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How Does A Man Feel When He Rejects A Woman?

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Rejections are a common part of the dating chapters of our lives. I know and completely understand how rejection feels. It goes like “been there, done that!”. Speaking from personal experience, rejection plays a crucial role in shaping the person we are meant to be. 

Yes, often most women are seen rejecting men. However, the opposite is possible too, and is not as rare a scenario as it may seem. Men do reject women! Rejection never feels good, no matter if it is a man or a woman! But, how exactly he feels after doing so, is a blazing question. 

A man may feel a plethora of emotions while rejecting a woman. It is neither easy for a man to hurt someone’s feelings that easily. However, several other things go inside men’s minds while rejecting a proposal from a woman

In this article, we will find out about all those surplus of emotions experienced by a male mind while rejecting a woman.

What Goes On Inside A Man’s Mind When He Rejects You

Before finding out all possible WHYs and HOWs about a man rejecting a woman, it is important to understand the male mind. The chemistry of a man’s mind reveals a lot of patterns that follow around women being rejected by a man. 

Also, we should not forget that a man is as human as a woman. He has the full right to speak his truth, no matter who approaches him with a love offering. This study will also help us to bust several subtle myths about a man’s conception around general relationships.

No doubt, society has taught or rather bagged upon us a roaring, soaring idea of masculinity. This also makes several women question their self-worth after a man rejects them. A change is thus required in this endless loop of wrong conceptions and misunderstanding men. 

Here is how exactly a male mind works around rejecting women and relationships in general:

  • Rejection does not come from commitment phobia

The commitment phobia that is portrayed by several entertainment platforms like movies and web series is not true for all men in reality. Most women have the conception that men are commitment-phobic. This feeling leads them to reject any woman who approaches them. However, the truth is men fear losing freedom, space, and in some cases excitement. Sticking to one woman is never the phobia. The fear is the drama that a relationship may bring into their freedom in life. 

  • Looks are the last priority

No ladies, men are not as shallow as you may think them to be! Looks itself is never the priority for a guy, especially when he thinks about a relationship. Physical attraction or beautiful faces may make a guy give into one-night stands. But, looks will never be the cause of rejection when someone approaches them with sincere feelings

  • Men are not always PLAYERs

To be very honest, men never engage their minds in complicated thinking patterns. Not all men are players or walk with that playboy approach in their love lives. What confuses men is mixed signals from a woman. It is not easy for them to catch those signals and come all confident from upfront. However, these are times, a woman may confuse a gentleman to be a player! The suggestion is to check and analyze the kind of signals you may be giving him. 

  • The Emotional Side of Men
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Masculinity is not what is conventionally portrayed in movies and daily soaps. Men are as human as a woman and feel all the emotions a woman does. Men are vulnerable too, it is just they do not reflect as promptly. If a man does not find emotional satisfaction or can not be vulnerable or honest about his emotions and truth, he will reject or leave

  • Nervousness before breaking the ice

No, men are not always as confident as they may look or show externally. It takes a lot of courage and confidence to approach a woman or accept any kind of proposal from a woman. Nervousness is another factor of the male mind that can lead to rejection sometimes. He may not simply know how to break a conversation with you or he is way too nervous to respond to your proposal. “NO!” comes readily and thus rejection follows. 

  • The turnoffs of a male mind

The masculine mindset works from logic, plans, authority, and structure. You may question how these things will affect the rejection of a proposal? Well, most men like to appreciate and stick to things, people, or ideas that they feel they have earned in their lives. If a man feels that anything, especially a relationship is an easy achievement in life, sometimes they may not value it at all.

  • Right language for the male mind

The power of words is yet another man’s mind stimulator. It may seem funny or baseless to most women, but this is how it works! Knowing how to communicate with a man or the right language to use to speak to a man makes a huge difference. For example, talking to a man, not in specific “I like you doing this”, but in general “ I like men doing this” sparks a sense of being in men. A man’s attitude is bound to change after you change your words!

A man does not always feel the best or boosted while rejecting a woman. There are several subtle to dominant thoughts ruling his mind while rejecting a proposal. 

If you are approaching the right guy, expect him to respect your feelings for them, even though he may reject you. However, you will know that the rejection was the best decision, simply by their attitude while you reveal your honest feelings.  

Also, it is important for women to understand that rejection from man, is not the end of the world. Rejection never speaks about anyone’s self-worth. It is not mandatory for a person to like us back if we hold feelings for them. Rejection is a choice and we must learn to respect the decision of the person we are approaching and respecting ourselves at the same time. 

Thoughts And Feelings Of A Man Behind Rejecting A Woman

Rejection is what all men and women go through at least once in a life. It is not common that a woman will only reject or friendzone a man, the vice-versa is true in most cases as well. 

Experts and relationship coaches say that there could be many possible reasons when rejection comes from a man. Not all of these points are obvious and widely understood by women. So, here are some thoughts and feelings of a man, while rejecting a woman who approaches him.

  • Men do not like women walking, talking, or overall coming from low self-esteem. If a woman feels terrible about herself, the man she is approaching will most likely feel the same.
  • Desperation is again something men strictly dislike while looking forward to a romantic relationship. Thus rejecting a woman he finds desperate in an obvious response. 
  • If a man knows that the woman approaching him with a romantic offer has a close circle full of other male friends, sometimes he may reject it out of insecurity. This may seem funny but is true for many men these days.
  • Any man you approach demands undivided attention. If a woman sends them mixed signals or may seem to be caught up in her past yet, chances are she will face rejection.
  • Neediness or clinging around a man will often turn them off. Men love their freedom and appreciate women who allow and respect their space or bro-times. A man will reject women who threaten his space and peace.
  • Well, I understand it is hard to cope with some men. It may happen that the man you are approaching just does not like independent women. He simply may end up rejecting women because too much independence pricks his ego!
  • Gender bias is taking a back seat now. Men love to have intelligent women in their life. Good looks will simply not make him choose you for the proposal you keep in front of him. A woman with good books and intelligence is what he will choose.
  • Men can also reject women when they simply have low self-esteem themselves. Some men do not know how to have a conversation and are also not try to move out of their comfort zone and try to put some effort into you. Well, rejection is all that he got!
  • Men’s egos can sometimes be bigger than they should be. Some men will feel threatened by a woman’s career or lifestyle. If he feels it's way out of his league, he will straight out reject you, without being honest and picking flaws out from a woman. 
  • Ladies, listen up! Some men can dress great, look hunk, and yet be a creep. A man’s character is never written on their face. He may be flirting with you and doing all the fun stuff. But you being honest about your feelings will make him commitment phobic and rejection follows. 
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All in all, it is important to understand men can have a plethora of thoughts and feelings for rejecting you. His intentions may be honest and respecting or for some men, rejecting a woman can come from ego. 

The attitude that a man reflects while speaking his truth about rejecting a woman speaks volumes. It is thus always advisable to know the man better before approaching him with a romantic proposal.

Things Women Must Do When A Guy Rejects Them

Rejection can be tough to accept for both men and women. Handling rejection is never easy. Rejection can make people do worse things and a woman is no exception in this case. 

As women, we must follow certain ways to communicate and deal with a situation where a man may reject us. Here are certain suggestions to help you embody the elegance and confident woman mindset even after rejection. 

Respect their decision: You like a person or you love them. In return, they may or may not like you or love you back. It is that simple an equation. A rejection from a man is completely their personal choice and has got nothing personal to do with a woman who approaches him. It is always expected from a woman to respect the decision the man expresses when she presents her honest feelings. Accept their decision and respect any opinion a man says. 

Do not indulge in trash-talking or insulting a man: This is not true for all women. However, a small group of people may indulge in trash-talking or insulting a man, who rejects their proposal. One moment ladies may approach romantically. As rejection comes, the same person can bombard the man with repeated insults and trash-talking. This behavior will simply help the man justify that he made the right decision by rejecting a proposal.

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Be honest when you speak: Rejection is hurtful and we do not doubt that. However, rejection or the fear of rejection from a man should never make a woman hide her honest feelings towards a man she desires. Come up with speaking your truth and this honesty will often be appreciated and respected. A man may reject a woman, but respect towards her may lead to newfound friendships for the future. 

Men do not owe you anything: Women are seen to often force men to back up a simple NO or rejection. Ladies, we should keep in mind that accepting a proposal is completely a personal choice. Men have the freedom to answer a Yes or No according to what they feel. Also, it is completely normal if he is not ready to explain his decision. A man does not owe a woman any answer or explanation for the rejection of a proposal. 

Rejection does not define your self-worth: No matter what a man feels when he rejects a woman. But, a woman must not feel low, under-confident, or broken after being rejected. Rejection for the man one desire has got nothing to do with that woman. She does not lack anything in her personality, looks, etc. A woman must learn to handle rejection maturely and accept the simple answer coming from a man. 

What is meant to be will find you: The things, people, relationships meant for you will never miss you. This is something a woman should get straight. Women are emotional and sensitive, especially when it comes to love. Rejection can be very overwhelming and hurtful and hard to accept. Ladies do not ever force anyone to accept a proposal. Whatever is meant for you, will flow!

I hope by now, readers have found out the state of mind and how exactly a man may feel while rejecting a woman. However, while facing rejection women also need to maintain and understand certain facts to keep up with life. 

I have tried to cover all the aspects around a woman facing rejection from a man at best. Ladies, I have this especially for you: please shift the focus inward to become the best version you can embody and win the world. A rejection from a man is again not the end of the world. Heal that beautiful heart and walk your talks!


Start a conversation. post with kindness.

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