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Do Guys Regret Breakup with a Good Girl?

Do Guys Regret Breaking Up with a Good Girl

All relationships go through rough times, some survive while others do not. It is important for you not to put blame on yourself! But do guys regret breaking up with a good girl?

Guys do regret breaking up with a good girl. The regret is more when the reason for the breakup was superficial. The regret of losing your loved one over ego, anger, momentary lapse of judgment, or missed communication can sometimes haunt guys for a long time to come.

Circumstances and misunderstandings may cause good relationships to grow bitter. But not all breakups cause regret. Regrets are caused when a guy was not able to give his hundred percent for the girl who loved him all the way.

The reason for the breakup may not always be due to cheating or fights. You will see good couples breaking up due to family issues, relocating for work, or differing goals in life. 

Guys end up regretting losing her when they break up for silly misunderstandings, the worst of it is when he loses his partner’s respect due to rash and egoistic behavior. 

Few Examples That May Cause Regret For Breaking Up

A lot of reasons why the break up would cause regrets. So here are a few examples that may cause regret for breaking up.

#1 Did Not Want To Commit

When the reason for a breakup was due to the guy not wanting to commit to a single person at that point in his life, even if the girl was the kind of person he would want to end up with. 

Such reasons may come back as regrets when he is finally ready to settle down. 

#2 Gave Her Up For Someone Else

Regrets are often formed from making bad and impulsive decisions. Yes, the parties and the attention is great but he cannot trade out something special for it.  

Guys often forget this for momentary pleasures and regret losing someone really good in their lives. 

#3 Let Her Go Because Of A Flaw

No human being is perfect, in fact, it is our flaws that make us unique. So if the reason for a breakup is a flaw then it will surely cause regret.

When he realizes that a flaw can never outdo all the good that she brought in his life regret will be the only outcome.

#4 The Family Approval

When a relationship ends due to the guy’s family having a problem with the whole deal. Most guys regret losing that special person out of family pressure the most. 

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Although family approval is important, losing the girl he loves just because of it is cowardly. Guys have had lifelong regrets of losing the love of their lives because their parents did not approve.

#5 Life Goals Not Aligned

When a couple breaks up due to unforeseen situations in their lives a regret always remains. He was not ready for marriage or they had jobs in different cities. 

If he feels that the girl was the one for him in the future, there will be regrets for letting her go. Most guys regret not being braver and taking the risk of not aligning their goals to hers. 

#6 Taking Things For Granted

A relationship may break due to her feeling unwanted, and taken for granted. Often guys do not realize this mistake before it's too late. 

Regrets are formed when the realization strikes that she is gone for good. Taking away all the laughs, the optimism, and joy that she created in his life. That’s definitely a regret to avoid.

#7 Was Not Ready

If a good relationship breaks up due to the guy not being able to let her in there will be a regret later on. 

If someone takes too much time to open up about their feelings or shut out their partners from their lives it will cause a rift.

Guys regret not being able to open up sooner when they lose the girl, good for him.

How To Tell If The Person You Lost Was Good In Your Life?

There can be several reasons why your partner was good for you. You need to find those reasons which make you complete. Okay, so let me share with you some common theories.

She Motivates You To Be A Better Person Everyday

A good girl motivates you to try new things every day towards a better you. 

She may not always be subtle, but the underlying intentions are always towards your good. 

She Understands And Respects Your Feelings.

A good girl tries her best to understand your troubles in life and be supportive. 

Post break up you will for sure feel a slight void when it comes to finding assurance over those hard and complicated life decisions. 

She Is Kind

Kindness is a charm on its own, a kind person will always be a ray of positive energy to you. 

The regret of losing someone who has been kind to you is very hard to get over. 

She Is Outspoken About Her Feelings

A guy must never be annoyed at their outspoken partner. 

Your partner is outspoken for your own good, one must always be outspoken about how they feel, as this behavior will help build trust in the long term.

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How Long Does It Take For A Guy To Realize He Lost A Good Girl?

It varies from man to man but the regret surely comes. It can be after a couple of hours or the next day if you had a fight recently and because of the fight you both broke up. In general, it can take up to six months for a guy to realize that he lost a good girl.

These are few reasons why he feels he lost you,

He Is Lonely

A guy when lonely will regret losing a good girl who used to take care of him and all those memories of being happy together, their absence will surely cause longing and regret.

When Realization Struck

When a guy realizes his mistakes and how he lost something truly good. There will be regret and pangs of guilt for mistreating the girl who always stood by his side.

No One To Reassure

Often a guy regrets losing a good girl when she is no more there to reassure him or when no one understands his issues like she did. 

Realizes How Good They Were

When a guy realizes how good his previous relationship was compared to the one he is now, instant regret swells up. Good girls are hard to come by and when that bubble of getting into a new relationship burst he truly regrets losing her. 

Realizes He Is Still In Love With Her

It's said that you only know that you love her when you let her go, and this realization does strike a guy who is still in love with her. Regrets stem from such feelings where the one he is in love with is no longer present in his life.

Signs Of A Guy Regretting His Breakup 

There will be obvious signs of a guy regretting his breakup 

Attempts To Call Or Meet Up

The guy may call his ex to meet or ask if she is comfortable talking on the phone.

Attempts To Keep In Touch

When a guy regrets breaking up he will try to keep in touch somehow. “Can we just talk like before?” or he tries other ways to keep in touch. 

Can We Be Friends?

Let’s face it, being friends with your ex can get very awkward. So a guy in most cases will avoid being friends unless he regrets breaking up and wants her influence in his life. 

Let's Make Amends

A guy will constantly want to make amends and he does so because he is truly regretting his breakup. Whether to go for it or you decide to move on for good, will depend on you. 

Cannot Get Over Her

A guy who regrets breaking up will certainly face difficulties in moving on to someone else. As regret and memories of those good times do not let him get over her.

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Anxious About Her Moving Forward

A guy who regrets breaking up will always be anxious to see his ex go forward with someone else. There will be remarks on her current life or just a quiet message describing how he wished things would get back to how they were. 

So How Can You Make Him Regret Breaking Up With You Even Faster?

So you want him to regret broke up soon? Here is what you can do!

Focus On Self

If you were to focus on yourself instead of constantly thinking about the breakup and move on to a better place in life will make him regret breaking up with you.

Do Some Self Love

Well, healthy life is all about some self-love and indulging yourself over doing good for yourself. This will help you improve in your personal life and that will cause him to regret letting you go even faster.


You are single now, which means that the world is available for you to explore and move on to someone who values you. Moving on with your life may make him regret it faster. eharmony in this case should be your go-to place to start dating from the beginning.

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In Conclusion

Guys do regret breaking up with a good girl. They may regret it for various reasons. It may be because they fell for someone else which turned out to be nothing but a one-time thing.

Most guys regret losing a relationship when they compare it to their current one. There are a lot of guys who regret losing someone in the past due to their egos or other superficial reasons. 

Most keep it to the regret, some try to fix it and hope for the best, whereas a small percentage of guys regret losing her forever.

To the guys who still regret losing that special one, breakups are hard and you need to move on and make sure to learn from your mistakes. 

To the good girl reading this article, you can be sure that the guy will regret not being there in your life because wherever you go you light up someone's life! And not having that is surely a cause for regret.


Start a conversation. post with kindness.

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