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How Often Should You Communicate After Your First Date?

How Often Should You Communicate After Your First Date

First dates can be special or can turn out to be intimidating, exciting, or awkward. Your future relationship is actually kind of depending on this first date. It is an important step before you start your courtship. 

A good first date can you a hint in the very beginning. But a not-so-good one can also be a warning for you. 

When do you usually go for a first date? When you two have been talking to each other non-stop and now you really can’t do without seeing the other person in real life. 

Now when you two have developed enough interest in each other and already have taken the daunting step of going for a first date, what comes next?

It is a recurring question in every girl or boy’s mind- What to do after the first date? Should I text first? Is it too early to talk or am I getting too late?

So, How Often Should You Communicate After Your First Date?

You should either take a day to text or two days to call after your first date. A little late than this can actually ruin the possibility of any kind of relationship in the future. And if you are planning to meet again, make sure to give at least a week in between. The right time can make or break your relationship. So, choose wisely. 

One thing you surely need to keep in mind is that, text only when you are genuinely feeling for it. There are boys and girls who text after their first date out of compulsion. They feel "I should check up once, I went on a date with him/her after all". 

But this is not an ideal scenario. You must make the effort to communicate only when you are ready and you know what you want to say to your potential partner.

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You should not make anything complicated. It took a lot of time for you two to get comfortable and then go for your very first date. Do you really want to mess that up? No- right?

So take baby steps. Do not make a hasty decision in the matters of love. 

Never let your first date be the decider of your relationship. It takes time for someone to open up in front of a new person. Although you have been spending a lot of time virtually, real dates can be overwhelming for some. Do not try to search for a conclusion after the first date. Give it some time and thought, it will show you the correct way. 

Who Should Text First? 

Let’s be real, in today’s world we prefer chatting over calling. This is another common question among partners- “Should I text first or wait for him/her?”  Well, there is no right person for that. Both of you went on a date. Either of you can text first.

But you need to know the correct time. Before that ask yourself “Do I really want to take it further?” If you have a positive answer then do not wait for the other person. Be sure about your feelings and start your conversation.

On the other hand, if you did not like your first date and do not plan to take your chances anymore, you should be clear in the first place. Not texting him/her and not letting them know your actual feelings is equally harmful. You should never intentionally hurt the other person.

Send a respectful text like- “It was great meeting you. But I think I would like to have some more time”. This is a quite mature way to end things on the initial stage yet on a good note. There’s no point in getting into someone’s bad book. 

Also, gone are the days when a girl would wait for the guy to make the first move. Girls are open and vocal about their feelings and they prefer boys with clear vision. So do not hesitate before sending a text if you know what to say. 

When Should Be The First Text After The First Date? 

Your first date will actually give you a lot of signs. If you two connected on a different level altogether and felt like you can go on talking with this person forever, then don’t hold back and wait. You can text him/her that night only.

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Or you can check up on her/him the next morning. Say something nice about the date or any similarities you found out about each other. Start the conversation rather casually because you do not want to sound desperate. You certainly don’t need to confess all your feelings at once.

Patience is the key here. Start slow and gradually spice up your conversations. 

But what if things didn’t go the way you imagined? Your first date was awkward and something felt quite off. Maybe your vibes did not match. Then you must wait for some time, at least for two days.

After that, you can casually send a message and ask- Hi! What’s up? This sounds more fun and casual. This text will dial down the awkwardness between you two and you can have a chat normally. 

It might also happen that you are not sure about the other person’s feelings after the first date. Then do not text him/her immediately that night or the following morning.

If you sense a bland vibe, then you must wait at least three days before making any move. This will give him/her time to think whether they are ready for future conversations or they want to end this right away. 

If you are the interested one here and are eager to know his/her response, then text them to check upon them. His/her answer will be the best sign for you in a tricky situation like this. If he/she responds to you quickly and has a happy tone, then you made the right move.

And when you do not get any response at all or it is a very late reply, you got your red flag. Stop bothering them and stop wasting your time too. Feel good that you did not invest any more time in them and go ahead with full clarity. 

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When It Is Too Late To Text Or Call After A First Date? 

More than seven days is too late to proceed any further. No excuse is going to work in your favor if you show up ten days later on their chatbox. And you must not make the mistake of calling after so long.

You have made it clear to him/her already by keeping them waiting for this long. First of all, this is quite embarrassing and low-key humiliating for the other person. 

If you wanted to text, you could have despite your super busy schedule but you did not. Simply because you did not want to. Now suddenly you feel like having a casual chat and you text him/her. 

In such cases, you are not going to get any reply. Even if you get one reply, it is going to be rude. Be prepared for that. 

How Often Should You Text Or Call Each Other?

If things are going well, and you two have overcome the initial awkwardness, you sure have texted each other after the first date. Now it is time to plan for the next step.

And that is going for a second date. You should talk to each other quite regularly if you are really thinking about a relationship with this person. You must put effort to know each other better and find out exciting things. 

Your second date must be more comfortable and friendly than the first one. So build that comfort level by texting and calling. Video calling is nowadays a pretty good option and preferred by young couples too. Ask your date for the next meet-up with confidence. You must have a plan ready.

Choose a new cafe or a favorite cuisine of your partner. This will show that you have thought about their preferences and will certainly put a smile on their face. 

Now you know, when should you communicate and how often after the first date. Although it’s a cliche, communication is the key. You can’t ignore the power of communication. If you want to build a relationship with him/her follow these tips. Turn your first date into a beautiful relationship. 


Start a conversation. post with kindness.

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