Is It Normal To Only See Your Boyfriend Once A Week?

Megha Chanda
Is It Normal To Only See Your Boyfriend Once A Week
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As with every other action in our life, a relationship is also an action that needs the correct amount of time and effort to bloom in full swing. Starting a new relationship brings joy as well as an infinite list of challenges. While some couples easily sail through these difficulties others mess it up.

Relationships are beautiful and during their initial stage which you may also call the infatuation phase, they seem more beautiful. But with passing days the real-world realities hit your delicate bonding with your partner hard leading to tension, turmoil, and ultimately parting ways.

Gurl!!! if you are reading this I am glad that you care for your relationship. 

Let’s discuss how you can protect your budding relationship that has the possibilities into a beautiful fairy-tale ever after. 

The best thing you can do for your relationship in its infatuation stage is to take it slow. When you meet someone for the first time in whose eye you can see your future, the dancing endorphins and the over-excited oxytocin in you push you to be with your dating partner day in and out. Be CAUTIOUS. 

So now let's dive into the exact question.

Is It Normal To Only see your Boyfriend Once A Week?

Yes, it is normal to see your boyfriend once a week especially on your initials days. Use the formula of Once-A-Week. Meeting your prospective partner once a week helps form a bond stronger. Taking things slowly has the advantage of accepting your partner with transparency and clarity as those crazy hormones are in your grip. Remember, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”

When Meeting Your Boyfriend Once A Week is Absolutely Perfect?

Here are some situations.

Your Relationship Is In The Blooming Or Infatuation Stage

The urge to meet your partner is exceptionally high when you are just starting out. It is the stage you need to handle with caution and care if you want to take your relation to next level. In this period we are in hurry to make it official. This will not yield you great result

Solution: Take it slow. Meet your partner exclusively once-a-week. Make sure when you are meeting him, you ask relevant questions. Show interest in each other’s life, see is that the life you want to be a part of, and then take the decision if you want to be with each other in the future.

You Both Are Workaholic

You both have steady jobs and work hard to build your empire. Your relation is important to both of you but you love to devote attention to your work also. Thus you both have agreed to see each other once a week so you can schedule your work and meetings with ease.

Your Boyfriend Lives Far Away From You

I know your boyfriend lives close to your heart but SORRY his house is far away from yours. It is not fair to press your boyfriend to come down to you every day when it costs him a lot of time. Those meetings are not also bringing in any satisfaction as he is in hurry to get back to his place also ad you are getting frustrated for his frigidity.

Solution: Block a day in the calendar for each other. It is bound to make your every meeting memorable as you both have waited with anticipation for this day of the week. It will save your boyfriend’s time and also ignite the urge in him to meet you and give you his all attention.

You Enjoy Your Me-Time!!!

Maybe the workload is less today or maybe you are not busy today but still, you don’t want to go out and meet your boyfriend because you crave your me-time. You love to sit at your home in your comfiest pajama and idle away all day long. Your boyfriend is also mature enough to respect your time and what you want.

Thus an off day doesn’t necessarily mean you need to meet your partner, rather you’ll be sticking gladly to the Once-A-Week rule.

But When The Once-A-Week Formula May Not Work?

The Once-A-Week formula always works but there is an exception when meeting your partner once a week may not work. Have a look at those situations.

You Consider Your Meeting As Your Duty

You are applying once a week formula but it doesn’t yield your results. Meeting your boyfriend is more like a duty. You are meeting as if you are bound to do so. Your meetings are as gloomy as your Mondays. 

Solution: Talk to your partner, identify the gap, and bridge it as soon as possible. In this case, you may meet your partner twice a week or more if you need to bring your relation out of the low phase.

Once-A-Week Is Not An Escape

Once a week formula should keep the spark of your relationship alive. If you see your boyfriend is using it as an escape so he gets some extra time to have fun with his boys, then girl, go break the rule of Once-A-Week and do whatever you want to do with your man.

There is an exception to rules. If you and your boyfriend both aspire to take your relationship to the next level faster, you are allowed to DIY your schedule. There is no right or wrong way to start a relation but using the preventive measure can yield you a healthy and everlasting relationship.

5 Advantages Of Seeing Your Boyfriend Once-A-Week

Okay so let's see what are those.

#1 Love Is An Admiration That Comes With Patience

Being with your boyfriend for too long or seeing him frequently naturally ignites the desire to get physically intimate. Neither there is any problem nor I am the flag bearer of platonic love.

But physical intimacy should grow in a trustworthy environment. Get to know your partner slowly and steadily so don’t end up being vulnerable and betrayed because you didn’t have the time to build trust in each other.

#2 Emotional Intimacy Is the Deep Bond Of Knowing

The adrenaline rush is so high in the initial days of dating that there is a deep desire to meet your boyfriend as frequent as you can which ultimately forge a fake sense of intimacy and dependence.

It takes months and years to know someone truly. When you and your boyfriend decided to take it slow you are actually building your relationship on the basis of trust and confidence.  Being confident drives each other closer.

#3 Don’t Forget Your Unique World

Studies have proven to be in the Rossy bubble of a relationship people often let go of their identities, friends and families. Being true to yourself is also very important while being in a relationship.

Thus restricting your time to meet your boyfriend once a week can help you to make other plans without feeling guilty. It is always great to see you have a world outside your partner and you don’t always have to rely on him to make plans and it also fosters a sense of independence in you.

PS: No matter how much in love you are with your partner, every relationship is bound to go through rough patches. Those are the days when your friend will be there to listen to your rants and cheer you up. Thus don’t ignore your friends and family only to be with your partner.

#4 You Prefer Quality Over Quantity

You can meet your partner seven days a week but will it be exciting every day? Probably NO! If you see your partner once a week you can save your relationship from burnout.

Save your relationship from the pressure of meeting your partner every day. Rather meet once a week and be available to each other on call, text and maybe on Facetime after returning from your day. 

Thus you look forward to the day you will be meeting and you don’t let any stone unturned to make every meeting a memorable one.

#5 Don’t You Want A Relationship That Lasts Long?

According to the Clinical Psychologist, Seth Meyers one should not rush to meet their partners several days a week that can prevent a relationship from lasting long. He suggested meeting once a week especially in the initial days and increase the time with passing days.

Being anxious to forge a relationship we only choose to see what we want and in the long run and there is a high chance it may not result in long term success in most cases.

To Sum Up

We say “ Everything is fair in love and war” whether you are seeing your partner once a week or more often than that comes down to your schedule and what you both wants. Once in a while, there is no harm in breaking the Once-A-Week formula also.

We can only warn you to be cautious so you don’t end feeling betrayed and vulnerable. Remember to have a healthy relationship valuing each others identity and interests is essential. It takes effort to keep the flame burning in your relationship.

While we suggest following the once a week strategy when it comes to meet your partner, let us know in the comment section below how often you see your boyfriend/ girlfriend.


Start a conversation. Or give us feedback.

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