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How Do Guys Feel When Other Guys Look At Their Girlfriend?

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Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that nobody will check you out. No matter whether you’re a girl or a guy, the world can still check your boyfriend or girlfriend out despite being in a relationship with you or even when both of you’re together.

But according to relationship experts, women have a unique ability to check guys out without letting them understand anything about it. But unfortunately, guys do not possess this kinda ability at all. That’s why when guys check out a woman, everybody can clearly notice it, especially her boyfriend. 

So, when the boyfriends notice that other guys are checking out their women, how exactly do they feel about it? Well, it can totally be some sort of mixed feelings depending on the situation and the approach of that guy as well as on how the woman responds to it. Sometimes they may feel angry at it, sometimes guys take it very casually even as fun, rarely but sometimes guys get jealous, and sometimes they may feel proud of this incident. 

Men’s minds have a reputation of being free of complications, but I want to mention, that’s not entirely true. You can’t really predict what a man could think, or how he could feel after noticing some guy checking out their girlfriend. No matter how they feel, there’re various individual reasons behind every way guys tend to feel when other guys look at their girlfriend.  After years of research, psychologists have been able to identify all those feeling and the reasons behind them. 

So, if you want to know how guys feel when other guys look at their girlfriend and learn how to react to those awkward moments, you’ve come to the right place. Follow the article thoroughly, and master the ability to decode men’s minds. 

How Do They Feel?

I always say that the human mind is quite a complex element and when it comes to deciding on relationships, it works in more complicated ways. Due to these emotional complexities, a man can feel in various ways at the same moment if the situation is different. Relationship counselors have even made a detailed catalog with these feelings, reactions, and reasons. Now it’s time to know how they feel.


If a guy ever notices that any other man is looking at his girlfriend, the most common feeling that tends to hit their mind is jealousy. During that moment, the guy may feel that other guys can check on women, but he can’t just because he’s in a relationship.

They may feel that looking at your girlfriend is inappropriate. And moreover, he may get jealous of his girlfriend just because she’s getting more attention than him. But let me clarify, most of the time this ‘jealousy’ thing comes to the mind’s surface from the subconscious. Guys themselves often don’t know why they’re getting jealous. So, try not to consider this as their fault. 


Many guys do not like their girlfriends to be checked out. That’s why when they notice other guys checking out on their women, they tend to freak out. Sometimes they may get furious. Sometimes they may even get angry at their girlfriend too. Let me tell you, these guys are mostly of conservative mentalities and often want their women to be centered on them.


It is another very common feeling that hits guys when they notice other guys checking out on their women. At that moment they may feel that the other guy is hitting on their girlfriend and due to this, they may lose their women. Remember Ross, from ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’. He also had a tendency to feel insecure whenever some other guys tried to hit on Rachel. Look, this feeling of slight insecurity is a healthy phenomenon that the guy loves his partner. 

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Due to the anger, jealousy, and insecurity, the guy may feel anxious when they notice other men looking at their women. The kinds of feelings I mentioned previously, most of the time they come from the subconscious state of mind. That’s why guys tend to feel internally confused during such situations.

At that moment, sometimes they even don’t understand exactly how they’re feeling. These constant ups and downs inside their mind give birth to anxiety. This isn’t at all a good feeling and guys must learn how to control it. 


Relationship counselors say that many guys tend to feel sexually aroused when they notice their girlfriend be checked out by other guys. At that moment they may feel that “What I can have of you, nobody can”. For them, the ‘checking out’ thing has the potential to prove their sexual urge


There is very little difference between being sexually aroused and being proud. In both cases, guys feel good about having such a girlfriend who gets checked by other guys. But the difference is when the guy is proud he thinks, “What I can have with you, nobody can”. Notice the difference between ‘of you’ and ‘with you’. I hope you got my point.


Many guys are reported to find it funny to get their girlfriend casually checked out by other guys. To them, it’s a pretty natural thing and they find nothing wrong with it. Sometimes, they even find those guys ‘cool’ who was checking out on their women. 

There can be many other types of feeling guys may have when they notice other guys check out on their women. Here I have listed the most common feelings as reported by the experts.

When Feels What?

If we could divide the relationship among a few phases, we could clearly understand that guys’ feelings and reactions constantly keep changing with time. Every phase in relationships brings certain kinds of mindset inside guys and their behavior keeps changing with it. To help you understand these phenomena in their entirety, you must understand when guys feel which kind of feelings. 

New In A Relationship

If you guys are new in the relationship and yet to explore each other completely, this kinda issue may arise. Newly engaged couples, especially guys usually have a tendency to doubt each other, and when some other guys look at their girlfriend they freak out. At this time they may feel insecure, angry, or sometimes maybe aroused.

Got A History Of Cheating

Never mind but if any of you guys have a history of cheating on each other, you may face an issue when some other guys check out on you. In this situation, he may start fighting with you over this issue and even start doubting you. They do this due to feelings of anger, jealousy, anxiety, as well as insecurity. 

Recently Had A Fight

If you people recently had a fight, and now some other guys are checking out on you, your boyfriend’s feelings and consequent reaction can be pretty versatile. Sometimes they may feel sexually aroused, sometimes angry, sometimes jealous, and sometimes anxious. In this case, their reactions depend on how their mind instantly responds to it. 

When He’s A Veteran

If you’re in a mature relationship and your boyfriend is pretty veteran, this incident won’t bother him at all. Instead of getting angry, anxious, insecure blah blah blah, you would take this pretty easily. He may even make fun of this and provoke you. 

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Why Do They Feel So?

There’re various reasons behind men’s feelings when they see other guys checking out on their girlfriend. Technically, the human mind is controlled by various hormones, and these hormonal activities are affected by the circumstances evolving around us.

So, hopefully, now it’s pretty clear that the reactions of guys depend on the situation the guy is going through. Predicting all such situations and decoding all the reasons behind men’s feelings are almost impossible. But it’s better to know some of those reasons which are common.

Sexual Jealousy

Experts say that due to sexual jealousy guys tend to feel jealous when they notice other guys stalking their women. Sexual jealousy is pretty normal in new relationships and insecure relationships. Sexual jealousy is a type of hormonal provocation that can be commonly seen in both men and women.

Conservative Mindset

Guys get angry or lose their temper seeing other guys looking at their women especially when they possess a conservative mindset. Many guys pretend to be very liberal, but when a practical situation appears, their actual faces get revealed. Look, the mentality is something that doesn’t get developed within a month or even within a year. It takes a long time to develop a certain kinda mentality. 

Inferiority Complex

If your guy is feeling insecure or anxious when notices other guys checking out you, maybe he’s suffering from an inferiority complex. Due to this special mental condition, he may feel not worthy of you. That’s why he’s afraid to lose you and it’s making him anxious. 

Sense Of Ownership

If a guy feels sexually aroused seeing some other guy looking at his woman, the reason behind this phenomenon can be his strong subconscious sense of ownership about his girlfriend. He probably thinks that his girlfriend is his property and an item to make other people jealous. Remember what I said while talking about the arousal issue: He thinks “What I can have of you, nobody can”

Sense Of Responsibility

Your boyfriend may feel proud due to his inner sense of responsibility towards you. This sense of responsibility makes him feel that you’re such a precious person he has, that everybody else gets jealous of.

How Guys React To It?

As Issac Newton said centuries ago, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This law of physics is entirely true for matters related to relationships as well. So, when a guy noticed his women getting checked out by other men and felt something, some reactions are meant to come out. Here I’m gonna mention some of those most common reactions.

Behave Awkwardly

I’ve already told you that it’s quite a complicated situation for guys and they often get confused about how they should react to it. Due to this momentary confusion, they tend to behave awkwardly with their girlfriends. Their girlfriend may find that their man is laughing weirdly, talking uncomfortably. Through his overall behavior, you can clearly understand that he’s being uncomfortable with the situation. 

Fight Over This Issue

If your boyfriend gets easily angry when other guys look at you, he may also have a tendency to engage in a fight with you over this issue. This behavior of you man can help you to understand his mentality of conservativeness. But a boyfriend may also engage in a fight over this issue if he notices his girlfriend giving signals to the stalker as well. 

Get Depressed

If your boyfriend feels insecure or anxious or suffering from an inferiority complex, he may get depressed by seeing other guys checking you out. He may start talking less, become silent or you may start feeling aloof being with him.

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Giving Sexual Signals

If some person has a tendency to get sexually aroused seeing other guys checking on his woman, he may start giving sexual signals even at that moment. Due to this momentary sexual feeling, he may ask you for sex, touch you sexually, or even talk dirty. Look, during such a situation, people tend to lose all sense of rationality. 

Love you more

Guys who get proud to have the woman as their girlfriend, start loving their girl more after noticing other guys checking out on her. He may treat you more gently, talk to you more softly, surprise you more often after the incident. Always remember, he does this not because he’s afraid to lose you but he feels that you’re his responsibility. 

Provoke You 

Maybe your boyfriend is funny and that’s why provokes you to hit on that man simultaneously, It may sound silly but many such boyfriends are out there who like watching their women hitting on other guys in front of them.

Not Being Bothered

Some men can be so cool about this ‘checking out’ thing that it doesn’t even bother them. They do not react to this at all. It might be they’re too mature to get moved by such silly issues.

How To Handle It?

Now, as you already know how guys feel and react and why so, you must learn how to handle the situation. Because without handling it, the situation can go out of control even due to such a silly reason. 

Break The Ice

If your boyfriend is behaving awkwardly due to some kinda feelings, you should step forward and break the ice. Perhaps he’s struggling inside himself. So, it’s not a time of holding on to your ego. 

Talk Openly

When you have stepped forward and broken the ice, learn to talk with him openly about this issue. Convince him about your stand and your feelings for this relationship. Tell him how much you value him and you won’t let something simply ruin it. 

Evaluate Yourself

If you think that your boyfriend is behaving insane or being insensitive, before judging him more harshly, you must evaluate yourself. Recall whether you did any mistakes or not. If you find anything like that, at least say a simple sorry to him.

Be Supportive

Maybe your boyfriend is feeling down due to this issue and he needs your support. So, always try to be with him. Make him feel that you’re there. It’ll not only help to heal your boyfriend but also strengthen the bond between you two.

Say That You Love Him

Saying a simple ‘I love you’ can really change a lot during any kind of crisis situation in a relationship. It’ll help him to feel that he’s not gonna lose you. Thus you’ll be able to save him from the fear of losing you. 

Stick To Your Point

Whatever the situation is, and no matter how badly you want your relationship to be fixed, never avoid speaking your truth. Because the very foundation of any relationship is friendship. And friendship can’t sustain without truth. So, always stick to your point if your know you’re right.

So, now you know almost everything about the guys’ feelings when other guys look at their girlfriend. I hope this article will be helping you to achieve the objective of your relationship. 

Wish you all the best for the future. Happy dating.


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