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How Does A Girl Feel After Rejecting A Guy?

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It would be a dream come true for all of us if we always get the partner we want in our life. We all crave for that moment when we will go to our crush and speak our heart out. And when our crush also responds positively, we certainly feel on top of the world. 

But does that always happen? I hate to break our imaginary bubble of a perfect love story. Rejection is also a big part of this story. Just as not all relationships have a happy ending, similarly not all relationships start on a happy note. 

A girl has every right to reject you. After all, it’s her choice. You can’t control that. You can’t force her as well. Although it can be a heartbreaking moment for guys when they are rejected by a girl, we can’t dismiss the reality. We can’t take control of a girl’s emotions. 

You may have genuine feelings for a girl but the girl may not feel the same as yours. That’s why we must equip ourselves to accept rejection as well. Just as roses have thorns, relationships also have thorns that can hurt you or break your heart sometimes.

So, how does a girl feel after rejecting a guy? A girl’s feeling after rejecting a guy depends on the relationship she has with the guy. If the guy is her close friend, she would feel bad. She has no feelings for a stranger or someone she casually knows. She feels confused when her friend also likes the same guy. A girl goes through a plethora of feelings after rejecting a guy. 

Let Us First Explore Why Does A Girl Rejects A Guy? 

  1. She is in a relationship

It is obvious for a girl to reject a guy when she is already in a relationship. If she is committed to her current partner and she envisions a future with him, she will reject you. Even if you’re the best guy in the world, she won’t take this conversation any step further. So you must know before approaching a girl whether she’s in a relationship or not.

  1. She wants to focus on her career

Yes, it’s not very hard to maintain a relationship and career together. But some girls prefer to prioritize their career first and think of anything else. She can be really occupied with all her work commitments. Probably she plans to study further and do well and doesn’t wish to distract herself by any other means. So if you like a girl who is careerist and ambitious, you might hear a rejection from her side. 

  1. She isn’t over her ex

Healing from a past relationship can take time and it varies from person to person. One girl may take a week whereas another girl takes up more than a year. If a girl has gone through a breakup very recently, it’s possible that she will reject you. At this time, she really wishes to spend some time alone. She isn’t prepared to take up the responsibilities of another relationship right now.

  1. She’s commitment-phobic
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A girl too can be commitment-phobic. If you are a guy who is too serious about the relationship from the very first day, if you start discussing moving out together, getting married, and settling down with each other, a girl can get intimidated. Perhaps, she’s looking for a more casual relationship and she isn’t ready at all to invest her time and emotion in a long-lasting relationship. She will surely reject you.

  1. She isn’t compatible with you

In today’s age only love and honesty does not make a relationship perfect. You both must be compatible with each other. Incompatibility can lead to many problems. If a girl finds herself incompatible after going out for a few dates with you, she can reject you. Initially, she liked talking to you and agreed to go on dates. But slowly she discovered that her interest, likes, and dislikes do not align with a gut by any means. She would reject the guy before taking it any further. 

  1. She likes you only as a friend

Many guys face rejection from girls for this reason. Guys often misinterpret a girl’s friendship and assume that there is a romantic angle to this. But the girl only likes you as a friend. She does not see any other kind of bonding with you. In such a case, even if you too are very good friends, you have genuine feelings for the girl, she will reject you. It’s not because she dislikes you, but she only thinks of you as her friend and nothing more than that. 

  1. She rejects you as revenge

A girl rejects you as an act of revenge as well. If you had rejected her before when she had a crush on you or she truly liked you, it’s her turn now. Maybe after some time, you also had grown special feelings for her which you didn’t have earlier. But now when you approached the girl, she will reject you. She had once been humiliated by you when you turned her down. So, this time she will give importance to her self-esteem and that’s why she will reject you. 

  1. She seeks attention

A girl can reject you when she wants attention from you. She too is interested in you. But she is checking whether you also have the same feelings for her. She wants to know how far can you go for her. She will take notice of your efforts, your actions, and your behavior after rejecting you. She will talk to you as a friend, meet you but will not confess her true feelings in the beginning. But eventually, after spending some time with you and knowing your true intentions she will tell you the truth. 

Now, you can see, there are numerous reasons for a girl to reject a guy.

But What Happens To The Girl After She Rejects You? Does She Feel Bad?

Truth be told, the situation depends on whom the girl is rejecting. 

  • If the guy was a close friend of hers, she feels bad after rejecting him. On the one hand, she does not have any romantic feelings for the guy, on the other she doesn’t even want to hurt you. She feels quite upset knowing that the friendship between you two can get awkward. 
  • She feels emotional when she is trying to move on from her past relationship. She knows by heart, that the guy has approached with true feelings, but she is unable to forget her ex and move on. She needs time. In such a situation, she feels helpless and emotional after rejecting a guy.
  • She gets totally confused when her friend also likes the same guy who has approached her. It’s quite a complex situation for her to handle. Her friend might totally misunderstand her when she knows that the same guy likes her. The girl certainly doesn’t want to hurt her friend. She feels at a loss.
  • If the girl has been approached by a stranger or someone she knows only casually, she feels detached after rejecting that guy. When she has no connection with the guy, she has only talked to him on social media a few times and the guy suddenly tells her about his feelings, she would reject him without giving a thought. She will not indulge anymore and she won’t feel bad or upset at all. 
  • A girl feels sad when she rejects a guy after a few dates. Maybe the guy did not turn out as she expected it to be or she found out some past stories about the guy which are not acceptable. In the beginning, she started dating the guy with the hope to be in a relationship. But after some time, she realized that there is actually no hope. So, even after having feelings, she has to reject the guy. 
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How To Deal With Rejection By A Girl?

It must be heartbreaking for a guy when he does not get the girl of his dream. But we now know that there are a lot of reasons for a girl to reject you. But how should a guy deal with rejections?

Well, rejection is not the end of the world. There are many girls and with the right time, you too will find the perfect partner for yourself. However, here are some awesome tips to handle rejection.

  • Do not take it too hard on yourself. Don’t keep on blaming yourself and feel guilty about it. Try to think why she has rejected you. If you try to understand her perspective, you would know the reason. So don’t overthink it. Take it casually and give it a pass.
  • Hang out with friends. There’s nothing better than to unwind yourself among friends. Meet with your friends, watch movies, and discuss fun stuff. Don’t keep on discussing about the girl. Divert yourself with other interesting topics.
  • Give your phone a break. Yes, checking on the phone constantly, looking at her photos on social media, will keep on reminding you of all the bitter memories. So keep down your phone for a bit. Go for a walk or read a book. It will help your mind to clear out.
  • Spend time with your pets. Pets are a great stressbuster. They can help you escape from your harsh reality. Play with your dog or cat. Make funny videos of them. You will surely feel great.
  • Be positive. It can be hard to remain positive after a rejection from a girl. But negativity won’t take you any further. So engage yourself in meditation, or in hobbies like painting, gardening, journaling, etc. The more your mind will be engaged and productive, the more quickly you will be able to forget her. 
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Often guys take rejections too personally and after that take some bad steps. It’s natural for a girl to reject you but that does not mean a guy can hurt the girl. So, never harm a girl, or insult her for rejecting you. 

Don’t post rude comments on her posts on social media. Don’t send her abusive texts or disturb her by calling repeatedly. 

She is an independent human being who is capable to make her own decision. If you do any such thing, it will demean your position and image in front of her. Always respect her choice and decision. Never do anything out of impulse as it can have really bad consequences in the future. 

Is There Any Chance For A Guy When He Is Rejected?

Once again, your chances will depend upon the kind of relationship she has with you and also her present situation. When she is already in a committed relationship with another guy, the chances are nil for you. If she had to give you chance, she would have given you in the first place. But she is serious about her relationship. So there are no chances for you.

If you are a good friend of her and she rejects you initially, you might have some hope in the future. It’s a matter of the heart and the girl’s feelings for you can change with time. She already knows you as a person, she likes you as a friend too. So she will give it a thought to take this friendship up to a notch high. She can develop the same romantic feelings for you. So you can keep your fingers crossed for that magical moment to happen. 

You can have chances with a girl who is ambitious and focuses on her career. If you let her know that you won’t be an obstacle in her dreams, you will not distract her from her path, she will reconsider her decision. You must support her choice and let her be as she wants. When she will understand, that you want the best for her from the bottom of your heart, she will definitely think of giving a positive nod to your approach. 


A girl goes through various emotions and feelings when she rejects a guy. However, it’s the responsibility of a guy, to respect her decision. 

Don’t be harsh on yourself. Keep the faith and have patience. Love will grace you in its most beautiful and unexpected way and you too will find your Monica just like Chandler did. 


Start a conversation. post with kindness.

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