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Why Hasn’t Your Ex Asked For His/Her Stuff Back?

Why Hasn’t Your Ex Asked For HisHer Stuff Back

Relationships have become short-lived nowadays. People break up these days easily and quickly. But apart from the memories that you leave behind, some other things are left too.

You guessed it right. The gifts, the stuff that you two exchanged during the relationship, are left behind after the relationship has ended. 

It is obvious that you two have exchanged stuff, given each other things on birthdays on special occasions, or just out of love. But what happens when things have ended between you two, but you have no clue what to do with that stuff.

So Why Has Not Your Ex Asked For His/Her Stuff Back? Your ex has not asked for his/her stuff back because he/she still sees a possibility of reconnecting. He/she is too hurt and angry and probably already thrown away that stuff. Or simply, they just care too little for you at this time and that stuff just lies around covered with dust like their feelings. 

Few Reasons Why Your Ex Does Not Want Their Stuff Back

So are you someone who has gone through a breakup recently? Is your ex’s stuff still lying around in your room? Hasn’t your ex asked for his stuff yet? Let’s find out why.

#1 Your Ex Does Not Want To Have Contact With You Anymore

One of the probable reasons for your ex to not ask for his/her stuff back is that they do not want any kind of contact with you. Many relationships end on very bad notes where partners block each other are extremely angry with each other. 

It happens when your partner cheats on you, lies to you, or you were in a toxic relationship. In such relationships when they are ended partners like to cut off all kinds of communication.

They are so upset with their ex’s behavior that they do not want to go back and ask for the stuff back. He/She feels that once it is done, it’s done forever. There is no point in looking back together. 

He/she feels moving on is the best option and they do not want to indulge themselves in petty matters like these.

They only focus on their mental peace and wellbeing. That stuff or gifts which were once really special are just immaterial for them at this point.

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#2 Your Ex Is Waiting For You To Ask Them Back

This is another common trope faced by partners. Often after the breakup, when your ex hasn’t asked for his/her stuff back, they actually want you to give them back. This happens when your ex has ego issues.

They feel that asking for the stuff back will lower their lower esteem. They do not want to appear weak in front of you. So they try to feel superior about themselves by not asking their stuff back from you.

Girls usually face this a lot because there is a lot of boys who are very egoistic and arrogant. The boys do not want to bend down in front of their ex-girlfriends. So they just leave their stuff like that. For them, ego works more rather than any other feeling.

They will wait for some time for the girls to give their stuff back but they will never step up and ask for themselves. Fragile male egos!

You will find some narcissistic girls as well who will never ask for their stuff back. These girls take pride in not asking for their stuff back. They just dump everything all at once- their boyfriends, feelings, and those things forever.

#3 Hoping For A Patch-Up

Couples fight for silly reasons and they often break up. But after a few days, they realize that the fight was totally uncalled for and start missing their partners. For couples like these who find it hard to move on, this remains the only hope for patching up once again.

He/she waits with false hope and they do not ask for their stuff back. He/she feels that you will communicate with them for giving back their stuff and this will give them a chance to get back to you.

They think they can apologize to you and tell you how wrong they were. They try desperately to justify their mistakes and even promises not to repeat those mistakes again.

This is the reason your ex hasn’t asked for his/her stuff back. In the back of their mind, they are still hoping to reconcile the bitter things and start afresh. 

However, this is actually a very silly approach to try to get to your partner. If you truly love them you will not wait for them to come back to you. The right partner always immediate action and tries their best to patch up as soon as possible. You never know when you are gonna lose your partner right?

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Exes who do not ask for their stuff back because they want to resolve problems are usually teenage couples or college couples. At this stage, these couples are quite immature and they think this is the best option to patch up things with their ex.

#4 Ex Does Not Care For His/Her Stuff At All

If you were in a casual relationship, most likely your ex is never going to ask for his/her things back. When you were in a relationship for six months or less than that, trust me it was just an infatuation. You two were not in love, you were just having a good time with each other. Nothing else. 

High chances your ex will not ask for the stuff back. Why? The reason is simple. They never paid full attention to this causal relationship. And for them, that stuff has no significance. They do not have any special memory attached to them. So, why will they take all the hassle and ask for the stuff back? 

There is no logic behind this. They were not serious about you. They gifted you things or gave their stuff to you just as a sweet gesture, to come across as a kind person, to build their image. Some partners only give their stuff to show off on social media. Yes, there are boyfriends and girlfriends like these too.

#5 When Best Friends Fell In Love

So you two were best friends and later on realized that this was more than just a friendship. But not every friendship that turns into a relationship has its happy ending. Even the best of friends who confessed their love for each other, fall apart and go for separate ways.

So if you were best friends with your ex, your ex is not asking for his/her stuff again. He/she has already ruined not only the relationship but also the friendship. They are hurt and feel very bad for losing this precious friendship. Mostly ex like these does not ask for their stuff out of guilt. They do not want to make things further bitter by asking for their stuff. They prefer to not discuss it again.

#6 You Were In A Long-Distance Relationship

People meet online these days and fall in love too. Thanks to the amazing technology, location is not a barrier for lovers anymore. When you are in a long-distance relationship from the beginning, you definitely exchanged your stuff to keep a memory of your partner.

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You two have hardly met one or two times and now you have broken off the relationship. So there is no way for your ex to ask for his/her stuff back. They are not going to travel and spend their money just to get their stuff back. Also, in some long-distance relationships, the emotional attachment is never that strong, so the staff actually plays no important role. 

#7 Your Ex’s Stuff Was Not That Expensive

If you only have the hoodie of your boyfriend, he is not coming for it to you. Sounds weird? But this is true. If the staff that you still have from your past relationship, is not that expensive they are not asking for it again. 

Had it been an expensive watch or something like that, your ex would have asked for it.

But when the things are pretty small and cheap, he/she does not make any effort to get their stuff back.

What Should You Do When Your Ex Hasn’t Asked For Their Stuff?

The best thing to do is let it be. If they have not bothered you or make a sudden comeback to your life asking for their stuff back, why should you take any initiative?

When those things really start bothering you, you can throw them away or you can donate also if the things are charitable enough. 

You should focus on moving on and treat those stuff just as any other things in your house. Never let your ex’s stuff stop you from moving on. Better to keep all those stuff packed in a box and keep it in your storeroom.

Let go of feelings as well as the bygone relationship. Sign up with eharmony, meet like-minded people who really care for you. Who knows, you may end up meeting your love of life. 😉

Final Talk

Now you know what are the reasons for your ex not asking for his/her stuff back. Do not let your mind take all the unnecessary stress for this matter. There was a reason why you two did not get along with each other. So you do not need to dig deep and find out why your ex is not coming to you for his/her stuff. 

You carry on with your life and make sure that your next partner only gifts happiness to you and no stress! 


Start a conversation. post with kindness.

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