My Girlfriend Kissed Another Guy and Told Me [Explained]

 The first step is to listen to her. You need to give her that space where she can explain herself properly. If it were an intentional or a genuine mistake, your reaction and response would vary. But never assume things on your own and call off the relationship without a conversation. 
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What is an inevitable part of every relationship? Fights, misunderstandings, and so on. You can’t avoid them. As much as love and romance are a part of relationships, there will be moments you would never want. 

However, the one thing that can keep the relationship tight is trust and honesty. But if it goes haywire, then making sure that a relationship lasts long can seem an impossible task. 

One thing that every partner dreads in a relationship is dishonesty or cheating in simple terms. You never want to be lied to by your partner. But doesn’t truth come with a high price too?

When you’re completely honest with each other about everything, and you say out everything without inhibition, it certainly establishes that you two have a solid relationship. You don’t need to hide anything from each other. But we are all human beings; we all commit mistakes. Even when you two are the perfect couple, one mistake can change the dynamics of the relationship. 

First of all, ask yourself- can I handle 100% honesty? Even when my girlfriend kissed another guy and told me what should I do? Should I appreciate that she is speaking the truth to me, or should I go totally mad for cheating on me? 

Decoding the Relationship Status

Many things depend on what kind of a relationship you have with your girlfriend. Couples choose to be in open relationships where they have complete freedom to do anything their heart desires. 

Some couples have set ground rules where both of you know your limits and never cross the line. 

Some couples are quite casual, and they don’t stress about these things. Also, when you two have started a relationship and aren’t sure what your future holds, the scenario could be different. 

Again, LDR couples will have a very different take on this situation. Couples being in an LDR have their own set of rules. Some even don’t disclose what’s happening in their life. Some like to play it off in a fun way, and for them kissing another guy will never be a huge deal. 

However, things can get pretty serious when you two have been in a committed relationship for a long time. Then hiding the truth brings you trouble so as speaking it out. And as a boyfriend, even it becomes difficult for you to handle the situation. Your mind messes up. 

First Let's Decode The Six Possible Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Kissed Another Guy

Well, why would your girlfriend kiss another guy when she is already in a relationship? There can be several reasons for that. 

#1 She Is Bored

Your relationship has reached saturation point, and she finds no happiness in this relationship anymore. It can happen when you two have been together for really long or less communication and attachment between you two. So, she found an attractive guy and grabbed on to that opportunity. However, she does not like to hide things, and that's why she confessed it. 

Tip: Ask yourself, do you want to keep this relationship going? If you love her and wish to give her a chance, then spark up things between you two. Plan romantic date nights, give her surprises, spend quality time together. Let her know that you still care for her. 

#2 She Wants To Breakup

This is a pretty common bait by women. When they want the relationship to end and don’t know how to say you, they will opt for it. She has been planning to dump you for some time. Now, when she finally commits a mistake and knows that this will surely piss you off, she will grab onto it. She is peaking the truth to you because she knows you won’t handle the truth, and automatically, the relationship will break apart. 

#3 She Misses Your Physical Touch

You two could be in an LDR, and physical intimacy is always a problem. She misses your touch and presence very much. So if she were intoxicated in any situation and found an opportunity to kiss a guy just for her physical satisfaction, she would do that. Although, there are extremely couples who, despite being in LDR, are honest to each other and they are so emotionally attached that lack of physical intimacy never becomes an obstacle in their way. 

#4 She Is Taking Revenge From You

Have you cheated on her in the past? Or are you a flirtatious guy who likes to spend time with other women, even having a girlfriend? Then your girlfriend might kiss another guy to make you feel jealous or give you a taste of your own.

Maybe you have been repeating this mistake, and she has been giving you a chance. Yet, you did not rectify yourself. Also, if she gets to know about your activity from other people that you are cheating on her, she will do it and confess to you to take revenge. 

#5 She Is Casually Dating You

She has no intention to settle with you or marry you in the future. You’re just a time pass for her. So kissing another guy is not a huge fuss for her. Rather it is quite normal for her. And hence she is clear that she doesn’t want a serious relationship, she also told you the truth. 

#6 She Is Disloyal

Disloyalty can be some people’s nature. Unfortunately, your girlfriend is like that. She can’t be committed to one single person forever. She needs variety. She wants to explore men. Being honest is not her nature. You will even notice that she lies to you about small things as well. This shows how dishonest she is as a person. 

What Should You Do When Your Girlfriend Kissed Another Guy And Told You? 

Let us now see what you should do when your girlfriend has kissed another guy and told you. 

#1 Let Her Speak

Jumping to conclusions is very easy. You can assume that your girlfriend cheated on you before listening to her. Yes, kissing another guy while in a relationship is certainly a form of cheating. But what was her condition that time? If she has told you the truth, it was probably not intentional.

Maybe it just happened by chance. She could have been drunk. It could have been worse where a guy forced her. So, let her explain herself. If she has come to you to share the whole incident listen to it. 

#2 Take Some Time Off

It can be a hard thing to process. Especially you are a super loyal boyfriend, and you value honesty in your relationship. After she has confessed the truth, you must take some time off the relationship to reflect on it.

If she is regretting it truly and she has admitted that it was a mistake, tell her that you would like to take a break and would get in touch with her with your perspective as well. 

Use that time wisely. See if you miss her, see if she also keeps a check on you. If she is genuinely mistaken for her misdeed, she would call you to know how you are doing, etc. It will show that she cares for you and wants you to give her another chance. 

#3 Analyze The Situation

Your girlfriend can be double dating too. You must think-” Wow, she is so honest, she has told me everything. I should give her a chance”. But your girlfriend might be doing the same thing with the other guy too.

If you two are in a young relationship, like you’re just two months old, this situation is very likely to happen. Also, being deceived is pretty common if you two met in dating apps. 

When you spend so little time with your partner, you hardly get to know her. So, you should not believe everything that she says. Analyze the situation carefully. Observe her behavior and actions, look at her social media activities. 

#4 Meet Her

When she has told you about the incident via call or text, it won’t be possible to judge whether she is true to you. So tell her that you want to meet her.

If she avoids meeting you, then she is sure that she is cheating on you and wants this relationship to get over vie call. She knows meeting with you can make things awkward since she is the guilty one here. 

When you meet her, tell her to explain the incident. Her eyes, gestures, and the way she talks will give you enough indication of being true to you. 

Also, if you are an LDR couple, try to meet your girlfriend definitely. You can resolve a problem over calls, especially when distance is involved between you two. If she is willing to mend the relationship, meet her before you conclude. 

#5 Respond Wisely

You will be angry. You will be upset. That’s extremely natural. But shouting and fighting will never get you a solution. So keep your calm and respond maturely. 

Ask her to give her the details of the incident. If you find anything inconsistent in her story, you can go ahead ask her other friend who accompanied her. 

Also, don’t meltdown right away if she starts crying or tells you she is sorry about this mishap. Take your time. Do search on your own to find out if anything is fishy. Often, girlfriends can manipulate you; hence, you need to keep calm and act accordingly. 

#6 Tell Her You’re Hurt

One incident can ruin a relationship. But when you love someone, your heart doesn’t want to leave the person under any circumstances. So, if you want to give her a chance, tell her that you’re hurt. This kind of behavior was unexpected for her. 

It will take some time for you to build the trust again, and she needs to put in a lot of effort for that. When you see she puts effort and works hard to mend the relationship, you will know whether she truly loves you. 

#7 Observe Her Behavior

Just because she told you the truth doesn’t mean she is truthful to you. You need to check her behavior and actions post that as well. Is she behaving normally, or is she hiding something from you? 

Observe whether she hides her phone in front of you, calls you very little, replies to your text late, often denies meeting you- then she is not into you and being unfaithful to you. 

#8 Give Her A Chance

If this is the first time she had done it and it was a drunk kiss for which she is genuinely repentant, then give her a chance. Let her prove you wrong. Let her build the trust factor once again. 

Discuss with her what went wrong, how to normalize things again. Have a heart-to-heart conversation with her. 

#9 Break Up

If you’re someone who can’t handle cheating at all, then you should not drag your relationship. If you value trust and commitment a lot, then going ahead with a crack in your relationship will be a huge problem. You won’t be able to trust her again. You won’t be able to give her your full attention and love. 

There will always be suspicion on your end. You will check on her every single minute. And this isn’t a sign of a healthy and happy relationship. Both of you will lose your peace of mind. Even though she regrets her mistake, there will always be turmoil in your relationship because of your trust issues.

So, it's better that you decide to move on and call off the relationship. You can give her a chance. But if you see that you can’t trust her, you always doubt her, then continuing with this won’t be a good thought. 

How To Know She is Regretting?

When she is upset about her misdeed, it will show. She will apologize to you constantly. She will make you believe that she isn’t cheating on you. Even she will get her friends and family to talk to you to establish her true love for you.

You will see that she is calling you, she wants to meet you. She is making all the effort to make the relationship work again. She will even respect your choice if you want to take some time off. 

She won’t force you for the relationship. But she will confess the whole truth and tell you to give her one last chance, to make things alright. 

When you see that she is doing all the right things and not behaving indifferently, then it is certain that she is regretful of her mistake. 

Final Words

Love will come with complications. It's you and your partner who will move through those obstacles. You either let it come in between you, or you fight them. 

Trust is the basis of any relationship. Sit together, talk with each other. Be clear about what you want from your relationship and how you want it to roll on in the future; things will be a lot smoother.


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