What Makes A Man Want To Have A Baby With You?

The answer is YOU. If a man wants to have a baby with you, the primary reason is his love for you. You are the love of his life, and he wants to start a family with you.
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Wanting to have a baby and having a baby are two different things. A man might want to have such mind-blowing sex that he makes sure his sperm fills you to the core during coitus. The first thing to do when a man reveals the secret desire to have a baby with you is not to get excited!

Making babies are not a one-night stand but a lifetime commitment. Don't let the passing remark create a deep impact on your mind and soul if it is not stated to you in an earnest tone.

Reasons Why A Man Wants To Have A Baby With You

A man could want to have a baby with you for a delightful number of reasons, but the one that tops the list is his trust in you and the life with you. He wants to initiate the new phase of his life with you by thrusting his being into yours for his lifetime.

#1 He Wants To Claim You

The man may be so deeply in love with you that he wants to put his claim on you by having a child with you. In that way, you shall be forever connected with this man even if you leave him and go somewhere far away.

However, if you genuinely like the idea of gifting him fatherhood by bringing his child into the world, then the only place you need to run in is in his arms and make the attempts to initiate the most beautiful journey of life!

#2 He Wants To Dominate You

He may find you too bossy, and this is his way to remind you of your womanly attributes. He wants to dominate over you and control your being. By pushing you into motherhood, control would come easy to him.

#3 He Wants To Marry You

A simple and pleasing answer to why a man would want to have a baby with you is because he wants to marry you. He wants to gift you a secured life and keep making love to you for at least this lifetime.

#4 He Wants To Experience Parenthood With You

He feels that you are the right person to experience parenting with. This might either be because you are fond of children or because he finds in you a mature adult who will not only acknowledge and appreciate but also keenly participate in making his dream come true.

#5 You Are Special

He wants to have a child with you because he finds you special. It is perhaps because he has never felt this way for a woman before. You are so unique and different or womanly in your way that he is overtaken by this strong urge to impregnate you with his sperms.

#6 You Are Beautiful

He finds you so beautiful that he wants to have a child with you. He is fascinated by the idea of having babies with you. He knows you inside out and is pretty confident that you will be as gorgeous a mother as you are as a person.

#7 You Are Beauty With Brains

He finds himself lucky to have you in his life, and he finds you to be the perfect lady to get pregnant with. He is not only enchanted by your looks but finds your thought process mesmerizing and your reasoning skills engaging.

#8 You Are His Glimpse Of The Ideal Woman

For him, you are as good as an ideal woman he could have fancied. He is unwilling to miss this chance to start a new episode of his life with you and give a new meaning to your relationship.

#9 You Are A Reflection Of His Mother

Guys like to think of their mother when they try to imagine their woman. He finds a reflection of his mother in you. You might be sharing the same delicate manners and tender behavior as her. It is this outlook that convinces him to want to have a baby with you.

#10 You Are Loyal

You have been with him for a long time, and he knows that you will never cheat on him. He wants a pious woman to be the mother of his child and inculcate the same values in him.

#11 He Is A Keeper

He is a connoisseur of all things praiseworthy, and you are his most cherished treasure. A child with you would be a divine bestowment in his life.

#12 He Cannot Imagine His Life Without You

Having a baby with you is his way to have you forever by his side. He is deeply and madly in love with you and cannot imagine his life without you. A child will give your relationship a greater significance.

#13 He Loves You

Simply put, it's his expression of love for you just as the baby that you will give birth would be of your relationship with him to the world.

#14 He Has Baby Fever

He may have lately caught baby fever like all other men out there. You are the one who seems immediately available, and he is making up his mind to bestow the honor upon you.

#15 He Is Growing Old

This sudden wish has got to do with the fact that he is aging fast, and his sperm count is decreasing rapidly too. He wants to have a baby before it gets too late.

#16 You Are Rich

He wants to have a baby with you because he feels financially secure with you. He is aware of the responsibilities he shall be tied up with, and he sees a woman of power in you who will shoulder the duties just as easily and equally.

#17 He Wants To Continue The Gene

The primary wish is to continue his genes into the next generation. He chooses you as the medium as he is certain you won't say no.

#18 Family Pressure

His family wants him to start a family, and he sees a close friend in you. You both are single, and he feels you would be interested in creating a family.

What Should You Do If You Are Not Interested In Motherhood?

If you are not interested in motherhood and the man has expressed his desire to experience parenthood with you, you should immediately back off. You must neither steal away a person's desire to experience the beauty of becoming a parent nor hastily commit yourself to something so permanent.

What Should You Do If You Don't Want Him To Be The Father To Your Child?

If the man desires to experience parenthood with you, but you don't want him to be the father of your child, then you should try to back off without breaking the heart of this man.

What Are The Things You Should Ask Him Before Making The Big Decision?

If a man expresses his desire to get pregnant with you, ask him a few questions before making the big decision.

#1 Is He Ready To Take The Responsibility?

Ask him this question twice with a short break in between. If he remains consistent with his answer, he has made up his mind; however, if he stammers or lacks enthusiasm the second time, then take the hint that he is not yet ready for it.

#2 Is He Financially Well Sound?

Getting pregnant is no child's play. Even if one has desires and is responsible but lacks resources, such a commitment is uncalled for. Make an estimation of an immediate budget as well as long-term expenses and put it against the savings to see where you would stand as a parent to look after and fulfill all your child's needs.

#3 Will He Help You With Baby Chores?

A man's instinct to have a child with his beloved is natural. But what doesn't come naturally is to help her out with the chores. Providing resources are not enough when it comes to raising a child. It requires consistent unflinching efforts from the end of both the parents.

#4 Has He Ever Looked After A Baby?

Answering this question will clear things out on many grounds. If he is experienced in looking after a baby, it might be that he looked after his siblings, then it shall motivate you to make the call. However, if you both are inexperienced in raising a child, then you can start with petting an animal and see how it goes for a year and use that training to make your next call.

Things To Ask Yourself Before Saying Yes

It might be that you find the idea of getting pregnant with this man approving. But to be sure ask yourself the following questions and see if you pass the test.

#1 Do You Want To Be A Mother?

Motherhood is a rich and delightful experience worth considering. However, if it doesn't appeal to or excite you, you must not force into it. Take your time and do it only when you feel absolutely right about it.

#2 Are You Responsible Enough?

If you are used to shouldering responsibilities, then you will manage alright as a mother. However, if you have been on a runaway all your life and have been negligent towards your responsibilities, then first mend your habits before stepping towards the life of motherhood.

#3 Do You Have Backup Plans?

One must have backup plans when taking such a significant step. If the man changes his mind after planting his seed in you, how will you manage the situation then? Or if something god forbidden but unforeseen takes place, will you have strength and resources enough to continue embracing the joy with the same enthusiasm?

#4 Do You Have Savings?

You cannot be merely dependent on his fortunes. It would be best if you had your savings to rely upon too. If you have assets and resources, you are on the right track; if not, then work on that first.

#5 Do You Love This Man?

It is not enough for him to love you. You must love him all the same. Don't rush into making decisions because you are overwhelmed by his love. Make your decision with a calm state of mind.

#6 Do You Think This Is The Right Time?

In other words, is it the right age and the right place to get pregnant? Would you like to take a break from your office life? Would you like to experience the nine months in your native place? Ask yourself all this and discuss it with your partner before rushing into it. 

#7 Are You Physically Fit?

You are going to bring a child to life. Your body must be fit and ready for it. Merely making up your mind is not enough. Get your fitness test done and see if your body is in the right state to bear a child.

How To Tell If He Is Indeed Serious About Having Babies With You?

Before putting your heart, body, and soul into making a baby, be sure that the man has signed in for it. Don't leave any scope of miscommunication or loopholes. Here's how to know if he means it.

#1 Observe His Actions

Don't believe the words; observe and take notes of his actions. Is he putting effort and orienting his work towards becoming a father? If he is, then the proposal is worth considering.

#2 How Does He Behave Around Children

Notice his behavior when he is surrounded by children. Notice if he treats a noisy and troublesome child differently than a quiet and engaging baby. All this will help you in making the right decision.

#3 Does He Own A Flat

If he wants to have a baby with you, he must at least have a permanent roof over his head. Suppose he doesn't then help him in securing one. Take one step at a time.

#4 Is He Cutting Off On Expenses To Save Money

Can you see any major change in his habits? If he is serious about having a child, he understands the responsibility that comes with it. He will start saving more and cutting off unwanted expenses for a while.

#5 Does He Hesitate To Put On Condoms During Sex?

If he is trying to have unprotected sex, he desperately wants to embrace fatherhood. Do not have unprotected sex even if you are in agreement to have a baby. Visit your gynecologist before making the call.

Is He The Right Guy To Get Pregnant With?

Even if both of you want to start a family together, there are a few things that should be on your checklist prior to making the declaration in affirmation.

#1 Is He Well Established

If the man is well established, has ample fortune, and has a good name in society, he is the right guy. Parenthood will come smoothly with a guy like him. He likes to always be one step ahead in looking after you, and you can become a mother stress-free.

#2 Is He Responsible

Suppose a guy is a responsible person in both his personal and public domain, then he knows how to keep a balance between requirements. He shall keep you encouraged and optimistic throughout the journey.

#3 Is He Loving

It isn't merely about his love for you that you must take into account but his love in general towards our people. If he loves his family members and community, it shall be an enriching experience to get pregnant with him.

#4 Is He Of Mild Disposition

If the man is of a calm and sound mind and doesn't lose his temper easily, then he will always lend you his ears and try his best to understand your words and your gestures.

#5 Do You Know Him Well

You can't just meet a man and decide to get pregnant with him. You must know him inside out. You will be carrying his genes.

#6 Is He A Problem Solver

If he is a problem solver, it makes things easy, but if he is a problem maker, he is not the right guy.

#7 Is He A Family Man

A family man would understand the depth of relationships and will be able to provide your child not only with fatherly love but the love of grandparents and extended family. Your child will be well pampered and looked after lovingly.

#8 Does He Has Insurance And Savings

If he has insurance and savings, you will sign in for a secured life. It means that he is a guy who knows how to manage his funds right.

Summing Up

It is a big call to embrace the life of motherhood, and there is no turning back from it. There is no time machine, and you must have the patience for the nine months struggle first and the life term commitment after that. However, all said and noted; it shall always be the most beautiful part of this journey called life. If you are confident that you are with the right man, do not hesitate to accept the proposal.


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