Is It Normal For Your Boyfriend To Talk To A Female Friend Every Day?

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All relationships play certain roles in our lives. The bonds we share with our parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, pets, and extended family members each feel very different from one another. Connecting with our boyfriends is another very special relationship in our lives.

However, sometimes certain situations and external influences make us question the same, causing more stress than ever. If you have been in a relationship, chances are that one female friend of your boyfriend made you feel insecure and raise various conflicts within. Regular conversations between your boyfriend and his female friend may be the reason in your case. 

So, in this context, if you ask whether it is normal for your boyfriend to talk to a female friend every day or not, the answer is gonna be: Yes. It is totally normal for your boyfriend to talk to his female friend every day. Maybe they are just friends or your man has a girl best friend. But at the same time, there are a lot of factors that may create confusion about the relationship your man shares with another female friend in the group. 

In this article, we are going to have an in-depth discussion about the above-mentioned relationship situation and clear out all the inner conflicts most women have pent up within themselves. 

Things To Note And Understand About Your Boyfriend And His Female Friend

Relationships help us feel a sense of love, affection, care and also help us in the journey of our lives as well as grow through with different critical phases of our lives. However, during certain situational turns, relationships themselves could be the major factor behind our stress. 

Both you and your boyfriend had a life before you entered each other. Friends, colleagues, neighbors, ex, and the list goes on. You both getting together will not make all the past experiences and people wither away suddenly.

Here are a few points to note before jumping to any conclusion. Answers to the following questions may resolve all your confusion and doubts.

  1. Where does this female friend stand in your boyfriend’s circle?

It is important to understand where exactly the female friend you are enquiring about stands in the close friend circle of your boyfriend! If she is from the most obvious and common circle and you see them frequently, chances are she is a friend and there is nothing to worry about her presence. If there is any flirtatious conversations or closeness, or brewing story between your boyfriend and this girl, it will show!

  1. Are they new friends or was she there before you and your boyfriend came into a relationship?

Enquire if this female friend is a new person or an old friend, who existed before you entered your boyfriend’s life. The girls you meet at social events and meetings you attend with your boyfriend have mostly no reason to make you feel insecure. These girls may have introduced you to the person they are dating as well. 

However, if this is a new female friend that your boyfriend met and is keeping close communication and more than necessary meet-ups, you may have an open conversation about the same with your man! 

It is not necessary to have a doubtful eye towards your boyfriend for the same. However, if someone’s presence makes you insecure, it is always better to clear the air with your partner to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding later on.

  1. How did you get to know about this female friend?

What was her first interaction with you or what made your boyfriend mention her name? It is a good question to ask yourself if you are stressing about your female friend. The kind of words your man uses for her, or his general reaction towards the person of your concern can also help you understand a lot about their relationship status.

  1. How often do they communicate?

As a girlfriend, it will be easy for you to understand their communication patterns. Frequent texts, calls, chats, or meet-ups whatever it is, if he keeps it all transparent, I do not feel there is any reason to worry about it.

Speaking from personal experience, I once had a stressful situation with my boyfriend. However, being very clear and talking to him transparently about my feelings and questions solved it all. It is our fifth year together and ever since he makes sure about how I feel every time he is around a girlfriend.

  1. What is the reason behind their communication?

Age-old friendships and platonic relationships between men and women are less dramatic of course. It is nothing unnatural to find out if your boyfriend has more girls in his friend circle.  However, communication and the reasons behind your boyfriend and the female friend who you are inquiring about will help you reveal facts. Sometimes it could be because of work-life or possibly these friends have shared a strong bond of friendship for years now. 

It is obvious for little insecurity and possessiveness to surface in such situations. 

However, if the reason behind their communication has no strong reason if your boyfriend doesn't like to show texts or keep chats with this girl. You have to dig deeper and raise a WHY question again!

  1. Ask yourself if your boyfriend will risk cheating on you?

Some of us get lucky when it comes to love. However, some people have been cheated in their past and they find it hard to TRUST in their future relationship endeavors.

If you think about the above question for a minute, what will be your answer, keeping aside all the confusion and doubts? 

Trust lays the foundation of all relationships. If you are coming from a wounded past, I feel you dear one! It is okay to raise questions about your partner. However, not all your doubts need to turn out true every time. Take your time to heal and speak out to your boyfriend about all that you feel. If your boyfriend is loving and supportive enough, he will help you work on your relationship and make it stronger than ever!

Signs You Should Worry About Your Boyfriend And His Female Friend

Every incident from our past, good or bad, has shaped the person we are today. We all have experienced people and situations who have changed our lives forever. 

These past people and experiences may also include this one particular female friend who chose to stick around, even after you both got into a relationship. it is completely natural to feel doubtful and insecure during these times. 

Here are 7 signs if you should be worried about your boyfriend and his female friend.

  • Frequent communication between them: You can not expect your boyfriend to stick around and have a 24/7 conversation with you. That is never possible for any healthy relationship to bloom. However, if your man is constantly on his phone texting his girlfriends (if it is an emergency case, the things are different) even when he is spending quality time with you, it is not a good signal.
  • Seek advice and observation of mutual friends: If your mutual friends, family members, or anyone else who has the best intentions for you have noticed something fishy about any female friend of your boyfriend, don't shew them off!

Sometimes a third-person perspective helps detect minor faults and signals that your relationship may be heading somewhere else and is not the way it looks.

  • The female friend’s behavioral attitude towards you: If female friends of your boyfriend dislike you, it will show in their behavior. Maybe they loved your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend and cannot accept you guys coming together. Or possibly anyone among them had a crush on your man and your presence is unappreciated. 
  • Mutual flirting: Your doubts and confusions will get worse if you find your man and any of his female friends mutually flirt. This may happen when you are not around or over the phone and in social gatherings. Being a woman you will know, women only flirt back when they are interested in someone! Social media is a good tool to help you check their online activities or flirtatious actions (if any).
  • Question where you stand in their priority list: If your boyfriend’s female friends dislike you, they will cut you off from their priority list. Not inviting you to their social events, weekend parties, random meet-ups will show you where you stand in their priority list and clearly says much about their disliking towards you.
  • Checking their social media activities:  Some female friends of your boyfriend will do it all to purposely make you feel insecure. Tagging in all posts on social media, frequently commenting on random pictures of your boyfriend,  posting her pictures with your boyfriend, and captioning it with somewhat romantic taglines are some common actions female friends engage in. All these mostly show the domination of their bonding over your relationship.
  • Your boyfriend’s reaction to their personal lives: It is okay to feel worried or be concerned about friends. However, if your partner shows strong emotions in any changes or situations in his female friend’s life, you have something to worry about here. 

These mentioned signs can help you figure out a lot if anything is wrong or fishy in your romantic relationship with your partner. However, it is not wise to jump to any conclusion before having a transparent conversation about the same with your boyfriend. 

Always speak up about how you feel and situations that create confusion and stress. Proper and healthy communication, trust, and the ability to handle any challenging situation with maturity will help two people to grow through a beautiful blooming relationship. 

How To Know If Your Boyfriend Likes His Female Friend

Besides your gut feeling raising some questions and doubts about your boyfriend and his female friend, here are some signs to help you reach a state of conclusion.

  • Specific behaviors: If your man is making more efforts to dress up and style himself before meeting this other female friend or friends, something could be fishy. When going to meet just a friend, no man will ever style himself up and make efforts unless he is interested and has a crush on the female friend. 
  • Frequent hangouts: Sharing my personal experience here, men love it when we girls appreciate and respect their bro time with friends. It gives them space and allows them to engage in bro-talks and all other things. 

However, if your man needs more time and space to spend time with other girls in their friend circle, it could be a sign that he may like her more.

  • Day-long chats and conversations: chatting with friends is something we all do. After all, friends are our support system in life. However, your boyfriend spending more time on their phone even when you are around or keeping his phone too close all day long, or maybe saving it all from your eyes, could be considered as a red flag for most women in relationships. 

Relationship counselors and life coaches say that a person’s relationship with their phone reveals a lot! Therefore, if you find your man having long chats with his female friends, it is better to have a clear conversation about it.

  • She is the go-to person: if your partner starts mentioning her name more than often in any conversation, chances are she is having an impact on him. She becomes your man’s go-to person all of a sudden. Spending time together, rushing to share all problems with her, finding more faults in you, and comparing your habits with her are also red flags, you as a girlfriend should not ignore. 
  • Private time in your absence: If your man is planning hangouts and meet-ups with his female pal during your working hours and around your busy days, you may use that as a warning sign. Raise a question. “Why are you not meeting this girl when I am around? Why is it so important to call her over in my absence? “. If he handles the situation or your question with maturity and makes sure to not repeat the same for you, he is in a good space. However, if he just fights back and continues to do the same secretively, you should take it as a major red signal. 

Every person is different from another and thus the reactions may vary. You may end up trusting your partner if he misguides you about the questions you are asking. Trust is important, but at the same time do not ignore your gut feeling. 

What Can You Do?

You can not love anyone else, before loving yourself. The truth about this statement is solely appreciated by those who understand the power of self-love. The relationship we have with ourselves is the most important of all relationships we have in our life. 

Telling you from my personal experience, no relationship is easy, especially romantic relationships. Situations will change us and we have to be strong and handle everything with maturity. 

Always have open and transparent communication with your boyfriend to clear any stressful air that may arise due to third-party influence. 

However, if you find otherwise and your doubts turn out to be true. Do not choose to stay back if you find your boyfriend flirting with other females or putting you and this relationship down by any means. 

Ladies and gentlemen, know your worth, speak your truth and seek help from your loved ones if you need it.


Start a conversation. Or give us feedback.

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