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My Ex Has Unblocked Me But Hasn’t Reached Out Yet- What Does It Mean?

My Ex Has Unblocked Me But Hasn’t Reached Out Yet

Not all relationships are meant forever. Not every couple lives happily ever after. Break-ups can happen and that is normal. But breakups can be painful.

You might take some time to forget the person with whom you have shared so many good memories with. Couples who were in a toxic relationship end up blocking each other. Even some couples opt for blocking just to snip off all kinds of contacts with their ex.

But imagine, you are scrolling through your Instagram and your ex’s suggestion shows up on your feed. You start wondering- ”How can I see his/her profile, I have been blocked for months?” Well, the answer is popping right in front of your eyes that your ex unblocked you.

BUT Yet not reached out to you!

So What Does It Mean When Your Ex Hasn’t Reached Out To You?

It means that he/she has passed the initial difficult days of a breakup and probably holds no grudges against you. Your presence in their life no longer makes any difference. You are just another contact on their long contact list. Your ex is in a clear headspace right now and has no bad feelings for you whatsoever. 

When your ex unblocks after a long time keeping you blocked on every platform do not take it as a sign of reconciliation. Why? Because, in such cases, the ex unblocks you for themselves.

It is true. Most exes unblock out of their guilt. He/she feels that they were too harsh on you by blocking you. They feel that a long time has passed and “I do not hate that person anymore”. So what’s the point of keeping them blocked? Let’s unblock them. 

Usually, your ex will not reach out to you. He/she is unblocking you to maintain a neutral relationship with you, or maybe your ex does not think of you as their enemy and they are fine seeing your profile. But he/she has no intention of talking to you or getting back to you.

So if you felt a little bit of excitement seeing your ex once again, hold your excitement. Think rationally. Do not let your imagination weave a fairy tale comeback of your ex into your life.

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But Why Isn’t He/She Texting Me?

If your ex wanted to text you, he/she would have done it way before. Your ex would not have taken so much time to unblock you and reach out to you. They have moved on in their life peacefully and have grown mature enough.

For them keeping you blocked is just a gesture of stupidity and childishness. Mature people can break up, unblock and still be in a fairly good term with their ex.

This is not a means for them to get back to you at all. Your ex does not have any kind of emotional attachment to you. He/she is doing it just to make themselves feel good about their action.

They have realized that blocking you on every social media was too much. He/she didn’t need to be this rude to you. And the easiest way to stop this feeling of hatred is to unblock. 

You might be surprised to see yourself unblocked but do not go text them immediately. You need to understand why they are not making any contact with you.

Let’s Explore Why Your Ex Has Unblocked But Is Not Reaching Out To You

There may be various of reasons that your ex has unblocked but is not reaching out,

#1 Unblocking And Not texting Is A Sign Of Emotional Maturity 

Your ex did end things between you two on a bitter note. But we all know that time is the best healer. 

Over time, he/she has understood that breakups are a part and parcel of life. Two people can have differences and choose to go separate ways. 

But does that mean I will keep that person blocked forever? Not at all. 

Unblocking is just a way of moving forward with life. They do not have any mixed feelings about you anymore. Your life updates are not going to bother them the least. 

#2 Unblocked But Not Texted- Old Memories Triggered

Sometimes your ex unblocks you when he/she feels a bit nostalgic. It happens when you two used to be really good friends. You shared the same friends’ circle and now when you hang out with them you miss them.

When you see your old Facebook posts or some undeleted photos in your gallery it can trigger old memories in them. So he/she just unblocks you.

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But your ex will not contact you because they do not want to restart a relationship. He/she just wants to get rid of all the hard feelings and only keep the good times spent. 

#3 Can’t Reach Out As They Are Uncertain About Their Feelings

Partners block out of anger, in a sudden outburst of emotions. But slowly they come to an understanding that maybe my girlfriend or boyfriend does not deserve blocking. 

He/she thinks unblocking is the safest option. Some partners who struggle after their breakup and can’t move on opt for this option.

Maybe your ex wants to see all your life updates but is not actually sure whether they are ready to give the relationship one more chance. They are going through a mixture of feelings. 

But he/she has no clarity in their head. Even though he/she unblocks you they never have the courage to reach out to you due to this uncertainty. 

#4 Ex Is Going Through A Bad Phase

This is a natural human instinct. Whenever your ex is going through any difficulty in their lives they suddenly start thinking about you.

They have an urge to know your whereabouts and also deep down feel seeing your life updates will give them some kind of consolation.

Also, your ex shared a fair amount of happy times with you. You were once their source of happiness. So he/she thinks unblocking you will ignite some good memories from the past which will help them to go through the bad phase.

Once again, your partner is doing it for themselves and not for you. You are just a means to curb their own pain. 

#5 Thinking About Giving A Fresh Start 

You do not forget the love of your life all of a sudden. While some can move on some can’t. We have to agree that heartbreaks are not easy to deal with.

Many even fear going for a new relationship because of heartbreak. So they feel like giving one last chance to their old one. 

But as your ex is not sure whether you want the same or not. So he/she unblocks you and keeps checking on you. Your ex probably notices every single thing you post, your comments, etc. He/she is waiting for the right time or they are waiting for you to approach.

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They are just hopeless romantics who think that you might one day start talking and then they would confess the true feelings. 

So, you can see the various reasons for your ex not to reach out to you.

But What Should You Do When You Are Unblocked?

Keeping the reasons in mind, it is clear that exes are unblocking for themselves and not for you. 

  • So do not overthink the issue. Take it lightly. Always remember it took you a lot of time to move on and finally you have your peace of mind. Do not let one unblock of your ex mess up your inner peace. 
  • If your ex was willing to patch up with you, he/she would not have taken months or years to unblock you. Even if they took the time, they would have contacted you within a moment of unblocking you. But he/she hasn’t reached out yet.
  • So, you see the picture here. Do not give them the upper hand by texting them first. It was your ex who blocked you in the first place and now he/she has unblocked you out of their will. You play no role in their life anymore.
  • Move on and live your life. Feel as if nothing significant happened. His/her action should not make any influence on your life.
  • Even if you are moved by your ex’s action, do not let that take over your emotions. Immediately unfollow him/her or deactivate your account for a few days and go for a digital detox.
  • Give yourself some me-time, indulge in your favorite activities, and catch up on movies and friends. You will get over the memory of your ex in a jiffy.
  • Indifference is the key here. You need to keep your feelings in place and be indifferent to this whole situation. 

Once you are in control of your life, not even your ex can create a problem. 

Now you know why your ex has unblocked you but hasn’t reached out yet, because he/she is unsure, or he/she is just curious. There is no other intention behind this. 

You must carry on your own and make better choices for your life.

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Start a conversation. post with kindness.

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