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How To Respond When Someone Says They Had A Dream About You?

How To Respond When Someone Says They Had A Dream About You

Dreams are a mystery. This is one lingering question among all why do we dream at all? We dream about people, places, weird situations and the list goes on. Yet we do not fully understand the reasons for our dreams.

Sometimes a dream can have many underlying meanings or trying to express some long hold desires of your heart. But what happens when someone dreams about you? How do you react to that? Or what should be your ideal response? 

Your first response should be totally non-judgemental. You must not try to think too deep about this and take it in a light-hearted manner. The response depends on who has dreamt about you and what kind of relationship you have with that person.

Why Do We Dream?

Before diving into the details, I'll highly recommend you to watch this video. However, you can skip this if you want.

Dreams represent our memories from the newest ones to the oldest ones. Sometimes we dream about the deepest wishes of our heart which did not get any expression.

We can have dreams in the forms of emotions, images, scenarios, etc. Sometimes they can be quite serious or just a simple flash of thoughts, it can be for a long duration or just for a transitory moment. People do experience different types of dreams- happy, sad, frightful, nonsense, or puzzling. 

If you do a simple search on the internet, you will most likely find that dreams are often the expression of our subconscious mind. The things that we think, we wish to do, are all in our subconscious mind and they come into our minds through dreams when we sleep.

We dream about people too. It can be our friends whom we spend a lot amount of time, it can be our family members, and it can be our partners, crushes as well. So when somebody tells you- “ I saw you in my dream last night”, how should you respond? 

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Let’s find that out.

You Are In Their Thoughts

Won’t you be flattered to receive a text in the morning saying- I had a dream about you. The first thing that should strike is that why did he/ she have a dream about me? The answer is quite simple they were thinking about you and in such cases, they think about you pretty much all the time.

As it has been seen in many dream theories that we dream about the things we think, this is not unnatural that you have been ruling their mind and you popped up in their dreams too.

Now if your boyfriend or girlfriend says this you must be really happy. You must send them a romantic reply and ask them about the details of the dream. As they describe the dream to you, be sure to tell them that you are very lucky to have them.

But what happens when your colleague from the office or a random stranger with whom you share the same bus every day says this? Then your answer has to be quite different. You have to understand the situation is tricky here. Now you do not want to hurt that colleague or stranger, right?

So first of all take it very lightly. Give a nice smile to that person and say - “That’s surprising” and you can leave that conversation there. If you do not want the details of the dream, they would get a hint that you are not really interested.

But if you are curious then you can take the conversation further by saying so what was I doing in your dream? Was it a weird one or a happy one? This way the conversation between the two of you becomes less awkward and both of you can simply laugh out loud the whole matter.  But one thing is for sure, you are definitely in their thoughts! 

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What If It’s Your Ex?

There have been many encounters where couples even after their break up continue to dream about each other. There can be many reasons behind this. When you spend a lot of time with a particular person and especially in a relationship, they become an integral part of your life.

So it is quite obvious to have them in your dreams too. But if that happens after a break-up, then it is a bit uncomfortable. So if your ex suddenly texts you in the middle of the day saying they had a dream about you what to do? 

It is a clear sign that they have not moved on yet fully or they think about the memories spent with you a lot. If you have moved on and have no intention to get back to your ex, then do not reply to that text. Just ignore.

But if you still in the mood of patching up things or give your partner another chance, this can be a great conversation starter for both of you. You can respond to that surprise text in a sweet manner and can ask him or her questions about their dream. You two can even plan a meetup and this way it will be quite smoother. 

A Friend From Your Childhood 

You two have not met in years. Probably the last time you saw him/ her in the final grade of your school. But you two are still in touch on social media. Yet they are not anyone important to you. You still get an unexpected message- You were in my dream. You would be surprised in the first place obviously.

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Maybe that person has been stalking your social media profiles way too much or they are reminiscing their school days with others and your name has come up. These all can the possible reasons for their dreams. But how do you tackle it?

If you two were quite good friends with each other, you can totally have a fun chat around this dream and even go back to memory lane. You can laugh about the dream and make fun of each other.

What if he/ she was just a classmate and nothing else and after all these years they are having a dream about you? Do not get intimated or make it complicated. You can change the tone of the conversation and say so what was the dream all about? Was I in those ugly school uniforms with my hair tied up? Did you see the dream in our school? In the playground or in the canteen?

See, these light questions can totally change the direction of the discussion and you two can end up reviving your bond once again. 

You Are In Your Crush’s Dream

If this happens to you, then you must be that one lucky person on earth. It is a dream come true when the person you are crushing on is actually dreaming about you. If they confess to you about your dream show them your excitement how happy you are. Talk about the dream and from that take your conversation further.

Let them know how you feel about them and what special place they hold in your heart. He or she will become your lover from your crush in no time. 

You can have multiple interpretations of dreams but if you know whom to respond what then the whole process is just a cakewalk. 


Start a conversation. post with kindness.

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