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[+Responding Tips] If A Girl Says She Has A Boyfriend Is That Total Rejection?

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Relationships that may be romantic or platonic are private affairs. Not every one of us loves to publicly reveal our current relationship status. The reason behind the same varies from one person to another. What some friends reveal about their relationship status may not be true sometimes!

Ladies do not wear their relationship status on their sleeves. If a girl claims that she has a boyfriend, the same may or may not be true. Women sometimes dislike saying NO straightaway if a guy approaches them. She may also mention the statement if she is not romantically interested in you. 

So, in this context, if you ask me If a girl says she has a boyfriend whether that is a total rejection or not, I would say, there is not any ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ type answer to this question. The exact answer to this question lies with the situation the person is facing. Every individual is different, so is every situation. Men shouldn’t be disheartened in such a situation because the girl might be saying so due to many reasons other than just having a boyfriend. In this case, one needs to go slower but steadier.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the WHYs and HOWs of “I have a boyfriend”. We will also help you with some suggestions using which may help you get to know her as well.

Reasons Behind A Woman Saying, She Has A Boyfriend

Let us start with the WHY! Why a woman chooses to say that she has a boyfriend to a guy who approaches her. A woman lies about her relationship, when:

  • She is not sure about the guy approaching her or hitting on her.
  • She does not find the guy interesting enough to match her caliber.
  • She feels that you are here only to have physical intimacy.
  • She has her heart got broken recently and is not yet ready for any relationship right now.
  • She is not impressed by the way you approached her and she wants more of your efforts.
  • She is not sure if you are single or just trying to cheat on your girlfriend with her.
  • She does not see any spark between both of you.


  • Lastly, she is genuinely committed to someone and enjoying her share of a happy relationship.

Well, yes it could be tricky to figure out why she says that she has a boyfriend. when you approach her. However, except for the reason that she is in a genuinely happy relationship and not into any side entertainment, you still have a decent chance to pursue her.

What To Say When She Says She Has A Boyfriend?

To all the men reading this, let me be clear and honest with you here. Whether you are trying to hit on her or you simply want to be friends ( which is rarely the case), you got to be creative, smart, confident, and funny with your answers. 

No woman ever likes a guy who is far back in the race of confidence. Your attitude, confidence, body language should have the caliber to make her smile or at least impress her enough to keep the conversation going. 

It is okay if you have just started to crack the relationship code and not yet have confidence enough to pursue her. Here are some simple answers that will help you respond appropriately when she says she has a boyfriend.

  • If your intentions are rare and you genuinely want to be friends with her:
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“Oh that is great, I have a girlfriend too” - whether you genuinely have a girlfriend and pursuing this woman with the purest intention to be friends only or you are faking it out to ease the conversation, this statement could be a great reply to her “I have a boyfriend” statement”. The idea here is to make her comfortable and clear that you are not hitting on her by any chance.

“Okay, that is cool news. I am not here to interrupt” - Girls usually like the companionship of guy friends. This involves less drama and no relationship hassle sometimes. However, if you find her using the boyfriend code to ignore you because of whatever reason, try this statement to come up straightforward letting her know that you are not here to interrupt her connection with her boyfriend.

“Well, to be honest, I am not here to hit on you” - Honesty is indeed a great policy! Women love honest guys, those who dare to speak their honest intentions towards her are always welcomed. So, to all the men reading this, pull up your socks and show some honesty. This answer may come to her as a shock or surprise, but you got your work done!

“Oh! Say him a Hi from me” - well, this statement is a very smart, confident, and head-turner answer if she has she has a boyfriend. Make her feel at ease and clear the air by acknowledging her boyfriend’s presence in her life. You never know, this may bring you guys closer better than you expected.

  • However, if you have a romantic interest in her, here are some answers you may try:

“I am so sorry, I thought you are single” - If you understand the attitude and body language she is speaking from and you find it quite straight forwards, It is always better to apologize and be honest. This will show your chivalry, honesty and keep things clear and real between both of you in case of any future conversations.

“Well, I don’t mind you having a boyfriend”- This statement is for the experienced brave hearts who know how to take a big risk. Also, no matter how tricky the situation gets, you should have the ability to turn it lightly in your favor. 

This particular response requires guts! The woman you are approaching may reply rudely and you have to take it. Also, be aware not to send a creep signal to the woman of your interest.

“Oh, I see, but are you guys serious?”- Well, this is again a brave heart reply. If you do not mind her answering back rudely or you are interested enough to slip into breaking a happy couple up, go ahead with this statement. Chances are she will reject you, rudely answer you back, or straight away call upon her boyfriend to guard her premises. However, who knows you may get lucky!

“Okay, so I think I will leave now, but remember me when you are single again!” - Be a man who can accept the situation as it is, this answer is for them. You know that you have no control over this situation and thus it is better to accept it as it is as of now. But you can leave her with a “remember me when you are single again” statement to add some fun and lightness to the air. 

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However, no matter what response you choose when she says she has a boyfriend. Remember your attitude, confidence and smartness will do a lot more to impress your girl. Make sure to not be caught off guard when she uses her boyfriend code for whatever reason may be.

What To Do When She Says She Has A Boyfriend?

The woman you are enquiring about is maybe not interested in you yet, or she may genuinely have a boyfriend or may come of blatant as not interested in you. Besides answering the above-mentioned quick, confident, and smart responses, here is what actions you may take.

  • Check her attitude, body language, signals:

What kind of signals does she keep sending you when you approached her? Look for her attitude when she replies to you, look for the details when she mentions that she has a boyfriend and you reply to carry forward the conversation. 

If she is smiling or laughing it off, if she is being a fun person and playing or joking around in a light mood with you, that could be a green tick. However, if she is rude and maintains a serious tone and face throughout the time, you shouldn’t get deeper into her and make yourself look like a creep. Know how to read the signals and proceed accordingly.

  • Try to establish a genuine friendship:

Even though she may be in a relationship but if she is smiling and trying to have a fun conversation with you, try to ask if you can have a genuine friendship with her. Friendship acts as a solid foundation for any relationship. So, in case you have genuine intentions towards her and are not too desperate to have a “relationship”, be good friends and let the rest flow.

  • Know if she is in an open relationship:

The advantage of modern society is the openness some people share with others. Open relationships are where a couple is open to their partners going on dates. In case the girl you are approaching shares an open relationship with her boyfriend, chances are you have cracked the date code. However, it is better to go slow in such relationships to not get swept off by your feet and get eventually friend-zoned in the end.

  • Put genuine efforts:

If you have noticed her willingness to give in to the conversation and behaving in a lighter flirtatious mood, make sure that you are putting in genuine efforts. It is never wise to hit on a girl with hollow intentions. Make efforts like making her feel special, taking her to dates, treating her with care and respect, give her space as your friendship flows. These little steps will make things better for future days. 

Though, she may not get into a relationship with you. But, a good friend who starts with genuine efforts makes things easy for a blooming relationship.

  • Walk away if you receive mixed signals:  

However, you are stuck in a situation where she replies rudely, and her attitude and body language back up her statement, you should stop your approach and walk away. Also, if she is sending you mixed signals and is not sure about where this connection is heading, it is wise to stop right away. 

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No matter what your situation is, do not let your attraction lead to any future situation or scenario where you may get heartbroken. It is okay for someone to not like us back, no matter how much we feel for them. 

Relationships are built mutually. Forcing a woman into a relationship with you will only make things worse for both of the people involved.

How To Pursue Women Who Have Boyfriends?

Pursuing an engaged woman or a woman who claims to have a boyfriend is in no way an easy task. For whatever reason she may use the “boyfriend statement” if you know how to pursue her tables may turn and she may get interested in you. 

Here are some final tips, suggestions to help all the men out there who are planning to pursue a woman.

Be Mr. Funny Bones

As you approach her and she makes her statement, it shows that she is not interested in you yet. Whatever her reason may be, use your trump card here. Be her Mr. Funny Bones. Women love guys who make things fun and light. Men who know how to keep things light, flirty, and yet comfortable at the same time are always welcomed. 

Make her laugh, know how to include light jokes during your conversation, lighten and brighten up her mood. If she is dealing with a recent breakup or stuck in a wrong relationship, do not try to save her! Be a friend, a support system that strengthens her and gives her the courage to take her own decision. 

Know What You Should Not Say

Men will often demean and defame the boyfriend of the women he approaches. But why portray a negative impression when you indeed want to win her over? Be confident and attractive just by the way you are. Have confidence in your approach and try to bond with her as friends. Your honest emotions and words would rather make her happy and she may end up liking these subtle qualities of yours.

Never Be Forceful

If you find a situation where you have not much to do, do not be forceful or get into a sulking or praying mode. Forcing things or being too pushy towards her with your intentions creates an unhealthy air in the room and puts you in unhealthy light. 

You are a great guy maybe, but your actions can make things worse and turn against you at any moment. So taking careful steps are certainly important.

Look For Common Friends

A woman can also be trapped in a wrong relationship because of various reasons. She has her parts of being unable to step out of the same. This is your chance to build a friendship, understand why she is not happy and look within if you too have those qualities unmatched. Support her in the process and also at the same time work on yourself and get better. Look for the common grounds of passion or ambitions that you have with your girl.

Relationships are woven by various little things. Being a man who is so much interested in a woman, learn how to turn situations in your favor by takings the right actions. I hope this article has helped you with all the necessary tips and tricks to get better with replies and actions if she says that she has a boyfriend.


Start a conversation. post with kindness.

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