How Long Do Typical Middle School Relationships Last?

Ahiri Chakraborty
How Long Do Typical Middle School Relationships Last (1)
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It is great to find a lover in your friend. Isn’t it? We see movies, novels where best friends are turning into couples and sharing a romantic relationship.

The most exciting part of anyone’s school life is the friends that they acquire. Middle school students are those who are between 6th to 8th grade. This is the beginning of teenage life.

Teenagers are full of life, open to exciting opportunities and they want to explore everything under the sun. And definitely not forgetting to mention that their hormones behave like a mad roller coaster. 

From sharing notes to sharing glances, middle school friends often start their own romantic relationships.

But how long does it last? Most middle school relationships last till your high school. Since you are quite unstable at this age you can go through a haywire of emotional changes and that makes your middle school relationships short-term in nature.

Let’s find out how long middle school relationships actually last in this article!

The One When They Become Your Crush

The moment when you realize that their presence makes you happy and their absence makes you quite sad is the sign that he or she is starting to become your crush. That moment is indeed special. You two sat together, shared meals during recess, and now one day without them in school seems like an eternity.

Well, that’s how you feel when you are in middle school and slowly fall in love. You can’t hold your excitement. You wait for that one period when they will be passing the corridor and you can steal a quick glance of them.

This phase is really sweet. One of the fascinating things about middle school relationships is that they are just simple and innocent. You like your friend, you tell them- I have a crush on you and voila you two are a couple.

It is not at all complicated like an adult relationship. You do not need to worry about jobs, careers, you two just have your own sweet little love story. 

What Is The Next Step?

Approaching your crush is often a daunting task. Some even do not express their heart’s desire just out of fear, because they do not want to lose the friendship. That is why in middle school, most teenagers opt for the easiest way that is conveying their message through their common friends.

Friends are always there to help us and if it comes to your love life they are the most reliable ones. So, if you feel a bit nervous telling about your feelings to your crush, tell your closest friend to that for you. If your crush has similar feelings for you, if he or she has butterflies in their stomach whenever you are around, you are bound to receive a positive response. 

Once you two have expressed that you both like each other, it’s time for some school romance.

How Do Middle School Couples Spend Time Together?

School is obviously the place where you can see each other every day without telling lies to your parents. But you may not be in a similar section, so spending time together only depends on recess time. So you need to find fun ways to spend time together.

Most teenage couples choose the same extra-curricular activity to spend time together. They take dance, music, or language classes together. This makes learning more fun, doesn’t it?

Another cute way to spend time together is to go for coffee dates. These dates are pocket-friendly, sweet, and romantic too. Speak your heart out over a cup of coffee and find out some interesting facts about your partner. 

Text And Talk

Communication is key to making relationships longer. So talk about anything and everything with your partner. After school is over, decide a common time for each other.

Call or text your partner and chat about your favorite movies, sports teams, the Netflix show you are currently binging on, etc. Also, you two can help each other in your studies. This definitely helps to build a deep connection with your partner. 

Special Moments Of Middle School Relationships

They are your first girlfriend or boyfriend. Aren’t they special? You share the most innocent times of your life together without any expectations, fancy dinner dates, without any family pressure. From the first holding hands to the first kiss, every moment is ultra special with your loved one.

You guys sneak out of the classrooms just to see each other, you guys go to the library to read together, the chocolate milkshake shared by you two at the school canteen tastes sweeter.

You put secret letters inside your notebook and fill up those cheesy slambooks with your partner’s name.

You have your first dance at the school prom with your partner.  All these moments are very precious and very dear to the heart. 

But Why Middle School Relationships Are Short-lived?

The first relationship of your life is always special. You want it to last forever. It’s your fairy tale written by you. Yet, the sad part is middle school relationships hardly last for a long time. The beginning of these relationships seems like a cakewalk. You exchange letters, flowers, give each other romantic cards on Valentine’s Day but this hunky-dory is only for a short period of time. 

Many reasons work behind for not making a middle school relationship long-lasting.

  • As soon as you go to high school, you are surrounded by new people. Most students even change their school. So it is obvious to have an all-new circle of friends. You are exposed to a new world and indeed high school is more exciting than middle school. With a new set of friends, you start to neglect your teenage relationship and no relationship in history has been successful without full efforts from both partners.
  • You have less time to talk to each other. You are in high school and it means more projects, more assignments, more studies, and less time for your partner. After a busy day at school and a pile of homework to do at home, you do not have any free time to talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend. You make each other angry by not giving enough time and the result is not so good.
  • You start hanging out with your new friends. Nobody likes to remain like a nerd in their high school. You want to become the social butterfly who hangs out with friends, goes to parties, etc. Basically, your attention is now divided and that obviously hurts your partner. This is a very delicate age, so a little mistake can ruin your relationship. Less attention brings in jealousy, possessiveness, and insecurity and they are not good signs for a long-lasting relationship.  Sounds disheartening, but that’s the bitter truth. 
  • In high school, you are almost on the verge of becoming an adult. A teenage relationship sounds boring and cheesy to you. You develop new interests, your likes and dislikes change and you don’t connect with your partner anymore. The bond slowly weakens and you two eventually break up.
  • Although the initial days are pretty amazing and you consider them your only world, you have to accept that as you grow up you change like any other human being. 

How To Make Your Middle School Relationships Long-Lasting?

Nothing is impossible in love. If you truly love your partner, you will find ways to be with him no matter what. You need to be aware that many new people will come into your partner’s life as they will grow up. So the understanding between you two must only get stronger. 

Never let jealousy or insecurity come your way. Trust will keep you two together forever. So learn to let go of small problems and only look for the bigger picture.

Be clear to each other about your goals and ambitions. If you are sure that “He is the only one for me”, you will have to make some compromises in your life. Be prepared for that.

And last, of all, keep loving each other. Be with them through their bests and worsts. Let love be the only language between you two. 

Now you know how long your middle school relationships can last or what can you do to make them long-lasting. In most cases, these couples actually remain very good friends after their breakup and even after they completely settled in their lives. Your middle school relationships will always remain special and you will cherish that forever.


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