Is It Okay For My Girlfriend To Have A Sugar Daddy?

It is very inappropriate to be with a girl who has or wants a sugar daddy, and it is naïve to refer to her as "yours" if she already has one. It defies all logic, and the only assurance it can provide you is your unhappiness and lack of peace.
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A person of either sex should be responsible for their own well-being. Our common day struggle is focused on being self-independent. We need partners more for companionship and understanding than for financial support.

To be a person who is dependent on someone else to meet their daily or luxury needs is in itself very inappropriate and demeaning. To be with a person who likes to keep a person to fulfill their needs is worse. One can never thrive in such a company.

You are known by the people you keep. Your character is estimated not only by your actions but also by the circle you most associate with. Having good associations and keeping good friends keep you motivated and positive.

Your girlfriend plays a significant role in your life. She is your better half. Her actions point back towards you even if you never encouraged or motivated her to do it.

Be it good or bad; you are as much responsible for all her actions as she is. Let us see why it is so inappropriate for your girlfriend to want to have or to keep a sugar daddy and how does it affect your personality.

Why Is It Inappropriate To Have A Sugar Daddy?

What is the big fuss about having a sugar daddy, or is it not appropriate primarily because she is in a relationship? Let's find out how it is doubly wrong to have a girlfriend who has a sugar daddy.

#1 It Means She Is Not An Independent Person

If your girlfriend needs or has a sugar daddy to fulfill all her needs, she is neither independent nor aspiring to be one. She feels comfortable and happy when she does not need to work hard to meet her needs.

It also suggests that she lacks ambition and purpose. She is not future-oriented and does not have a career. What goes into making her identity is a question you must ask yourself, and it would subsequently lead you to how you would want your girlfriend to be.

#2 It Means She Is Extravagant

If a girl needs someone else to meet her luxurious indulgence, then she is extravagant and one whom the parents like to call 'spoiled child.' If she cannot let go of her indulgence because she cannot afford it herself, and if your pocket cannot bear with her expenses either, then this relationship is a liability.

If her sugar daddy abandons her at any time in the future, then her emotional and financial turmoil will fall upon you. If you want to avoid any such circumstance, then make the right call now.

#3 It Has Potential Future Risks

You might feel that you know your girl well and you trust and love her unconditionally. But can you say the same for this sugar daddy? Can the sugar daddy be held responsible for his actions? 

Strict book rules cannot be applied to such a relation. Having a sugar daddy can get vague in the long run. The relationship might get demanding, and the situation might get out of hand.

If you are unable to meet her demands now, would you be able to assist her and bring her out of the trouble if he falls into one? The sugar daddy in question must be having better resources and contacts than either of you.

#4 It Means She Is Spending More Time With Someone Else

Let that reverberate and sink in. Having a sugar daddy means she will be spending at least some fixed amount of time with him on a daily basis. The time that she is spending with him is the same time that she will be unable to spend or share with you. 

There would be days when she won't be able to meet you or give you support because she is with him. At some point or other, this will become a botheration to you. It is for you to decide if you can remain without seeing your sweetheart for long.

#5 It Means She Doesn't Respect You

If your girl needs a sugar daddy, then that automatically implies that you are not good enough to meet all her needs. It also suggests that she is with you for something specific and narrow. 

If you are with her for the same reason, then try to keep yourself limited to being her friends; if not, then rethink the status of your relationship.

How Does It Reflect On Your Character?

Your girlfriend's relations and acquaintances are your extended relations too. The circle she forms and the people she keeps in her life reflects not only on her behavior and personality but tell a lot about you at the same time. Let's see how your girlfriend keeping a sugar daddy will make you look.

#1 You Are Not Good Enough To Satisfy Her Needs

The first and foremost characteristic of having a girlfriend who has or wants to have a sugar daddy shows that you acknowledge the fact that you are not good enough to fulfill her needs. It might be because you don't hold yourself responsible for satisfying anyone's needs but yours. Not everybody will appreciate and accept this thought.

#2 You Are Expecting Favors

Allowing your girlfriend to keep a sugar daddy suggests a vague possibility that you are expecting extended favor at your end as well. Your girlfriend spends time with him and might have made a mention of you. If he is indeed a rich man, he won't mind extending his favors to you. It implies that you are as needy as your girlfriend and a good match for one another.

#3 You Are Not Seriously Into Her

Letting your girlfriend have a sugar daddy explicitly means that you don't love her or you don't know how to love right. This is because you are not seriously dating her, and she is just a fling for you who can do and enjoy doing or being with people who can buy her happiness and luxury.

#4 You Lack Morals

Allowing your girlfriend to keep a sugar daddy shows a lack of morals on your account. It proves that you are neither possessive about her nor insecure. It also suggests that you don't take relationships seriously and find all attachments flimsy.

#5 You Are Not Old School

It shows that you don't believe or understand the thought process of old schools that valued and associated certain norms and behavior with particular relationships. For you, relationships are flexible and can take on new meanings in the run. Such a thought process is unconventional and might not go along with the dictations of society where you live.

#6 You Won't Mind To Participate In A Similar Arrangement

If you acknowledge the relation between your girlfriend and her sugar daddy, then it automatically implies that if you put up a similar set-up and equation, you expect the same level of understanding and acknowledgment from your girlfriend. It might hint at some flickering and an otherwise unconventional motive on your part.

How Can It Cause Disturbance In Your Life?

Even if you give consent and you are aware of this arrangement of needing, wanting, and having a sugar daddy in the life of your girlfriend, there may come many such moments when the daddy factor will cause disturbance in your life and prevent it from running the smooth flow that it would have otherwise follow.

Let's scan through some such instances and scenarios when they can disturb your well-being.

#1 You Will Have Doubts

Such doubts can be in regard to your girlfriend, or your relationship with your girlfriend or, the relationship she shares with this other person.

A man in doubt lives a cloudy life. You will be running after looking up answers and might not get one until it becomes too late. Withdraw yourself from any such arrangements while you are not much involved in the tangled-up arrangement.

#2 You Will Question Your Self-Worth

You will lose your self-confidence, and your body language might change when you are with your girlfriend; even if you gave consent to such a relationship consciously, it would haunt you in your dreams, and you might have nightmares regarding it.

#3 You Will Be Restless

You will always be bothered about the whereabouts of your girlfriend and her well-being. You might want to reach out to her, to call her, to look after her, but your gestures might not get appreciated and can even get ridiculed. It will eventually hurt you and leave you heartbroken.

#4 You Will Lack Motivation

Our relations motivate us to become better people. However, in an equation such as this, you will lack the impetus to become a better form of your earlier self. You might even find yourself stranded on the same grounds for a long time.

#5 You Will Feel Unloved

If your girlfriend gives all her time, love, and companionship to her sugar daddy, then you will feel unloved and lonely. In the long run, it can take a toll on your mental well-being. You get into a relationship because you desire to be loved and not the other way round.

#6 You Will Feel Disheartened

It might be disheartening at moments when you desire to be with your girlfriend, but she is not available for you or can't make out time for you because she is busy assisting her sugar daddy. On days like this, you will feel low, and everything will seem pointless to you. 

#7 You Might Get Depressed And Anxious

Suppose your girlfriend is spending time with someone else. It is likely to affect your behavior and composure. When you spot random couples, you will feel a lack of warmth in your life and feel depressed and anxious about your relationship. This, in turn, can affect your relationship with other people in your life as well.

#8 You Will Feel Insecure

If you are not acquainted with your girl's sugar daddy, then you are running potential risks for the future. Either of the two of you might suffer unanticipated circumstances. If he can fulfill her demands, he knows her inside out. He will be able to tell more about her. He will know about her likes and dislikes. This will make you feel insecure.

What Should You Do If Your Girlfriend Wants To Have A Sugar Daddy?

There are a few ways to balance back the equation and handle the awkward situation. Let's see how you can still control the situation while there is time.

#1 Talk To Her

Talk to her and talk her out of it. Try to establish an understanding with her. Make two columns and list down the difference that a sugar daddy figure will bring about in your life and figure out together if it's worth it.

#2 Tell Her About Your Feelings

If the thought is repulsive to you, then express your repulsion. Voice out your feelings when you get your turn. She is your girlfriend, and if she is indeed the right person for you, she will understand your concern and take your views into account.

#3 Motivate Her To Look After Her Needs

Teach her the right thing to do. Help her in looking for a job or enroll her in classes to work on her skills. In that way, she will become an able person who can look after her own needs. She will appreciate it in the long run, even if she does it for mere compulsion at the moment.

#4 Explain Her The Potential Risks

Show her the future. Illustrate a situation before her and ask her how she would handle it if something of that sort turned up. Help her in figuring out the pros and cons of such an equation.

#5 Break Up

If it makes you uncomfortable and she is too stubborn to heed your words, then the sooner you pull yourself out of this triangle, the better you will be able to secure your peace.

How Should You React If Your Girlfriend Has A Sugar Daddy?

To discover a hideous truth is always upsetting and heartbreaking. It takes a great deal of courage to pull oneself out of an awkward situation promptly. The secret is not to overthink and quickly make a confrontation. Here are some of the ways how you can manage the situation if you discover that your girlfriend has a sugar daddy.

#1 Express Your Disappointment

If she had kept you in the dark, then don't think twice before expressing your disappointment. Give her a chance to explain herself before making your decision. You might decide to call it off, or you might ask your girlfriend to break all ties with the man in question. If you find her reasons significant and you feel that you can continue your relationship without any changes, then the call is yours to make.

#2 Express Your Disapproval

If you don't disapprove of something and you feel that no good reason can justify it, then express it out to her and bring it to an end.

#3 Convince Her To End The Relation

She might have had good reasons to be in such a relationship, but you can always convince her to put it to an end as now she has you to support and understand her.

#4 Break Up

If you are disgusted to discover about the sugar daddy, and it has deeply hurt you, then you can break all ties with your girlfriend at once.

Final Words

If your girlfriend has a sugar daddy or wants to have one, you are in a difficult situation since it is not only about your girlfriend having a sugar daddy; it is about you being so intimately affiliated with someone who enjoys being with a socially unorthodox figure. It is your decision to make if you can modify such an equation, but you must do so immediately and attempt to stick to it for a long time.


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