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Is It Weird To Tell A Girl She’s Cute?

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You appreciate her and would like to express your feelings to her. So, would it be Ok to tell a girl that she is attractive?

It’s hardly the worst thing you can say to a girl to tell her she’s cute. So, in most circumstances, it’s appropriate to tell her she’s cute. However, whether or not it works completely depends on the circumstances in which you meet her, your perception, and your ability to counteract your admiration by poking her.

Girls would always appreciate a compliment, it will depend on who she is to you and how you communicate your message. 

So is it weird to tell a girl that she is cute? No, it’s never weird to compliment a girl as long as you are being subtle and a gentleman about it without crossing any limits. Pay a respectful compliment and be genuine about whatever intentions you have. 

How To Tell A Girl She Is Cute? 

  1. She is just a friend and you find her cute.

If she is just a friend you commonly hang out with every once in a while, mention it in the conversation that she looks good today, or a certain dress looks cute on her. You’ll definitely make her day and make her more confident! 

Complimenting a friend that she’s cute might make you look like you are in love with her or you are desperate, so to keep your intentions clear, have a friendly tone and let her know that it’s a genuine compliment. 

Any girl would appreciate a genuine compliment and see you as a trusting friend. 

  1. You want to tell your crush that she is cute.

When it’s a crush you haven’t have the guts to talk to, this is your chance to get noticed. Be it a colleague or a classmate, if whenever you look at her and you can’t stop admiring her, you know you have a crush! 

So go get her, start a conversation with her, don’t start by literally telling her you like her or that she’s cute, approach as a boy who’ll be safe to talk to. 

Start your conversation with “hey, we haven’t had a chance to talk to, I am (your name), what’s yours? “ 

Mention it in your first conversation that you find her cute but don’t be all about it. Plan the first conversation in your head so things don’t get boring or awkward after you tell her that she’s cute. 

Notice the little things, she’s wearing new earrings? Tell her they suit her. She’s had a piercing? ask her questions about it. Giving a compliment is a great way to get a girl’s attention but it’s also important to let her know you’re genuinely interested in knowing her. 

  1. She is a friend and you like her! 

If a girl is your friend and you are really attracted to her and want to tell her that she’s cute and she makes your heart bloom, do not tell her. Do not tell her everything at once or she’ll be overwhelmed and your friendship can be at risk. 

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Keep giving her hints and compliments, try to flirt at times too, give her and yourself time to grow together and know each other on a deeper level.

Don’t be just a friend or you’ll be friend-zoned, keep the flirt sparkling to let her know that you see her as more than a friend. 

Keep complimenting her, tell her she matters to you, respect her space and keep reminding her how beautiful and cute and pretty she is to you, and hope she feels the same for you. 

  1. Tell a random girl she is cute. 

How do you tell a random person or a girl that she looks cute? It’s simple, just go up to them, say hi and introduce yourself and tell her that you find her cute. 

Do not shout at a girl that she looks amazing or whistle at her, you will look like a threat and she will find you unsafe to talk to. 

Introducing yourself is important as it will show this random girl that you are opening up too and Girls will always appreciate a random person’s complement or even flirt as long as it feels non-threatening. 

You both may get together well and vibe enough to end up having coffee together this way and see how it goes! 

  1. How to tell an authority figure (senior) that you find her cute? 

First of all, be honest with yourself, if you want to flirt with your senior/boss/teacher or if you just want to let them know that they look cute. 

If your intention is to get their attention, buck up your seat belt as you are in for a tough ride. 

It’s often very difficult to approach your seniors and talk informally with them. Do not make any moves when in a group setting, it will bring embarrassment to them and they might find you creepy. We know it’s tough to see her and not be able to tell her how cute you find them, but resist the urge as you don’t want to make her uncomfortable. Be smart and connect with them over social media, it’s the safest place to get known to a senior.

If you get chances to talk to them, slip within the conversation that a particular outfit looks cute on them, or that she looks really cute when she smiles. Make your compliment subtle enough to be flirty and not creepy at the same time. And find a perfect time to say it too.  

Many guys approach women to praise their looks only to be labeled as creeps or weirdos. That’s because they make a few basic but critical errors when describing a woman as attractive. Which turns most women off and makes them lose interest in you. So, if you’re single and looking to compliment ladies on their appearance in the appropriate manner... Then it’s critical that you know how to tell a female she looks cute without making her uncomfortable.

It’s critical to consider how you say what you’re thinking. When praising a woman on her appearance, your tone of voice, phrasing, and inflection are all important.

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What NOT TO DO When Telling A Girl That She’s Cute?

Compliments can be a fantastic way to flirt, indicate your attraction, or show your admiration for your companion when you’re already in a committed relationship.

There is one catch, though: a lousy compliment might make you appear unpleasant, inconsiderate, or even creepy. How can you give the right compliment to a girl that expresses your admiration without seeming creepy? Here are some things which you should not do when complimenting or flirting with a girl. 

  • Do not force a compliment. 

Tell her that she is cute but only if you genuinely feel that way at that moment and not just to get her attention. Mean it. Mean your words or It will mean nothing to her either. Women can sense when someone is genuine or not, don’t go to her bad list over a compliment. 

When you mean something it shows on your face and body language and faking it will not get you anywhere with her. 

  • Do not overwhelm her. 

Keep your compliments or flirts within a boundary, raining a lot of praises will make her feel overwhelmed and you might come out as creepy to her. We understand the urge to let her know your true feelings and make her feel good, but rather she will be overwhelmed. 

Even though you are being true to herself and yourself, it might feel too much or fake to her and she will find you creepy or a weirdo. So for a new friendship or relationship, keep it genuine without crossing her comfort limits to stay in tag with this cute girl. 

  • Do not make it weird. 

Approach a girl with confidence, tell her she is cute, and keep the conversation going. Don’t expect a compliment or flirt in return, just let her know how you feel and keep the conversation heating and interesting to know more about the girl.

Let her know it’s not only her looks you are interested in and see where it goes. If it’s a friend you really like, keep your intentions open to get out of the friend zone, tell her you think she is really cute and would like to take her on a non-friendly date sometime. Communicate efficiently and let your message be known as a genuine thing and not creepy. 

  • Do not be creepy. 

Coming across as creepy is pretty much every man’s worst nightmare. The worst charge you could level against the great majority of regular guys is that they are creeping someone out. Given the state of the world today and the number of males behaving improperly, it’s a healthy dread. Even little gestures committed with good intentions might come across as inappropriate, and navigating what is and is not suitable can be challenging.

Do not approach a random girl by shouting compliments at her or barging her on social media with a hundred texts while liking all of her pictures. Respect a woman’s space and individuality. Let yourself be known by introducing yourself respectfully and let her know that you find her cute. 

Be direct or not is a personal choice and based upon both of your comfort levels but be respectful as a fellow human being and not be too pushy or overwhelming in your communications. 

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Related Queries:

Is it a bad game to straight-up tell a girl that she is cute?

No, the answer is no it’s not a bad game as long as you do not sound or act threatening. Everyone loves compliments and you’ll probably make her day by telling her she is looking cute or that you find her cute. Make sure the conversation does not end here or it will be too awkward for both of you. You can always go up to a girl, gather the guts and go up to a girl and start a conversation by telling her you fond her attractive and would like to know her better. Do not directly ask for a date or a phone number, introduce yourself and let her know that you are interested in being friends or maybe more. 

She will surely appreciate the confidence it took you and you being a gentleman by introducing yourself and not asking directly for a phone number will add to it. 

How to tell a girl she is cute on Instagram?

By simply texting a girl that she is cute will not help, as there are probably 10+ unseen messages or random people telling her the same thing. If you’re genuinely attracted to a girl and want her attention on social media, text her related to something she is interested in. 

For example: If a girl likes to draw, ask her questions or for any help specifically regarding her art that she posts... “hey, saw your profile and your art is amazing, which Pencil dis you use to draw that specific sketch? “ or if her bio says “traveler” ask her questions related to travel after your first hey. Your interest in her will make her curious about you and out of the 10+ not replied messages, yours will be the one she will reply to out of curiosity. 

How to make a girl blush? 

Talking to a girl about her interests and remembering the little things she talks about. Noticing a woman on her habits and letting her know that you do notice her will definitely make her feel like giving importance to you and feel important which will definitely make her blush. Complimenting a girl every once in a while, noticing the new shoes or a different hairstyle, and letting her know that you notice her and give importance to her things will always make her happy and she’ll be blushing thinking about you later. 

What can I ask a girl?

Ask anything and everything you want to know about her as long as it’s appropriate. Start with the basic conversations, “when is your birthday?”, “where do you live?”, “who do you live with?” and find the common topics to bond over. Ask her about her interests and her dreams, her favorite movies and why is it her favorite movie? Keep the conversation open and be ready to share about yourself too if the conversation takes a deeper dip. 


Start a conversation. post with kindness.

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