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Why Relationships That Move Fast Fail?

Why Relationships That Move Fast Fail

“Great Things Take Time.” How many times have you heard this in life so far? Chances are quite a bit. One cannot step into success the second they decided to be successful.

Relationships are no exception. You need to nurture and nourish before it blooms in full swing.

So Why Relationships That Move Fast Fails?

It is evident, the relationship that moves fast also fail faster because we are so much hypnotized by the concept of love that we overlook certain trait in the partner that may not go well with you. There are cases where being revengeful to ex we rushed into a new relationship that also succumb to failure in no second. Every relation needs time. Allow that time for each other.  

In a hurry to build a relation we are so much magnetized by the idea of love that we dare to fight the world alone. But, when reality hits hard your love seems to be too fragile to face it. 

It is a red flag if things develop fast in a romantic relationship. If you go too fast, you are likely to not end up very far at all before burning out altogether. Why risk a relationship by running it too fast from the beginning? Let your relationship pick up at a pace that is right for both of you.

How fast your relationship moves doesn’t decide how far you will make.

The beginning of a relationship can be regarded as the firework stage, where it goes pitter-patter and one cannot deny the feeling of being swept off by feet. It won’t last long. Don’t rush. Being in hurry we often miss the integral parts of the process.  Give your relationship the time it demands and experience how everything falls into place effortlessly and beautifully.

Now Let’s Analyse, What Is HURRY To Be In Love?

There must be a or several reasons behind our every action. So if you are also moving in relation very first there is a reason for that.

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After hours of research and from personal experience I have come up with reasons, why is your relationship in that fast-moving zone?

Good News is that I not only highlight the problem but the solution also.

Have you identified your problem yet?

#1. You Are Blind In Love

Probably, your relationship is at that firework stage where everything seems lovey-dovey. It breaks my heart to ring the alarm, here, “Take it slow love birds” Don’t rush to create a fake sense of intimacy and dependence. It takes months and years to know someone truly. 

Fix: Know your partner slowly and steadily. Build up trust in each other. Make your relationship so strong that no wind can blow it off.

#2. Rebound Relationship: You Are Hurting Yourself More Than Your Ex

You are out of a long-term relationship that you have imagined to be forever, or from a toxic relationship and toss yourself into a new one.

“Slow down you crazy child”.

Researches have shown it takes time to heal and correct yourself from the experience of a bad breakup or a toxic ex.

Before marching out and find a new partner, allow the pain inside you to heal.

Fix: It is always appreciated to start all over again even if you have bad experiences in the past. But before you start the new innings ask yourself these two questions

  1. Why do you want to be with the other person?
  2. What makes the other person so desirable to you?

If you have clear answers to my question and both aspire to the same goal, then the relationship has a long way to go and you can decide to gear up the relationship a little bit.

#3. You Are Lost In THEIR World

No one can deny the initial days of our relationships are like the “best days of my life.” The phase where you are ready to toss your identity to be with them. You are totally ignorant of your responsibilities, family, and friends just to be with your partner. You wish you could stop the time when you are in his arms because it is the best feeling.

When you are wishing you stop the time in his arm, I wish I can refrain from saying that the time has arrived to slow things down in your relationship. 

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With passing days the real-world realities hit your delicate bonding with your partner hard leading to tension, turmoil, and ultimately parting ways.

#4. Opposite Attracts- But How Long Do They Remain Attracted?

Since the teenage, we have heard of the fact opposite attracts and there is no denial also. But the question is how long do they remain attracted?

Remember the Parliamentary sessions, where the house is full of opposition. Do they get attracted.? Even if they, it won’t last long.

Similarly, too much opposition can ruin a relationship.

So, when you move fast in a relationship, you often ignore the signs that may be you are not comfortable. Or maybe, you are in such desperate need to be in the relationship that you often ignore those things assuming you can change it later.

If you can identify yourself in such a situation, you need to stop the rush

Fix: CONGRATS! You have identified the problem. Thus giving the right solution is on me.

Instead of buttling heads allow your relationship that sweet little time and get to know each other interests.

Find out the activities you enjoy doing together. The activities can be as simple as cooking, cleaning up the house watching movies, or anything of your choice.

#5. You Are Living In A UTOPIAN World Of Love

This is more evident in the honeymoon phase of your relationship where the world seems alright. Where even both of you are ready to overlook the non- negotiables. Your relationship is sure to move fast but not steady. 

Researches have shown big decisions like marriage and finance matters have been discussed but those discussions are unlikely to turn into reality in the last.

Fix: Come out of the world of fantasies ad realize you both are two individuals of flesh and bones. Like every human, you are also not perfect. Therefore instead of overlooking the problems, address them. Discuss the problem with each other to find a solution.

Keeping your eyes shut to a problem will never resolve the issue. So slow down, resolve the issues you face at a different stage of the relationship and find a solution.

Proven Ways To Slow Down In A Relationship

Let's find out!

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Have You Heard Of The Rule Once-A-Week?

Once-a-week rule is pure gold. You both decide to meet each other once a week. Even if you have free days on the calendar, you don’t meet your partner but utilize the time to use it according to your way. As the old proverb says” absence makes the heart grow fonder

While you are meeting once a week make sure you are not chasing him/her everywhere on messages and calls. Have quick calls in-between days or might facetime once you both are free. “Live and let live”

Focus On Your Goal

While in the hurry to forge a relation you have kept your goal aside for a long. Now it is time to slow down and invest time and energy in your dreams. Working on yourself not only makes you attractive to your partner but also it will give you a sense of freedom and confidence.

Meet Your Friends And Families

Come out of the rossy bubble of romance and ring up your best friend. Do you remember when is the last time you hang out with your friends? It is time to meet your friend. Give time to your family, they need your time too. Your partner will also b assured you have a world outside him/where a world where you are desired and loved.

We Have Learnt That Move Fast Can Be Tricky. What About The Relationship That Moving Too Slow?

There is no surprise anyone of the partner may feel the relationship is moving at a painstakingly slow speed that one cannot figure out if the other one wants to be in the relationship or just hanging around.

Or it is moving at a tortoise speed that you doubt if you are lacking any chemistry

Or, are you afraid of being hurt again? Are you lacking confidence? Share it with your partner. Sharing problems with your partner actually make your relationship stronger. 

Speed is something that should be considered when you are starting out. Every relationship is different from each other and can move at a different pace. With trial and error and some great communication, you can find the right speed of your relation. Desires varying from person to person there is a sure shot speed that can ensure a successful partnership. 


Start a conversation. post with kindness.

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