He Watches All My Instagram Stories: Here's What It Means

It depends on the person who is watching your story. When it’s your crush, it can mean that he too has an interest in you. But when it's your colleague or a close friend, there’s a possibility that they secretly like you. The meanings are endless, but when you know who the person is, you can understand the meaning. 
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We can all agree that from the moment we wake up and go to sleep, Instagram is one app we can’t ignore. Be it watching reels all day or mindless scrolling or looking up who watched your Instagram story, and this app is ruling our world. And it sometimes rules or directs our love lives as well.

I guess your heart certainly beats faster when you see the name of your crush under your story, right? Then again, when you see your ex’s name, you start wondering a lot of things. Basically, Instagram stories play a big role in our daily lives. 

So, your crush can see your story, your ex can see it too, it can be a guy who likes you, your close friend, or even your boyfriend. But everyone has a separate interest when they see your story. So, I will help you decode those different meanings and interests when you start thinking about “Why does he watch all my stories?”

8 Reasons Why He Watches All Your Instagram Stories

Depending on the kind of relationship you share with the person, the meaning can change it. You might think that watching an Instagram story is no big deal, but it can have many underlying meanings. Let’s have a look at the different reasons and meanings when he watches all your stories.

  1. He has a crush on you:

You never know what your crush is going to do for you. And that’s why having a crush is the cutest thing, I guess. So you have noticed that there’s this one guy who watches all your IG stories diligently. Never misses a single time.

Even if you put it late at night or post funny and silly stories, he makes sure to watch all of them. There’s must be a reason for that, right? Well, there is. He has a huge crush on you.

He doesn’t know whether you too feel the same for him or not. And he also lacks the courage to ask you directly or confess his feelings for you. He doesn’t want to come desperate or mess up with the friendship that you two share.

So for him, stories are the only option to be updated with your life, know where you are hanging out, whom you are going out with, do you post stories with your boyfriend or not, etc. 

If you have a boyfriend and post stories with him, he will continue to watch them as it will take some time for him to accept the fact. Also, as long as he doesn’t disturb you, he can watch your stories quietly. 

However, if you’re single and he figures that out from watching your stories, he will wait for some time. Maybe he will, too, start posting stories regularly on his feed and see whether you also watch all the stories. 

After noticing your behavior and striking up a conversation with you, he will confess his feelings for you. 

  1. He is curious by nature:

We all have that one friend who knows everything about everyone. He will always be the first person to give you information about another friend, about a new relationship in the workplace, or any gossip under the sun. 

So, this guy who is creepily watching all your stories does not have any particular interest in you. Neither does he have any mal intention. He wants to stay updated with your life story, and that’s it.

He does it for everyone, every girl, boy he follows on Instagram. In fact, he won’t even hesitate to follow random people on the web to know about their life. 

You don’t need to worry about this gut at all. He won’t harm you. However, if you feel like posting something and want to keep it a secret, make sure to hide him from your story settings or make the story visible only to your close friends. 

  1. He is your Ex who still misses you:

It’s your that ex who still follows even after the breakup. It’s him whom you never blocked or if you had a mutual breakup, you never needed to block him even. But why does your ex see all your stories? Occasionally watching your stories makes sense, but it can raise suspicion when it comes down to regular activity.

So, what can it possibly mean? He still has some feelings for you or misses you too much. Even when a couple mutually decides to part ways, your ex can love you. He can take his sweet little time to move on. 

When he has access to your life, he will make the most of it. Watching your story helps to get a glimpse of your life- how are you doing, have you’ve moved on, does he still have a chance. He thinks about all these things while watching your story.

He can even plan to talk to you and ask for another chance. Also, he can be a silent watcher of your stories and your life and never bother you again.

But if you still have a soft corner for him and could not move on after the breakup, you can also take the initiative and start a conversation with him. If you want to get closure or talk to him about getting back together, you can utilize this opportunity for your benefit. 

  1. He is a social media addict:

You certainly do have a friend in your friend circle who is always on their phone. And they love to be on social media. Instagram is their favorite place to hang out.

He posts too much. You will find every update about his life on his stories, from what’s he eating to how many steps he walked that day, what new gadget he bought, to which Netflix show he is binging on. He is out and out on Instagram.

But as much as he loves to post his life online, he loves to watch all your stories as well. He does not have any feelings for you, but he loves to know what you’re up to. And he does it for every other friend in his group. As he tends to spend a lot of time on Instagram, he never misses a chance to see your story. 

  1. He secretly likes you:

He is that guy who likes you a lot. Although he knows that you are in a relationship, he still feels pretty strongly for you. He can be a childhood friend of yours or a very close college friend. He always thought of you as more than a friend but never got the same vibe from you.

He won’t bother you or try to create any fights and misunderstandings between you and your boyfriend. He is content that you’re happy in a relationship. Since he likes you, he watches all your stories.

Even though you post stories with your boyfriend about your dates, he still watches them. That is the only way he can have a glimpse of you, seeing your happy and smiling face. You can be assured that he will never harm you.

If he had any bad intentions or wanted to break off the friendship, he would unfollow you or block you. The fact that he still follows you and watches all your stories speaks volumes of his feelings for you.

  1. He is insecure about your relationship with him:

I find it a bit weird when a boyfriend watches all his girlfriend’s stories. When you two are in a relationship, you already know what’s happening in your partner’s life. Right? 

So, what’s the need to watch all your stories then? Yes, he can watch them, and there’s nothing wrong with it too. But it can be a sign of insecurity too. Suppose you went out with your girl gang and shared your pictures with your boyfriend. After that, you notice that he watches all of them when you post the same photos on your stories. It is strange, undoubtedly.

This is a sign that he can’t trust you completely. He needs to know which photos you’re posting online, whom you’re tagging etc. He isn’t satisfied with the fact that you share all your life updates with him. He still needs to check on his own.

He suffers from insecurity. Even if you post stories with him, he will watch them know which picture you specifically chose to post. After that, he will ask you why you did not post that picture and irritate you with his stupid questions and insecurity. 

  1. He is waiting for your response:

He liked you; he confessed his feelings for you, but sadly and unfortunately for him, you never felt the same way for him. But this guy doesn’t lose his hope that easily. 

He watches your story all the time as he gets to know about your life. This is his way of keeping track of your life. If he finds out that you’re dating someone, he probably won’t try to convey his feelings for you again.

But if he turns out lucky and sees that you’re single even after quite some time, he may take a leap of faith and try his luck once again. 

So, watching your stories is very important to him. It will help him to make the right move. 

  1. He is just one of your followers:

You might have plenty of followers on your Instagram. Many of them watch your story and you don’t need to make a big deal out of it. He was online at that moment and he just happens to watch your story.

There’s no meaning or reasons attached to it. You don’t need to take any stress and decipher why is he watching all my stories etc. He is an acquaintance who can be your childhood classmate or a senior from your college or just a co-worker. He watches your story because it appears on his feed and he forgets about it immediately. So, you take chill totally. 

Now you can see that there are so many reasons attached when he watches all your Instagram stories. However, the person and the relationship you share with him will help you determine the actual reason. 

What Should You Do When He Watches All Your Instagram Stories?

Let’s first define He. He can be your friend, ex, boyfriend. So, once you know your relationship with him, you will know what do you need to exactly. 

When It’s Your Ex

This is a common question that I keep receiving. Well, it depends on a lot of parameters. How was the breakup? Did it involve heartbreak and cheating? Are you still friends with him after the breakup?

  • Post mindfully. If it’s your ex or if he is someone not that close to you, you might not want to show him everything about your life. So, you can keep ceratin stories only for close friends or hide from stories altogether. 
  • If it bothers you because he is your past lover or someone you’ve rejected in the past, you can remove him from your follower list. However, if he replies to all your stories and irritates you, you can also choose to block him.
  •  If you two broke up for a silly reason and miss each other terribly, then he would continue watching your story. You can take this opportunity and have an honest conversation with him. You can tell him that you would like to return to him and give this relationship another chance. 
  • However, if it was a nasty breakup like where you had a toxic relationship or your ex-boyfriend cheated on you, you have to take a different call. If you don’t like the fact that your toxic former lover still knows every little detail about your life, you must block him from your Instagram. 
  • It will be different when even after the breakup, you choose to remain friends. In that case, it really should not bother you when he watches your stories, as you consciously decided to stay friends. You must take it sportingly, or you can hide him from the story settings. The call is entirely yours. 

When It’s Your Boyfriend

  • When it comes to your boyfriend, and you find this behavior creepy, you must confront him. Ask him directly and tell him to explain. Tell him that his behavior makes you uncomfortable, and an insecure relationship is not a happy one.
  • Do not post stories with him. See his reactions when you stop posting stories with him. You will get to know how possessive and insecure he is about this relationship and you can have an open conversation with him regarding this. 

When He Has A Crush On You

  • Stop watching his stories. If he is that social media addict friend of yours or that curious one, this is the only way to stop them. You start completely ignoring their stories. Since they do it for attention, they will also stop watching yours when they don’t get it. 
  • When you have a crush on this guy, and he sees your stories, you can get a hint that he likes you too. You can start a conversation if he reacts to your stories and get to know each other better. 
  • Be inconsistent with your stories. When he sees you less active on social media and doesn’t see you posting stories regularly, he will also forget to keep a tab when you post your next story. 
  • Post stories of memes and reels. This is a great way to see whether he is still watching your stories or not. If you notice that he only watches your stories when you go out or post something personal, he has feelings for you. You can hide him from your story settings. 

So, no more guessing game and asking your friends why does he watch all my Instagram stories? You know the possible reasons, and you know how to handle a situation like this. 

Go ahead and live your life. And don’t forget that it’s your social media handle; you can post whatever you like, keep whoever you want, and you are not answerable to anyone.


Start a conversation. Or give us feedback.

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