Why Does My Boyfriend Kiss Me With Eyes Open?

Your boyfriend enjoys watching your expression to estimate how crazy and wild he can make you while kissing and understand if he is doing it right and you are comfortable to take it to the next step! It arouses him to see the captivating power of his kiss on you.
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Kissing with eyes closed is not a thumb rule to stick by. Try it the other way, and you will enjoy it more. It will not only make both of you comfortable but lead you on to discover and try more things together.

You had a lovely tug war with your boyfriend, pulling each other's lips and kissing wildly. All of a sudden, you had this urge just to capture the moment. You open your eyes to discover your boyfriend staring back at you. It shakes you a bit. Has he always kept his eyes open while kissing you? Is it a nice thing to do? Does it tell you something about his fantasies? Let's find out!

What Are The Possible Reasons For Him To Keep His Eyes Open While Kissing Me?

My readers often ask me if they should trust the person who kisses with their eyes open.

Let me ask you this when you are on a roller coaster ride, do you shut your eyes? When you are having your favorite dessert, do you keep your eyes close to make the taste more palpable? Don't we all first like to feast with our eyes before beginning to dine? Why is it then that we keep them closed when we are living a moment that we have been wanting to live for so long?

You can tell a lot about a guy in the way he kisses you and the things he does while kissing you. Kissing is not only the first step in the foreplay but the sweetest gesture of expressing their love. If your guy is keeping his eyes open, then is it worrisome? What are the possible causes? Is it that he doesn't trust you or implies that he can never get enough of you? Read further to find out!

#1 He Likes To Watch You

He is being playful. He loves to experience the moment completely. Besides, he adores your beauty. He likes to capture magical moments and treasure them forever.

This does not mean that it is his regular behavior. It might just be that when he kisses you, he likes to watch. It is because you are special, and he holds you very close to his heart.

Tip: Dedicate a song to him later to show how those eyes make you crazy.

#2 To Fantasies Later

He is recording it. He has an excellent photographic memory. Besides, you are always on his mind. In his solitary moments, he likes to revisit it and bring back the warmth.

I loved to open my eyes while kissing my guy. It was a magical moment. He seemed so gorgeous. I loved to watch him wanting me so bad. I would tease him later. Often while kissing him like that, I would embrace him. For that microseconds, I would indeed feel that we are one soul.

#3 It Arouses Him

It titillates his body to watch you engaging with him so brilliantly. He is fascinated by you. He likes to see that smile on your face when you kiss him; he wants to stroke your hair and see your reaction to it. He likes to watch you quiver when he pleases you.

#4 He Has Waited For It Too Long

You kept him waiting for so long before finally kissing him that he just couldn't let the sight of it escape him. Lady, it's on you. Love him more. Show him that you have wanted it for very long too. Besides gluing on to you with his lips, he wants to seal it permanently with his eyes.

#5 He Wants To See If You Keep Your Eyes Open Too

He is curious to know how you feel about it. He is trying to understand how much this means to you. It can be either because he thinks a lot or has found his true love in you. 

#6 He Likes To Dream With Open Eyes

Yes, you read that right. That's what you are to him. A dream. A fairy. He regards you so high that he likes to think of it all like a dream. It only means that he is totally into you.

Tip: Smile back at him with open eyes while kissing those lips.

#7 He Wants To Witness His Dream Coming True

It is so incredible to be romantically engaged with you that he gets overwhelmed while kissing you. Take a closer look at those eyes. Do you see it watery? That's exactly how much he loves and admires you and appreciates your companionship. It is his way to adore your beauty without you knowing.

#8 He Wants To Get Wild With You

He keeps his eyes open because he is having difficulty resisting not taking it further. He is looking for a sign, a yearning, the twitching of your stomach, the curling of your toes, the way you hold him to know if it's time to make it hot! He wants to offer you a rich prelude before mating.

#9 To Understand How You Feel While Kissing Him

He is just trying to analyze if you are shy or erotic, nervous or enjoying it, novice or experienced. He wants to understand you and feel you not only with his lips but up and down and all the way around with his eyes too. 

He wants to kiss you inside out. You are a blessing, and he believes in praying with open eyes. The kissamatic connoisseur wants to see how his doll is enjoying his lasvicious lips. He wants to know if your kissing is a comma, a question mark, an exclamation, or a never-ending ellipsis!

Tip: Stroke your hand on his back while kissing him. Hold him by the neck to make it more romantic.

#10 To Break The Trend

He likes to play kinky. He likes to break the rules or not go by the norms. He wants to see how the synchronicity of lips brings justice to your romantic chemistry. He wants to make it all special and unique for you. Be ready to get surprises.

Tip: Surprise him all the same by coming up with your signature move. Instead of kissing him while facing him, stand the other way round and lean back your face to make him kiss you. Make him admire your pose and those collar bones leading him further down.

#11 He Likes To Dominate You

It brings him a pleasure to dominate you. When you close your eyes and kiss him back, he knows that you are under his spell and likes to see you that way. He wants to feel you while kissing you over and again. He wants to know if his kiss is only making your mouth wet or a movement can be sensed in the rich valley as well.

Give him more reasons for such pleasures. Kiss him while rolling on the bed or while dancing.

What Should Be Your Move?

There is nothing to freak out about. You can make it more enjoyable for both of you. We will tell you how!

#1 Just Enjoy It

Focus on important things like how you feel while kissing him, or he is a better kisser than you. If yes, then what shall be your comeback?

You must enjoy kissing him too. If you don't feel it that way, then try something new. Don't limit yourself to the American style. Involve a little play of tongue simultaneously. Don't start kissing at one. Go the Eskimo style. Start with rubbing your nose against each other and eventually progress to kissing. You must not do it just for the sake of it. 

#2 Kiss Him Longer

Make it last longer, even if it means your lips are swallowing up at once you stop. Make him feel life while kissing. This way, he might naturally be pushed to close his eyes and kiss you back passionately in the French style.

#3 Show Him That You Love It

Make him confident that he is doing it right. If you see his eyes open, then kiss his eyelids to shut them and then take control. Eventually, kiss his earlobe to make him feel you are totally into him.

#4 Take Him To Your Bed

His eyes are waiting for a signal from your side. He wants more. He is yearning and asking for it. Don't make him stay for too long. Take him indoors and get cozy and warm.

#5 Kiss His Neck

Swiftly made way to his neck and left no area untouched. Mark your territory. Kiss him upwards and downwards while biting him occasionally. It will indeed have a lasting effect on him.

#6 Open Your Eyes In Between To Make It Super Romantic

If he keeps his eyes open, you do the same at times. Blink at him while kissing. That is one of the sexiest things to do. It shows approval, buys confidence, and keeps the game on.

#7 Bite Him

If you feel he is getting naughty, then it's time for you to get more playful. Bite him often and bite him hard. While you are at it, make your nails work too. Get wild. Pierce his skin. Draw your name. Show him that you are ready for it.

#8 Kiss The Roof Of His Mouth

Kissing the roof of his mouth will make it very erotic and engaging. Use a spoon of ice cream or ice cubes while kissing. Keep it in between and take it from each other's mouths. Make your kissing session adventurous and romantic at the same time.

#9 Guide His Hands Lower

Make him go down on you. If he doe not keep his eyes closed, why not make him make your eyes roll? Yes, you got it right! Make it more stimulating and sexy with every move.

#10 Spank Him

If your guy is naughty, then it's on you to tame him, right? Spank him on the right stop and ask him to behave and play it your way!

#11 Moan While Kissing

If he is into mischief, you raise the level with your moans. Make him horny and make him beg for more. Give out soft moans and keep his name in between. Let your voice reverberate his body and make his hair raise.

#12 Feel If He Has A Boner

That's right. Keep a check on the bulge. If you feel it, then you are doing it right. If not, then he is someplace else while kissing you. Bring him back by doing something out of the blue.

#13 Tie Him Down

If your boyfriend does not close his eyes while kissing you, then it is time for you to go harsh on him. Make him kneel and tie him up for good. Let's see how long he can keep gazing back at you. Dare him too!

Take him by surprise by dominating over with your tongue. Make him go wow. Make it so wonderfully delightful that he shall cherish it even at noon.


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