Why Do Girls Like Hugs From Behind? [ANSWERED BY A GIRL]

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Hugs are an important part of any relationship, be it a friendship, a romantic relationship, or even not so informal relationships (with parents, relatives, etc.) They are of many kinds, and all have a significant meaning to them. A hug from behind is of care and support, a hug from the side is the formal one, the face-to-face tight hug can show excitement/ love or even compassion, etc. 

Hugs can also be used as greetings or goodbyes between two or more people. Group hugs Between more than two friends showing friendship connections, group hugs between sports team members showing support for each other and passion for that particular sport, etc. All types of emotions, be it supportive, sad, happy, excited or any other, can be presented or shown through just a hug. 

In a friendship or a relationship, hugs are an important and recurring aspect that keeps the two people close to each other, both emotionally and physically. No matter the gender, the girl or the guy, both likes and wants to be cherished in any relationship.

But the stereotype is that girls specifically love hugs from behind, let’s find out why is it so:

The feminine gender is used to getting pampered in any relationship, so hugs from behind do exactly that. They make girls feel protected and loved, thus girls love to get hugs from behind, it makes them feel that they are cared for.

But there's can be several other reasons too, so let's deep dive into those!

Reasons Why Girls Like Hugs From Behind

When the partner comes up unannounced from behind and when your girl is least expecting it, hugging her and showcasing your love to her is a beautiful feeling that someone feels and definitely shows her that you care. There are many other reasons why girls would want you to cuddle them or hug them from behind, some of the reasons are as follows: 

  • It is comfortable

All hugs are super comfortable when the right person is on the giving or receiving end but when it comes to hugs from behind, you are letting her support her body on you, which is physically comfortable for any human being which has mental effects and gives your girl a feeling of comfort with you. 

This can lead to her being both physically and emotionally comfortable to share her personal space even more with you with time. 

  • They feel protected

When you hug a girl from behind, you cover the back of her body with yours and her whole body feels shielded because of you. This physical touch from head to feet covering her non-guarded side of the body gives a girl a feeling of being shielded and hence protected from the outside world. So give away these hugs to let her know that you are there for her and make her feel protected. 

  • Shows them that you care

Two bodies meeting in different ways conveys different messages in any relationship, the hugs from behind also show that you care about your girl. The fact that you know that she feels protected and warm and comfortable whenever you hug her from behind and continue to hug her this way to make her feel all these things shows genuine care and love from your end. 

  • Brings you two closer

When hugging from behind, your front body fully touched and covers the backside of your girl, she is attached to your chest now, bringing your face closer, you can smell her hair and her aroma keeps you connected to her mentally. The side of your face touches her face and she can feel your breath on her face. When you talk, you are talking directly in her ears which makes the conversation more intimate. 

When hugging from behind, most of the time your hands will be on to her waist, holding her there and keeping you two close physically. The back of her lower body is in physical contact with the front of your lower body, which makes the contract more intimate and brings you both closer. The physical closeness also affects the minds of both the people involved and gives a feeling of belongingness. 

  • Because it’s cold

Hugging your partner from behind when she is standing somewhere or sitting behind her holding her close to you while covering all her body with yours can make her feel warm. Your body meets with theirs and causes friction between the two of you when you rub her arms or hold her tight, the two bodies exchange the body heat which generates warmth between the two.

On a winter’s night, this kind of hug is the best to make her feel comfortable and save both of you from the freezing cold out and this is also a reason why girls like hugs from behind. 

Other Best Positions To Hug Your Girlfriend And What Do They Mean To Her?

There are many ways to hug someone and show your intent through your body language around them. When it comes to hugging our partner, we should not hold ourselves back and give as many hugs and kisses as we want and feel like giving. Most Girls are spoiled beings who like to get their way and get pampered very much so here is a list of positions to hug your Girlfriend in, and make her feel loved and pampered:

  • Around the waist hug

In this kind of hug, both the partners are face to face with each other, their waists meet and there is a gap between the upper bodies, both arms are around the waists of each other and holding/ supporting the back of your partner. This position leaves the gap between the two to let them make the hug either more sexual or more romantic. 

Since there is space between the upper bodies, the faces have a gap too and they can look directly into each other’s eyes while holding one another. In this position, the girl can either keep her head on the guy’s shoulder or chest, or it also gives them the space to kiss one another. This is one of the best hugs to give your girlfriend as it leaves the intention of the hug up to the moment you two are having. 

  • The Squeeze Hug

This is a kind of frontal face-to-face hug that won’t be appropriate if given to just an acquaintance or someone not so close to you. This shows more love and appreciation to the receiver than it being About or physical closeness. In this hug, you are face to face and you squeeze the other person out of excitement or to show your appreciation for them which can be a really romantic gesture if given to your girlfriend.

She will be able to feel the excitement that is transferred to her body through the squeeze that you give her body. This is also a very good way to show your girlfriend that you love her.

  • Heart to heart hug

These are the hugs you give your partner or best friend when you are having an emotional connection with them. They understand you and a heart-to-heart bond forms which generates emotional well-being and connection between the two. In this hug, both the partners or friends hug each other face to face but are approached from their left side of the body. 

When the left side of your chest area meets with the left side of theirs is when we call it a heart-to-heart hug. Where the two hearts meet through the physical layers and still connect on a deeper level. 

This is a hug you only want to give to someone you genuinely connect with and put your trust in them in taking care of your heart. 

  • Supportive side hug 

Side hugs are the most common hugs we usually give to acquaintances or friends, mostly to avoid the face-to-face hug or the more intimate hugs. Now, why is it one of the best hugs to give to your girlfriend when we commonly use it to avoid intimacy? 

Well, because this hug also shows support or togetherness. Give this hug to your girlfriend and let her know that you are there for her in all her endeavors no matter what. This is an important aspect of a relationship, to be there for each other and let the person know that. 

Other Ways To Show Your Girlfriend That You Love Her 

Hugs are important no doubt but there are a million other ways to show your girlfriend that you are in love with her and that she is the one for you. Saying it is different and showing her through actions gives it a lot more meaning. As we all know that “ speak louder than words” is a hundred percent true. 

So here is a list of five things you can do to show your girlfriend that she is the one for you and that you care and appreciate the relationship. 

  • Remember little things about her

There is a lot to a person than just her work and family, what makes you, you. The things you go through in your day-to-day lives, how you feel about a certain thing or person, how connected you are to your surroundings, and how it affects you. What you like, what you don’t, the behaviors, moods, vibes, and all these things are what make a person who they are. 

When you are in a relationship, try to remember little things about her, how she likes her coffee, or which is her favorite pair of socks. These little things matter a lot to girls and make them feel heard. That when they are talking, you are genuinely listening to them and thus makes them feel loved. 

  • Compliment her

Everyone loves compliments, be it a guy or a girl. You can give a compliment to anyone, be it your girlfriend, your crush, your best friend, or even some random person on the street. Just make sure whatever you say, let it be genuine. Let that compliment feel like you genuinely meant it and are not saying it just for the sake of being polite. 

Compliment the girl you like and she will be comfortable as long as it’s a genuine compliment. Let your girlfriend know that she is noticed for her efforts and that she is beautiful in her own ways. 

  • Bring her gifts

Many people think that girls are after your money, the more expensive thing you buy the more impressed they will be. This is definitely not true. You don’t have to impress a girl with your money or the expensive things you buy her. 

Bringing her gifts doesn’t have to empty your pockets every time. When you are in love then the prices don’t matter, all that matters is the intention of it. You don’t have to buy her a 500 dollar ring to make her happy, just cook her a meal at your house or buy her favorite flowers or chocolates. Put in the effort and not the money if you want to keep it pure and healthy. 

  • Spend quality time

Try spending more time with your girlfriend and let her know that she is on your mind. Give her attention and make the most out of the time you spend together. Do new things and keep connecting with her on all levels, be it emotionally, physically, socially, or sexually. 

When with her, be with her, don’t waste the time on your phone, scrolling social media, attending work calls which are a big turn-off. Take out the time from your busy schedule and genuinely be there with her and let the time spent together actually be of quality. 

  • Give her nicknames

When you are with someone, you don’t decide to give someone a nickname, it just comes to you naturally to call your loved one with a name that only you know and only you can call her by that name. This is a very small aspect with a very big effect on the minds of both partners. By doing this, you are labeling her as yours and if done right, she will be yours forever. 

Showing your love to your partner in different ways every day is important to keep the spark on. Give her all of you to have all of her and see how magical love can be. Hugs are the best way to show your emotions without actually saying anything or using any words.

The body language, the feels, and the vibes say it all for you and connect two people on an emotional and spiritual level. Keep the hugs coming and let your partner know how much you appreciate them and the relationship as a whole. 


What does it mean when a girl lets you hug her?

When a girl who is just a friend lets you hug her it means that she feels comfortable with you. That she considers you to be close enough to her emotionally that she doesn’t mind sharing that physical space with you. This makes your friendship stronger and deeper. 

How do you ask a girl for a hug? 

When you need a hug from your female friend and don’t know if it is appropriate or if she is comfortable with it or not, just ask her. Ask her “Can I hug you?” Or “Can you please give me a hug?” or “I feel like hugging you”. Consent, even in hugs, matters, and your friend will be okay and comfortable if you just ask them politely. 

What does it mean when a guy hugs you from behind? 

Hugs from behind are very intimate as they are the unannounced hugs that we are not expecting and when a guy hugs you from behind it means they don’t see you as just a friend. You are more to them and they would like to share the physical space and intimate time with you 


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