Why Do I Get Jealous When My Boyfriend Looks At Other Girl?

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Do you feel a little annoyed when your boyfriend stays looking at another girl? Do you often have to remind yourself that he is with you and not her? Although it may not be true that he wants to be with this girl, it is understandable why you feel so protective and envious of her.

Jealousy can be a natural sign of an intimate relationship. Anything that draws your boyfriend's attention or affection away from you may cause you to feel jealous.  It is important to understand, however, that jealousy is considered an emotion and emotions are not themselves good or bad.  They simply exist and allow us to experience love and life through a personal lens.

This is a very normal reaction that occurs in all relationships from time to time. It's perfectly normal to feel jealous when your partner looks at other girls, especially in public places like clubs or bars.

I get jealous sometimes when my boyfriend checks out other women. If he's in the middle of a conversation with me and then looks at another girl, it irks me. I don't like how he's wasting his time talking to someone else when that could be time spent talking to me.

Jealousy happens to every girl and is a natural emotion that everyone has. If you feel that your man has checked out other women, it's important to understand that his attraction to other women doesn't mean he loves you any less. Sexual attraction and emotional compatibility are two different things for men.

Let’s answer the most anticipated question, why do I get jealous when my boyfriend looks at other girls?

You love him. You don’t want him to feel attracted to anyone else. Jealousy indicates that you perceive your partner as being more attractive than you, and this has a range of negative implications. You might be worried that your boyfriend doesn’t really have feelings for you. There is nothing wrong with being jealous in a relationship – as long as you keep it under control. While jealousy triumphs over your relationship, no one can save it from being doomed forever.

What Does It Mean When A Man Looks At Other Women?

It’s no secret that men look at other women. If you’ve ever even breathed a hint of a thought like this, I feel sorry for you and the kind of relationship you have. If your man looks at another woman, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

It doesn’t mean that he finds her more attractive than you in any way. He probably admires her physique and is appreciating the sheer beauty of women. He is NOT looking for anything more—he was just looking.

6 Reasons Why You Get Jealous When Your Boyfriend Looks At Other Girls

Jealousy is an unfortunate emotion that can manifest itself in many ways. This post explores the causes and effects of jealousy in a relationship and offers suggestions for managing it. It looks at how we can avoid tearing our relationships apart by understanding why others may feel their feelings have been betrayed.

#1 Low Self-Esteem

When we fear that our partner has replaced us with someone more attractive, that's when insecurity arises and jealousy follows.  A lot of people get jealous when they are in a relationship. You most probably do, this jealousy is insecurity, insecurity about yourself and your relationship.

If you are jealous of your boyfriend looking at other girls in which he just happens to find gorgeous then you should take note of that; it could be insecurity within yourself or you.

The problem isn’t the other girl, it’s a lack of self-esteem. You're insecure about yourself or your relationship and you're projecting this insecurity outwardly.

You always fear being cheated upon and don't trust your partner anymore. Eventually, the relationship begins to fade or suffer from disagreements and quarrels. Jealousy and insecurity in relationships are a vicious cycle. 

Pro tip: It could be a sign that you have to work on yourself, to feel more independent and self-confident as well as secure in his love. 

#2 Too Little Closeness And Affection

Well, it sounds like you are feeling jealous because there is a lack of intimacy in your relationship. In my opinion, couples usually feel jealous when even though they're together, they don't feel as connected as they wish.

You get jealous when he looks at other girls because you are not feeling secure in your relationship. You don't feel that he loves you nor thinks you are the only one that can make him happy.

It could also mean that there's something missing in your partnership such as communication or closeness.

Finding the right balance is key in any relationship, too much or too little closeness and affection can be destructive.

Pro tip: So if you are feeling jealous, it's a sign that you need to talk and brainstorm with your partner and begin to find the roots of the problem.

#3 You Want To Be his #1 Priority 

You want to be his #1 priority and you show it by getting jealous at the thought of him looking at another girl.

Jealousy is a normal emotion that many feel toward their romantic partners. It is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just a sign that you have strong feelings for your boyfriend and tend to show that you care about him and in return, you believe you are the sole proprietor of his attention. Thus, can’t handle if he is checking out other girls while especially when he is with you.

I understand you, Honey!

But being your relationship best friend, it is my duty to show you right when you’re going off track. 

Sorry but not sorry to say it is pretty childish to get jealous if your boyfriend looks at a girl next to him, or one that he has to walk past. A lot of men are guilty of getting paranoid about women, and being jealous when their girlfriends take a little interest in other men.

So, take a deep breath and tell yourself that you don’t need to get jealous. 

#4 He Doesn’t Know The Difference Between Admiring And Looking Inappropriately

Though looking at women even being head over heels for you run in the DNA of men. There is a fine line between looking and ogling at women. If your boyfriend is looking inappropriately at other girls, then it's a sign that he's not as mature or respectful as you'd like him to be.

If you notice that he’s closely scrutinizing other women, this may lead to bouts of jealous feelings inside of you. People who are committed to relationships often feel jealous when their partner looks at other people.

If you catch your boyfriend checking out another girl, it's natural to react with jealousy. But if he's an adult and committed to you, he'll stop once you speak up.

Pro tip: You may want to have an honest conversation with him about this. Tell him you’re feeling uneasy about most of the time when he looks at other women.

#5 Your Boyfriend Has Record Of Being Adulterous

My friend whom I thought to be the coolest girlfriend in the turn gets jealous often once her partner breaks her trust. 

She has recently become overly jealous after her partner had flirted with another girl. Even a year later of the incident she continues to display a deep and longstanding fear that he will replace her with this other girl. 

Calling out all the boyfriends!!! Before getting irritated by your girlfriend’s habit of getting jealous for every glance you exchange with other girls, question yourself have you done something before that portrays you as unfaithful.

#6 Over-thinking Overthrows Your Relationship

You like pretty men. Your boyfriend likes pretty girls. He wants to notice how pretty they are. That doesn’t mean he is constantly daydreaming about sleeping with them, or his eyes will never come back to his girlfriend again. Stop stressing yourself.

Let's face it, we are all attracted to attractive people! 

You can say that your boyfriend is just admiring these girls, and he isn’t actually gawking at them. 

Instead of assuming the worst, you should trust him more and it won’t put a strain on your relationship

No Bluff Ways To Deal With Jealousy In Relationship

Jealousy is a normal emotion when it comes to love. But if this emotion interferes with your ability to be happy and successful, then it needs to be addressed. This article will teach you how to stop getting jealous and how to instead be focused on what matters most: your relationship with your partner. If you're able to recognize the signs of jealousy in yourself and in others, then you can remedy the situation. It will help you stay healthy, content, and have a great time with whoever you're with.

  • Strengthen your trust

Your darling man is just a man. He is not perfect, and his eye will sometimes wander from you. That's not a personal rejection. It even doesn't mean you're doing something wrong. 

Don’t obsess about him looking at other women. Just relax and love him, be the best woman you can be, and trust in his fidelity. In fact, trust in yours as well.

So when you see him cast his eyes on someone else, don’t assume that means he’s disappointed in what he sees.

  • Create room for honest communication

As a girl, you're going to have to learn how to deal with jealousy in a relationship. Your man will look at other women.

Ignore your insecurities and ask him what was on his mind when he saw the other women. Listen to his answer. You're not going to like it, but it's important that you hear it anyways. The more you create opportunities for honesty in your relationship, the more honest he will be.

  • Speak your heart out

If you learn to tell your partner how you feel, instead of simply reacting, you’ll learn to appreciate each other more. Talking about romantic relationships is a great way for each person to get to know the other. It also helps you develop better communication with each other. That means less fighting and more intimacy.

If your partner’s roving eye is bothering you there is no shame in informing him about that. If your partner gets to know that you are suffering because of his behavior, he is probable to bring change in himself. 

  • Set boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries is the smartest thing you can do to make your relationship work. You need to know what kinds of things bother you, and then let him know you don't like them. That requires honesty, but it also requires maturity. If you don't want to be bothered when he looks at girls—well, tell him that. Say that you don't like it when he looks longer than a couple of seconds or so. And say why. Tell him how much it hurts.

Last and the most important:

  • Love and respect yourself

Jealousy is a form of fear. Specifically, it is the fear that you are not good enough for your lover's attention. Since so many people in our society feel incomplete somehow, jealousy tends to be something we just live with and try to manage.

Building a positive relationship with yourself is the first step in dealing with jealousy in a relationship. Every time you catch yourself feeling jealous, ask yourself what exactly you are feeling. Are you feeling insecure? Are you comparing your worth to that of other people? Are you feeling inferior? By paying attention to the essence of your feelings, you can learn from them and use that awareness to change your behavior.

DIY: Building a positive relationship with yourself is the first step in dealing with jealousy in a relationship. Every time you catch yourself feeling jealous, ask yourself what exactly you are feeling. Are you feeling insecure? Are you comparing your worth to that of other people? Are you feeling inferior? By paying attention to the essence of your feelings, you can learn from them and use that awareness to change your behavior.

The importance of emotional connection is just as true for men as it is for women. Men may experience their need for intimacy and connection differently than women, however. Women may 'fall' into emotions, but men often have to work at connecting with others on an emotional level.

There are many strategies that can help a person deal with jealousy. As you know, jealousy serves as a poison in intimate relationships. If you follow the above suggestions and strategies when feeling jealous, you will be in a better position to build your relationship and deepen your trust.


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