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Know The Exact Time Between Second And Third Date (and How To Prepare?)

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It’s a special moment. You’ve already shared two dates, and now you’re in a place of deciding whether this person is someone you want to become intimate with.

The third date is a quantum leap beyond the first two. In fact, in many ways, it is more important than the first two. It’s the moment when you decide if this person is someone you are getting serious about and at this point, there are a handful of things you should know about them.

What Does Each Dates Tell?

The first date is about having fun. You get to discover each other, you enjoy some light conversation, and you walk away with a lighter heart.

The first date was a way of getting to the second and the second was the drive to get to the third.

The third date is the date where real expectations begin to take shape. There’s something about the third date. It’s like the first, second and every other date have some sort of impact on it. The conversation can even be somewhat awkward because the tone has shifted. It is no longer about getting to know each other— it is now all about whether you are compatible with each other. He or she does not have to be a perfect match for you, but he or she has to send the right signals that make you feel this relationship.

When it comes to relationships, the third date is a number that holds significant meaning for many people.

Whether you’re a believer in the number three or not, there are some facts about the third date that may surprise you.

So what's the best time to ask for a third date? The answer is as long as you need to feel good about it. It depends on the couple. No one rule fits every situation. So rather than worrying about when you should get a third date, just have your second and think about what's going on. If there's a good spark and where things are headed seems fun, just ask for the next one!

You’re still interested in them and you still see potential in the budding relationship, but the probability of “Will he or she want to go on a third one?” is tough to gauge.

I tend to think that if there is a second date it means you've done something right and with a bit of luck they're interested in you too, so why not ask after one or two dates?

A second date is a very good indicator that there is mutual attraction and interest. But rather than wait for the other person to ask you out, take some initiative here. Send them a message via their favorite social media platform and gauge how they react. If they respond positively, then it is safe to say that someone at the table wants seconds. Be quick about it, because time waits for no man -- or woman.

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How To Ask For A Third Date?

There is a big chance that you will succeed in getting a third date if you know how to ask for it. Sitting at your desk, looking at that stack of paperwork, hoping for the right moment to ask for the third date will not get you anywhere.

If you enjoy spending time with someone and would like to invite that person out again, but aren't quite sure if he or she feels the same way about you, you'll want to use the 'third date rule' to help clear things up without coming across as too eager.

When asking for a third date, make it clear that you enjoyed good times on the first two dates. Tell her/him how much fun you had at dinner on your first date and that you enjoyed the conversation. 

Ask him or her if he or she had a good time. This allows you to say something like 'I had a wonderful time last night and I'd love to do it again, sometime soon.

Steal these lines to ask your gentleman/lady for the third date:

  1. “Hi! What are you up to this weekend? If you're not busy tomorrow night, would you like to catch a movie with me? I'd love to take you out for dinner if you didn't already have plans. Let me know!”
  2. "Hey (insert name) I had a great time last night. (Insert compliment). If you're not busy tomorrow night, I'd love to take you out for dinner if you didn't already have plans.”

If you like a person and want to see more, the right message might let them know. Find a good time for hanging out and ask her out on a date. A simple text, like this one, is enough to invite your man/woman to the cinema or dinner. 

Ways To Ace Your Third Date

If you want to ensure that your date is a romantic success, you might consider having a slightly different agenda than the date you’re used to. Without being afraid to drop all the pretense and become vulnerable, you can have a wonderful time on your third date. By planning an unforgettable third date, you can make sure that your time together is never forgotten.

  1. Be Yourself And Go With The Flow

Now that you have found someone you are interested in, it is important to make the best possible third date.  Don’t feel the pressure of making all your effort show up on the third date. You may speak about serious topics but don’t let it affect the mood and flow of your conversations. If you want to know how to impress on your third date, you should go back to appreciating each other’s company, not piling a lot of expectations on this one single meet-up.

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Make sure you spend enough one on one time with each other and don’t let yourself be intimidated by what might be their expectations of you as a partner. Just chat about your day and what has been going on with you both and try and figure out if either of you is developing any feelings for each other yet.

  1. Do Something Out Of The Box

The idea behind this article came from my own experiences looking for some fun and interesting date ideas. Nowadays, we tend to settle down for a quiet dinner or movie with our significant others, and over time, the spark begins to fade away in the relationship and we begin to get fed up with these things. So why not try something different? 

Pro-tip: Choosing a restaurant or an activity that suggests your feelings for each other will give the perfect opportunity to open up about why you are both there.

DATING IDEA: Music is a great way to have fun. Find out your potential mate’s taste in music. Invite him/her to an open mic night, small concert, or listening party. By exposing someone to what you love, chances are they will feel the same way. If it’s the opposite, discuss why certain songs make one feel a certain way and then try to adapt your musical taste based on their reaction.

  1. Be Honest

 Honesty is important in any relationship. When you are dating, you will feel tempted to hide things from your date-things you might have done or said in the past that you are not too proud of. But this is never a good idea! 

Think about it-you wouldn’t like it if your date lied to you, and neither would they. Be sure, to be honest with them from the beginning so that they know they can trust you and so that they can trust themselves

  1. Deepen Your Connection

Having a great connection is important for any relationship. Connecting begins with paying more attention to each other. Instead of yourself, turn your focus onto the person you’re out with. Ask questions and try to get to know them better. 

Are they an early riser, night owl, or somewhere in between? What are their hobbies and interests, and how did they develop those interests?

  1. Little Banters Are Always Fun

Teasing is a great way to build banter and tension between you. Usually, by this point, you two are fairly comfortable with each other and teasing will help you feel more at ease letting one or two little verbal bombs go without hurting the relationship.

A great third date will add some spice to your budding relationship. It can be the extra push that gets you moving into a full-on love affair. Treat them like a friend, not a lover. Of course, it's ok to be flirty, but respect each other's boundaries.

  1. Share How You Feel About Him/Her

A variety of things can happen on the third date that makes it different from the other dates you've been on. You might feel like you're "in the zone," where it feels like you and your dating partner have found an easy rapport together. If it feels right, great.

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Or you might get stuck in a weird limbo in which neither of you wants to be the one to take it further, while at the same time being too shy to say what's going on. But if you don't like someone, then don't feel bad about letting it be known early on.

What 3 Things You Must Know By Your Third Date?

No, I am not asking you to know A-Z about them, but the following three things must be crystal clear to you by the three dates

  1. Are The Dating Intentions Aligned With Each Other?

One of the most important questions you can ask when determining your future with someone is what their dating goals are. I don't mean goals for the night, or this date, necessarily, but goals they have long term.

If you are trying to get married, you should know if they have similar goals. If their only dating goal is casual fun, marriage probably isn't a path they're interested in right now. Either way, you should know that by now, and not spend any more time worrying about it.

  1. Do Your Preferences Match With Your Partner?

You should have begun getting a sense of whether the other person is a good match for you. 

Ask these questions to check your preferences compatibility- What are you looking for in a lifetime partner? What's essential, what's negotiable, and what's off the table? Is he/she a workaholic or a slacker? Is he/she interested in having kids and raising a family? 

If your values are incompatible, there's no shame in bowing out early. But if things seem like a match on paper and in person, it's worth going out with this.

  1. Do You Crave To See Him/Her Again?

By the third date, you should know if you want to see the person again, and you should let them know. Even if you do want to see them again, there's no point drawing it out. Often people will avoid being direct about this, but that's because it can be hard. You don't want to hurt someone's feelings, or you don't like telling them too plainly what they have to do next. Even though it's difficult, forcing yourself to be direct is good in the long run.

In Case, You Are Not Sure If You Want To Meet Him/Her After The Third Date?

This happened to a lot that even after three successful dates one cannot decide if he/she is romantically attracted to the other. 

 If there are any doubts, it's best to let the relationship play out a little longer.

As you become more acquainted with a potential love interest, you'll realize that the superficial traits you value in them may not be what you're looking for in a long-term partner. You may find that other attractive qualities emerge that attract you on a deeper level.

To sum it up, the third date does not need to be very special or obligatory. It can just be a supernormal, casual evening that you would have anyway. The purpose of the date is that it's time to evaluate how well your personalities are meshing. It gives you a chance to observe how your date behaves in an environment other than the one you first encountered them in.


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