What Does It Mean When A Guy Says Goodnight To You?

Ahiri Chakraborty
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The feeling of getting a text from your loved one before you go off to sleep is unparalleled. It shows that the other person really cares about you and thinks about you. It leaves a smile on your face and you sleep with happy thoughts.

This feeling is multiplied when you get the text from the guy you have a crush on, or you started dating recently. Obviously, your mind goes off to thinking about all the romantic stuff and you fall for that guy even more.

Believe me, it’s a really special feeling when you get a goodnight text from your special one. I can vouch for it from my personal experience. My boyfriend, even before we started dating each other officially, always sent me a good night text, no matter what. It was a very sweet way to end our daily conversation and left me satisfied and smiling always. 

Also, as he was always the last person to text me in the night, I could automatically see his chat options on my feed the first thing in the morning. And however, busy he was or I was, he always sent me a sweet goodnight message which surely took away all my day’s exhaustion. 

However, is your thinking and his thinking are on the same line? Are you giving it more importance than it deserves? These are all the questions that would clutter your mind until you get to understand the real meaning when a guy says goodnight to you. 

So, what does it mean when a guy says goodnight to you? Usually, when a guy says goodnight to you it means he thinks about you and cares for you. He loves to go to bed with your thoughts and see your messages. When a guy is into you and wants to make you feel special, he sends a goodnight text to you to show his liking for you and wishes to see your reaction as well. 

When you are getting goodnight texts from a guy, you would want to know the real meaning. You will understand the true feelings of the guy for you and it can help you up to decide which step to take next. So, let’s now have a deep dive into the various meaning when a guy says goodnight to you.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Says Goodnight To You?

Sometimes you may be confused and don’t know what to do when you start getting goodnight texts from a guy suddenly. Before having a thousand assumptions or jumping to a conclusion without knowing the true meaning, let’s have a look at the different meanings. 

  1. He has a crush on you:

When a guy has a crush on you, he will try to make it obvious by his sweet gestures. He wants you to make him feel special and let you know that he has feelings for you which he would like to take forward.

However, many guys don’t want to come forward as desperate or ruin the initial bonding that is being developed, so they do not directly express their feelings. He will make small efforts to make you understand. Also, he does not want to misinterpret and make things fast.

He is taking each step slowly. And by sending you a goodnight text he is showing that he has a crush on you. He likes you and that's why he likes to have the last conversation of the day only with you. He wants you to think about him so a sweet text from him will surely make your heart melt.

Look out for messages like “ Good night sweetheart”, “ Goodnight babe”- these are clear indications that he has a crush on you and he would like you to understand that. 

  1. He wants to date you:

Have you two met via a common friend or on social media? And you two hit it off instantly and started talking to each other? Well, then there is a high chance that the guy you are talking to wants to date and hence he is saying goodnight to you.

Yes, it’s not just two friends talking to each other about a school project, there’s something more to that. He certainly likes you and would like to explore you more as a person. So he surely wants to go on dates with you. 

So, he starts sending you goodnight texts to give you some hints that this should not be limited to friendship only. He will ask you out after some time but first, he wants to see your reaction and make you feel a bit special. 

  1. He wants you to text him in the morning:

You talk to each other and end it on a good note. But the question is who would initiate the conversation tomorrow morning? If you’re dating a shy guy or an introvert, you might find that he is unable to start a conversation. You wait for his text but no text from his side.

It’s not because he does not have feelings for you. He certainly does but he is a bit shy and doesn’t want to hurt you by any means. So he picks up an easy method. He wants to be the last person to text you and hence he sends a goodnight text to you.

When you wake up the next day, you will see his text on top, and out of courtesy, you will send him a good morning text. It’s a perfect chance for him to start the conversation tomorrow. It happens mostly during the flirting stage. When feelings are slowly generating in your hearts but both of you are not ready to admit yet. 

As soon as you send a text in the morning, he will start talking to you about your plans of the day, generic stuff. So this guy likes you, certainly loves to talk to you but is a bit reserved, and that is the reason for him to send you a goodnight text. 

  1. He wants to be more than a friend:

We have seen many times in movies and series how friends turned into beautiful couples. So many of my friends from university have gone through the transition of being friends to being Mr. and Mrs. 

Undoubtedly, friendship builds the best foundation for any romantic relationship. But when you are friends and you start to grow feelings, you at times feel awkward sharing the thought. Also, you always end up thinking what if it goes wrong and she does not like me more than a friend? 

So, basically, your guy likes you a lot and definitely has a very soft corner in his heart for you. But he is afraid to tell you because he doesn’t want to lose your friendship or you by any means. 

That is why he adopts a new strategy wherein he sends you goodnight texts which you usually expect from your boyfriend not from any other friend right? So, he is trying to be more than your friend and hence he is doing this boyfriend’s behavior to make you understand his feelings in a subtle yet sweet way. 

  1. He wants to talk more:

Yes, sometimes a goodnight is not a marker for ending your conversation. When you have something to tell the person you like or you have feelings for, you don’t find the right moment. But at the same time, you want to talk to the person more, you wanna our your heart out to the person. 

So, when a guy is sending you goodnight texts, it means he wants to talk to you more. He knows when he sends a text to you, you will reply to it, and once again he gets a chance to say or send you something. It can be GIF or an emoji with hearts and kisses, just to let you feel what he feels.

He can’t directly tell you that “ I wanna talk to you more”, but he is just carrying on with the conversation by such cute texts. 

Also, if you two are at the initial stage of dating and really not certain about the status of the relationship, but you had a silly fight, your guy will send you goodnight texts. He wants to let you know that he is not giving up on you so easily just because of a silly fight. Nonetheless the situation, he will make efforts, he will text you and he will continue to make you feel special. 

  1. He will be proposing to you soon:

When a guy is totally into you, he will leave no stone unturned to make you understand that he is the right guy for you. So, you would get goodnight texts from him or even better he will call you up to listen to your voice and tell you goodnight.

He is preparing himself for the big moment and also giving you little hints about his thoughts. He is extremely serious about you and he wishes to take this relationship a notch further. He is gonna propose to you soon. Also, if he is planning to move in with you, he will make sure to make you feel special every moment.

Also, saying goodnight to your means, that you are in his thoughts. You are not forgotten or ignored. He is going to take a big step for you and he wants everything to go perfect. Again, he wants to know whether you have the same vibe for him or not. 

  1. He wants to end the conversation:

Sometimes goodnight texts can have a negative meaning too. When a guy is not so much into you and wants to take things really slowly, then even if you want to talk to him for longer, he will try to end it.

And the polite way to end a conversation at the end of the day is by saying goodnight to you. There are few chances that you would get offended by a goodnight text. Also, he is directly not being rude or saying directly on your face that he doesn’t want to talk anymore. 

You can send him texts afterward but he won’t probably reply to you because he clearly has no mood to talk to you. Some guys prefer to keep things low initially when they see a girl. They want to be totally sure before going ahead. So they don’t want to give you false hopes or hurt you unnecessarily. 

Saying a goodnight won’t stretch a conversation. Also, when you become too intrigued to know about his past or try to be too curious about his life in general, he might want to avoid conversations with you. So, a goodnight is the best bet for him. 

What Should You Do When A Guy Says Goodnight To You?

First of all, you need to know how you feel about the guy? Are you into this guy, do you want to have anything with the guy or do you have any kind of attraction towards him?

When you know the answers to your heart’s questions, you can surely handle the situation in a smooth manner. So, if you positively feel for the guy, you must respond in such a way that he also understands your feeling.

However, when you’re unsure or you really don’t want anything serious to happen with the guy, you need to either tell him directly or make him understand in certain ways. 

Let’s Look At What Should You Do When You Too Have Feelings For The Guy

  • Reply to his text immediately. When you also feel the same for the guy, make it obvious. Don’t be late and don’t try to act too cool. Send him a goodnight text as soon as possible. You two can even end up talking the entire night, you never know.
  • Call him. When he sends you goodnight every day, you call him as a surprise. He won’t expect a call from you after he has sent you a goodnight text. So surely he will be very happy to get a call from you. Also, he would get hints about your feelings.
  • Send him romantic emojis. So when you reply back to him after his text, add some heart and kiss emojis with your text. You can also find sweet goodnight romantic quotes and send that too. He will definitely understand that you too have quite strong feelings for him.
  • Send him a voice note. If you feel calling him would be a bit awkward or is too early to call, yet you want him to know that you like him, then send him a voice note. He will appreciate your extra efforts. 
  • Ask him out. If your guy is too shy to ask you out but definitely giving you all the green flags about his feelings, then you can totally ask him out. You must spend some time talking to him before asking him out. But he will really like your effort and from next time he won’t be shy at all. 

What Should You Do When You Don’t Have Feelings For The Guy?

  • Be polite. Don’t be rude on his face. You may not have feelings for him but that does not give you the right to hurt him. So be polite and reply to him formally. Don’t use any emojis. Only a goodnight text.
  • Reply late. You can reply to him an hour later or simply reply to him the next morning. Tell him you fell asleep. This way you are not being rude either. 
  • Do not talk to him till late. That’s an easy way to escape any kind of complicated feelings. End your conversations early evening. Do not give him an opportunity to tell you goodnight. 
  • Be inconsistent in your responses. If you do not want to take things further, yet you know he wants, then you need to show that to him. So, don’t text him regularly. Take a break for a few days. Reply to him on alternate days. Let him know that you are not interested in him the way he is. 

So, when a guy says goodnight to you, it can have several meanings. It’s up to you how you want to respond to it depending on the meaning. Also, remember one thing, just sending goodnight doesn’t make him a perfect guy if he fails to show his love for you in any other way.

Hence be practical. Ask your heart what it actually wants and take the step accordingly. You will always have the right answer for you. 


What does it mean when a guy sends goodnight instead of GN?

It definitely means that you’re more than his friend. He has feelings for you and he would love to know you more and have a romantic relationship with you. When you say GN, then you’re just a friend. But goodnight means he is putting more effort into you. 

How do understand that the goodnight text is actually a flirty text from a guy?

When the guy you’re talking to says goodnight to you but also adds a few kiss and heart emojis, it means he is flirting with you. Also, when he says Goodnight babe, goodnight baby, goodnight darling, or honey, he is totally flirting with you. 

Do Goodnight texts mean anything?

Yes, goodnight texts have multiple meanings. But mostly when a guy is into you and wants you to feel special, he will send you a goodnight text. It’s his way of showing you that you are in his thoughts and he loves to end his day talking to you. 


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