My Ex GF Started Dating Someone Else Right Away: Here's The Reasons

Ahiri Chakraborty
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When we begin a romantic journey with someone, we only look at the brighter side. We only love to think about the happy days, have a good time with our special someone. And in that, we forget to look at the bad days that a relationship might face.

The worst thing that a relationship faces is a breakup. But the after-effects of a breakup are even more painful and the pain just multiplies if your girlfriend starts dating someone else right away.

Your heart will be in a puzzling place. You would always question yourself and doubt yourself- “ Was I not worthy enough?” “ What did I do so wrong that she forgot me so quickly”? And you are bound to have such questions. Indeed, you spent some time with your girlfriend, known each other for a while, so to think that your girlfriend will just jump onto another relationship so quick will hurt you a lot.

A relationship is full of ups and downs. It’s never hunky-dory always. You will fight with your partner and resolve it. But sometimes when you see there is no solution and the two of you have hit the rock bottom, you decide to part ways. 

All these emotionally taxing processes of fights, breakups leave a person mentally tired. Usually, people look for a break or take some time off to spend alone. But the surprising thing is that not everyone is the same. Some can move on pretty fast and start dating within a week as well. If your ex-girlfriend has also done the same thing to you, you will have uncountable questions and doubts which is natural. You suffer more when you are unable to get rid of her thoughts, you miss her badly but you see your ex-girlfriend happily dating someone else. 

So, why did your ex-GF start dating someone else right away? Probably your girlfriend was out of love with you way before but could not confess the truth. When a relationship reaches a still point and there is no growth, often your girlfriend feels less interested in you and slowly the love fades away. So, after breaking up with you it does not take long for her to move on because her feelings for you died long ago.

It’s quite difficult to understand what goes on in someone’s mind. But when you’ve been in a relationship with that person for a while, you would definitely like to know why your girlfriend started dating someone right away. Especially, if your breakup had no closure, you will be searching for that even more, and to move on from your past would seem an impossible task. 

But a lot of things depend on the kind of relationship you shared with your ex-girlfriend. Before blaming her or judging her, you need to think thoroughly about what went so wrong that her feelings for you vanished within a jiffy? 

Why My Ex-Girlfriend Started Dating Someone Else Right Away?

So, in this article, let us find out some possible reasons for which your ex-girlfriend started dating someone else right away after breaking up with you. 

  1. Your Ex-GF lost interest in you:

I know it might sound really harsh because you are not a toy right? So how can someone especially who dated you suddenly lose interest in you? 

Well, two different persons will have different interests and one point they might difference of opinion. Sometimes ideologies don’t match. Or simple things like- you’re a soccer fan but she loves watching baseball. You love having sushi but she can’t even stand the smell of it. 

Although, she tried to adjust herself and even you tried too, but at some point, she decided to give up. She just lost interest in putting so much effort into you, adjusting to your tastes and your likes. She thought there is no point in being in a relationship where you two have hardly any common factors. 

So, the interest for you was long lost. Hence when she finally broke up with you, it did not take her so much time to date, someone. You were out of her mind way before and hence there was no hesitation in dating a completely new guy so quickly. 

  1. Your Ex-GF did not like your aimless attitude:

Believe me, everyone wants the best for their partner. But when the partner refuses to put in any kind of effort in his/her personal and professional front, it is bound to piss you off at some point or other.

Basically, you were the aimless guy in your relationship. You had no dreams, no ambitions. And it can lead to huge conflicts if your girlfriend happens to be an ambitious and careerist girl. 

She was tired of seeing your lack of motivation to do anything in life. Even after repeatedly telling you to do something be it studying attentively to get into a good school or to get a good job, you never listened to her. And she felt that you did not care for her feelings nor for the relationship. 

My friend Laura was going through a similar situation with her boyfriend Kevin. They were high-school sweethearts and Laura was trying her best to get into an Ivy League school after high school. She knew that after high school she would need to change the city for better opportunities. She told Kevin to also set a goal for his career so that both of them can be in the same city and live the life they imagined.

But Kevin never bothered about his career. He was all about having fun, going to parties, etc. Moreover, whenever Laura told him to get a little bit serious about his life, he totally disregarded her and bad-mouthed her. 

Laura was tired of Kevin’s laziness and carefree attitude towards life. She broke up with him and within two weeks she started dating a senior from her school. She told me that her new boyfriend was ambitious like her and his mindset towards career and life matched perfectly with Laura. She missed these qualities in Kevin and hence it was not difficult for her to move on so fast. 

  1. Your Ex-GF was never into you seriously:

Although you and your ex-GF dated for a while, she was never fully into you. You were her part-time partner, with whom she spent some time, been to new places, clicked photos and that’s it.

She had never any intention to build a future with you. You were never her priority. If you’ve noticed that she lacked warmth, or she always made lame excuses for a special day, she forgot even your birthdays, then you must have understood that she was never into you. 

She was literally waiting for the breakup and as soon as it happened, she moved on a bit. It was a smooth transition for her. 

  1. Your Ex-GF was tired of giving you chances:

I have heard many stories from my friends, their friends that how they were tired of giving multiple chances to their boyfriends. If you have been a boyfriend who kept on upsetting your girlfriend through your actions and behaviors, and you never changed yourself for the better, then she must have been quite furious with you.

Your ex-girlfriend gave you a lot of chances even when you hurt her, thinking that you would change yourself. But you started taking her for granted. And that’s when she felt that she has no value in your life. 

She was just like any other person in your life but not a special person. She felt unwanted in your life and took the decision of breaking up with you. It was easy for her to move on because she did not get the special treatment she deserved as a girlfriend from you. But she felt special with the new guy and started dating him right away. 

  1. Your Ex-GF was cheating on you:

If your ex-girlfriend started dating someone right away, then one of the reasons can be that she was already cheating on you. She had started seeing someone else while she was in a relationship with you.

Basically, she started flirting with this new guy behind your back and even before she broke up with you. In fact, she broke up with you so that she could be with this new guy and begin a new relationship with him. 

Even if you’re the perfect boyfriend for her or you assumed so, she never loved you truly, otherwise, she won’t cheat on you. 

  1. Your Ex-GF was looking for a rebound:

When you dump your girlfriend and if she is emotionally vulnerable or lacks self-validation, she will also look for a companion. And she wants to have a shoulder to cry on as soon as possible. 

Maybe you two had many reasons for breaking up and you finally took that step because clearly, the relationship was not heading in any direction. But obviously, you did not imagine that it won’t even take a week for your girlfriend to start dating someone else.

In a case like this, your girlfriend could not handle the breakup, she needed emotional support and her recent date is just a rebound for herself. In all probability, her new relationship is not going to last long because she did it impulsively. She did not have enough self-integrity to hold herself up after the breakup and immediately jumped onto another relationship for emotional validation. 

  1. Your Ex-GF wants to make you feel jealous:

Your ex-GF still wants you back in her life. She did break up with you or the breakup can be a mutual one too. But she certainly wants to give this relationship another try before giving up.

Also, when you usually fight for silly reasons and break up with each other only to realize later that it was a very bad decision, you can encounter such situations. Here, your ex-GF is only showing off to you that she is dating someone. You will notice that she won’t block you from any social media platforms because she wants to make you feel jealous. 

She wants that out of jealousy and insecurity, you will come back to her. When you will see her with a new guy, you will miss her more, realize your mistake and make a comeback to her. 

  1. Your Ex-GF was fell out of love with you:

In the ideal world of love, you might wonder how can someone fall out of love with someone? Well, believe me, it can happen. When you’re in a relationship it does not always necessarily mean, that you both will love each other madly.

Yes, the initial days can be full of love, but the more days you spend with a person you can find some dissimilarities between you two, or you find yourself incompatible with the person.

Even though you try your best to adjust and compromise but sometimes it just reaches the point from where there is no growth. And you fall out of love with this person. Many couples just stick to each other just for the sake of it. 

Perhaps, your girlfriend felt an obligation to be with you since she spent a lot of time with you and she could not find the right way, to tell the truth. However finally when she made this move, she quickly moved on to another relationship because you were out of her heart a long ago. 

Tips To Help You Move On When Your Ex-GF Starts Dating Someone Else Rght Away

It’s not the end of the world when your girlfriend starts dating someone else right away after the breakup. It is natural to feel sad and upset, and you might need some time to come out of the situation. Here are some tips which can help you to deal with this phase of your life. 

Engage yourself. Be it work or any hobby, keep yourself engaged. It will be difficult initially, but once you start keeping yourself busy your mind will be diverted. You will think less about your ex-GF. 

Go out with friends. Friends can be really helpful in tricky situations like this. Hang out with them and talk to them about sports, series anything but your ex-GF. A good bunch of friends can really cheer you up.

Block your ex-GF on every social media channel. This way you won’t be seeing a single update on her life. The less you will see her, the quicker you will be able to move on. 

Write down your thoughts. If you are finding really hard to move on, writing down or venting out your emotions can help you. So start journaling and slowly you will be able to reach a peaceful point.

Practice forgiveness. It can take some time but it will help you tremendously especially if you have been cheated by your GF. you have to make yourself understand that she did not love you and you did not deserve her. 

Delete the photos. When you see there is no chance that she is getting back to you, stop chasing her. Delete the memories with her be it photos, the stuff that she gave you everything that is related to her. 

Take a solo trip. Explore yourself, spend time with yourself. You need to gain back your self-respect and traveling alone will let you achieve that and in the process, she will be gone from your heart.

Live your life to the fullest. I’m sure you had certain relationship rules or you did not do certain things which your ex-GF did not like. So, now you’re free to do anything. There is no boundary. So listen to your heart and follow your desires. 

Will My Ex-GF Come Back To Me If She Started Dating Someone Else Right Away?

If your ex-GF started dating someone else right away to make you jealous or she went for a rebound, there are chances that she can come back to you. If she loves you truly, she will realize her mistake soon and would understand that she should not have done this.

She will apologize to you and will make genuine efforts to come back to you. She won’t wait for you to doa anything rather she would take the initiative to make things right once again.

But if your girlfriend was cheating on you while being in a relationship with you or she was out of love with you, she is not going to come back to you. So, there is no meaning in holding on to her without any hope. 

Finally, the post-breakup is undoubtedly the toughest period for anyone. It is tougher when you see your ex-GF having a pretty amazing time with another man. But don’t lose your heart. 

This period can help you grow a lot and can make you understand many things about life. So, take it as a lesson and learn from the mistakes of your past. A much brighter love future is awaiting you. So, be patient and welcome the next phase of your life.


What do you do when your ex-GF moves on quickly?

You should keep yourself busy by doing different activities to divert your mind. Block her on all social media platforms, delete her photos, remove all traces of her from your life. Make yourself believe that you deserve much better and it will help you to move on. 

Is there any chance of getting back together with my ex-GF?

If your ex-GF loved you truly and you two broke up for illogical can stupid reasons, then there are chances that she will come back to you. She will realize her mistake and she will miss your presence badly even when she is with a new person. 

How could my ex fall in love with someone else so quickly?

Your ex was never seriously committed to you. She never wanted to have a future with you and she was looking for an opportunity to break up with you. So, it was really easy for her to move on as she never truly loved you.


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