Girlfriend Doesn't Text Back But Is On Facebook [Solved]

Your girlfriend is occupied with some work or attending a call while her handheld is keeping the Facebook app running in the background, so you can see her online but not receive a response to her texts. Wait for some time, if she doesn't reply, give her a call.
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Online platforms have brought us far from the boring messaging exchanges and facilitated real-time connections. Now we get to view the profile picture while communicating. It helps us to feel close to them. Another feature that is granted to ease communication is to see if the person is available online. If they are online, it might be the right time for initiating communication. However, that's only one-half of the story.

The flipside complicates the supposedly easy process of exchanging words and how we long to go back to the days of letter writing, which would keep the thirst to get connected. But worry not! The same means of communication has brought us to you to help you out in troubleshooting your problems. An instance of such a problem is:

Your girlfriend hasn't texted you all afternoon. You have texted her to know if she is well, but you get no reply from her. However, you are stunned to see her online when you open Facebook. Does it mean she is ignoring you? If yes, then why?

Why Is Your Girlfriend Not Texting You? 

While there can be a good many reasons for your girlfriend not to text you, there cannot be many good reasons for not giving you preliminary information that she will not be able at a particular time slot or for a particular day. If this change is sudden and has been prolonged than you had expected, perhaps the only reason this is happening is because something is off. 

The situation gets trickier and more complicated if she can be seen online on Facebook, which also suggests that she can watch that you are online too, yet she opts to ignore your messages.

In most cases, this must be voluntary. However, we happen to be nicer than your girlfriend, and hence we have decided to make a sort of survey study to find out the most popular reason for such behavior and then we will see which one fits the puzzle most.

#1 You Also Ignore Her Texts

She doesn't take your text messages seriously because you have ignored her texts in the past. She is playing by your rules. 

#2 She Is Losing Interest In You

The relationship is getting more tedious than exciting. As a result, she doesn't feel like staying connected all the time. She has stopped putting effort as she is losing interest in you.

#3 She Is Cheating On You

She is probably cheating on you, and you are sweating it all unnecessarily. If your girlfriend has been ignoring your texts for long, then maybe she has gone astray. However, it is never wise to assume things on their own. Don't make assumptions; sooner or later, the truth will unfold.

#4 You Already Discussed Everything Over Call

Maybe she is not replying because you have already talked for long hours on call and discussed every possible topic one could think of. She doesn't want to drag the conversation or make it boring.

#5 She Is Keeping Busy

It is most likely that your girlfriend is genuinely busy doing something on her phone or otherwise, and hence she is not replying to your text. She might even be stalking someone on Facebook for the sake of one of her friends. They are having a great time doing it, and hence she is not opening up your text.

#6 Her Facebook Account Has Been Hacked

It is also possible that her Facebook account has been hacked, which is why she is online. You can try texting her on Facebook messenger and see if she replies or is left unread.

#7 She Is Mad At You

Your girlfriend is mad at you for some reason and deliberately ignoring your text. If you did something to upset her, immediately send her a note of apology and handle the situation calmly.

#8 She Wants To Call It Off

She might not feel the same as you. She might think it is not working and wants to call it off. It might be futile to go after her if she has made up her mind. Allow her some time, and if she genuinely misses you, she will come back.

#9 She Has Discovered Lies About You

If there is anything you have been hiding from her, now is the time to bring her to light before it's too late or before she tries to confront you. Girls are way ahead at stalking and uncovering pasts. She will stay quiet till she has collected all the credentials she needs, so better make haste.

#10 She Is Pissed Off

Something has pissed her off, and she is not willing to talk. She is not in a good mood. She is just strolling through Facebook blankly, completely unaware that you are online too.

#11 She Needs A Break

She is not very good at relationships,s and it has started becoming overwhelming. Besides, she is also scared of attachments. When she signed in for this, she thought it would be casual, but it kept getting out of control, and now it was out of her hands. 

She feels like all her undertakings are directed towards you. She feels like a subject to you. She is not sure if it's a happy or a sad thing. She finds herself torn between the two extremes. She is taking her time floating in between till she can gather courage and take one side.

#12 She Doesn't Trust You

Guys gossip as much as girls, and it might be that you happened to share her feelings or something about her that she had not shared with anybody. It can also be about the moments you have spent together. 

Girls have strong trust issues. Never share any part of her life with anybody. Always inform her if, by chance, you did let out a few things here and there with the flow.

#13 You Don't Trust Her

It may be that it's you and not her. You are getting so doubtful because you don't trust her. And perhaps she is aware of that and wants to see how far your distrust would take you. Don't show her your desperation, be the master of your emotion.

#14 You Are Too Possessive

You may be too possessive about your girlfriend. While sometimes your girl might find it adoring, other times it gets annoying. A too possessive person likes to claim the breath of another person with their name.

#15 You Are Too Demanding

Between the two of you, you happen to be the demanding one. While she stays calm and composed, you want reason and purpose. You seek explanations for everything. Remember, she was not looking for parents or an inspector when she signed in for this.

#16 You Are Insecure

It's your insecurity that is becoming a big deal. Everything else is in place and working with the flow, but you are too ahead of reality in your thoughts. 

#17 You Are Jealous

Jealousy is never healthy. While it is a green sign of true love, too much greenness in the wrong place is never appreciated. It's a toll on both of your health.

#18 You Are Not Compatible

She doesn't find you compatible with her. You two have different interests and hobbies. You come from different backgrounds or regions. At first, the difference was fun, but now it's slowly becoming less tolerable. She might be wanting someone who understands her needs, silence, and choices without having to spend too many words on it.

#19 You're Stalking Her

You are stalking her, and it is causing all the fuss. Either she is aware of it and playing with your mind, or she is unaware, but you have created a mess out of your thought process. The human mind is a dark and dangerous entity. It is never advisable to try to know it completely.

#20 She Is Not Much Of A Talker

Your girlfriend is not much of a talker. She likes to speak only when necessary. It's not about you or your relationship, and it's her nature.

What Should You Do If Your Girlfriend Is Getting Distant? 

If your girlfriend is getting distant, the first thing to do if you truly love her and not your relationship more than her or your ego more than her feelings, give her some time. If she loves you all the same in return, she will come back. If not, you are better off without her.

#1 Express Your Concern

Express verbally or via text that you don't intend to bother her or parent her, and it's only out of love and genuine care for her well-being that you text her.

#2 Have Patience

Keeping patience is of utmost importance in any relationship. If you get desperate or restless, then you shall break hearts. If you keep patient, you will be rewarded with all that has been manifested solely for you.

#3 Check Her Social Handles

Well, it's not that you are not checking her social handles else. You wouldn't know that she is online, but make wise use of the information you gather there. See the posts she likes that will tell you about her feelings at that moment. See if she comments on any posts, closely study them, and scan for positive and negative terms. Weigh the two, and you know how or what she feels.

#4 Talk To Her Friends

If you are indeed in love with your girlfriend, staying in touch with her friends is wise. You can always ask them to check on her. If there is anything serious or urgent, they will help you fetch the right information.

#5 Do Not Ignore Your Girlfriend 

If your girlfriend is avenging you, you better learn the lesson by hard. Never make your girl feel neglected or ignored. If she decides to get it even, you will suffer a lot.

#6 Know Her Routine 

If you know your girlfriend's schedule and whereabouts beforehand, you will be at ease, and her not replying to you won't make you too restless. You can ask her to tell you about her weekdays' plans on the weekends, or you two can decide to share each other's schedules. It can be fun and just one of the things that girlfriends and boyfriends like to do for one another.

#7 Gift Her Something Special 

A thoughtful present can do wonders. Gift her something special that expresses your love for her and shows that you know her well. She will appreciate the gesture and be nice to you.

#8 Take An Interest in Her Interests 

If you two happen to have different fields of interest, start making her hobbies yours. Love might not have any language, but those loves are momentary, motherly, or divine. 

#9 Give Her Some Space

Allow her some space. Request her to go out for a picnic with her friends. Don't let her feel like you are confounding her from her social circle. 

#10 Don't Stalk Her 

She is your girlfriend. You don't need to stalk her. Love her. Trust her. That would suffice.

#11 Be Her Friend 

Before her lover, be her friend. You can't be a true or gentle lover if you are not her friend first. She will hold your hands and be there when either of you needs each other.

#12 Give Her A Call

Break the pattern and ring her up. If she answers it, talks briefly, let her know you were thinking about her and hope to see her soon. If she doesn't answer your call, wait for your phone to ring. Keep calm till it does. It will bring you a message one way or another.

Summing Up

You cannot make decisions about your relationships by watching your girlfriend busy on social media platforms. If you do, it only shows that your relationship is limited to that. It becomes a hypocrite. You are into this relationship because you require a partner just like everyone else, not because you love or feel for each other. If you want to love, love right.


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