She Gets Jealous When I Talk To Another Girl [Reasons & Solution]

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“My girlfriend gets jealous when I talk to another girl. She often gets upset and questions me as to why I am talking to that girl. She says she is sure that I have an affair with her. Sometimes it takes a lot of patience and time to explain the reason I was talking to her and why we were having a conversation or why we are friends.”

I hear from my male readers all the time about their struggles with it. 

We all feel jealous from time to time, but jealousy can be a frequent feeling in the relationship if one or both of the partners are insecure. It's possible to have a relationship without ever feeling jealous. To get there, both partners need to be secure and trust each other. But sometimes we enter into a relationship with our fears and insecurities still lingering, and so we never truly reach an enviable place where there is no jealousy in the relationship. This article will deal with and out of jealousy in a romantic relationship.

Why your girlfriend gets jealous when you talk to another girl?

She thinks you prefer the company of other girls to hers. She thinks that you won't find her interesting anymore once you get to know other girls who are more polite, more intelligent, and more fun. Even in some cases, she might think that you will not love her as much anymore after meeting a new girl with whom to share your secrets and spend hours on the phone chatting every day.

5 Reasons She Gets Jealous When You Talk To Another Girl

Jealousy is a pretty powerful emotion and is one that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with trust or commitment. It can involve uncertainty about the relationship, where a party involved is worried that their intimate partner might be attracted to others in a romantic sense. It could be that your girlfriend wants you all to herself for any number of reasons.

She wants to be a priority for you but she is not yet.

Sign Of Love

We understand the intuition of a girl getting jealous when her boyfriend talks with another attractive girl. The intuitive explanation is that the girl believes she has been replaced by the other girl or that the boy doesn't love her anymore and he will look for someone else.

So she’s jealous when you talk to another girl? Take a deep breath and be thankful that she loves you enough to be possessive. Even though it can feel uncomfortable, it is actually a sign of love. 

I know that might sound silly because why would a sane person feel possessive over someone you are not even close to.

Instead of making it a negative thing and that she is over-reacting it should be turned into a positive thing and that she cares about you. You can then tell her that it is ok and that she doesn't need to feel jealous because she is still more important than anyone else to you and always will be.

She Craves For Your Attention

A woman getting jealous when you talk to another girl is not a dead end. It means that she wants your attention and she wants to be the only girl you are interested in. It’s simply a sign that she is concerned with you. This gives her power over you and this is what she wants, which could lead to her feeling insecure sometimes.

She wants to be the only girl you are interested in and if you talk to another girl, she would get jealous. It’s just one of those little signs that show she cares about you and wants your attention. 

I completely understand it’s okay to talk to other girls as long as it doesn’t give your girlfriend the impression that you are interested in them. Being jealous can be frustrating at times, but it’s also an indication of where your relationship stands. 

If she gets jealous because she thinks you might like the other girl more than her, then adjust your relationship strategies to make her feel secure. Just make sure to reassure your lady with some quality romance now and then when she gets overly possessive.

Jealousy Is The Fruit Of Her Insecurities

Partners that have difficulty letting go of a previous relationship or something that happened with an ex often struggle with their feelings and find it hard to trust. A lot of them tend to overreact because they want to protect themselves and feel safe. 

There is a good chance she had a boyfriend before you that cheated on her. That means she took the time to get to know, trust, and open up to someone, only for him to break her heart or make her feel bad about herself. Now, anytime you get close with another girl she doesn’t know, it feels like history is repeating itself.

Jealousy is a sign of insecurity. If she's worrying that you don't care about her anymore, then she's likely to get upset when you spend time with someone else.

A little jealousy isn't bad because it shows that you love and care for your partner. However, when your partner gets mad or overreacts to a minor incident, it might be a red flag. To make things worse, the more upset your girlfriend is, the more difficult it becomes for you.

Maybe, You Have A Record Of Being Unfaithful

Harsh, huh? But it can also be a legit fact. Every time you cannot label your girlfriend’s jealousy as irrational. For every reaction, there has action behind it. Now, it is time to review that action.

Some girls may become overly jealous if their boyfriends talk to other women. While this may seem almost instinctual, a display of possessiveness, there are several reasons why your girlfriend would act this way. 

For one, she wants you to be faithful and believes that you owe her loyalty. If you've cheated on her in the past, she may be afraid that you will contact that same person and cheat on her again. She may also worry about being replaced by another female or suspect that you like

Review Your Relationship With The Girl

If you are seeing a girl that you consider to be your girlfriend and she gets jealous when she sees you talking to another girl, this is common jealousy and it's perfectly reasonable for a girl to get jealous when you talk to other girls. It is a sign that she doesn't trust you. She is most likely insecure in your relationship and may even imagine you flirting with other girls. 

You can not stop yourself from being attracted to other women but what is important is that if you do not take the right steps, the message you are communicating through your actions could be very hurtful.

6 No-Fail Ways To Deal When Your Girlfriend Is Getting Jealous

Jealousy is a normal human emotion. Everyone gets jealous once in a while. After all, we all want to be number one in the eyes of our significant other or people that we are close to. However, if your woman is turning into a crazy jealous person with little or no reason, then you have a problem.

Keep Your Cool

Your girlfriend who gets jealous when you talk to other girls will not feel better if you get angry at her. So it is imperative to keep your cool and calm her down instead. 

Get her a glass of water, or ask her if she wants to go out for a walk. It is helpful if you can understand why your girlfriend is jealous and more importantly why she feels prone to jealousy. You may be able to do something about it so that your girlfriend does not feel insecure about your friendship with others.

The good news is, the more time you spend together, the more your girlfriend will trust that you are still committed to her and she won't become suspicious.

Try To Address The Root Cause Behind Her Jealousy

Jealousy is common in relationships. The best way to address it is to understand where it’s coming from. By talking to your girlfriend and pinpointing the reason for her jealousy, you can then begin working on a solution. Focus not only on your girlfriend’s feelings but also on your own – this will help you allay any fears that she may have.

When confronted with jealousy, you should listen to your girlfriend and try to give her as much reassurance as possible. If you notice that all she needs is a little bit of assurance, then providing it right away would be an excellent strategy. 

Even the biggest sweetheart needs a little push sometimes. When you think your lovely lady’s not doing enough, don’t hesitate to remind her that you’re there for her, no matter what the situation is. And if you think she feels too much pressure, then reassure her that your love is unconditional. The rest will fall into place.

Pour Your Heart You Out

Reacting to jealousy maturely will help you to diffuse the situation and determine where you are with your girlfriend. 

In any relationship, honesty is the best policy. Let her know how you feel about her in a (hopefully) positive way. Let her know that you are not interested in other women. You don’t want to be insensitive to the fact that she might feel insecure about something.

Ask her questions, tell her something nice each day, compliment her, express interest in things that she likes, and give her compliments on what she has done or achieved. Buy flowers for no reason and send her love notes. One time when she least expects it, take her hand gently and say “I love you.” Let her know that you are not interested in other women. You don’t want to be insensitive to the fact that she might feel insecure about something.

Boost Her Self Confidence

If your girlfriend is jealous and possessive, she’s probably not feeling too good about herself. Boosting her self-confidence may help her with some of the issues you are having.

Focus on her strengths and qualities. They are there, you've just got to draw them out of her and remind her of them when she forgets. 

For example, if she’s a really good cook, make sure she doesn't forget it. Maybe take her out to dinner at a restaurant that has really good food, then tell her how much you love what a great cook she is.

Encourage her, support her, trust her at all times. Because she deserves to be the woman who feels confident about herself and perfection in everything that does.

Try Not To Avoid Her Call As Much As Possible

I know it is not possible to be on call with your significant other 24*7 but try not to bypass her call as much as possible. When you avoid your girlfriend's calls, all the above-mentioned feelings are multiplied.

If you wish to diffuse your girlfriend’s jealousy, stop avoiding her calls when you are out. Give her a call once or twice in the evening to let her know you are fine and still thinking about her. She will feel much better when she hears from you. Make sure to keep the conversation short and sweet.

Try To Avoid The Girl, Your Girlfriend Is Jealous About

Forget for a moment that your girlfriend is becoming jealous with passing days and try to fit in her shoes for once. How would you feel if you see your girl talking to a particular male friend, whom you don’t prefer much?

Won’t you feel a tinge of jealousy? The same thing happens with her also, when you talk to a girl she doesn’t like. The difference is that you can keep jealousy under control and she cannot. 

So, how can you deal with this situation?

The minute you sense that your girlfriend is jealous about someone being around you, be it a friend, coworker, or classmate, stay away from them.

If you can't avoid being alone with that person, try to invite both yourself and your girlfriend to the same social events or activities as that person. Be sure to let your girlfriend know when you've scheduled something with her and be sure to emphasize that we'll all be seeing each other there.

In Summary

There are many strategies that can help a person deal with jealousy. One important aspect is to have a mature view of relationships. As you know, jealousy serves as a poison in intimate relationships. If you follow the above suggestions and strategies when feeling jealous, you will be in a better position to build your relationship and deepen your trust.


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