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Why Would A Guy Block You Then Unblock You?

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“I will block you” is the new age weapon for couples during a fight. And why it won’t be? It’s just an easy step. If pressing the block button on your phone, can relieve you from the chaos of a fight, then why won’t people opt for it. 

But just easy blocking sounds, unblocking is easier too. Another tap on the same button, and the person you blocked a minute ago, is unblocked. Voila!

However, it has been seen that usually girls opt for blocking a guy more than guys do. Go and ask your girl bestie, she would definitely say- “Yes, I blocked him. It’s over”. But that does not mean that a guy doesn’t block. After all, they are also human beings, they also have emotions, anger and they can block you too. 

You do not want to keep in touch, you want to end contacts of all sorts, then blocking is totally fine. But the problem arises when you are unblocked and the neverending thread of blocking and unblocking continues. 

You are totally confused. You have no clue what to do, how to respond. And you keep wondering, why is he doing so.

So why would a guy block you and then unblock you?

He wants to grab attention, he is still unsure about his decisions, or he is just too curious to know your life updates, he wants to get back to you or he wants to see how you react to it. 

The human mind is a mess. It can go through a thousand emotions and thoughts at the same time. So you are bound to get confused if you are being blocked and unblocked continuously.

Let’s dive into the psyche of guys and try to find why a guy would block you and then unblock you. 

Blocking And Unblocking You?- That Guy Is An Attention Seeker

You two fought hard and were so pissed off with each other that one of you decided to block the other. In this case, it’s the guy who has blocked you. But after a few days or sometimes months, you find yourself unblocked.

Confused, aren’t you? Don’t give yourself too much into the situation. If this has occurred to you, you simply have to understand the guy’s motive which is nothing but to seek your attention. He is completely immature and by unblocking you he is just proving it you how more childish he can be.

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He was the first person to block you after that dreadful fight. He chose not to talk about the problem and find a solution, rather, he did the stupidest thing ever. He blocked you. 

Now when he has unblocked you, it just shows how he failed to hold his own ground after all. And he just wants to grab your attention with this action. Remember, this guy has no intention to get back to you whatsoever. He wants to see whether you send him a message, or you like his post on Instagram or FB. 

He is trying to get your attention and wants to know whether you reach out to him or not. Do you still think about him? Do his posts on social media bother you anymore? These are the answers he is trying to seek.

So, if you face a similar situation like this, where a guy has unblocked you after a long time, you can’t lose control over your emotions and message him immediately. Try to analyze his pattern.

If wanted to get to a solution after your fight, he will not have waited for so long. And the best way to tackle synch attention-grabbing guys is to totally ignore them.

Your ignorance is going to annoy them more. Why not give yourself a superior position this time when you have the perfect chance? 

The Guy Is Unsure Of His Feelings If He Blocks You And Then Unblocks You

Millennials and their feelings. They are just as fleeting as a butterfly’s life. Blocking and unblocking are signs of the guy’s uncertainty about his feelings. Definitely, some reasons worked behind his mind while he blocked you. Maybe he was hurt, maybe he was jealous of your “guy best friend”, maybe he felt this relationship has no future, and decided to break up with you. 

After blocking you, he realizes perhaps he could have given it a second thought. Perhaps, communicating with you about the issues would have solved the problem. So he once again unblocks you. 

Even now he is totally unsure about his feelings. He has not made up his mind whether he really wants to patch up with you. If you notice that he is blocking and unblocking you, you have to understand that it has been quite difficult to hold up his emotions after the break-up.

He cannot move on fully, yet he is in a battle with his own heart. He does not want to go through another heartbreak, or he totally wants to avoid nasty fights. But he is as confused as a puzzle.

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Failing to deal with his own emotional rides, he unblocks you but does not reach to you or apologize to you.

In this case, never be the one to send a text to your ex. This will also give you a chance to think deeply about your feelings for him as well. If his unblocking does not bother you, you have been able to move on. But if it does, you have to have an honest conversation about yourself to reach a solid conclusion. 

Blocked You First, Then Unblocked You- Does He Want To Patch Up?

Blocking is often done out of impulse. When people are too angry, they can’t think straight. It is the rage that forces them to block the person once they dated. We have also covered an article on what to do when he blocks you after an argument, feel free to check that too if you wish.

As days pass by, the hot temperament finally settles down. And that’s when the guy feels what a foolish thing he has done. It often happens when the guy fought with you over a silly matter and later on starts realizing his mistake. 

He misses you and your company and wishes to get back to you. So obviously unblocking is the first step. He is ready to accept his mistake and apologize to you for his impulsive nature because he really wants to patch up with you. 

If you too were missing your partner and then he unblocked you, it’s a win-win situation for both of you. You wanted to contact, but couldn’t because you were blocked. Now you have the option of settling down bitter things. It means that you two are serious about each other and ignore trivial issues to start afresh. 

Never let ego come between you and your partner. If you are the guy, the moment you unblock your partner, put your best effort to win her back. And if you are the girl and genuinely want to go back to your bae, look no further and respond to him positively. 

The Guy Wants To See How You Respond To His Blocking And Unblocking 

Guys often unblock you after keeping you blocked only to see your responses and reactions. Especially, if you two have been in a casual relationship or only went for two or three dates. He wants to see do you even respond after being unblocked.

Firstly he will notice that you are keeping a tab on his profile otherwise how you would know that you have been unblocked? Then even accidentally you happen to like one of his posts or see his Instagram stories, he has got brownie points for his very immature stunt. 

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And if you are totally cool and do not react either positively or negatively, then this is sure to break the overconfidence of the guy. 

He had no real intention to get back to you or start a mature conversation, he only and only wanted to see your reaction.

If you are in this position, ask yourself, does this guy deserve a special place in your heart anymore? Is he really worthy of giving a second chance? Listen to your heart and act accordingly. But don’t let impulse channel your heart. 

He Blocked And Unblocked To Satisfy His Curiosity

This is a very common reason for a guy to unblock you after keeping you blocked. He is too curious to know your life updates. He wants to see if you have moved on with a new partner, or are still posting some sad quotes on your feed. His motive is to get a glimpse of your life so that he can understand whether you are happy or sad.

He will unblock you on social media platforms and quietly check all your old posts, comments, and pictures. He will not directly message you, or like your post, or comment underneath it. Simply because he is here to satisfy his soul. Not to go back to you. 

Also, he wants to give you a chance to see his life updates as well. Perhaps he wants to make you jealous of his lifestyle right now. You would notice he would post more frequently just to show off his happy life. 

After knowing the nitty-gritty of your life, he might block you again or keep you unblocked. It depends entirely upon you if you want to fall into this situation or not. 

Sum Up

In all the possible cases, if a guy blocks and unblocks you, he is only showing his weaknesses. Girls like guys who know what they want. They do not like guys who fail to take a decision firmly. The guy only comes across as an immature, uncertain, and kiddish person to the girls. 

And girls if you face things like this in your life, take one step at a time. Think practically and always wait for the guy to approach you. If he blocked you and then unblocked you, then doesn’t it become his responsibility to come to you and get things right? 

What’s your take on this? Share your feedback in the comments section below. 


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  1. I am so happy I came across this post. The issue of blocking and unblocking just happened to me, it hit me really hard coz I love my guy so much. I can't imagine life without him. I couldn't eat for days nor go to work. Couldn't vibe with another guy. Just need more tips on how to cope with his temperament. I love him.

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