When A Guy Puts His Hand On Your Waist For A Picture (18 Possible Reasons)

If a guy places his hand around your waist for a photo, he probably has some nefarious plans and unfulfilled motives. He wants to know if you find his touch pleasing or repulsive. If you provide him with incentives, he will have the audacity to make a mistake.
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A guy could desire to snap photographs with you for multitudinous reasons. While your lover is ecstatic to have you, your buddy is preparing to ask you out. Your closest friend prefers not to treat you like a female, and your crush wants to thrill you with his touch.

What Does it Mean When A Guy Holds You By The Waist?

If a guy holds you by the waist, then he is comfortable around you and would even enjoy spending more time together. Holding a girl's waist is a sensual gesture to make. If a guy is holding you like that, then it is likely that he is trying to send you a message. Let's start decoding right away!

#1 It Means You Are Sexy

It means that you have a sexy body with a small waist worth holding. Guys like to dominate women with their touches. He is trying to ascertain if you are a boss lady or a cute kitten.

#2 He Wants To Look Hot

He is holding your waist for a picture because posing with an attractive woman would make him look hot at the same time. He'll upload this photo later or include it in his story to give the appearance that you're well-acquainted.

#3 It Means He Is Interested In You

A guy holding your waist for a photo might simply indicate that he is interested in you. His interest could vary from immediate to long-term needs. He might just want to ask you out, or he wants to date you on a serious note.

#4 It Means He Wants To Make Your Boyfriend Uncomfortable

If you are into a relationship and it's official, yet the guy grabs your waist while clicking a photograph, that means that he wants to make your boyfriend uncomfortable. He is either being playful, or he is into some kind of funny business.

#5 It Means He Wants To Make His Girlfriend Jealous

Maybe this has got nothing to do with you. The guy in question wants to make his girlfriend jealous by using you as a prop or a medium. If you are aware that he is committed, then you can remove his hand from your waist as easily as he dared to keep it there.

#6 It Means He Doesn't Care About Gender Binaries

It is possible that he doesn't realize that it is not decent to hold a girl by her waist without asking her. He might consider it to be perfectly normal, and he is not much into gender binaries. It is not about you; he is like that with everyone.

#7 It Means He Wants To Get Naughty With You

If a guy holds you by your wait while clicking a photograph, it indicates that he has some devious motives and he wants to get naughty with you. If you feel the same way for him, then you can encourage him further; if not, then you can take his hand and drop it in the air.

#8 It Means He Wants To Ask You Out

It means that sometime later the same evening or next, you are going to receive a text message asking you out on a date. If he was going to ask you straight then, he would have asked you out before holding you like that. It seems that he is not sure if you would want to go out with him. This is his way to see if you react or let it go unnoticed.

#9 It Means You Are Irresistible

Smile girl, that's a compliment, isn't it? It is one if the beholder is a nice and attractive man. If you are single and want to have some fun, then encourage him further; however, if you are already happily mingled, then ignore it all the same.

#10 He Wants To Confuse You

He is playing with you. Some guys love to do that. They want girls to gossip about them like they are a big deal. It is either because they consider themselves to be really hot, or this is their trick to gain popularity.

#11 He Wants You To Think About Him

Are you thinking about him? I guess so. He might be looking for casual sex, and if you keep him on his mind all night, then he is very close to that.

#12 He Thinks Too High Of Himself

He has this faulty notion about him that girls crave his touch and would never push him away. If he holds you by the waist but avoids making any eye contact, then he falls on the same list. If you don't feel comfortable, then make it a point to let him know.

#13 He Is Trying To Tease You

He is being mischief, and it's momentary. He forgot it as soon as the photo was taken. Pay no heed to it and take it easy.

#14 He Wants You To Remember Him

If this is happening on a recurring basis, then he wants to create a lasting impression and make you get used to his touch. If you are ignoring it every time or not reacting to it, then he might hold you by the hips next time. React soon and get it sorted.

#15 He Likes to PDA

If he is your someone special, then he loves to PDA with you. However, if you like to keep things private, then you might tell him that personally.

#16 He Is Insecure About You

He wants to hold you before someone else dares to. It means that he is really into you and protective of you. You can reciprocate the gesture by putting your hand around him or entwining your fingers with his.

#17 He Is Possessive About You

He is holding you by the waist to make a statement that you are already taken. Just smile your rosy smile when the picture is being taken and thank him romantically later.

#18 He Sucks At Making The First Move

He wants to ask you out, but he sucks at making the first move. So, when he got the opportunity, he tried to drop a hint. He might be nervous and freaking out inside. Don't be too harsh; if you don't like it, politely excuse yourself; if you like it, then ask him to hold you tight.

What Can You Do Now?

While capturing the picture was momentary, you can still feel his touch on your back and imagine his eyes running all over you. It is likely to have either of the two effects. It can either arouse you and make you horny, or you might be overtaken by a feeling of absolute disgust. Let's prioritize the latter scenario and try to figure out what can be done about it.

#1 Confront Him Over Call

You might have your doubts regarding this. Why call the guy and confess to him how down and miserable he has made you feel? Well, for one, we are still not sure about his real intent.

It is possible that we are overthinking, and he had no such ill intention. If he answers your call and listens to you patiently, he shall offer you a note of apology and perhaps extend his arm for friendship. If he gets annoyed and impatient, then he is not worth your while. Warn him against repeating such behavior and tell him strictly to stay distant.

#2 Drop Him A Text

If it has happened for the very first time, then it is not worth talking about it over call and discussing it at length. You can drop him a text stating your disapproval of such a gesture and warning him against repeating himself in the future.

#3 Tell Him On Face When You See Him Next

If you disapprove of something, then the most forceful statement is made while facing that person. Over the call or even the text message will not convey your body language, and the receiver might miss the intensity of the mark made.

Whereas if you confront the person and express your views in general against the manners or the lack of manners of the society we inhabit, the guy will try to make sense of your point and bear it in mind not just with you but also with any other girl he tries to approach in future.

However, if you found the touch to be sensual in the right way, just drop him a text and ask him out on a date. Do it on that very night. Don't defer it to another time. You don't need to reason with yourself for doing something that makes you feel good and buys you confidence.

How To Give A Favorable Reaction In Future Without Utterance?

If you have been wanting to secure the attention of the guy for a long time or you are just craving for a hot night, there are ways you can send your message right without spelling it out to him. As the maxim goes, actions are always appreciated more than words.

#1 Give Him A Smile

If you find his touch comfortable and want to encourage him without uttering words, then the easiest way to do it is to give him a sweet smile. A smile acts as an affirmation, and he would know that you feel comfortable around him.

#2 Rub Your Arm Against His

If he took you by surprise, then you can do the same by softly rubbing your arm against him. Just don't burst out laughing while the cameraman is trying to focus on taking the photo.

#3 Look Him In The Eye

Holding someone with your eyes is the sweetest thing ever. Show him that you can make him shake the same way without even touching him. Control him with your eyes and lead him on in the same way.

How Do You Express Your Dislike If It Happens Again?

You can certainly feel uncomfortable if you are taken by your waist without your permission and expected to smile all the same. There are ways to subtly handle the situation without making it too awkward. Let's see how!

#1 Give Him A Confusing Look

Give him a confusing look and stop at that, don't make it wild or bitter. Just roll your eyes at him or make a nasty face to pass the message.

#2 Don't Jerk Him Away At Once

Clicking a picture shouldn't take too long unless the person behind the lenses is enjoying the discomfort being caused. Bear with him for that while, and you are free to ignore him for the remaining time.

#3 Stamp His Leg Slowly

I enjoy stabbing people's toes, especially if they have their favorite pair of sneakers on. I would advise you to do the same. It would be lovely if you were donning silhouette while you are at him. You will enjoy it more than the discomfort he has caused you.

#4 Maintain A Courteous And Detached Demeanor

Dash it with style. Do not lose your temper. Let the flickering moment pass through. It might be that the guy was trying to play cool. Don't let that make you look too uncool. Play his game the right way and kick him away when you get your turn.

Summing Up

If it doesn't give you butterflies when a guy draws you closer while taking pictures with you, then you must learn to keep yourself at a distance from him. You need not give your discomfort a verbal expression. Let your moves and posture speak for themselves. There is nothing to think twice about it or to be rude either. Be polite and distant at the same time.


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