Know Exact Reasons Why A Guy Goes Offline When You Come Online

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You had a nice conversation with him last week. You don’t realize how the topic of conversation moved to Taylor swift from chicken salad. Throughout these random conversations, you laughed hard. In some places, you felt nostalgic too. It was going smoothly. You enjoyed it.

But out of a sudden, something feels off. Or, maybe there was no conversation, but he started to act weirdly. Now, he goes offline when you go online.

What does it mean if a guy goes offline when you come online? There can be many reasons for him going offline when you go online. Perhaps you messed up. Asked him something too personal, and that made him mad. Or you said something (unintentionally) that made him upset. Another reason to ignore you in such a way can be to make you impatient, and you start to chase him. A few positive possibilities are there too. Maybe he wants to have a meaningful conversation with you. And that’s why he is not chatting with you at random hours. There are tons of reasons!

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! From “why is he doing so” to “what to do,” you would get every answer here!

Why Is He Going Offline When You Come Online?

Let me be honest with you. If he goes offline every time you come online is not a normal thing. There can be a bunch of reasons.

He Is Upset Or Mad At You

We, the girls, often think only girls are emotional, or they get emotionally hurt easily. But the case is the same with the boys too. Of course, they are human too.

If you say something disheartening (unintentional), that can make him feel upset. If you were being too nosy and interfering in his personal life, that could make him mad.

That Guy Is Shy

Understanding the nature of the boy through texts is a bit difficult. You can not predict their nature just by having a conversation for a few hours. 

He can act cool in front of everyone or add cool stories online. But he can be shy in real life. It is difficult for him to break the ice easily. So he takes the back door.

He Only Wants To Have A Meaningful Conversation

Have you ever heard, do not eat a bagful of candies at a time? That can cause a sugar rush. Some people try to apply this in their life too.

To keep the conversation going and healthy, they need to give it a small break. He can follow the same. He tries to cut the fluff and have a meaningful conversation.

He Is Not Comfortable Around You

Everyone has a different vibe, and they can match with people with the same vibe. That is why this world is unique and diverse. It is a hard but beautiful truth.

In this case, you maybe have a different vibe, and that does not align with his. He feels uncomfortable around you.

He Wants To Test Your Patience

Another reason for him to go offline after seeing you online can be a trick. Boys do this. Not always for fun, sometimes to test if you like him or have a crush on him or not. 

He can do this on purpose to check your patience. How long can you hold it, or can you come and ask him the question directly?

He Is Trying To Make You Go After Him

There is an old conception that is still going on, and we need to let it go. Can you guess it? Only boys chase the girls. Noh.

With time, boys are willing to be chased rather than chasing a girl. There is a possibility that the boy is trying to make you go after him. He keeps on going offline when he sees you online. So that, you become impatient. You wait for him and then maybe knock at his door!

He Wants To Avoid You

Among many reasons, there is always a chance that he is trying to cut you off. His reason for going offline every time you come online can be, avoiding you.

It can be harder to accept, especially if you have a crush on him, that he is not interested. There is a chance of him being already In a relationship. Or he did not like you that much.

How Do You Know The Reasons Behind His Action?

Now, you can question the reasons as mentioned earlier. How do you know "THAT'S IT." Don't worry. I am here to cover your doubts. There are always some signs and logic!

If He's Mad Or Upset...

How to know that he is upset or mad at you? He goes offline every time he notices your online status beside your name.

If he is upset or mad at you, you can check what kind of stories or posts he is uploading. Studies have proven that upset or sad people try to share posts or stories related to that feeling. So, check his social media account mindfully!

If He's Shy But Interested...

From the list, it is the easiest one to track. Maybe a guy does not make it obvious, but he can be shy. He may be one of those guys who seems cool but can not text a girl properly.

The first way to denote is by checking the previous conversation you guys had. If you know him in person, have you ever talked to him?

Maybe the conversations you guys have are quite unbalanced. You are the one who talks the most. But he tries to have a meaningful talk and ends it with a goodbye. It is a sign that he is shy.

If He Is Trying To Check And Also Interested...

His intention of going offline after noticing you online is perhaps to check your patience. The reason is his interests lie in you, and you have to observe his online behavior. Again what types of stories or posts he is sharing can give you an idea of what he is up to.

If his idea is to check your patience, he will share some regular posts. They neither mean sad or upsetting.

Here is a pro-tip from me to understand that maybe he is going offline, but he reacts to your posts! Try to check that. There is a high chance he will react to your photos to remind you, "Hey! I'm here".

If He's Uncomfortable And Not Interested...

If he feels uncomfortable around you (online), the best way to notice is his text. But you can ask me how to understand if he is shy or not interested? Both are not the same thing. Again, I have an answer for you.

The difference between this to the tone of the previous conversation. Suppose it is more of a formal one that is a red alert. Also, if he hangs up the conversation in the middle without bidding you goodbye, it shows him not being into you.

If He Wants The CHASE...

If he intends to avoid you by going offline on purpose to want your attention, you can track that too. How? May you ask?

Again you have to check his social media platforms, or If you know him in person, ask among your circle to know about him. If he is doing this to make you chase after him, he will try some tricks. He may post his pictures with girls or change them into an eye-grabbing profile picture. All those fuzz to grab your attention!

What Should You Do Now?

Now you know the reasons for him going offline every time you pop up. Also, you have decoded it with signs and logic. Next, I bet you are willing to know about your next step! Keep on reading.

If He Is Upset Or Mad At You...

It is normal for us to feel upset or mad. Those are kinds of emotions, too. Those emotions play a huge role in shaping our outlook and next reaction.

If he is mad at you, try to find out the reason or look into where it goes wrong. If you get the answer, the best way to fix it would be to say sorry.

Again, if he is sad or upset, try to understand if you are the reason for this. His personal life can cause this. If you are not at fault, do not try to jump onto him. Give him some time.

If He Is Trying To Check And Interested...

I have mentioned before that there is a high chance of him going offline on purpose. He is going offline to understand you from a distance. He is trying to check your patience or behavior.

To catch him red-handed, upload a profile picture so that his eyes pop out! Just kidding. If he is really into you, he can not resist himself from reaction to the photo.

Again you can do the opposite. Do not post or share anything. Even turned off the online notification. If he's interested, he will care for you. Noticing your inactivity, he will drop you a text asking your whereabouts.

If He Is Interested But Shy...

If we like someone, we can not cut them off with ease. We try to keep them and work on ourselves to make things go with us. So what should you do when he is shy but interested in you?

The first step for you would be to help him to break the ice. Shy people need time to get comfortable around new ones. Make him sure that you are not going to judge him.

Do not rush. Try to have a short conversation rather than a long exaggerated talk. Give him the time to cope up with the situation and come out of their shell.

If He Wants Your Attention Only...

First of all, if he is willing to enjoy the chase or grab your attention only, it is better to cut them off from him in life. If he is one of those guys who want to look cool because a girl is chasing him, prove he is WRONG.

But why not give them back the same "Forget Me Not" reply to his activities? So that he could understand he is beating the wrong bush!

Upload gorgeous profile pictures. Share pictures with your friends. The idea is to show that you do not have someone to chase for happiness. You are not sad or mad without him.

If He Is Not Interested...

Again, you can not be everyone's cup of tea. We all have different choices, personalities, and preferences. It is natural to be uninterested in some people.

But if you already have a crush on him, it could be difficult for you to get over it. But it is not impossible.

The best idea would be to spend time offline. You can delete his number or block him on social media. Hang out with your friends. Meet new people who might find you interesting!

Ending Thoughts

That guy goes offline when you come online. There are multiple reasons. He can be mad at you. His shyness can be a reason for avoiding you. Or that guy can be simply not into you. Maybe he is just an attention seeker. You know about them and also understand how to deal with them.

Throughout your life, you are going to meet zillions of guys. Some of them will be interested in you, but you will not feel the same and vice versa. But you do not need to lose your sleep over every little thing. Do not think too much. Live life without stress. And, don't forget to smile!


Why does he stop texting me in the middle of a conversation?

It is one of the most common habits among guys. They like to leave the conversation in the middle. It is not that they are rude.

Most of the time, the guys do not want to text "bye" or "good night" because they do not know where to start again! He can fall asleep too. Or he gets a new notification from the gaming app. Guys and their love for games!
But if he keeps doing it more often, there is also a chance for him to cheat on someone else. Come on! he can't fall asleep every day while talking to you!

Why does he text you first then ignore you when you reply?

After texting you first, he ignores you. If it happens often, then the reasons can be he gets a call, or something important comes upon. But if this is how he treats you, it is time to look into this situation. 

There is a high chance he is reaching out to you for his benefit. Maybe he is bored or in desperate need of attention. So, he is here to toying you.

RED FLAG! He is not interested as much you are, and there is no chance of a future together. It is better to bid him goodbye without announcing it.

Why is he texting me after rejecting me?

You asked him out, or you let him know your feelings. He rejected you but now texting you. There are two possible reasons for him texting you after rejecting you.

Probably he does not want to make you feel bad and smoothens the situation. Trying to maintain friendly vibes around you.

The second one is, he wants to keep you on edge. He wants to feel validated, and that is the very reason for seeking attention from you. 

To understand his motive, try to track his actions. If he is texting and ghosting you, then the second one is his motive. 


Start a conversation. Or give us feedback.

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