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Why Is He Ignoring Me And Not Blocking Me?

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You guys have been dating for a while. You have been with each other through thick and thin, happy times and sad times. Things between the two of you were going stellar, with no signs of heading south. In fact, things seem to be going really well─tell tale signs of a long-lasting relationship─until recently. He has been ignoring your calls, texts, and emails. When he does reply, he sends a text message saying he is busy with work and does not want to talk.

You try to confront him, but you're met with his silent treatment or a bland apology which does not quite satisfy your anger. He then goes back to ignoring you and plunges into work as if nothing had happened.

There can be several reasons why is he ignoring but not blocking you? The most important reason is he wants to see how vulnerable are you without him. By not blocking you he is actually keeping track of your life events. Maybe he is keeping you an option while dating someone else, and if that relationship goes to the south he will come back to you again. Or genuinely he may not have time to pursue a love relationship but wants to be with you if ever you need him so blocking you doesn’t come to his mind

Imagine a guy who ignores a girl. This scenario isn't new. In fact, every relationship has moments where one or both partners feel ignored. 

Know 6 Reasons Behind Ignoring You

The particular reason why a guy is ignoring you might not be clear but it's important to try and figure out the reason because once you understand what is happening, you can take steps to deal with it in an appropriate manner. Understanding his actions will enable you to act accordingly so that he realizes his mistake and works on fixing it rather than completely giving up on

#1 Are You Texting 24*7?

There is a fine line between a woman expressing good attention-seeking behavior and a guy getting annoyed by it. This is because when a woman expresses an extreme level of interest in a guy, it is actually hurting her chances with him. 

When a guy gets too much attention from a woman it makes him feel like she is beyond the point of desperation. It shows how uninteresting, uninspiring and unimaginative she is if all she can do is just sit there and text him day and night.

He may end up feeling like she is a kid who wants a toy from the store. The attention from her becomes annoying and not at all satisfying.

My friend David once told me, “When I first got out of college I was confused by this dynamic. I knew attention was supposed to be flattering but after a while, for whatever reason, it started to weigh me down. It made me feel like I had some commitment to the girl because she'd taken time out of her day to reach out to me.”

Every time he looks at his phone there's a new text from her, then that means that she is giving you attention for free. And if something is available for free, no one will value it.  It is as simple as that.

#2 Calling Him Relentlessly?

When a guy starts ignoring you, he is relieving himself of the responsibility to answer as soon as you call. It is as if he has an emotional obligation to talk to you that he would rather avoid.

Women are very unrelenting with this sort of behavior. They are just relentless in calling, even though the boyfriend isn't picking up the phone. I know this is hard for women to understand but guys don't like talking on the phone. If women would only stop calling so much the guy would call her back.

Calling a lot is especially a bad idea if he has an intense day at work. It's a terrible idea to call a guy who is deeply focused on something that he cares about. 

If your guy is so engrossed in his work, don’t keep calling him to tell him something trivial. Wait for him to be distracted from what he is doing so you can have his full attention.

#3 Where’s The Chase?

To a man, a woman who is interested in him will come off as very easy and available. He wants a woman that he has to work for, just a little bit. It’s that challenge that makes her more attractive to him.

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It’s the thrill of the chase, the curiosity of what it would be like to go on a date with you, to kiss you, to make love to you. So if you don’t pull back and give him a challenge, it’s very likely that the man will lose interest and go on to find someone else who he can chase. 

Give him as little as you possibly can for as long as possible. This is the best way to ignite his desire to chase you.

#4 Just Not Interested In You

If he’s ignoring you in the very beginning, then he is probably just not that into you. He’s not necessarily playing games or being mean, he’s just not interested in you in that way. 

The truth is, when a man ignores you, it is his way of saying that you are not worth his time. Why? Consider this: if he wants to talk to you, then why doesn’t he initiate the communication in the first place?

A man only starts a conversation with a woman he is interested in. If he isn’t calling or emailing you, then it simply means that you are not worth his time. A man only contacts a woman he is interested in. He might flirt with a few women, but this does not mean that he is interested in all of them. He will be communicating with those who catch his attention and interest.

So in this case, if you want to make him obsess over only you, I'll highly recommend you to go through The Devotion System by Amy North where she teaches you the exact steps and tricks to make him fall in love with you.

#5 He Has Packed Schedule

Another popular thought that a man has when he ignores you is that he may just be really busy and trying to avoid you until his schedule clears up. He might think that it’s hard to make time for someone else in his already packed day and dropping everything for a date would be really inconvenient.

If this is true, it also means he is not ignoring you on purpose. His plate is full and your text messages and phone calls are left unanswered because he forgets about them and doesn’t feel like taking the time to go out with you. He might even be thinking about making time for you again, but something always comes up.

#6 You Both Have Different Dating Goals

Your feelings and actions don't always dictate how he will react. Some men can seem interested at first but then just down the road realize they aren't really that into you. Despite how much he seems to enjoy spending time with you, he could still be trying to distance himself from a potential romantic interest. 

Uncertainty is natural in any dating situation. Not every gesture or comment that leads to intimacy leads to a relationship.

Why Isn’t He Blocking Me?

If he really did not love you or value the relationship, why would he keep you on his phone? Why wouldn't he just delete your number and move on with his life? 

Maybe He Still Has Feeling For You

He is ignoring you because you have done something that has hurt his ego or something that is against your relationship ethics. He is punishing you for that and ignores your texts, emails, and calls so you can realize what harm you have done to him and ask for an apology. He is ready to take back into his life once again once you realize your mistake and say sorry to him. Thus he doesn’t want to block you because he knows by blocking you he will close all the ways of communication. 

How to respond: If this is the case, count yourself lucky to have a boyfriend who is mature enough to forgive and forget. It is your time to introspect where you have gone wrong and ask for an apology quickly.

Take him out for a date, prepare his favorite dish do whatever it takes to soften your man’s heart, and get your relationship on track again.

He Wants To Be On Your Side If You Are In Problem Ever

He has cleared the air that he cannot take the relationship forward with you for whatever reasons. He is ignoring your texts and calls that show your love interest in him. He is ignoring your messages so you understand his intention clearly and move on in life. 

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But he is neither blocking your number nor blocking you from his social media because he has promised to be on your side if you’re ever in a problem. By blocking you he doesn’t want to cut off all the ties. 

How to respond: I know it is hard to accept the fact that someone who promised to be with you on your journey for life is leaving you mid-way. But try to consider the positive side of the situation, at least in the world of cheating and betrayal you have found someone who hasn’t played with your emotions.

He respects you as an individual. Though you haven’t found a life partner in him you have earned a friend. Why not cherish this relation?

He Is Eager To Show His Power

I feel like he's doing this because he's playing a mind-game. It's a classic pick-up artist move, play with someone's emotions to make yourself feel powerful.

He wants you to show him that you're completely dependent on him by not blocking him after he ignores you. He already did his part for this game, all he needs is to see your reaction.

He wants to see how dedicated you are to him after he ignores you. He doesn't need anything from you, he just needs you to have a reaction.

How to respond: If you say anything in response to his ignoring, all he’ll do is get more power, and he will feel good about himself, which was the purpose of the game in the first place.

Just be a playful kitten and ignore him too. Why not? It's a great chance to show him who's the master of this relationship.

It’s easy. He’s showing you that you are not important to him by ignoring you. Love yourself with this knowledge, distance yourself from him with your thoughts, and show yourself some love.

He Is Keeping You As An Option

So when are you asking me why he is not blocking you? I know it’s hard to accept and you think that he still loves you if he doesn’t block. Then I’ll tell you this is not the case. If a guy still keeps in touch with your other social accounts, then it means he wants to keep control of the relationship because there is still a chance that he can come back into your life.

There is a possibility that this guy does not want to block you because he still hopes that at some point you will come back to him and say sorry and he will convince you to take him back. He's playing games with your mind and this is the worst thing to do. 

How to respond: My advice would be to stay away from him as long as he doesn’t pay attention to you at all. All you need to do is start focusing on yourself and never think about him again.

He Wants Your Life Update

Strange right? The guy doesn’t love you, doesn’t respond to your texts, and ignores you as if you never existed for him but still wouldn’t block you from social media especially. It is because he wants to see how you progress in life without him. He is curious to know if you have moved on gracefully or he still has the chance to play with your emotions again? He wants to see are you sharing posts that leave hints for him or having a gala time with your friends and family forgetting all about him.

How to respond: My dear strong ladies, stop feeding his ego and show him who you really are. You are not the doormat he can use whenever he wants. Don’t show him what he wants to see. Instead of sharing how sad you are share your happy times on social media. Go out with your friends and family and put status about that. 

Easy And Effective Ways To Make Him Fall In Love With You Time And Again

Good News!!! Do you want to regain his interest in you? Here are some ideas on how you can turn things around and bring back the love in your relationship. And, if you act quickly enough, you may find that your partner comes running back to you.

Slow Down

I understand you cannot handle the ignorance of the boy you were attached to the most. And you want things to fall back at the place as soon as possible, but the sad truth is, everything will not go the way we always want. There is no magical pill that can change your current relationship situation drastically. 

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So, slow down, accept the situation and trust the process. Everything gonna be alright.

Give your man the space and time he needs to tell you his feelings and make things clear to you. Make sure he knows you've got your own life going on before trying to jump back into the relationship again.

There is a lot of power in space. Being able to create space in a relationship is a very strong indicator that the relationship has a good chance for success.

So, spend some time with yourself, and who knows, he might be the one calling you first.

Create Your Own Aura

The reason men get bored with their women is that everything is too easy for them. Sure, you have fun while it lasts, but soon there’s nothing left to look forward to other than the same old thing day after day. The relationship becomes dull and boring, which is no fun for anyone.

When you’re busy doing your own thing, you’re showing him that you’re not needy. You know that you have other things going on in your life, and that makes him feel both confident that you won’t be too dependent on him, and somewhat envious of what he doesn’t have. He wants to be a part of your life but doesn’t want to replace the other things you are interested in.

Let Go Of The Past

No matter what happened or didn't happen in your relationship, it's never too late to regain the emotional connection. The great thing about the emotional connection is that no matter how far apart you are, you never lose it. Even when one partner gives up on the relationship the emotional connection remains. All you need to do is reconnect and draw each other back into each other's lives.

Make The First Move

Don’t simply stand there and wait for him to make the first move. Run down to the marketplace and get some flowers, candles, and a bottle of sparkling cider. Think about your ideal first date – where does it take place? What is your attitude going into this event? What do you hope to accomplish? Prepare for the date mentally – you’ll be able to better converse and appear more open if you’re thinking about what you’ll say. When the guy walks in the door, be sure to greet him enthusiastically. Your body language will send the message that you’re interested. Make a point of being an active participant.

Make Him Feel Special

 A no from him can feel like a rejection. It's not. And it's certainly not a relationship killer (unless you make it one). But sometimes there is a better way to get what you want: Be brave and vulnerable and ask for it. It's OK to hope he catches you. Sometimes, you never know how or when that moment of opportunity is going to present itself. So, how do you make him fall in love with you again? 

Start by describing your wonderful feeling when he gives you his time, energy, and affection. Be sure to mention how very much it means to you that he is willing to invest precious time, energy, and attention into this rewarding relationship. Acknowledge that his ideas are important to you, and listen patiently while letting him know that you understand what he is saying.  Let your feelings of love bubble over when he feels appreciated. And always remember, knowing when to say something is almost as important as what you actually say.

A romantic relationship is the toughest to balance. Once it seems like you are on cloud nine and the next moment it feels like you are going against the wind. But with the right partner on the side, we can sail through all the phases. If you are feeling that your current relationship is going through turmoil you can talk it out with your partner to find a solution. If no solution comes out walking out from that relationship is the only solution that suits you both.

I have put forward a problem and a particular solution for that it is your turn to find out what is the one thing that is hindering your relationship and apply the solution given. Write it to us if your romantic life is on a rollercoaster ride with our practical experience and knowledge we will give you answers.


Start a conversation. post with kindness.

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