So, even if she is dating other men and you are aware of it, make sure you still choose to stand by your words. Let me signal you a little ray of hope here, she is dating and not yet in a strong relationship. 

Focus on spending quality time, understanding her emotions, and have deeper conversations in regards to mutual interests. This will help her open up to you emotionally, strengthening your bond. Be present in this friendship and watch how things will change in your favor.

But always learn to maintain a balance between being a friend and easy availability. ‘Being a friend’ can strengthen your bond with her, but being ‘easily available’ can eventually lead her to take you for granted. 

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Do Not Overspill Your Feelings

One very common mistake that we all make when we develop a soft corner for the person we admire, is being overly available. We do not think twice before sacrificing our work, schedule, interests, and emotions to match their level of interest. I want my readers to understand that it is a toxic trait and an act of weak self-love.

Do not be available 24*7, overspill what you feel in your heart, or constantly remind her about your romantic feelings. As I mentioned earlier, it makes people take you for granted and not value your time, efforts, and interest.

Be Playful And Confident

Confidence is the key to all awkward situations one may face. Yes, she just replied that she is seeing someone, as you asked her out on a proper coffee date! 

Well, we will never know why she made that statement. Not all of us love to wear our relationship status on our sleeves. So if this conversation did not go as planned, be ready with something to lighten up the mood of everyone involved. Bring your playful answers to light yet make sure, to be honest, and confident in whatever you say. 

No matter how she responds to you now, but believe me, after this approach, you’ll have a confidence boost inside yourself and it’ll help to develop a better personality. 

Have Honest Intentions

No matter what her relationship status is, if you genuinely like her, your intentions will show up. Once she reveals her truth or throws it fake about seeing someone, you must keep your intentions on the right track. Do not even think about making a move to create chaos with her current partner. Men have often made this mistake and let me make it clear and loud, that is the dumbest thing ever. Your “why” behind loving her, supporting and respecting her decisions shall always come from honesty and love. 

Act From Understanding

Not everyone we like ought to love or like us back. The girl you like could have her own reasons to say that she is seeing someone else. And, there is no harm or shame in accepting her truth. You can be all cool, funny, smart, and interesting despite her rejection-like statement. But, if that is not who you are, listen to what your heart says. 

Act from understanding and move on to do what you love to. Add value to yourself and be happy in whatever you do. 

Know When To Leave

You have done all you possibly could to respond to her “I am seeing someone” kinda statement. But, all the words are said and done now. If you still see her uninterested and being kinda deaf to your feelings, reactions, and emotions, you better know it is time to walk away from someone definitely not for you! Look guys, sometimes it becomes important to know to leave. There’s no shame and there shouldn't be any regret in it. No matter what the situation is, always hold your self-esteem high. Maybe something better is waiting for you somewhere.

By now, I expect my readers to understand that nothing is in our control, especially when we are talking about how other people feel about us. Only our responses both in words and actions are the choices we make. 

So, we better learn not to put anyone on a pedestal and only act from love and mutual respect. You can always respond with a thousand unique and creative replies to her when she says that “I am seeing someone”. But how far will that take you will always be a question, time has to reveal.


Start a conversation. post with kindness.

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