What Goes On In A Guy's Mind While Hugging A Girl?

Adhideb Ghosh
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Hugging is one of the most universal and beautiful gestures that help us to express many of our emotions and feelings that could not be explained through words. As said, hugging is truly universal. Everybody can hug everyone else in the world irrespective of their relation between. Because hugs can help to express friendship, happiness, sadness, feelings of saying goodbye, meeting someone after years, etc. 

At the same time, hugging is also considered as an expression of love, romance, and even sexual attraction sometimes. That’s why predicting the meanings of hugs can come out to be very difficult. But fortunately, when things come to the meaning of a guy hugging a girl, it becomes a little bit limited and hence the prediction job becomes easier. 

From many of my female friends, I have learned that many women want to know what was going on in the guys’ minds while hugging them. Out of this exploring desire, naturally, they start getting confused as there are so many potential factors that could have gone on in my guys’ minds. If you’re also one of them and now getting irritated with this long introduction, don’t worry, here's your answer. 

Now in one, if you ask me what goes on in a guy's mind while hugging a girl, I will say: The guy’s mind may feel sharing some of his feelings or emotions with you. That emotion or feelings may be related to liking you, loving you, sharing his happiness, sadness, or maybe excitement. Or the guy may also have hugged you just out of his friendly emotions towards you. In that case, nothing significant goes on in his mind.  

What will go on in a guy’s mind while hugging a girl depends on the relationship and bonding you share with this guy and on the situation when he’s hugging you. But I think when you ask about the things that go on in guys’ minds while hugging girls, you don’t only mean simply knowing them but also understanding their meaning.

In this blog, we’re gonna do exactly that. Afterward, you’re also gonna find what you can or should do after understanding the guys’ mental phenomena. 

Why He’s Hugging You

You wanna understand what is going on in the guy’s mind while hugging you, right? As I have said, there could be hundreds of things going on in his mind. But what controls these mental phenomena? It solely depends on the reason why he’s hugging you. So, In order to understand what is going on in his mind, first, you must know why the guy is hugging you. Deciding the specific reason for his hugging is gonna play a key role in understanding his ongoing mental phenomenon. 

Deciding the specific reason...It may seem to you quite a complicated job. Because a guy can hug you because of many potential reasons. So, let’s look at those possible reasons one by one briefly. 

He’s Welcoming You

Guy’s tend to hug when they welcome someone irrespective of their gender. Did he hug you while welcoming you to some sort of a party or maybe a gathering? If yes, then it’s merely a gesture to welcome you and to make you feel that he values your presence in his life or maybe at least in this event. Not necessarily the event has to be a large one in this case. A guy can hug you even in small events too.

He’s Saying Goodbye

Did the guy hug you while saying goodbye? Is he not going to meet you in weeks or maybe months? If yes, then it was possibly a goodbye hug. Goodbye hugs are very much common and tend to be very pure and beautiful. 

Goodbye hugs mean that the guy really values your existence in his life and he’s gonna miss you a lot during the time when he won’t be able to meet you. I must mention that goodbye hugs may come from family members, friends, colleagues, and obviously from boyfriends. 

The Guy Is Excited

Guys tend to hug their friends, sisters, and girlfriends when they get very excited due to some reason. Did he hug you while seeing his favorite team winning a game? Or did he hug you as if he just got a promotion? Or did he hug you and you noticed some sort of excitement in his face? Maybe he just hugged you because he’s really excited due to something. These kinda hugs mean that the guy values you so much that he wants to share all of his exciting feelings with you.

He Expects Your Support 

A guy may also have hugged you to seek your support subconsciously if not consciously. He is maybe dealing with some sort of problems or troubles in his life but can’t share that with anyone. In such situations, their mind tends to get anxious and they seek someone reliable to have minimum support.

Maybe this guy has finally found you most reliable for him and his hug is a mere expression of his discovery of the potential reliable support. You may be his elder sister, a close friend, or maybe girlfriend sometimes. 

He Admires You

If a guy is attracted towards you in any way or admires you, he may end up hugging you. It may be your professional prospects, your talent, your looks, etc that attracts him. In this situation no matter whether he’s your brother, friend, or boyfriend he may hug you often out of that admiration. 

Remember how many times you thought of hugging your favorite movie star or maybe your icon if you get a chance to meet someday! You can simply be a start or an icon for the guy who has hugged you.

You’re Meeting Him After A Long Time

Guys hug the people they are close to while meeting after a long time. This guy maybe your boyfriend, cousin, or friend. If you met him after a long time and he hugged you, that means he missed you a lot while being away from you. 

He Has Sexual Intentions

Just like the position itself, sexual attraction can be the last thing due to what, guys hug women. There are hundreds of other possible ways through which the guy could have approached you if he was sexually attracted. Yeah, rare but sometimes some guys hug women due to their sexual intentions. Here I want you to pay attention that I’m mentioning the word ‘intention’ separately from ‘attraction’.

Look, sexual attraction is a biological phenomenon and can be both conscious and subconscious. But sexual intentions are always very much conscious. The guy may have some sort of sexual intention in his mind and hugged simply to fake his approach. 

Things That May Go On In A Guy’s Mind While Hugging

Now you know the possible reasons why guys hug women. You might be wondering about what goes on in guys’ minds while hugging girls. Look, the human mind is quite a complex algorithm to be decoded. There can be thousands of things going on in a guy’s mind while hugging you. But then is it impossible to predict what goes on?

Not really. As I said earlier, men’s mental phenomena solely depend on the reason behind their hugs. After years of research, relationship counselors and psychologists have been able to identify some common things that go on in guys’ minds while hugging girls. 

There’s Nothing Going On In His Mind

It’s the most common mental phenomenon that the psychologists got in the survey. Basically, many times guys hug women for no significant reason. Maybe it was just a welcome hug or friendly hug or maybe a casual hug between couples. During these hugs I mentioned, most of the guys feel really nothing in their minds. Like they hugged and forgot. For them, it was just a casual gesture without any thoughts.

He Feels How Much You Matter In His Life

Guys tend to feel this specifically when they give goodbye hugs. Men have a little tendency of taking their close people for granted while being physically close to them. That’s why guys have a reputation of being emotionless. 

But while saying goodbye and hugging their close people like friends, family, or fiancée, they become really emotional inside if not outside. It’s time when deep down in the mind they feel the exact value of those people in their life. They’re gonna miss you.

He Feels Grateful For Getting A Chance To Hug You

How would you feel if you get a chance to hug your favorite movie star or your icon or maybe your crush? It would feel great right? It can be the same thing to the guy who hugged you. If the guy admires you in any way, his mind is gonna thank you and his life for giving him a chance to hug his icon or maybe crush. In such situations, he feels that he needs nothing but this very moment.

The Guy Is Feeling A Sigh Of Relief

Every time you want to understand what’s going on in a guy’s mind while hugging you, just put yourself in his situation. Imagine how you would have felt if you had been waiting to hug someone and finally get a chance to hug that person. This person can be anybody. Your close friends, your family, or your partner.

You would feel a sigh of relief, right? Your guy may also be feeling the same if he has hugged you after a long wait. Maybe you’re meeting him after a long time or maybe he was missing you and desperately wanted to hug you. And now while hugging, his mind is finally calming down.

He Expects You To Understand And Be With Him

If the guy is dealing with some problems or if any trouble is bothering his life and he finds a potential reliable place in you that is gonna support his cause, his mind will expect you to understand him and be with him while hugging you. In such a situation, The guy’s mind may also want you to hug him back without any complicated questionnaire or judgments.

He Wishes To Impress You

After all the points above, you are maybe thinking what if the guy has sexual intention towards you. What would go in his mind then? Look, if the guy has sexual intention deep down his mind then convincing you for sex is never gonna be the cause of his ‘hugging’. 

Rather he would proceed step by step. Behind the hugging, his primary intention is to make you believe in him. That’s why in such circumstances, guys’ minds keep wishing the hugs to be successful to impress you and eventually to win your belief. 

The Feeling Of Completeness

Maybe it’s your boyfriend or husband who hugged you. If the person is in deep love with you, his mind may feel the completeness of being with you while hugging. He may feel that you are the only one whom he wants to be with and commit to himself he’ll never gonna hurt you. 

If this is your case, then through the hug, the guy may want to express his deep love towards you. Such hugs come generally as a result of some intense moments between couples. 

How To Understand What’s Going On In His Mind?

As of now you already know what goes on in a guy’s mind while hugging a girl and why. But those were the possible things I mentioned. Now if a guy hugged you and you want to understand the specific thing that went on his mind while hugging you, you have to master the art of understanding guys’ minds in this regard. 

How can you do that? Do you have to be an expert to understand what goes on in guys’ minds while hugging you? Not at all. You can simply understand what’s going on in the guy’s mind through analyzing his approaches and behaviors towards you. And most importantly by noticing the style of his hug. 

  • Did the guy hug you and you feel no change in the weather between you two? If this is the case, then maybe this was just a friendly casual hug. He just valued your presence. Hug him back and enjoy the mood.
  • Did the guy hug you tight while saying goodbye or meeting you after ages? Did he become vulnerable while hugging you? Did he say something about missing you or did you notice any sign of grief or joy in his face? If all these answers are positive for you, then maybe he was then constantly valuing your existence in his life. It’s time for his mind to feel a sigh of grief or relief depending on the situation.
  • Notice the guy’s approach while hugging you. Is he overwhelmed while hugging you? Is he trying but failing to express his words? Is he touching you in a tender way? If yes, then congratulations. You’re his icon or maybe crush. The feeling of hugging you is too wonderful for him to express through words
  • Was he totally silent while hugging you? Was he resting his head on your shoulder or chest? Was his hand in a position of grabbing you from the back not pulling you? And how did he look after the hug? Did he look sad or in some kinda trouble? If again, your answers are yes for these questions, then be sure that the guy is looking for some kinda support and sees his potential reliable place in you.
  •  Do you think that the guy is interested in you? Yes? Okay. How was he hugging? Did he pull you closer? Or breathed just beside your ear? And did he rub his hands behind your back? Try to recall the things I just asked you? Again if you get your answers positive, the guy has perhaps some kinda sexual intentions and wishes to impress you with his hugs.
  • Who was the guy? Your partner, your brother, or Cousin? How does he deal with you in general? I mean, is he a bit protective or a little bit possessive? And was the hug warm enough to make you feel like a shield? If yes, then I must say, you’re very lucky to have such a guy on your side. Whoever he is, he loves you, cares for you, and always wants to protect you in his mind while hugging.

Now you know almost everything you need to know regarding this context. In the end, I want to say that always consider hugging is always a beautiful gesture unless it hurts your dignity. You’re a mature person and as now understand what goes on in a guy’s mind when he hugs a girl, you must be able to decide your best reaction according to the situation. 

Happy hugging. 


For some further reference, Here I’m adding a few frequently asked questions that often come to girls’ minds when they think about the things that go on in guys’ minds while hugging women.

Does he like me if he comes and hugs me?

No way. Only a hug can never mean that the guy likes you romantically. Deep down in his mind, he definitely has some sort of feelings for you and that's why he came and hugged you. But not necessarily the feeling has to be romantic. To understand how he’s feeling, you must observe his overall behavior closely.

Do guys get turned on while hugging girls? 

Maybe, maybe not. It all depends on how he is hugging you. If he hugged you with sole sexual intention(that is quite rare), he may get turned on by hugging in a specific way. But most of the time hugging comes to be a pure and beautiful gesture without any complex hormonal involvement in it. 

What was he thinking while pulling me closer in a hug?

It depends on the reason why he was hugging you. If it was a goodbye hug or a welcome hug, he may have not thought anything significant while pulling you closer. But a person who hugs you with sexual intention deep down in his mind, he’ll see this ‘pulling you closer’ thing as a potential gesture to eventually serve his intention. 


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